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Human hair wigs are the latest trend in the world of a fashion industry. In the beginning it's common in the women today it is found in both and include in the top-class fashion in the model industry. There are many purposes to wear a wig and different usage of a wig. Some people have less hair on their head they worry about that problem. In the starting wig fashion in the make up industry is great and very charming. It's less expensive than the cosmetic surgery of baldness and easy to carry. Another use of wig is in the models to makeup purpose because the original hairs for makeover and for different hair style may lose original hairs of the head due to this reason wig concept is very helpful for models and for all artists who have to change their hair style on a daily basis. One more use of the human wigs is to practice the hair cutting on these types of wigs because practice direct on the actual human hair is very unsafe.

A lot of wigs are made from synthetic fibers, which are cheaper but there also human hair wigs. While these are more expensive they also are the most natural looking because they are made from real human hair. These wigs can be brushed, curled and parted without revealing the fact that it is a wig. In addition they come with 10 to 20% excess hair to allow for trimming and customization. Human hair wigs can be washed but not the same way natural hair is washed. Rubbing can damage the wig. Each wig will have step by step manufacturer's instructions on how to clean and care and for the wig.

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