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Do You Have an Ugly Baby? Marketing can be ugly business. Is building your brand and establishing a loyal customer base like raising an “ugly baby”? You love your business… but sometimes it breaks your heart and brings you to tears! We will give your “ugly baby” a makeover by implementing a strategic and creative plan that takes your business to a new level of success. Ugly Baby Marketing will stop the crying and make your “ugly baby” a star.

A new, creative and strategic marketing approach takes a lot of planning. Let’s work together to create the perfect strategy to grow your business. Logo DESIgN

E-maIL aCCouNtS aND SIgNaturE

CompaNy braNDINg

promotIoNaL matErIaLS




prINt proDuCtS




ugly Baby Will Stop the crying



First things first. Creating a polished image and unique visual hook for your company is essential from the beginning. Your logo design needs to easily reproduce and look appealing in both black and white and color formats. Once the visual hook is created for your company, you’ll want to splash it everywhere.


One of the most effective marketing tools is a business card with more than just your contact information. The best business cards are 2-sided with a clean, eye catching design. The most effect cards include contact information on the front with a description of your company and list of services or special offers on the back.


It’s not even a question! Your business needs a website. In today’s market, an online presence is essential regardless of the service or product your company offers. Many consumers won’t even call a new business if they can’t find it online. A website starts with a great domain name. Yours should be short as possible and easy to remember.


Do you want your customers to be able to find you quickly online? Your business profile needs to be submitted to as many online directories as possible. Consumers, almost always, do an Internet search first before calling a service provider or business. The more directories listing your business, the higher your search results will be when consumers look online. A great form of FREE advertising: Online directories.


Word of mouth has always been the best form of advertising. In today’s high tech world, social media provides a “word of mouth” vehicle for your raving fans. Implementing a social media strategy is the most affordable and effective method of reaching your target market. A business Facebook page and Twitter account will effectively start up “conversations” and expand your loyal customer base. Consumers listen to what other consumers are saying online. Today the loudest mouth is the web.

PrINt ProDuctS

Get your company name out there! “Top of mind” market presence is the most effective way to get new customers. Your brand must be instantly recognizable, remembered, and appealing. Lawn tents and door hangers are key marketing tools in your own neighborhood. Rack cards, stickers, and postcards are all inexpensive ways to brand your image. Above all, consistency is key. The Golden Arches is one of the most globally recognized logos of all time. You’ve never seen purple arches or a different typeface for the “M.” There’s a reason for that approach.

Make your ugly Baby a


ELEctroNIc ProDuctS & E-NEWSLEttErS

Find it Online! Every printed piece developed for your business must be available in electronic form. Online flyers and E-Newsletters cover a variety of marketing and promotional needs that no other single document can handle. Electronic Newsletters establish a connection with potential clients and allow your business to stay in an ongoing relationship with current customers. An online Blog provides content for a monthly E-Newsletter. Everything needs to link to your website and Facebook business page.

E-MaIL accouNtS aND SIgNaturE

It’s all in the name. Your business email account needs to be attached to your domain. does not lend itself to position of credibility. Effective marketing includes setting up an email business account. Don’t let any e-mail escape your computer without tagging it as a marketing message. A catchy e-mail signature includes your name, business name, contact information, pithy tag line, and web address. Always collect emails of all your customers. A wellformed email and mailing list is priceless when it comes to getting results.

coMPaNy BraNDINg

Be your own billboard! Wear clothing with you company logo, utilize car wraps, magnets, coffee cups, T-Shirts, pens…there are thousands of promotional marketing products to choose from to build your brand. Get people talking about your company. Effectively used, branding reinforces your company’s “top of mind” presence and encourages word of mouth.

ProMotIoNaL MatErIaLS

Promotional materials: Pens, Frisbees, T-Shirts, Coffee Cups, Calendars, Magnets, etc... These little marketing gems actually work. Free goodies for your clients to share with their friends reinforces your business’s top of mind presences and encourages word of mouth promotions. Make it easy for potential customers to find you first.


There’s always a way to get your business into the news. Launch a new grand opening, plan fund-raiser for a local non-profit group, be nominated for an award, or provide a new service. Tell your own story in a series of press releases with great photos. A short story or feature article run in a local publication will rocket your business to a new level.

caLL ugLy BaBy MarkEtINg toDay! SchEDuLE a frEE MarkEtINg NEEDS aNaLySIS.

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Now What?

Proper planning is important to make sure your new business can succeed in today’s environment. Imagine the time savings, money savings, and convenience of launching your marketing strategy with just one vendor! Ugly Baby Marketing offers everything you need to launch your product or services.

Start Up print package:

Packages include: • Brand and Logo Development (up to 3 hours of design time) • 500 Business Cards • 300 Brochures, Post Cards, or Flyers

StartUp Web DeSign package: Packages include: • 3 Customized Pages • Content Writing • Contact Capture Form • Online Website Editor

StartUp Social MeDia package: Packagesinclude: • Facebook and Twitter account set up • Facebook Profile graphic • Facebook Welcome Page and capture form • Twitter profile custom artwork • Twitter background custom artwork • Post/tweet content consultation

let US Do the Work!

Custom soCial media PaCkages are available

The beauty of a good SM campaign is that it can be designed to fit your individual needs and budget.

Take advantage of our market research capabilities and experience in your area. We will conduct a marketing needs analysis to ensure your brand identity is tailored to your target market. All business identity development and marketing efforts should be designed and positioned relative to your target market or competition, which can only be accurately identified through market research.

call to schedule your marketing needs analysis today!

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in today’s challenging market every dollar counts... we make marketing

Ugly Baby Marketing New Business  

Take advantage of our market research capabilities and experience in your area. We will conduct a marketing needs analysis to ensure your br...

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