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On normal  day  in  spring,  my  dad  was  packing  ready  to  go  to  Mars.  Dad   was  an  astronaut.  I  keep  asking  him  if  I  could  go  with  him  but  he   wouldn’t  let  me.  So  off  he  went  to  N.A.S.A.  He  always  told  me  this  little   joke  that  N.A.S.A  stands  for  Needs  Another  Seven  Astronauts.  It’s  funny.   As  soon  as  he  got  there  he  put  on  his  uniform  on.  This  was  his  10th  time.   He  was  going  to  Mars  the  red  planet.  He  got  in  his  rocket  as  soon  as  he   was  told  to.   Then  it  was  the  countdown.  10,  9,  8,  7,  6,  5,  4,  3,  2,  1,  Blast  Off!  It  was   such  a  rush!  It  was  faster  than  a  car.   Dad  went  to  unpack  his  stuff.  When  he  opened  the  suitcase  he  jumped   back  in  a  surprise  then  he  was  a  bit  angry.  “Why  are  you  here,”  yelled   Dad.  “But  I  really  wanted  to  come  because  I  want  to  be  like  you,”  I  said.   “Well  I  better  show  you  around  then,”  said  Dad.   He  showed  me  the  main  control  panel.  I  said,  “Can  I  play  with  that   joystick?”  “Why  not?”  said  Dad.  I  had  a  go  and  the  whole  ship  tilted.   “Why  did  you  do  that,”  yelled  Dad.  “But,  But  you  let  me,”  I  said   worriedly.  “Well  I  thought  you  meant  the  practise  one  under  it,”  he   yelled.  Then  I  saw  the  practise  joystick.  “I  know  what  you  mean  now,”  I   said.  Dad  said  to  tilt  the  joystick  the  other  way.  I  couldn’t  reach  it!  But  I   jumped  from  the  side  and  just  got  it  by  my  finger.  Dad  sighed  with  relief.   “That  was  a  close  one,”  said  Dad.  I  agreed.  “I’m  sorry,”  I  said,  “It  was  all   my  fault.”  Dad  gasped.  I  said,  “Who’s  behind  me!”  “Your,  your,  your   mother!  She  has  been  the  cleaner  this  whole  time!  Well  you  might  as   well  bring  Grandma  and  Grandpa,”  Dad  snapped!  “Well  actually,”  said   Mum.  “So  you  did  bring  Grandma  and  Grandpa,”  I  said  in  excitement!   “Did  you  think  you  could  travel  to  Mars  alone,”  said  Grandpa.   “Well  welcome  aboard  then,”  said  Dad  a  bit  embarrassed.  “Hey  Dad   look,”  I  said.  Ahead  was  Mars  the  red  planet.   “Alright  then,”  said  Dad,  “Lets  land  the  ship.”  That  is  what  he  did.  But   before  Dad  sat  in  his  seat  I  said,  “What  does  this  big  red  button  do?”   “Turns  off  the  gravity,”  said  Dad.  

When the  ship  landed.  We  went  out  the  door  with  our  spacesuits  on.  But   surrounding  the  ship  were  little  green  aliens  with  a  body,  three  heads,   two  arms,  two  fingers  and  toes,  one  leg  and  eyes  on  stalks.   One  alien  said,  “GRAB  THEM!”  This  wasn’t  good.  They  got  us  all  and   chained  us  up.  “We  come  in  peace,”  said  Dad.  They  hopped  around  on   their  one  leg,  which  was  funny!  They  locked  us  up  except  for  Mum.   “Don’t  take  her,”  yelled  Dad.   So  we  were  stuck  in  a  cell.  I  went  and  leaned  on  the  wall.  Then  a  stone   brick  fell  out.  “Come  on,  lets  get  these  stones  out,”  I  said.  We  made  a  hole   until  we  all  could  get  out.   We  made  our  way  to  where  the  aliens  were  having  a  discussion.  Mum   was  next  to  the  king.  We  made  our  way  to  behind  the  curtain  Mum  was   in  front  of.  We  whispered,  “Pssss,  come  here.”  Mum  heard  it  and  snuck   behind  the  curtain.   We  ran  to  the  ship  as  fast  as  we  could  then  we  heard  a  growl.  Aliens   were  coming  after  us  and  fast.  We  made  it  in  the  ship.  Dad  went  straight   to  the  control  panel  and  started  the  ship.  It  was  the  countdown  again.   10,  9,  8,  7,  6,  5,  4,  3,  2,  1,  Blast  Off!  Off  we  went  leaving  the  aliens  behind.   “That  was  close,”  I  said  in  relief.  They  agreed.   When  we  got  back  to  Earth  we  were  happy  to  be  back.   By  Joshua  Newcombe  

Life on Mars  

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