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History In 1987 Jill and Dayne Sherwood established Sherwood Estate Wines. It was to be a labour of love during a difficult time in the industry for the couple. The New Zealand winemaking and viticulture industry was in its infancy with the government paying people to remove their vines. Despite this Jill and Dayne persevered and nearly 30 years on Sherwood Estate Wines is one of the largest independent, family owned wine companies in New Zealand.

“Why did we get into viticulture and winemaking? We liked drinking wine.” Jill, Owner & Financial Director

“Back 30 years ago when we first thought about going into the wine industry it was something different, not everybody was doing it, it was something quite out there. We liked the feeling of being independent and doing something ourselves.” Dayne, Owner & Managing Director

“The wine industry is such a complex industry, from planting to selling and everything that happens in between. I’d hate to be in a business where you just do one little thing. The fact that this industry is so complex does excite me and it still excites me.” Dayne, Owner & Managing Director

“Starting our own company and doing everything ourselves meant I could put everything I’d learnt at university into practice straight away. Otherwise I would have to have gone and worked for somebody else and wait years and years and years before I would be in a position where I could make some real decisions.” Dayne, Owner & Managing Director

“I think Jill and Dayne love the wine, I think that comes through, they love what they make and they encourage us to try it and enjoy their wine.” Megan, Accounts Administator

“I think we’ve got a great team of people and it’s a huge achievement that we can do as much as we do in house, from the vineyard to seeing the product to the customer. It’s a real positive for us.” Petter, Production Manager & Chief Winemaker


We do it all.. What makes us different from many others in the industry is our ability to be in control of every stage of the winemaking process. We see ourselves as grape to glass wine producers being actively involved right from planting and growing the grapes to selling to product direct to retailers and consumers.

“We have the advantage that we control everything; growing, making, bottling, producing and selling as well. We do it all.” Jill, Owner & Financial Director

“I think Dayne and Jill pride themselves on being a family owned company and that we do everything ourselves. We’ve got the vineyards, the winery, we do the bottling, everything, the whole process.” Kathryn, Office Manager

“I think of us as vineyard to bottle wine producers, that’s what we do, from start to finish.” Ian, Assistant Winemaker

“We wanted to be in charge of our own destiny and that is still true in our philosophies today. We’re still 100% family owned and we manage all aspects of the winemaking, viticulture, production, distribution and sales.” Jill, Owner & Financial Director

“In a small company we have to do nearly everything ourselves and at the end of the day it stops with us. I try and let people express their creativity and their passion in their job and Jill and Dayne support that very much and I really appreciate it.” Petter, Production Manager & Chief Winemaker

“The fact that we can take a product and have a huge influence right from the type of grape you grow, the style of wine you make right through to having your own label and brand on it and selling it. That’s why we still retain full control over the whole process. We do all the production ourselves, we don’t rely on contractors for anything other than the harvesting itself. We can do things when we want to do it rather than when it fits in with the bottling or the pressing or crushing of a contract place. We do it when it suits the wine and our production process.” Dayne, Owner & Managing Director

Customer Focus “One of our driving philosophies has always been absolute honesty and integrity. We focus on providing a service to the customer in every way. It starts with the product and continues with good distribution, good selling, the whole process right through to everyone in the office, we’re all service orientated and focused on doing what’s best for the customer.” Dayne, Owner & Managing Director



“We have customer focus. We try and get as much into our wines as we can in terms of layers of flavour and texture. At the end of the day you want the customer to appreciate the wine and feel they got more than what they were expecting. We want our customers to be happy so they come back to buy the second bottle. That’s the driver behind what we do really.” Petter, Production Manager & Chief Winemaker


The Sherwood Team “We have a huge commitment from everybody who works here. We have great people working with us.” Dayne, Owner & Managing Director

“We wear the Sherwood name on our shirts because we’re proud that we’ve got great products, great wine and we’ve got a really great team.” Pierre, Global Key Account Manager

“We’ve got great diversity in our work, in our wine styles and in the backgrounds of the staff. That’s what makes it a very interesting work place. We all bring in different ideas which I think is really beneficial for the whole company.” Petter, Production Manager & Chief Winemaker

“I guess having the opportunity to impart your ideas and experience on to a wine and seeing it all the way through to the bottle, that is something special. You can really look back on a product and say I did that, I crafted that with my hands.” Chris, Assistant Winemaker

“Sometimes it’s difficult, it’s going out on a frosty morning or when the weather’s rubbish and it’s cold in the winery or all those sorts of conditional things you have to put up with. But in the end we all pull together to go in the same direction and that’s what we always try and strive for. It’s just enjoying being part of it all really, you find your little place in there and that’s what we all look for.” Petter, Production Manager & Chief Winemaker

“It’s important to me that the company’s family owned and operated and I like the fact that Jill and Dayne are very much involved with the business. They work within it and you see who you work for, it’s the Sherwood’s and it’s their family name.” Anna, Christchurch Account Manager

“I’m a local person, so it’s nice to work for a local family. I play tennis with Jill, I’ve know her for a long time, Everyone in the area knows the Sherwood name.” Megan, Accounts Administrator

“The advantage of being in a small team is you can all be part of the bigger picture, to help the company move forward and make a difference.” Peter, Vineyard Supervisor

“You have appreciation of the wine because you can see the whole process going on and be part of that team environment. You can see everyone’s passion and they’ve all got their own little parts to play in the bigger picture.” Janet, Graphic Designer & Marketing Assistant

“I like working for a family company, I like the fact you’ve got contact with Jill and Dayne and that they’re hands on.” Pierre, Global Key Accounts Manager

“After 30 years we’re still here and still enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the evening.” Jill, Owner & Financial Director




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