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My Host gift goal ______________________________ My Wish List (Jot down the catalog products and Host Gift Specials you’d like to get.)

Parties held and submitted during March 12–April 8, 2011. Orders must be submitted by your Consultant by April 8, 2011.

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Pick a thank-you gift. Choose the exclusive CrystalWave® Divided Dish FREE or see the Spring 2011 Catalog for 14 other Host thank-you gift options. Products marked with a star are eligible for the Host Thank You Gift program. Requires minimum of $150 in sales.

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Exclusive Host options and/or enjoy a catalog shopping spree Watch your Host Credit grow! With $550 in party sales, you earn Host Credit equal to 15% of your sales, or $83. You can select $83 worth of Tupperware® products from the catalog FREE! As your party sales increase, the amount of free Host Credit you receive grows too! Note: You’ll receive free shipping and handling on items purchased with Host Credit. Shipping and handling is charged on products purchased without Host Credit, co-pay offers and half-off items.

1/2 Price Selection*

Party Sales

% of Party Sales


10% (=$25-$45 Host Credit)



15% (=$68-$150 Host Credit)



20% (=$200+ Host Credit)


* Excludes monthly brochure and Chain of Confidence® fundraiser items.

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Microwave Extreme Collection $335.50 retail value. 8791 For $113 in Host Credit*

Party Power Microwave Collection (9 pcs.) $172 retail value. 8790 For $68 in Host Credit*

Host Bonus Offer Host bonus only $10 with $550 party and two datings Chop ’N Prep™ Chef $39.50 value. 1857 $10.00**

Go Green Salsa Collection $162 value. 8792 For $83 in Host Credit*

** Limit one with party sales of $550 or more and two friends who date and hold their own parties.

* Requires party sales to earn the Host Credit total plus 2 friends who date and hold their own parties. Future parties must be held within 21 days.

Tupperware Fun Nite  
Tupperware Fun Nite  

Girl's Nite out