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Used Car Facts That You May Not Know ... and why used cars make for great (and smart) purchases

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Many people think used cars are suitable just for car importers. That’s far from true though. Used cars are pretty much for everyone who wants to buy a car. They are just another option that you can explore, although a very good one. In this article, we will look at some of the things to worry about (or think of, rather) when buying such cars.

Before we start, it’s important to dispel some of the underlying myths about used cars. No, used cars aren’t the greatest thing since sliced bread, as some of the articles will have you believe, but they aren’t inferior to a new car in most ways either. In fact, if you do some research, used cars may turn out to be quite a smart purchase.

So, just how do you do that research? What are those things that you should look for? It’s quite simple: you need to be aware of what you’re purchasing, where you are purchasing it from, and the place’s reputation. Japan’s car auctions, for instance, are very well-known for being really strict about the cars that get listed into the auctions. Add to that the fact that the Japanese are known for maintaining their cars better than most of us and you will find that Japanese cars you find in their auctions aren’t too shabby after all.

But I digress. The first thing to be absolutely clear about is the car you want to purchase. Although car auctions give you a multitude of options—far more than your average car dealer does—you still need to have some amount of clarity as to what you really want to buy. Otherwise, you will end up liking everything and purchasing nothing. So, make sure you know what it is that you want to buy, its market cost, the cost you are willing to pay, etc.

Then, once that is clear, you should compare the advantages (and disadvantages) of buying cars from these auctions vs. buying them new. Even when buying cars from auctions, you may Integrity Exports


want to consider different countries: there are British auctions, Japanese auctions, you name it. All have their distinct advantages—the costs are a major part of it—and you should keep that in mind when selecting the auction to purchase from.

Once that’s decided, the last step is to get an auction dealer, look for the cars that meet your requirements, look at their inspection reports and try to understand them to the best of your ability, and finalize the purchase. That’s, in my opinion, the easier part. A good auction dealer can help you with all of it, even ship the purchased car to your port where you can take over.

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