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I nsurance Covered by LAS IK

While most insurance plans do not cover vision correction surgeries becausethey are considered an elective or cosmetic procedure, many companies offer benefit plans that will pay for a portion of the usual LASIK fees. There are two types of benefit plans that will help with any incurred costs. The first is an Indemnity Plan which is the best LASIK insurance a company can offer. Through this type of plan, you can visit any doctors or specialists you desire without referrals. The patient is often required to pay the costs up front but then submit a claim to the insurance company for reimbursement. The insurance company will typically pay a predetermined percentage of the rate for services which is based on the amount that healthcare providers in your area charge for this service. Another type of plan employers or insurance covered by LASIK companies may offer is a Discounted FeeFor Service Plan. With this plan, either the employer or insurance company required the LASIK surgeon to apply a significant discount directly to the patient. This discount is usually 15-20%of the customary fee. Any greater discount would require the LASIK surgeon to perform more conservatively. Although many insurance companies do offer discounts on LASIK surgery, if this is not available to you many other payment options do exist. Financing is available at most LASIK surgery centers where financing companies specialize in offering plans with fixed rates or long term payments. Payment methods of cash, credit, and check are accepted as well. Call now to schedule your free consultation (888) 906-6187 Insurance4455covered5560lasik

Insurance covered by LASIK