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Newsletter for Northway and the surrounding area February 2013 Northway  Community  Association  (NCA)  is  a  registered  Charity,  its  primary  role  is  to  finance  and  manage  the  Northway   Community  Centre  to  ensure  the  residents  of  Northway  have  a  community  building  to  call  their  own.    During  2012  the   committee  has  worked  tirelessly  with  GreenSqaure  &  city  council  to  ensure  the  best  possible  d eal  for  a  proposed  new   Community  Centre  building,  many  activities  have  been  organized  and  many  more  proposed  for  2013.  We  will  be  holding   our  annual  AGM  at  7pm  22  M arch  your  welcome  to  come  along.  We  welcome  new  volunteers  or  ideas  of  what  you  would   like  to  see  happening  in  your  community  centre,  our  contact  d etails  are  at  the  bottom  of  the  page.    

Connecting Communities

Open Day   Northway  Community  Centre  held  an   open  d ay  in  July  2012  which  was  attended   by  record  numbers  with  all  of  the  facilities   on  offer  at  the  community  centre  on  show   to  the  residents.  There  was  also  a  huge   obstacle  course  on  the  p laying  fields  from   the  famous  TV  programme  “it’s  a  knock   out”  where  teams  of  men,  women  and   children  all  competed  against  each  other.      

We are an Age UK Oxfordshire initiative which is able to provide one to one computer tuition and support to older people in, or close to Northway, Littlemore, Cutteslowe and Donnington. We are here to help in whatever way might be useful – be it simply getting to grips with the very basics, finding out about the internet and all that it can offer, keeping in touch with friends and family or following creative pursuits .... The list is endless! The project is also about enabling people to be connected with their local communities and helps reduce the risk of social isolation. You might like to visit our website for a bit more background.

Diamond Jubilee   NCA  held  a  celebration  of  Her  Majesty  The   Queen  Diamond  Jubilee.  This  was  a   fantastic  event  attended  by  more  than  60   residents.  Attendees  were  provided  with   light  refreshments  including  fresh   sandwiches,  party  food  and  cakes  all  free   of  charge.  Entertainment  was  provided  by   Mr  Tony  Casper  who  sang  a  number  of   songs  from  the  golden  era.  

Please do let us know if you might be interested in learning IT skills or getting involved as a volunteer tutor. We are also keen to hear from people who might be interested in intergenerational activities.

Northway Community  Association  AGM       Annual  General  Meeting  for  Northway   Community  Association  and  Northway   Social  Club  will  be  held  at  7pm  22nd   March  2013.  All  residents  of  Northway  are   welcome  to  attend  and  become  members   of  the  Association.    

Contact Marian Pocock: 01235 849463, Mobile: O7827 235454 or email

We look forward to hearing from you.

Northway Community Centre, Dora Carr Close, Northway, Headington, Oxford OX3 9RG. Telephone 01865 764 273 Email: Registered Charity  Number  304344  Design  by  O xf ord Int eract ive M edi a

Haboakus plans for Northway: an update Following months of extensive consultation with local residents, interest groups and the wider community, Haboakus has submitted its planning application to develop 108 new homes and stateof-the-art community facilities in Oxford. Haboakus (a joint venture between Kevin McCloud's company Hab and housing group GreenSquare) is working in partnership with Oxford City Council on these proposals for sites at Dora Carr Close and Westlands Drive, Northway, and Barns Road, Cowley. Most of the new homes will be affordable homes for rent or for shared ownership, with a smaller proportion for sale on the open market. the local community, and boost the economy and employment opportunities in the area. We will provide employment opportunities for local people including at least 12 apprenticeships during construction, business training for local people who are out of work or seeking work, and the funding of a development worker to ensure the successful promotion and running of the two community facilities. At the moment, it's hoped that - if planning permission is granted - most of the Northway development works would take place next year, with the new community centre being built first (by Aug 2014); the Dora Carr Close apartments would follow (by Dec 2014); and the Westlands Drive homes would complete by July 2015.

Westlands Drive Since being appointed by Oxford City Council to develop housing schemes in Northway and Cowley, we have remained focused on delivering the best results for local people and Oxford as a whole. We have received a lot of positive feedback from local residents about our proposals and firmly believe the schemes will greatly benefit the community. Before getting to this point we held three sets of well-publicised public consultation events and have changed our plans to address concerns. Most of the new homes are planned to be for low-cost rent or shared ownership, with some for private sale. And our plans include the commitment to spend ÂŁ2m developing new community facilities, as well as a new shop and workshop for the Emmaus charity. The City Council's current housing strategy identifies that Oxford is the fourth fastest growing city in the UK and that there are now over 6,000 households on its housing register. Our proposals are designed to help meet that demand, enrich

The Westlands Drive project sits on the corner of

Westlands Drive and Sutton Road, next to the Northway Evangelical Church and Plowman Tower. The proposed building is a three-storey mansion block containing 21 one- and twobedroom flats. The block is, in fact, two blocks split on either side of a central 'winter garden' which allows more daylight and cross ventilation to all homes and creates opportunities for residents to meet and chat.

Dora Carr Close

four-storey mansion block containing 28 one- and two bedroom flats. As at Westlands Drive, the mansion block has an enclosed 'winter garden' running down its centre. The proposal also provides new state-of-the-art community facilities including a multi-use hall with improved sports changing rooms, social and café areas, local business units, education and learning space and outdoor areas for growing food. This new venue will have the capacity to host social occasions such as weddings, conferences, and sports events. Find out more at ________________________________________

Play improvements confirmed by Council

The proposed development at Dora Carr Close will provide 47 new homes including 15 threebedroom houses, 4 four-bedroom houses and a

Oxford City Council announced in December that it has taken a lease of the playing fields at Northway from Oxfordshire County Council. Following the recent completion of the new children's play area which has already proved to be very popular with residents, Oxford City Council is committed to further improvements. These include a relocation and upgrade of the current multi-use games area and the creation of enhanced landscape areas linking in with the adjacent Peasmoor Piece Nature Reserve. Councillor Mark Lygo, Board Member for Parks and Sports, said: “These park improvements will enable the delivery of the new state-of-the-art community centre for Northway, which will include top quality facilities for the sports teams that use the playing fields. The scheme, to be delivered by the Council's partners Haboakus, will also include much needed affordable housing.”

Northway Coffee Morning

Room Hire

Each Monday morning we run a Coffee morning 9.30 to 11.30am With fresh coffee and cakes in the centre.

Northway Community  Centre  has  various   rooms  for  hire  from  a  meeting  room  seating   10  people  to  a  fully  licenced  function  hall   accommodating  up  to  120  people  for   enquiries  and  a  quotation  please  contact  Pat   on:  01865  764

Lunch Club Each Wednesday from 11.30 to 1.00 pm Three course meal and a cup of tea. Everyone is welcome. To book a place please call in or call Pat on 01865 764273 Gentle Exercises As part   of   our   coffee   morning   &   lunch   club   activities   NCA   is   providing   Gentle   Exercise   Classes   on   Tuesday   mornings   from   11:30   am   to   12:30pm,   where   we   will   teach  some   easy  exercises   that  will  help   get  the  blood   flowing   and   stretch   those  muscles.   If   you   would   like   to   take  part  please  come  along  or  contact  Pat  on:    01865  764273


             Future                                E    vents                                                                                                                                  

AFCRO (Association  of  Former  and  Current  

Habesha Residents  of  Oxford)  is  very  grateful   to  Northway  Community  Association  for   allowing  our  members  to  use  its  facilities.   Some  of  our  members  reside  in  Northway  and   are  active  in  the  affairs  of  the  community   centre.  This  link  helped  us  to  get  the  support   of  NCA  as  our  association  struggles  to   overcome  its  resource  limitations.  We  hope   the  NCA  will  continue  to  extend  its  vital   support  to  our  association.  We  also  hope  the   association  members  residing  in  Northway   take  more  interest  to  become  active   participants  in  the  affairs  of  their  community   centre.                                                                                          




Northway IT  Centre                                                                                          

International  day  –    Different  cultures  will  be  encouraged  to   join  together  in  a  celebration  and  share  different  types  of  music,   share  cultures  and  samples  of  different  foods  from  around  the   world.  This  event  will  b e  held  in  June  2013.  

50th Celebration  –  Northway  Community  Association  has  been  in   existence  for  50  Years  and  will  be  celebrating  its  golden   anniversary  in  May,  all  residents  will  be  invited  to  attend  the   community  centre  and  enjoy  various  events  throughout  the  day.   This  is  a  fantastic  achievement  so  please  come  along.      Children’s  pantomime  –  after  the  very  successful  event  in  2012   we  will  once  again  be  providing  a  free  pantomime  to  local   children  of  Northway  and  surrounding  areas  in  December  2013  

Senior Citizens  Christmas  Dinner  –  also  a  very  successful  event   and  will  provided  once  again  in  December  2013.  

Northway Community  Association  in   collaboration  with  Oxford  Brookes  University   and  Oxford  Cherwell  Valley  College  are  teaching   through  Oxford  Interactive  Media,  IT  and  Digital   media  courses  for  the  unemployed  including   “Computers  &  Internet  for  Beginner's”,  “Digital   Photography”,  “Desktop  Publishing”  and  “Web   Design”  for  all  residents  of  Northway,   Headington,  Marston  and  Barton.  Northway  IT   Centre  supervises  learners  with  the  aim  to  equip   them  with  computing  skills  to  help  them  use   computers  for  leisure  or  using  computers  in   their  business.  M any  Senior  citizens  living  in   Northway  and  surrounding  areas  have  been   taught  the  basics  of  word  processing,  emails  and   shopping  online,  in  completely  free-­‐of-­‐charge   workshops  sponsored  by  NCA  and  Age  UK.   opening  times  are:    Monday  9:30  am-­‐5:00  pm,  Wednesday  9:30-­‐ 1:00  pm,  Thursday  9:30-­‐4:30      Over  the  last   three  years  we  have  offered  IT  training  for  over   200  residents.      For  more  information  please  call   in  or  contact  Ahmed  Rahman  on  07786387025.    

Northway Boys  &  Girls  FC                                                                                                                                                   Northway  Boys  &  Girls  FC  was  given  a  very  generous  grant  of   £1000  by  Northway  Community  Association.  With  this  money  we   were  able  to  start  up  a  new  side  and  provide  them  with  a  brand   new  kit  with  the  Association  name  on  the  front  as  sponsors.  With   this  money  we  were  also  able  to  send  two  of  our  coaches  on  a   Coaching  course  and  provide  all  our  teams  with  b rand  new   training  balls  and  first  aid  kits.    




Northway Community  Association  will  be  hosting  a  number  of   events  during  2013  for  local  residents  to  enjoy.  These  events  will   be  advertised  in  the  local  shops  and  inside  the  Community  Centre.   The  events  include:  

Northway Boys  &  Girls  FC  is  currently  looking  to  start  up  n ew   teams  in  both  boys  and  girls  teams  in  age  groups  ranging  from   U7’s  –  U16’s  for  the  season  2013/14.  For  this  to  happen  we   require  Volunteers  to  coach  the  teams  and  obviously  the  children   themselves.  Anyone  interested  in  starting  up  a  team  at  Northway   will  be  supported  financially  b y  the  club  and  provided  with   equipment  required  to  run  a  side.  Anyone  interested  ideally   should  have  at  least  a  Level  1  Coaching  Licence  and  be  able  to   undergo  a  thorough  CRB  check.  Please  contact  the  Secretary  on   07866228073  for  any  more  information.  

Northway Community Centre, Dora Carr Close, Northway, Headington,Oxford OX3 9RG. Telephone 01865 764 273 Email: Registered Charity  Number  304344  Design  by  O xf ord Int eract ive M edi a

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