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Studio session activities 1 USING TIMBER BRICKS TO BUILD A TOWER

We were supposed to build a stable tower with timber bricks. Therefore we started with a square base.

There are gaps (fig1) between each block. And the block above is sitting in between of the two blocks below so that the walls will be more stable. We keep the corner bricks all stay in a straight line (fig3) rather than leave the gaps from the layer below.

Unlike the circular tower, it is not easy for the square one to make a roof. As the corners are fairly sharp, we would have trouble dealing with the corners. Therefore we turned to make a circular roof for our tower.

As shown on the left, by curving the corners with a different way of placing the bricks (fig4) , we were able to start making the roof and close the roof in.

PROBLEMS! Part of the roof fell down.

Changing the way of forming the roof may not construct a stable condition for the tower. (fig5)

Considering the reason why we couldn’t make a stable roof.

As we suddenly change the shape of the tower, the corner became more difficult to build. Gaps are the main problems cause the instability. (fig6)

As we stuck with the roof, we started to make the hole on the wall.

The wall is really stable that a hole can easily be made. The structure of the tower make it possible to create a door way afterwards.

The blocks are not put straight on another but in between two blocks underneath. Therefore when some of the blocks are taken away from the bottom of the tower, the wall will not fall down. (fig7)

At last we stayed at this stage as we used the wrong method to build the roof and we were not able to build any taller.

OTHER GROUPS Perfect stability! Hold a water bottle even a box without any damaging.

Different from us, other groups use the circular shape for the tower, which I find may be more stable and easy to build a taller tower.

Studio session activities 2 USING TIMBER STICKS TO BUILD A TOWER

Our group still choose a square base for the tower rather than a triangular one.

As for the corner, we decided to use shorter stick to connect the corner, therefore it would be stronger and not easy to change its shape.

Sticky tapes are used instead of glue, as the glue cannot fix the vertical stick effectively.

A horizontal stick will easily put the three vertical sticks in a straight line.

Triangular structure is still used in this square tower. This is to stable the shape in order that it will not be twist.

When it comes to the second level, we create a cross to further stable the tower.

We can see in this stage the top part of the tower is a little bit twist. Therefore we need another triangular structure.

This time we choose to fix the vertical sticks, because it can be more effective.

Our work basically stopped at this stage. After that we stick a “spire� for our tower just for fun.

Constructing logbook