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August 2012





Greetings!   Are   you   baking   in   the   summer  

SHESHAN  ANNUAL  CADDIE  PARTY  2012     Missed   out   on   the   recent   Caddie   Party?   Catch   some   of   the   radiance   that   night   here  in  our  pages!    

heat   yet?   Cool   down   with   an   iced   beverage   as   you   flip   through   this   issue   of   our   newsletter!   We   bring   to   you   photo  

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montages  of  the  recent  Caddie  Party  (pg.  5)    

and   Junior   Summer   Camp   (pg.   11)   in   July.  

  WHAT’S  IN  THE  BAG?       This  month,  we  look  inside  Head  Teaching   Professional,  Cyrus  Janssen’s  golf  bag  and   equipment.  

Find  out  how  our  Sheshan  Junior  Elites  did  in   the  Callaway  World  Junior  Championship  on   pg.   12.   We   hope   you   are   as   psyched   about   August  as  we  are!  

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    ROUND  OF  THE  MONTH     Sheshan   Junior   Elites   strike   again!   Read   about   4   junior   members’   adventures   in   the  Callaway  World  Junior  Championship.    

   Annabelle  Chen  曾 欣霖    

Caddie  Party  2012  


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    AUGUST  TEE  TIMES  &  SCHEDULE     Keep  yourself  updated  on  the  tee  timings   and  event  schedule  for  the  month  of   August  2012.    


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CLUB  NEWS   Course  Maintenance  Update  


  As  the  weather  gets  increasingly  hotter,  our  GCM  team  will  be  doing  their   best   to   keep   the   golf   course   in   the   best   possible   shape.   You   will   notice   some   small   areas   around   the   course   that   have   been   aerated   as   well   as   some   small   patches  on  the  greens.  These  areas  will  heal  quickly  and  we  trust  that  they  won’t   disrupt  play  too  much.       The   bent   grass   greens   are   especially   sensitive   to   extreme   heat   and   humidity  so  our  GCM  team  will  be  hand  watering  during  the  day  on  many  of  the   greens.  Please  respect  the  fact  that  this  will  benefit  the  Club  in  the  end  and  be   patient  as  our  team  is  watering.         You  will  also  see  many  greens  with  large  fans  around  them.    These  fans  are   essential   to   keeping   the   greens   cool   and   although   they   may   occasionally   come   in   to  play,  they  play  a  very  important  role  throughout  the  summer  months.         The  water  edging  is  now  finished  on  the  18th  hole  and  work  is  moving  along   on  other  water  hazard  edges  such  as  the  2nd  and  9th  holes.  The  finished  product   on  18  looks  fantastic  and  will  undoubtedly  provide  some  excitement  on  any  golf   shot  that  heads  in  that  direction.  Please  be  cautious  when  hitting  shots  toward   any  of  the  team  working  on  the  project.           As   always,   we   thank   you   for   your   understanding   with   regards   to   these   matters   and   if   you   have   any   questions   or   comments,   please   feel   free   to   let   me   know  at  any  time.     Yours  sincerely,   Gavin Eckford Director  of  Golf   PGA  of  Canada      



CLUB  NEWS   Caddie  Party  –  9th  July  2012  




CLUB  NEWS   J  Lindeberg  at  Sheshan   By  Gavin  Eckford  

 In   the   past,   the   US   PGA   Tour   has  


generally   been   a   little   more   conservative   with     regards   to   fashion,   but   in   the   late   1990s,   a   Swedish  golfer  put  a  new  spin  on  golf  apparel   in   the   United   States   and   around   the   world.   Jesper   Parnevik   became   instantly   recognizable   for   his   flashy   white   trousers,   fitted   shirts,   vibrant   colors   and   his   signature   cap   with   the   brim   flipped   up.   This   sparked   a   new   interest   in   bringing   more   flamboyant   European  designs  to  the  game  of  golf  around   the   world.   Johan   Lindeberg   was   the   mastermind   behind   the   Parnevik   sensation   and  his  company  J  Lindeberg  (known  to  many   as   JL)   has   since   become   a   huge   name   in   the   world   of   fashion   both   inside   and   outside   the   game  of  golf.       JL  has  not  been  available  in  the  Chinese   market  but  the  brand  will  soon  be  available  to   the   Chinese   golf   market   in   very   few   select   locations.   We   are   very   pleased   to   announce   that   Sheshan   International   Golf   Club   will   be   one   of   the   few   golf   courses   in   China   to   carry   the   Swedish   fashion   brand.   Look   for   J   Lindeberg   to   hit   the   shelves   of   our   Pro   Shop   during  the  month  of  August!      





WHAT’S  IN  THE  BAG?   What’s  In  Cyrus  Janssen’s  Bag?   By  Gavin  Eckford  

So far we have taken a look at Robbie’s golf bag, as well as my own. This month, it is on to Sheshan Head Teaching Professional, Cyrus Janssen’s turn to let us in on the equipment he keeps in his golf bag!

For  decades,  Titleist  has  been  renowned  for   making   some   of   the   best   golf   balls   in   the   world.  Since  the  Pro-­‐V1  hit  the  golf  scene  in   late   2000,   it   quickly   took   the   world   of   golf   by   storm.   It   has   been   the   #1   ball   in   Professional   Golf   for   many   years   now.   Although   Titleist   is   generally   associated   with   golf   balls   first,   they   also   make   exceptional  equipment.    

Sheshan  Head  Teaching   Professional  Cyrus  Janssen   uses  Titleist  golf  equipment.    

Cyrus   uses   the   Titleist   910D3,   9.5   degrees   with   the   Mitsubishi   Diamana   Kai’li   X-­‐Stiff.   The   910D3   features   a   traditional   shaped   head  with  Titleist  SureFit  technology  which   allows   the   driver   to   change   lie   angles   and   lofts   making   a   custom   fit   for   the   golfer.     With   a   fairly   low   center   of   gravity,   the   driver   launches   mid   and   has   mid   to   low   spin   rates.   This   club   is   good   for   those   who   want   to   be   able   to   control   the   ball   flight   a   little   more.   For   length   and   accuracy,   we   recommend   the   910D2   which   is   slightly     larger  and  more  forgiving.        



To  be  continued…  



For   irons,   Cyrus   uses   Titleist   AP2s   with   Project   X   6.0   shafts.   The   AP2s   have   been   a   very   popular   iron   as   it   provides   a   great   blend   of   workability   and   forgiveness.   The   clubs  have  the  feel  and  shot-­‐shaping  abilities  of  a  forged  blade  with  the  forgiveness   of  a  high-­‐end  cast  iron.  Along  with  exceptional  playability,  the  AP2  iron  is  one  of  the   nicest  looking  irons  in  the  game  of  golf.  For  those  looking  for  even  more  feel,  try  the   Titleist   MB   Forged   or   CB   Forged.   For   those   looking   for   something   more   forgiving   with   an   emphasis   on   higher   and   straighter   shots,   try   the   AP1.   The   AP1   still   looks   great  but  is  a  little  more  forgiving  for  those  occasional  off-­‐centered  hits.     For  many  years,  some  of  the  best  wedges  in  the  world  have  come  from  Bob  Vokey   who   designs   for   Titleist.   Cyrus   uses   the   spin   milled   Vokey   SM4   wedges   in   52,56,   and   60   degrees.   With   clean   traditional   designs,   Vokey   wedges   look   great   and   perform   great   as   well.   Solid   feel   and   high   spin   rates   are   some   of   the   feature   of   the   Vokey   wedges.     As  Bob  Vokey  is  synonymous  with  wedges,  Scotty  Cameron  is  so  with  putter  designs.   On   the   greens,   Cyrus   uses   a   Scotty   Cameron   GoLo   at   35   inches.   It’s   matte   black   finish  provides  for  a  sleek  look  while  it’s  milled  face  provides  for  a  true  roll  off  the   putter   every   time.   Its   mallet   shape   has   a   fantastic   sound   which   increases   the   overall   feel  of  the  putter.        

Here is a complete list of what’s in   Cyrus Janssen’s bag:  

Driver:              Titleist  910D3    9.5  Degree  Diamana  Kai’  Li  X  Flex     3  Wood:        Titleist  910F  15  Degree  Diamana  Kai’  Li  X  Flex     Hybrid:            Titleist  910H  19  Degree  Fujikura  Speeder  904  X  Flex   Irons:                  Titleist  AP2  Project  X  6.0   Wedges:        Titleist  SM4  Spin  Milled  52,  56,  60  Degree  Project  X  5.5     Putter:              Titleist  Scotty  Cameron  GoLo  S  35  Inches   Ball:                        Titleist  Pro  V1    









Golf:  A  game  of  34  rules   but  many  variables  

Rule  15:  Playing  The  Wrong  Ball   By  Robbie  Sherwin  

If  you  have  played  the  wrong  ball  through  the  green,  the  shot  you  have   just  hit  does  not  count  but  you  will  incur  2  penalty  strokes.  You  have  to   go  back  and  play  the  correct  ball  (put  the  wrong  ball  back).    


If  you  cannot  find  the  correct  ball,  you  have  to  return  to  the  place  where  you  last   played  the  correct  ball  from  and  drop  another  ball  with  1  additional  penalty  stroke  for   the  lost  ball  (you  can  tee  the  ball  up  if  the  shot  was  played  from  the  teeing  ground).   If  you  finish  a  hole  and  tee  off  on  the  next  hole  before  rectifying  your  mistake,  you  will   be  disqualified.   One  suggestion  I  would  make  would  be  to  add  additional  makings  to   your  golf  ball,  this  will  make  it  easier  identify  your  ball  and  make  it  less   likely  for  you  to  hit  the  wrong  ball  the  next  time  you  are  playing.    





SHESHAN  GOLF  LEARNING  CENTER     Sheshan  Junior  Summer  Camp   A   Sheshan  Golf   Professionals  Cyrus   n Janssen  and  Robbie   e w Sherwin  are   conducting  (2)     additional  summer   a camps  this  season  on   d the  following  dates:   d i st rd Jul  31  -­‐  Aug  3                            Beginner  Summer  Camp   t Aug  7th  –  Aug  10th     Intermediate  Summer  Camp   i o   n   t o   t h e   f a For  information  including  scheduling,  pricing,  and  general  questions,  please   m contact  Sheshan  Head  Professional  Cyrus  Janssen  for  more  information.   i Email:   l Cell:  13761217794   y   !   10   To  be  continued…   It’s   been   an   exciting   summer   for   the   Sheshan   Golf   Learning   Center,   we   have   a   total   of   12   Sheshan   juniors   traveling   abroad   this   month   playing   golf   and   competing   in   a   variety   of   international   tournaments.   As   children   return   to   Shanghai   for   the   last   part   of   their   summer   vacation   why   not   enroll   your   child   into   a   fun   and   exciting   summer   golf   camp   before   they   head  back  to  school?  



SHESHAN  GOLF  LEARNING  CENTER     Sheshan  Junior  Summer  Camp  -­‐  July  2012  








Callaway  World  Junior  Championship   Summer  is  the  peak  golf  season     for  the  junior  golfers  of  Sheshan.   This  year  we  have  a  total  of  12  Sheshan  junior  members  traveling   abroad  to  compete  in  international  tournaments.     Considered  the  premier  event  in  junior  golf,  the  Callaway  World  Junior  has   a   history   of   over   50   years   and   boosts   many   top   golfers   like   David   Toms,   Ernie  Els,  and  Tiger  Woods  as  past  champions.  This  year’s  Callaway  World   Junior  was  played  on  July  10th-­‐12th  in  San  Diego,  California.  We  would  like   to  congratulate  the  4  Sheshan  Junior  Members  who  represented  our  Junior   Elite  Team  and  participated  in  the  tournament:  


Yoko  Tai    

Girls  7  &  8  Division            9th  Place  out  of  51  competitors  

Daphne  Chao        Girls  9  &  10  Division              13th  Place  out  of  70  competitors              Tina  Lu     Hiroshi  Tai    

Girls  9  &  10  Division              19th  Place  out  of  70  competitors    Boys  9  &  10  Division                    22nd  Place  out  of  115  competitors    

Hiroshi  &  Yoko  Tai  

Tina  Lu  &  Daphne  Chao   12  





     Weekdays                                                                                          First  Tee  Time  –  06:12        Last  Tee  Time  –  15:40  –  17:00  (9-­‐Holes),                                        14:36  (18-­‐Holes)  


           Weekends/Holidays     First  Tee  Time  –  06:12  –  08:04                                                                    10:20  –  10:28                                                                  12:44  –  14:36    



Last  Tee  Time  –  16:44  –  17:16  (9-­‐Holes),                                      14:36  (18-­‐Holes)  










OPENS  from   Weekdays:  06:30   Weekends:  06:15     CLOSES  half  an  hour  before  sunset      



  CLOSES  on  Mondays   starting  June  25th  until  September  3rd      

(La  Toscana  Restaurant  and  Wine  &  Cigar  Bar  will  also  be   closed  when  course  closes  on  Mondays)   CLOSES  from  10th  –  12th  September  for  annual  over  seeding     14  



E-newsletter August 2012 #2 English  

E-newsletter for August 2012, English version

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