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Sales Letter Website Secrets A sales letter website can be very profitable. When I first started out on the internet I was under the illusion that you have to build a content site with thousands of pages of good quality content. Now this does work if you look at websites like the About portal and other portals such as AOL. This is a lot of work and may not suit everybody. There are basically two kinds of websites. Your portal website where you make money from advertising and your sales letter website where you have a website with a sales letter that has really good advertising copy that sells a product. Now you need a good quality product with a good niche to get this model to work. If you have very good sales copy you can get three to five percent of your visitors to convert to sales. Let us look at the elements that make a good sales letter for a website. The most important part of this website is to have an attention grabbing headline as this is the first thing that your visitor will see. If it does not catch their attention they will not even read the rest of your sales letter. A good headline can increase your conversion by three hundred to four hundred percent. You have to have copy that emphasizes the benefits of your product. People buy because of emotion and not features. You need to make sure that you have a compelling P.S. As this is the second most important part of your sales letter and often will persuade a visitor to buy who is sitting on the fence. You need to have a professional web design and layout including ebook cover graphics as this is proven to increase your conversion rate. If you implement this model in a good niche with a good product, recruit a lot of affiliates and drive traffic to the website you can make a fortune with your sales letter website. A typical example of a successful sales letter website can be found on Clickbank where this business model has been proven many times over. Niche Video Site Builder

Sales Letter Website Secrets  

layout including ebook cover graphics as this is proven to