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Decision Medicine Redesign 2013

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Program Our program is designed to introduce you to a possible career path that you may have thought was unavailable to you, or thought was beyond your reach- that is NOT the case and we want to prove it to you.


Be the missing piece




Verbiage What is it?

providing us extensive educational resources and

Decision Medicine is a 2 week program that

experiences as well.

introduces students to the field of medicine through

What does it cost and how do I apply?

personal mentoring opportunities and site visits with

Decision Medicine 2013 is entirely FREE-due to

behind-the-scenes access to some of our regional

generous financial support from Kaiser Permanente

hospitals, clinics and public health centers.

and the Health Plan of San Joaquin. Additional

Participants are challenged with real world decisions

support and resources come from the University of

as they explore the many facets of a career as a

the Pacific, St. Joseph’s Medical Center, Dameron

physician. The program is limited to a small group

Hospital, San Joaquin General Hospital, UC Davis

of 24 participants each year for maximum impact.

Medical School, San Joaquin County Office of

Throughout the program they will work in various

Education and California Pacific Medical Center.

team configurations, including a one-on-one

Decision Medicine was created by the San Joaquin

mentoring opportunity with a local physician in their

Medical Society to provide a unique educational

personal practice.

experience to students throughout San Joaquin

Additionally, we visit several local hospitals and

County. With the current shortage of Primary Care

surgery centers, the famous UC Davis Medical School

Physicians here in the San Joaquin Valley, it is

in Sacramento, the new Kaiser Permanents Hospital

imperative that we equip young intellectuals with

in Modesto, and several specialized hospitals in

whatever it takes for them to go to medical school

San Francisco to meet and interact with physicians

and to come back to serve our community.

conducting fascinating research in the areas of organ

Applications are only accepted online. All

transplantation, brain surgery and other cutting-edge

applications are due by April 19, 2013. The initial

facets of medicine.

selection/screening process will be based upon

Where is it?

the students Grade Point Average (GPA), answers

Decision medicine 2013 will take place in Stockton

to several questions and a 200 personal statement

at various locations, including each of our three

essay. The top 36-40 applicants are then invited

hospitals, various clinics and inside actual private

for a personal interview with a panel of physicians

offices of participating physicians. In addition,

tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 11, 213.

students will go on multiple site visits to local

Decision Medicine 2013 will accommodate 24

healthcare related organizations, learning first-hand

students this year and the final selection will be made

from actual in-the-field experiences.

after reviewing the students completed application

The University of the Pacific serves as our host for our daily drop-off and pick-up location as well as

with GPA confirmed, the submitted essay and their cumulative personal interview score.

Note from Director

• University of California- UC San Diego

Join Decision Medicine this summer and explore the

• University of California- Merced

exciting world of medicine. our program is designed

• University of California- Berkeley

to introduce you to a possible career path that you

• University of California- Los Angeles

may have thought was unavailable to you, o thought

• University of California- Santa Barbara

was beyond your reach- that is NOT the case and we

• University of California-Riverside

want to prove it to you. During the two week program

• University of Southern California

you will be introduced to many practicing physicians

• Johns Hopkins University

and the exciting, fast-paced world they live, and many

• Georgetown University

of them started in the same place you are at now.

• University of the Pacific

Check out our website and apply today!

• University of New Mexico

Dr.Kwabena Adubofour- Program Director

• University of Montana


• Dow International Medical College, in Pakistan

Decision Medicine is designed to provide high-

• San Jose State University

achieving students, preferably from under

• Fresno State University

represented segments of society, the opportunity to explore a career in medicine. We welcome your

Questions: ( for rack card)

support and involvement in this program and

Are you interested in becoming a physician?

encourage you to visit us during the sessions and attend some of our site visits to our local hospitals. We are happy to provide you additional Decision

Would you like a first-hand glimpse of the doctorpatient relationship?

Medicine promotional material created from our live experiences for use in the classroom. We can

Do you want a behind-the scenes experience of the

also arrange for a DM Alum or physician to make a

life of a physician?

presentation to your group. On-going Support

Would you like to spend two weeks of your summer

• Internship opportunities

shadowing physicians and visiting hospitals in

• Scholarship resources

Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento, and San Francisco?

• Physician shadowing • MCAT study materials

Would you like to stay updated on both internship

• Mock college interviews

and scholarship resources related to medicine?

• Opportunity to have personal statements edited • Alumni contact list Universities that our students have been accepted to: • University of California-Davis

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may be interested in applying to the 2013 Decision Medicine Program!



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