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While the custom furniture design community is still small in America, we have identified competition in the Rocky Mountain area. Aside from the known large designer furniture companies, there are a few local custom furniture businesses in the area including:

› Boykin Pearce › Newell Design Studio › Seth Rolland Custom Furniture Design › David Rasmussen Design


GOALS/OBJECTIVES In order to gain visibility among our target audience, our goals are to establish a branding system that includes: • Logo

• Possible Name Change

• Invoice

• Business Card

• Letterhead

• Social Networking Strategy

• Brochure/Mailer

• Website Redesign

We all look forward to working with you and helping you establish your business.









The concept behind the design of the wordmark is to reinforce the ongoing theme in the furniture of Pagomo: strong, yet elegant. The letters were manipulated in a way that gives a definitive sense of structure and stability just as the furniture exhibits. Aside from being a stable structure the wordmark also displays a sense of sophistication and “airiness�. It is a condensed mark but still able to create it’s own space or environment within itself. The space displayed represents the space which Pagomo transforms through the furniture produced. The A in Pagomo is a point of interest, reverting back to the original idea of being a misfit among other furniture brands. It is the key element that brings a sense of individuality to the mark as well as the company itself. The A can also stand alone, as a chair would, while still representing the company in a unique manner.


The color palette is an aspect of a business that creates an overall feeling throughout the entire identity system. It is the essential part of a business that unifies everything from the letterhead to the business card. The goal behind Pagomo’s color palette is to reinforce the concept of modernity using complimentary colors; the bright green complimented by the orange. The green, the predominant color, is strong and fresh. It is grounded with a subtle, warm grey, and complimented with a bold orange to create a diverse and fulfilling aesthetic for the designs within the system. The supporting typeface, Din, is an expressive, modern typeface that has a similarity to Pagomo’s wordmark. This creates an overall unity throughout the system. The brand utilizes both Din light and Din medium.

Din Light-30pt Din Medium-30pt Din Light-12pt

Din Light-10pt

Din Medium-12pt

Din Medium-10pt



Pagomo’s business card encompasses the overall idea of bold simplicity which is a recurring theme throughout the entire system. The card itself consists of a heavy cardstock with a die-cut of the Pagomo A. The die-cut reinforces the concept of space which Pagomo transforms. The Pagomo green is visible in the die-cut and on the edges to reinforce the Pagomo brand; to design for the entire space, and not just one plane.

pagomodesigns. com

Alex Ross | 303.601.4375


The letterhead exhibits attention to white space and the idea of creating an open environment through minimalism. The concept of minimalism is based on the process of generating a greater focus on the importance of a letterhead: the information relayed to the customer. The color scheme is utilized by highlighting certain elements such as the orange being used to create a bold yet warm “Thank You� and the green is used to reiterate the curve of the Pagomo A that is carried throughout the identity system.


The invoice, similar to the letterhead, encompasses the concept of open space creating an environment for the elements to reside within. There are aspects of the invoice that are clearly linked with the letterhead but each document differs in a way that reinforces the idea of transforming a space. The space being the page and the contents changing slightly represents the transformation that Pagomo can bring to a space. Once again the orange is used as a means of attention, highlighting important elements in the page.

Alex Ross 12081 West Alameda Parkway PMB 502, Lakewood CO 80228

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An envelope is one element of a business that first introduces the overall aesthetic along with the business card. Pagomo’s envelope is one that furthers the company’s individual identity and creates a unique feeling among other envelopes received in the mail. The orientation of the name and address add a fresh approach to standard mailing envelopes. Also the common theme of orange and green is apparent and elements seen in other documents appear on the outside. The green curve of Pagomo is used to ground the name and address of Pagomo.

Alex Ross 12081 West Alameda Pkwy PMB 502 Lakewood CO 80228


The mailer acts as an introduction to potential clients. It is sent out based on an existing mailing list and educates the viewer about Alex Ross himself and the company Pagomo. The contents inside represent the furniture created by Pagomo and selected lifestyle images as well as some general information about the business. The original concept behind the mailer is to provide an introduction since Alex doesn’t have the ability to meet face to face with every potential client. This provides a way for people to gain insight on the business and the owner, creating a sense of a personal introduction.

Alex Ros s

My Passion at Pagomo is to cr eate beautiful, functional, custom piec es of furnitur e for your home or business .

pagomodesigns. com


The gift bag is intended to be used as a thank you from Pagomo and a way to protect the investment of a client. Each piece of furniture is delivered with a small gift bag attached, which contains a set of felt feet for the furniture as well as a business card and several coasters. The coasters are used as protection for the furniture as well as containing care information.



Upon opening Pagomo’s website the viewer is welcomed by an empty room with a introduction which refers to the concept of Pagomo taking this open space, or a client’s space and transforming it into an ideal environment. The entire website itself further exhibits the idea of space, utilizing negative space which ends up becoming transformed by elements on the page. These elements being access points to social media websites which, once rolled over, will pop up with small window in the negative space. The window displays a few of the most recent updates on each social media site. The aesthetic of the website refers back to basic elements of the brand identity with the color scheme and the curve of the Pagomo A encompassing the navigation menu.

Imagine your space. Now, let Pagomo help you explore the possiblities.

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The Strata Chair The Strata chair was created for the Pa Gomo house in Telluride, working closely with Rick Snow of RKD architects. It is constructed of machine cut slices of baltic birch plywood and then hand carved to its final shape. The arms and base are made of cast aluminum and the adjustment mechanism is a standard office or reclining chair part.

The Work Process About Contact

Alex Ross I am always interested in discussing design. Call me to discuss your project and lets find a solution that is unexpected, original and unique to your style and your home.

12081 West Alameda Parkway PMB 502, Lakewood CO 80228 303.601.4375

Twitter Feed: Started our latest project for the Wilkinsons today. Sketches coming soon! 16 hours ago

Meeting with #ricksnow today to discuss a new project.

The Work Process About Contact


Social media is a part of modern society that cannot be ignored. An aspect of having a web presence is understanding the process of social media, which delivers information about the company to a large market. A web site is not enough these days, social networking allows the work to be viewed any time, any where, and by anyone. Social networking also allows a professional to gain recognition by those within their industry without limiting them to their direct communications. Through web presence, professionals can experience an exponential growth of exposure.

Pagomo Identity Process Book  
Pagomo Identity Process Book  

This book is an Identity system for a Colorado furniture company, Pagomo. The idea behind Pagomo is to create custom, innovative and creativ...