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Why Kerala is a must-visit spot when travelling to India? Many seek vacations to get away from the monotony of life and experience something larger, refreshing and more satisfying. Holidays are those pious moments that one fancies of recalling when counting down the best moments and memories of life. May it be with friends, family or the one special loved one. Destinations in India tour plans are several, but some score higher recommendations than others. One such recommendation is the Kerala Holidays and Tours packages and travel plans. The destination features a perfect combination of wildlife, outdoor activities, ayurvedic treatments and spas and what not. Here’s a sneak peak to those who plan to visit India and have circled Kerala with a bold marker too-

● Enchanting backwater viewsFamously known as the Venice of India, Kerala Backwater Tours are must visit spots. The beauty and serenity of calm and at times roaring backwater is a treat for those who crave nature. From the extremely stressful hustle bustle of daily life, Kerala Backwater brings in the feeling of composure and relaxation. Oozing cultural and religious activities on the sides and spots of the backwater add on to the enchanting and mesmerizing environment of the place. It is bound to make one surrender to nature and experience an extremely rejuvenating quality time. ● Boghatty Palace and its VisitIndia has been the hub of historical events, from the Mughals to English rulings and then the Hindu kingdom. Old architecture and remainders act as tell tales and show traces of what’s been there and gone with time. For tourists, experiencing a rich historical venue that has a lot of stories to unfold when seen live, Boghatty Palace in Kerala is a must visit location. Kerala Tourism Packages make a conscious effort of adding such spots in the tour designed. Photography, storytelling and viewing all have a unique impact on those who visit this spot and other palaces alike.

● Church of St. FrancisOne of the gifts that the Englishmen left behind when leaving the sub continent included the Church of St. Francis. Tourists are always amazed with the beauty of old art, art that is a cross between Mughal exaggeration and simplistic art of Englishmen. The church too is an extremely well designed and beautiful sight to behold. Kerala conserves such locations especially for those who come seeking historical traces and enjoy spending time on the spots with tour guides explaining what all the monument has in store for visitors. ● Houseboats travelling in Kerala BackwatersFrom the many International Tourism Packages only some know the exact secrets of making the most out of a location and its value. Many visit the Kerala backwaters for the peace and tranquility that the view has to offer, but only some go prepared beforehand with the intention of riding in the houseboats that are present on the spot. It is amusing as well as an enjoyable experience. Houseboats go through long lengths of distance, and the beautiful backwaters that seem peaceful from the shore, are even more relaxing when being travelled on. One must experience the ride through the Kerala Backwaters in the comfortable and safe houseboats.

● Safe and Comfortable Tourism Spots and PackagesKerala has many contractors and responsible tourism guides that are devoted in providing a tourism service that makes tourists go back and recommend the locations to family and friends. There have been no cases of theft or other insecure accidents reported via renowned and

trustworthy tourism services. One must make sure that while travelling to Kerala, a trusted and well established tourism company must be opted for planning and managing the vacation. The locations mentioned above are a delight to visit with the right protocol, Kerala is a treat for visitors in India, and it must definitely not be missed out at any cost.

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Why kerala is a must visit spot when travelling to india  
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