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Car Audio System Theft Protection Car audio system theft protection is a must if you live or go to areas that have thieving rats -- And who doesn't. That's unless you don't mind buying replacements. Furthermore, these thieves don't mind the damages they cause -- even invalidating your warranty. To avoid such painful situations, it is always better to have your security system in place. There are several measures that you can implement to protect your car audio system from thieves. Your car audio system can be protected from thefts in a number of ways... oCar audio systems are available with detachable front plates. This way you can easily remove the control panel of your receiver and carry it along with you when you leave the car. Without the control panel, the car head unit is of no use to thieves. This reduces dramatically the risk of your head unit being stolen. oThere is protective equipment called El Kameleon by JVC for head units. It works in a very different way. When you turn off your head unit, the display illumination turns completely off, and the rotary knob and control panel retract into the unit. Without the display illumination and retractable control panel all you can just see is a blank front panel. This discourages thieves as they will think it just the dashboard and nothing more. You can fit security alarms that come in different shapes and with different specifications. There are many other theft-deterrence measures. Car audio product manufacturers are constantly thinking up new and more effective ways. You'll have to get what fits your purse and person. Home security systems

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