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What Is The Golgi Tendon Organ And How Will It Help Me Understand How To Jump Higher? The Golgi tendon organ is a perfect example of the role the mind plays in coordinating your muscles to the best of their ability. The use of this body part is literally mind over muscle. The purpose of this fascinating organ is to regulate the amount of force we output as humans as a safety precaution. Yet there are times when historically humans have been able to create much more force than ever thought possible, for example: mothers have been known to lift cars to save their children. The safety precaution means that actually we are capable of lifting and exerting more strength than our ligaments are actually able to withstand. When we use our minds to overrule the Golgi tendon, this usually results in injury. So be grateful the Golgi tendon is around! Without it, we might try to use force more than our muscles are capable of. But this example proves that the use of the mind is crucial when training your vertical jump. A more healthy way of training your mind to conquer your muscles than overriding the Golgi tendon is to treat every workout rep with maximum focus and intensity. Intensity, over time, with correct principles and practices, will bring much more results than habitual repetition without using maximal effort. This will better harness your ability to create explosion, the fastest way to reaching your goal of adding inches to your vertical. Don't underestimate the power of your mind in a workout. When you can learn to focus on each rep as a singular event, your body will be able to recruit all the muscle fibers needed to stimulate muscle growth. How can you jump higher

What Is The Golgi Tendon Organ And How Will It Help Me Understand How To Jump Higher_