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Sherron Washington marcomm strategist facilitator, keynote, trainer

2020 Session & Training Brochure

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marcomm strategist Sherron Washington, M.A. is a marketing and communication (marcomm) professional who has imparted her wisdom and expertise for over two decades. She has been deemed “The Marketing Whisperer” by many, due to her uncanny ability to assist businesses in developing innovative, results-driven, yet, simple marcom solutions. Sherron is the founder and CEO of the P3 Solution, a full-service marketing and communications (marcomm) firm located in the Washington, DC Area, that specializes in providing easy marketing strategy, messaging, design and social media solutions for businesses. A leading expert in the marcomm industry, Sherron provides innovative, solution-driven insight, that identifies ideal marketing techniques. Coupled with an elite keenness for effectively communicating, she uses strategy, learning theory, and technologies to create a perfect fusion of communication and marketing efforts that assist in creating an impactful professional presence that can attract more customers leads and increase growth opportunities. A sought-after international speaker, trainer and facilitator, Sherron’s energetic passion permeates the crowd and creates an unforgettable electrifying experience. Her “market simple” message has been delivered across many stages worldwide, including: Inbound, Yello Media Group Digicon and the Association for Training Development to name a few. She also trains and facilitates sessions for multi-million dollar corporations such as: Goldman Sachs and Events DC instructing them on everything from generating leads and sales, to managing bias and conflict. Sherron has been described as the “real-deal” when it comes to engagement. She is tremendously skillful at creating and cultivating authentic interactions that generate synergy that flourish into countless opportunities. She uses a combination of her marcom business acumen, online and offline to create a distinctive and lasting presence that encourages and influences others to be more willing to build an integral relationship. She understands the importance of remaining true in your networking efforts to facilitate interest and engagement, in order to build better business relationships.

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signature sessions Promotion Principles: Ethical Strategies to Creating Effective Marketing Marketing is often viewed as deceptive, synthetic, artificial and untrustworthy, it is best for companies to employ methods that embody trust, boost credibility and create brand worthiness to increase growth. In fact, recent trends have demonstrated that consumers prefer to do business with those companies who operate within a morally sound perspective. So it is imperative for businesses to create a distinctive ethical presence in the marketplace that encourage engagement, motivated sales, and influence others to share their experiences within their networks. This session will provide principles and strategies in transparency, accountability, professionalism, and inclusion resulting in a more positive corporate image that promotes growth in lead generation and sales.

• Identify and discuss deceptive marketing • Examine ethical marketing principles • Acquire ethical marketing strategies that increase lead generation and market exposure

Marketing Simplified: The 15-Minute Marketing Plan The age of creating a multi-page, complexed plan that is rarely used or abandoned is over. Marketing should never be that complicated or time-consuming. Developing a simple marketing plan is critical to business success and gaining the skill to craft and implement quick, creative and compelling promotional strategies is the key to positively impacting position and the bottom line. This interactive session teaches you to maximize marketing efforts quickly and effectively using a streamlined, one-page marketing plan.

• Distinguish between marketing, sales and public relations • Obtain an effective process to building a one-page marketing plan • Explore various methods on how to implement the plan

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signature sessions Connected without a Authentic Connection: How to Effectively Network in a Digital Marketplace As technology advances and content explodes, we continue to spread our attention very thin — often all at once. As a result, impacting how we genuinely connect with people. Creating an authentic interaction can go a long way when it comes networking. Whether online or offline and when done effectively, networking can provide you with a distinctive presence that will encourage others to be more willing to build an integral relationship. It is pivotal to remain authentic in your networking efforts in order to facilitate interest and engagement, utilizing communication tactics that are direct and complementary in order to build better business relationships. This session will teach you how to:

• Learn how to create more meaningful interactions online and offline • Discover how they can amplify their genius more succinctly • Gain best practices on how to create more authentic networking to help expand their influence

Content is the New Spam: How to Create More Effective Posts That Do Not Annoy In the social media universe content is believed to be king, businesses post a ton of information, including: articles, products and service offerings with the hopes of getting noticed for more leads and sales. However, constant posting often ends up getting scarcely consumed and leaving users disappointed with the results. In fact, as the popularity of social media grows, the more crowded the platforms become, making it even more challenging for content to be retained, which leads to diluted messaging that is unnoticed and unwanted, causing a “spam-like” effect. To combat this affect, businesses must learn build content that will create excitement and make an impact, without having their audience tune-out or turn off. This interactive session teaches businesses how to maximize and leverage social media marketing content effectively.

• Learn how to build succinct and compelling effective marketing messaging • Determine which content is most impactful on each social media platform • Learn How to Activate Their Audience

signature sessions So You Think You Can Market? How to Acquire Leads That Convert Into Sales Companies that use social media to attract and cultivate leads are more likely to understand how their investment translates returns. These returns can be measured several ways: likes, fans, followers and re-tweets. However, true ROI lies in the amount of tangible leads that are generated into sales. Businesses want social media solutions that impact the bottom line. This session will teach you how to successfully turn engagement into viable lead sources.

• Determine how to qualify leads • Discover how to build marketing tactics that encourage sales. • Learn how to leverage relationships with existing fans/followers and capture solid new leads

MarComm Mash-Up An open question and answer session with Sherron Washington and a leading industry executive to address critical marketing and communication challenges that today’s event professionals are facing. Sherron will lead attendees in discussion with a notable expert to:

• Gaining exposure to insights and trends in marketing and communication • Acquire fresh perspectives through candid dialogue and interactions • Explore creative marketing and communication tactics

The Blueprint to Regaining Sanity: Bite-Sized Goal Setting The current state of affairs has ushered in a frenzy of panic and overwhelming frustration that has created a paralyzing effect on society. Many professionals and business owners are experiencing a weakened sense of mobility that has created barriers that have dampened optimism, blocked ideas, paused plans and deterred goal setting. This webinar is designed to help overcome those barriers by providing tools and techniques that ease anxiety, motivate action and manage time effectively.

• Understand how to organize goals efficiently and succinctly. • Learn how to create manageable, bite-sized action plans. • Obtain best practices on how to locate resources to assist with reaching goals.

* All sessions and trainings are tranferrable keynote topics and customizable to your event and/or training. sherronwashington.com | @ceop3


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marcomm training Your Response Matters: How to Become an Effective Communicator This training is designed to help employees develop the necessary competencies that are required for effective interpersonal and small group interactions. Participants will learn how to accurately respond to various communication techniques for face-to-face, online, and written exchanges that will provide tactics that teach engaging and open communication styles that lead to more positive outcomes within the workplace.

• Identify & understand your communication style • Determine how to navigate with different communication styles • Learn best practices in effective communication compentencies

Unmasking and Managing Bias in the Workplace This training is designed to help professionals develop the necessary competencies that are required for effective interpersonal and small group interactions. Participants will learn how to accurately respond to various situations to help build connectivity and maintain efficient communication. They will also learn various communication techniques for face-to face, online, and written exchanges that will provide tactics that teach engaging and open communication styles that lead to more positive interaction outcomes.

• Identify and discuss the origin of bias • Discover positive responses online, face-to-face and in written communication • Obtain best practices on how to manage biases in order to communicate effectively

The Elite Executive: Successful Communication Leadership Tactics for Managers

This training is designed to examine how managers can maximize their performance to become a more influential leader that helps in shaping and transforming their organization. This interactive course will identify the necessary skills in amplifying leadership qualities in order to be more successful in building a productive, dynamic and harmonious work environment.

• Enhance interpersonal communication in the workplace • Teach teams how to foster creativity and innovation • Discover best practices on how employees can be more agile in their communication

sherronwashington.com | @ceop3


marcomm training Building Bridges: How to Make Authentic Connections This training examines how to build authentic professional relationships that facilitate engagement, increase productivity and promotes teamwork in an organization. This interactive session will provide communication tactics that are direct and complementary that will improve morale to open up lines of communication that will create a positive impact in building integral connections.

• Learn how to build an foster professional connections • How to create strategic, yet authentic alliances • Effective connection techniques

Conflict Adverted: Successful Responsive Conflict Communication Tactics This training is designed to teach basic principles involving how to understand and manage conflict within the workplace. This interactive session will help participants to discover how to combat initiators such as: poor communication and bias, that thwarts responding to conflicts within and organization.

• Identify different conflict styles • Navigate through conflict • Learn how to respond quickly to conflict effectively

Effectively Communicating Your Company’s Core Values This training is designed to teach basic principles on how and organization, should build and execute their core values. This intereactive session will include drafting a comprehensive statement that identifies and communicates the company’s core values to attract customers and motivate employees.

• Identify the organizations core value • Develop a core value communication plan • Gain best practices and tactics on how to communicate core values internally and externally

* All sessions and trainings are tranferrable keynote topics and customizable to your event and/or training. sherronwashington.com | @ceop3


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For press related inquiries or if you are interested in booking Sherron for a future marketing or communications speaking engagement, training, or consulting session, call 240-242-9246 or email sherronp3@thep3solution.com.

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2020 Session and Training Brochure  

Sherron Washington

2020 Session and Training Brochure  

Sherron Washington

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