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Kerala Village Tourism A visit to God’s Own Country would be incomplete without a visit to its charming villages. The pulse of Kerala can be felt in its villages, which reverberates with the hum of daily life. Kumbalanghi , the island village, is an idyllic fishing village with emerald green backwaters, swaying palm trees, fresh seafood. An immersive experience into the traditional ways of life await the visitor. One can experience shrimp and crab farming, rides in country boats, try a hand at coir yarn making, and weaving of coconut leaves, watch the charming Chinese nets in action as they bend on their cantilevers, dipping into the waters to surface with a fresh catch of fish. Quaint homestays dot the landscape and one can experience life at the grass root level.

One can savour some of the best local cuisine. Fresh lobsters and seafood cooked in traditional spices, and hot, delicious gravies are served with boiled tapioca or steaming rice. Fried fish marinated in spices or cooked in thick coconut gravy, beef bits cooked with ginger, garlic and tempered with a happy handful of curry leaves and garnished with slivers of coconut or garden fresh vegetables lightly seasoned with mustard and grated coconut will leave the visitor with pleasant memories.

Village life in Alleppey can be experienced either from the sun deck of a comfortable Houseboat or disembark for the short walk, a meal or the day from the Houseboat or hotel. Scenes from ordinary life play out before the eyes, chirpy children on their way to school, quaint tea shops selling hot frothy tea and ‘Kadi’ (deep fried or steamed snacks) with the customary bunch of ripe yellow bananas hanging in front to entice the customer. A stop at one of these tea shops is a must. The sociology of the village can be experienced firsthand. Old men in chequered ‘lungi’s’ (sarong style cloth worn by men) congregate to discuss politics, weather or local gossip over a hot cuppa or what is know world famous as the ‘metre chai’, (tea is aerated repeatedly between two cups held at least a metre apart) while the working class sit down for a quick meal. Delicious snacks are served up, from deep fried samosas to ‘kozhukotta’, steamed rice dumplings filled with grated coconut infused with jaggery and a variety of local fare. South India Tours and packages are laced with these kinds of Tours of Villages.

On a leisurely walk through the village, one can see the ‘velan’ shimmying up coconut trees with his lungi precariously tied half mast to bring down coconuts, an acrobatic feat indeed! Or watch the local women engaged in coir work, twisting coconut fibre into ropes for the manufacture of mats and other products. Yet another stop is the ubiquitous Toddy Shop, where fresh toddy or fermented sap of the coconut tree is served with finger licking, spicy curries. The ambience of the toddy shop though rudimentary, will provide the visitor a free and compulsory performance of local ballads, sung off key by drunken men feasting on tapioca and spicy fish curry. The delicacies of the toddy shop menu include fish curry, duck roast, mussel, lobsters and clam in kerala spices. A highlight in Kerala Tourism Packages. The villages in the hills near Munnar & Thekkady are set among tea estates spread like a green carpet over rolling hills as far the as the eye can see. Villages in the hills are clustered and each village engages in a specific activity or industry. In the hills, villagers rear sheep or goats, handicraft, embroidery, basketry and the like. The visitor can opt to have a meal with a local family and partake of the warm hospitality that is trademark of Indians. The meal would normally comprise of hot rice, lentils, home grown vegetables, spicy meat curries, shallow fried fish and a gooey warm desert or sweetmeat. Responsible

Tourism in India encourages Village Tourism as it encourages the local economy while preserving local craft & heritage. Visitors will be lucky if there is a local temple festival or church feast going on. the colourful gaiety of the festival, replete with caparisoned elephants, colourful processions, ringing of bells, chanting of verse and religious fervour can be experienced along with the farmers markets that spring up to sell their wares to the devotees. From handmade toys to homemade foods, kitchen ware to flowers to adorn the snake like black plaited hair that dangles down the women’s back are available. Village Tourism creates jobs and sustenance without disturbing the ecology or sociology of the place. It ensures that the culturally rich heritage does not make way for modernity. It preserves in a subtle yet sustainable way.

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Kerala village tourism  
Kerala village tourism