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Jump Rope Workout - How To Jump Rope For Fat Loss Jumping rope isn't rocket science but you may not know exactly what to do for a good jump rope workout. Just follow these simple steps and you will have an excellent formula for burning fat fast. Before you get started, you want to do the following: 1. Get a good rope 2. Find a shock absorbent surface such as a wood floor, gym mat, outdoor track or tennis court to jump on. Jumping on concrete is bad for your joints. 3. Make sure to have good shoes or cross-trainers with plenty of cushioning for your feet. 4. Have a watch or timer that you can see clearly so you can time yourself. 5. Have some fun music to jump to so you can stay motivated... Ipod, radio, or tv all work fine. 6. Realize that jumping rope does take some coordination. Don't give up. The more you practice the better you will get! 1. Warm Up Warming up is very important when you exercise. It makes your heart rate raise at a gradual pace which allows your muscles time to adjust and not get overworked suddenly. This will help prevent muscle cramps, shin splints, and (hopefully) being terribly sore after the workout. All you need to do for a good warm up is a slow and steady exercise, like walking, stepping side to side, or dancing. Anything that you can start out doing slowly and gradually increase your speed is a good warm-up. After doing your warm up exercise for a few minutes, it is a good idea to stretch out all of your muscles. Your whole warm up can take as little as 3-5 minutes depending on how long you plan to exercise for. The idea is to start your heart pumping without overdoing it. 2. The Workout For the best jump rope workout you want to jump rope in intervals. Start by doing a test to see how long you can comfortably jump for. If it is 20 seconds then jump for 20 seconds and rest for 40. If it is 3 minutes then jump for three minutes and rest for one minute. The amount of rest will depend on your fitness level. Try to jump for longer periods each time while decreasing the rest time between intervals. If you can only jump rope ten times and then need to take a break, then that's what you should start off by doing. But don't push yourself to the point of exhaustion. For jumping style start by running or hopping in place with the rope. You remain stationary and lift up your knees with each turn of the rope. This is an easy beginners style. Don't try to jump as high as you can on every jump. This is counterproductive and will tire you out quickly. You should be on the balls of your feet, twirling the rope quickly, while only getting an inch or two off the ground. 3. Add Variety As you become used to the movement and to exercise, your fitness jump rope workout will become easier. You need to adjust your workout to keep it effective. Jump rope using high knees, moving forward and backwards, or side to side and continue this for five minutes. Some other jump rope exercises include "boxing step" (which involves bouncing on one foot for a few passes of the rope

and then swapping feet and bouncing on the other for a few more) and "double unders" (where you pass the rope two times under your feet in a single jump). So there you have it. Remember to keep at it. At first a jump rope workout may seem difficult and you may trip over the rope or hit yourself in the head. Don't get discouraged. In a few weeks you will be jumping like a pro! How can you jump higher

Jump Rope Workout - How To Jump Rope For Fat Loss  

Find a shock absorbent surface such as a wood floor, gym mat, outdoor track or tennis court to