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CLUB NEWSLETTER January 2012 MONTHLY ROUND-UP NOTE FROM THE EDITOR CHRISTMAS TROHPY New Year is here and let us welcome you to a brand new year 2012 with this month’s issue! Feast your eyes with the one-time-only Christmas and New Year

Surprised yourself while playing golf on the course this month? Read this article and maybe you will discover even more surprises!

decorations that the Club had prepared

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especially for you! BALLOON SCULPTURES Spark off your dragon year with this read! On behalf of Sheshan Golf Club, I sincerely

Find out what the Club had prepared for you to spice up your festive mood this year!

wish you a blissful and prosperous Chinese

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New Year 2012!

GOLF RULES Jacklyn Chew

Ashley Yeo

Put yourself through a mini quiz to see how you fare! Think on your feet, and discover more about golf!

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The Christmas season conjures up many images. The typical dream during this festive time of year includes the usual sugar plumbs dancing in our heads as well as snow, sleigh bells, mistletoe and an abundance of laughter and joy. At the Sheshan International Golf Club the dream is slightly different although no less exuberant and celebratory. Christmas at Sheshan, if we are absolutely fortunate, is a time of year where the weather is crisp but clear and sunny. The greens are glistening and after the frost lifts the smell of freshly cut grass wafts through the air and the Sheshan caddies are busy preparing the bags and buggies for a day of fun competition on the course. Like Santa’s dutiful elves they are dedicated to delivering a feeling of goodness and service to our members.

Best Gross Score – Zou Wen Gang

Best Nett Score – Luo Gang


Guest Division Champion – Wan Yong

Ladies Division Champion – Yan Jie

And, so it was on December 23rd, 2011 that the sun blessed us with its presence for the 7th Annual 4 Club Challenge, an affair that pitted individual golfers against the course with a limited arsenal. The stroke play format allowed for contestants to choose only four clubs from their set and try for the lowest score possible. Amazingly the scores were quite good despite the limitations placed on the players. Sheshan is always proud to host our member’s guests and this tournament was no exception. The Guest division was tightly contested as usual with Wan Yong taking the guest crown and some valuable Christmas bling by firing a cool 72.4. In the Ladies division Yan Jie took home gold by shooting a very respectable net score of 75.4. I am sure she will enjoy her first place prize as the Aquascutum sweater that she won will surely keep her warm. In the Member division Luo Gang won first place by having the low back nine score in a two way tie at 73.0. Luo Gang, always smiling, accepted his prize with grace and charm. The most impressive result of the day, though, was in the category for gross score. With only four clubs Zou Wen Gang shot an amazing 77. While he credits his lesson with Jeff Palmer earlier in the day for his success, Zuo Wen Gang displayed his natural talent with a fierce competitive spirit. He took home the crystal cup and a Honma fairway wood. Congratulations to all participants in the 2011Sheshan Golf Club 4 Club Challenge. May your green Christmas be filled with joy, love, peace and golf, of course.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! To spark off our Christmas mood and usher us into 2012, the Year of the Dragon, we invited Santa Claus and Mushu the Dragon to our Club. Believe it or not, the set up in the photos above are made entirely of balloons by a 23-year-old balloon artist from Singapore! They were seen warmly greeting everyone at the Club’s lobby from 21st December 2011. For those of you who have missed the appearance of Santa and Mushu, we have gladly included photos of them. These two balloon sculptures indeed caught the eyes of all the members, guests and staff as well as brought smiles to every one of them. Sheshan Golf Club would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012!


SHESHAN GOLF SCHOOL Where passion fuels better training

Sheshan Junior Fall By Cyrus Janssen Series This past month Sheshan Golf Club celebrated the season finale for the inaugural Fall Junior Series. The Junior Series was a series of seven junior golf events carried out over the past four months. The first event started on September 17th with 12 juniors playing. Over the course of 4 months, we had a total of 20 different juniors play throughout the seven events. It was a wonderful experience to see junior golf at Sheshan blossoming as the Golf School continues to grow a love for the game of golf between our junior members. The Junior Championship was conducted on Dec 10th, 2011 with the top 12 junior golfers competing for the prize of Sheshan’s top junior golfer. Competitors battled severe weather conditions as Shanghai’s fierce winter set in give the juniors a cold, windy, and overcast day. Overall our Junior Championship was a great success. The Sheshan Golf School would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the entire event this fall and congratulate the following 10 players on their outstanding efforts throughout the course of the tournaments. Boys 13 & Over Champion

Harrison Hsieh

Boys 13 & Over Runner Up Boys 12 & Under Gross Champion

Victor Zhou

Boys 12 & Under Gross Runner Up

David Wang

Hiroshi Tai Boys 12 & Under Net Champion

Kenneth Wu

SHESHAN GOLF SCHOOL Boys 12 & Under Net Runner Up

He Xiao Tian

Girls Gross Champion

Daphne Chao Girls Gross Runner Up

Yoko Tai Girls Net Champion

Lu Jin Wen

Girls Net Runner Up

Lu Yu Wen

SHESHAN GOLF SCHOOL Round of the Quarter

Where passion fuels better training

Every month the Sheshan Golf School features a different student and highlight one of their outstanding rounds they recently posted. This month’s “Round of the Month” features 12year old Sheshan member David Wang.

Originally from Australia, David has been playing golf for the past few years improving steadily and developing into one of Sheshan’s finest junior members. This past month David was playing with his good friend Kenneth Wu, son of Sheshan member Ben Wu, when he carded an impressive round of 78. It was David’s first time breaking 80 and he credits the weekly playing in the Sheshan Junior Series to his recent accomplishment. Playing a tough course like Sheshan in tournament conditions every week gave David the confidence he needed to make a total of 4 birdies in his impressive round! Congratulations to David on his fantastic round, and we wish him continued success and more rounds in the 70’s!

GOLF RULES Golf; A game of 34 rules but many variables

Pop Quiz!

It’s always good to brush up on your knowledge of the rules of golf. Since most of our members play in friendly competitions with other members make sure your knowledge of the rules of golf give you the ultimate edge. Take this month’s 5-question quiz to see if you have the knowledge to prevail a difficult situation on the course. 1. You're sharing a cart with an opponent, and you drop him off so he can play his shot. As you drive away, he hits the cart with his ball. Is there a penalty? If so, who gets it? a) Yes. You're penalized one stroke. b) Yes. Your opponent loses the hole. c) No. And he's allowed to replay the shot.

2. You're carrying the maximum allotment of 14 clubs, when you find another player's wedge on the course. Can you be penalized for putting the wedge in your bag even if you don't use it? a) Yes. b) No.

To be continued…

GOLF RULES Golf; A game of 34 rules but many variables

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3. Your opponent is in a greenside bunker, while your ball is on the fringe. When he hits his shot, it sprays sand all around your ball, affecting your lie. Can you take relief? a) Yes. Take one club-length from a spot where you can play without interference from the sand. b) No. But you can mark the ball's position, remove the sand on your line, and clean your ball. c) No. You must play the ball as it lies.

4. A fellow-competitor discovers that his ball is on dry land but within a water hazard. In frustration, he slams his club down inside the boundary of the hazard. He addresses the ball and plays his next shot. Should he be penalized? a) Yes. The penalty is two strokes for touching the ground in a hazard before making a stroke. b) No. He had yet to address the ball.

5. You notify your opponent you need to identify your ball. You then rotate it to confirm it's yours. Are you allowed to do this? a) Yes, as long as you marked its position first. b) No.

ANSWERS (1) C, Rule 19-3 (2) B, Decision 4-4a/8 (3) B, Decision 13-2/8.5 (4) A, Rule 13-4 (5) A, Decision 12-2/2



Weekdays First Tee Time – 07:56 Last Tee Time – 14:36 (9-Holes), 12:36 (18-Holes)

Weekends/Holidays First Tee Time – 08:12 – 12:12

Last Tee Time – 14:36 (9-Holes), 12:36 (18-Holes)


 COURSE & DRIVING RANGE CLOSURE January 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th 2012 (Every Monday)


(Course & Driving Range Closure)

January 22nd, 23rd,, 24th 2012


Open from 6.45am to 5.00pm

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