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7 Technical Skills That Employees Look for in a Candidate Applying for IT Posts

In the times of digitization and online presence, companies are looking to hire candidates who are be to help them keep up with the ever-changing technical world. This sudden need has lead to an increase in the demand for technical employees, and to grab the best opportunity, talented candidates are sharpening their technical skills that includes designing and development, database, networking, and others competencies. However, selecting the right candidate is the key and unless you have a core HR department, you will find it difficult to hire an employee who can add value to your organization. In such cases, IT employment agencies can help you find your ideal candidate. Their premier focus is on an aspirant’s technical skill set. If you are an aspirant, read this blog to learn the technical skills you need to possess to get through screen rounds of an engineering staffing service provider.

Agile Methodology Companies are embracing agile methodology, as it makes it easier to manage projects. Not only does it helps in breaking down the tasks into smaller and easier-to-manage modules, but it also encourages collaborative and flexible processing. Therefore, candidates with familiarity with agile are in great demand.

Big Data Analytics Companies possessing a variety of data types require professionals who can harness big data analytics to shape their competitive advantages. By hunting and managing large data sets using big data analytics, tech professionals can assist companies in with customer servicing and marketing. Therefore, it is great time for tech-job seekers who can capture real value by ways data analytics and manage enterprise risks to land a lucrative job offer.

Coding Irrespective of their role in the team, every team member must know their way around website’s code. HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are a few essential website coding that a tech professionals should know. Possessing coding skills enhances the appeal of your resume and may prove to be the differentiating factor between the competitors that gets you hired.

Database Administration Database management has become a part of core skill set a tech professional must possess. Having relevant data in hand aid in decision-making process. Therefore, a candidate must know how database is drawn together and how to pull out key data components, together with working knowledge on database platforms such as SQL, MySQL, and others. In short, employers require a skilled professional who can handle the administration.

Mobile Development The rising popularity and use of mobile devices has prompted businesses to explore these platforms. They require an in-house talent that can help them reach their audience in quick time. Additionally, with the mobile technology evolving rapidly, the tech-geek should be able to keep pace with the ever-shifting market. Therefore, whether the professional is into mobile application development or mobile website designing and development, all type of mobile skills are welcome.

Social Media Expertise Many organizations are planning to tap into the potential of social sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others. If you are targeting positions such as social marketing, mobile-product development, or any other that requires working on social platforms, then it is essential that you possess knowledge of social media sites.

Technical Writing Although, you may be good at using technologies, writing them in words that others can understand is a different ball game altogether. Whether it is forwarding messages to customers, distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers via emails, articles, manuals, PDFs, or PRs, all this requires professionals to understand the technology, as well as have command over language.

Bottom Line Candidates possessing these skill sets are in great demand, for they can help companies optimize their resources. If you face hindrance in getting the desired candidate, you may consider hiring services of an IT employment agency. These agencies have a team of experienced IT recruiters who screen job-seekers resume to find the ideal candidate for your company. Therefore, such engineering staffing services not only reduce your workload, but also ensure that you only desired candidates reach for final rounds of interview.

7 technical skills that employees look for in a candidate applying for it posts  
7 technical skills that employees look for in a candidate applying for it posts  

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