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Looking for a venue? Look no further!! The Pavilion, Perry Lane Sports and Recreation Ground, Sherington. Medium sized function room Modern kitchen Toilets Disabled facilities Entrance porch

JLarge car park JChildren’s play area JLarge open grass area JStandard and Junior football pitches JRefurbished changing

Interested in hiring the facilities for your child’s party, a weekly exercise class, a monthly village club, a community event or simply an evening meeting, please contact Tracey Young on 07494 760791 email at

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Dear Readers, We are writing this in the long overdue and long awaited sunshine – and long may it last! The Little and North Crawley Open garden weekend is scheduled for 9th/10th June, at one point it didn’t seem inconceivable that we would still be in the grip of winter then but what a difference a week makes! May is often a cheery month with two long Bank Holiday weekends to enjoy and this year a royal wedding too. For those of us who are interested then it should be a fascinating occasion, and for those who aren’t then there’s always the FA Cup final to turn to when the nuptials are complete – either way, there’s an excuse for drinks all round on the 19th May! It’s now 2 years since we took over the production of SCAN magazine and would like to thank you all for your continued support. SCAN is, by definition, a small-scale local publication reliant on advertising income and the generous donations of readers and local organisations. We believe it offers an interesting and informative service to the villages of the parish and hope that you continue to enjoy what we do. See you next month!

Julia and Elaine

Deadline for June – 18th May

SCAN 482 MAY 2018 SCAN IS ALWAYS VERY GRATEFUL FOR ALL DONATIONS RECEIVED AND ALSO TO THOSE LOCAL ORGANISATIONS WHO REGULARLY CONTRIBUTE IN ORDER TO KEEP SCAN MAGAZINE GOING – WE THANK YOU! Thank you for thinking of us and helping to keep our free parish magazine coming through your doors (and online!). Julia (Editor) and Elaine (Treasurer and Advertising Manager)

DEADLINE Copy for June -

18th May THE EDITOR, Mrs Julia Chinn The Old Rectory, North C rawley, MK16 9HJ Tel 01234 391976 or 07775 683804 e-mail OR hard copy can be posted to the address above Views expressed in SCAN are those of the contributors and not necessarily shared by the editor or the treasurer TREASURER AND ADVERTISING MANAGER Mrs Elaine Tarling Tel 01234 391877 or 07931 523974 53 Kilpin Green, North Crawley Deadline for June – 18th May


MAY 6 May 3pm

‘Something Different’ Rogation Service – Sherington followed by tea and cakes in church

13 May 9.30am 6pm

Holy Communion – North Crawley Evensong - Chicheley

20 May 9.30am

Holy Communion – Sherington

27 May 11am 6pm

Holy Communion – Chicheley Evensong – North Crawley

From the Parish registers Funerals RIP Elizabeth ‘Madge’ Hine of Sherington whose service of cremation took place on 4 April 2018 ‘I am the resurrection and the life’ says the Lord. Those who believe in me, even though they die will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.’ Deadline for June – 18th May

‘Souper’ Lunchtime Get-together Scan fellowship, a chance to enjoy a simple lunch together at 4 Griggs Orchard Sherington

01908 616763 12pm – 2pm Wednesdays 9 May (HC at 11.30am) The Rectory Sherington 23 May 13 June (Holy Communion at 11.30am) 27 June 11 July 25 July (Holy Communion at 11.30am) venue tbc 8 August 22 August (Holy Communion at 11.30am) All ages welcome (children too!) Deadline for June – 18th May

The church floodlighting of St Firmins is really appreciated by many villagers as a beacon of hope in what appears to be a gloomy world at times. Obviously it costs a considerable amount of money to run this but a recent appeal for sponsors has insured that this is funded for the next year at least.

Our grateful thanks to the following sponsors:Andrew Tusting, Keith and Joan Shaw, Trevor and Christine Stapleton, Steve and Sue Garner, Sybil Evans, Chris Barry, Pam Pinder, Nick and Janice Freeman, Kathy Santer, Vic and Audrey Anstee and Matthew and Julia Chinn

Deadline for June – 18th May

Can any of the reasons for not believing in God, or even going to church, relate to any other part of life, eg. washing??

SOAP OPERA "Wash?" he said, "You're joking. I've tried it in the past Through all my years of growing up That's quite enough to last. I was made to wash by mother, She and dad were very clean That's what put me off so much I'd never be that keen. My girlfriend said she tried it once But found it boring so she stopped it. I might have had another go If Maureen hadn't dropped it. Then look at all the different soaps I can't tell which to use What with all those fancy wrappers How do I know what to choose? And half of them are hypocrites Those folk who wash I mean. They may use lots of bubble bath But are they really clean? But please don't get the wrong idea. I do wash on occasions Like anniversaries and such And special celebrations. Because it take up so much time And I have none to spare. Besides, the bathroom's always cold Who wants to hang out there? But I'm still young and fairly clean And so can cope without it When I'm older and much dirtier I'll really think about it.

Rebecca Cook Š

Deadline for June – 18th May



We’re writing this in mid-April and, although the early morning and evenings are still decidedly chilly, there’s now at least a hint of summer in the midday sun and scores of daffodils are nodding away happily again along all the verges in the village. They’re such a welcome sight at the end of what feels like a long winter this year. It’s a shame the judging for the best kept village (for further info contact Eva or Keith) is in a couple of months’ time and not now! Despite indifferent weather, the village Easter Egg Hunt proved a great success – lovely to see so many young families getting together on the village green. (£41 was made for the Village Hall and Garden).

Deadline for June – 18th May

Congratulations to Sara Smith, winner of the hotly contested egg and spoon race. It appears that a few of your fellow competitors are keen for a re-match! Sunday’s Macmillan Coffee Morning was well supported with a fantastic display of cakes to choose from. (Never going to get beach-ready at this rate, not that this was very likely anyway!) A total of £182 was raised. Congratulations to Emma Thomas for her hard work and to everyone who helped support the event. It seems hard to believe, but the house at 3A Main Road is finally finished! After over a decade of planning applications and disputes, work finally started in early 2017 and the property is now up for sale (or maybe even sold by the time this goes to print). Welcome to Emma and Luke who are moving in to 17 Main Road – we hope you enjoy life here in Astwood. Ladies – Pauline and Jo have organised a special event for Sunday 6 May from 11.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. in the village hall where you will have the opportunity to partake of a delicious afternoon tea (or glass of prosecco!) while you browse a number of stalls displaying “a wide range of quality homeware and personal gifts”. 30-minute taster manicure, facial or relaxing massage sessions will be available - all for only £10. See poster following this entry. More Dates for Your Diary June 10th – Village get-together. Hog roast + veggie option. More details nearer the time but keep the date free! October 15th – Harvest Supper. A long way off but remember to plant your sunflowers now if you want to enter the tallest sunflower competition. This promises to be even more competitive now Bob has more time on his hands! Rumours abound that our broadband speeds could improve to 21st century standards soon – lots of sightings of Openreach vans in the village. Watch this space! Cob and Pen Deadline for June – 18th May

Deadline for June – 18th May

ASTWOOD VILLAGE HALL:  BRIDGE at 7 pm-10 pm THURSDAYS - contact Neil Plumb 01234 391040  CRANFIELD BRIDGE CLUB meets at Astwood Village Hall virtually every SUNDAY at 6.55 for 7 pm start to play. Details on hppt://, or ring Paul Goddard, 01234 881409. PILATES: Monday at 8 pm – contact Helen on BROWNIES: Every MONDAY term time, Sherington Pavilion - 5.30 – 7 pm contact: Rebecca Harrington, 15 Carters Close, Sherington PILATES 10 a.m., YOGA 11 a.m., NORTH CRAWLEY INSTITUTE Thursdays. Call Debbie 07764 391687 SHERINGTON FOLK WORKSHOP: 8 – 10 pm Sherington V.H. - 2nd Thursday of month – Liz 07941 403492 SHERINGTON SHORT MAT BOWLS CLUB: Monday 2 – 4 pm and Friday 7 – 9 pm contact Sheila 211153 or Bob 01234391436 SHERINGTON YOUTH CLUB: 7 – 9 pm Wednesday Nights (term time) contact JO 07780 987034



I am pleased to begin this month’s article with a contribution from Ian Townsend. He raises points about broadband coverage in the village, some information about the Chicheley web site and a plea for safer driving in Bedlam Lane. With regard to the clubs I suggest a response to Ian who lives in the Thatched cottage, the only one in the village so you cannot mistake it. Anyone in Chicheley who uses a computer or tablet knows that internet/broadband speed is very slow, and often erratic, cutting in and out. The telephone and broadband infrastructure is old and not suitable for today’s technology. Superfast Fibre Broadband is due to become available in Chicheley by September, according to the Milton Keynes Council web site. However, no firm dates for Fibre have been given so it cannot be guaranteed. If you have problems with your broadband, please report them to your service provider. BT/Openreach will only address individual customer complaints, and not look at the village as a whole and its sub-standard telephone infrastructure. If enough people report their broadband problems, there is greater chance they will be addressed, and that Fibre will be installed on schedule.

Deadline for June – 18th May

Does anyone, or preferably groups pf people, have any suggestions for Clubs or groups that could be formed in Chicheley to provide entertainment and strengthen community spirit? Other villages have hiking groups, book clubs, history clubs, short mat bowling and other interests. What can you suggest that would attract people in Chicheley to participate? Chicheley has its own web site ( that has notes about events, Parish Meeting minutes and accounts. It also has information on St. Lawrence Church and Chicheley Hall, and links to other web sites of local interest. Several people have commented on speeding in Bedlam Lane. Bedlam Lane is narrow, there are no footpaths, and there are also blind spots. If you drive in Bedlam Lane, please be considerate to pedestrians, and drive at an appropriate speed for the narrowness of the lane. Looking into my diary I see we have no Chicheley events planned for May except for the regular Chichchat’s that will continue to be held in the village hall on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 10.30 am until noon. For those of us who were around then, the 1960’s were an interesting, dare I say exciting, time. The aftermath of the Second World War and its effects on the countries’ economy were becoming a distant past and a more prosperous time ahead beckoned. The music of the 60’s is still heard everyday with groups such as the Beatles and Rolling Stones still making their mark. Last weekend I watched some old broadcasts of Top of the Pops on the television, they were from the early 60’s and in black and white. Apparently the first colour programme transmitted by the BBC was in 1967, of Wimbledon tennis, a little ironic as they play in white. By 1969 both the BBC and ITV were transmitting regularly in colour. What caught my attention was the early TOTP’s did not catch the vibrancy of the time. Try and imagine our now glorious spring weather in anything other than colour and you can understand what we would miss. The Chicheley Parish meeting was held in April, the minutes (approved and draft) are I believe available on the Chicheley website. An additional item raised at the end of the meeting was should Chicheley consider having a Neighbourhood Plan? This is not something I can easily cover now but I will try and find someone more informed than me to write a short precis of how that could be taken further. I am happy to include other items from villagers in these monthly notes, the contact details can be found in the magazine. David

Deadline for June – 18th May

The Rotary Club of Newport Pagnell At our meeting on 4th April we presented a cheque for £2,200 to Willen Hospice. This was the proceeds of our “bucket shake” collections during the run up to Christmas at Frosts Garden Centre, and in Newport Pagnell and Olney. We would like to thank all who gave generously to raise this large sum for a well-loved local facility that provides care and comfort to so many. We also recognise the Rotarians who gave up their weekends and braved the winter cold to make the collections. Also on 4th April we enjoyed a presentation by Rotary Global Scholar Mima Fondong who told us all about her studies and how she will use the new knowledge she is gaining. One of our Rotarians is closely involved with Rotary Global Scholar exchanges in our District. He attended a presentation in Cambridge by another Global Scholar, Zach Beecher. Other presentations to our Club were by two new Members about their careers. One had worked in catering, hospitality and retail food sales in the UK and Southern Africa, while the other had worked on major engineering projects, also in the UK and overseas. Our members have diverse business and professional backgrounds, which results in interesting discussions at our weekly meetings and social events. Our annual Cheese and Wine Evening was held in Lavendon village hall on 11th April and was well attended. It was an enjoyable evening of good food, fellowship, and a challenging quiz. The highlight was the presentation of a Rotary Paul Harris Fellowship to David Robertson for his outstanding service over many years to our Rotary Club and to his community. We are busy arranging a social event with other local Rotary Clubs for May. This is our annual Pub Games night, usually held in Hanslope. Arrangements are well in hand for our Plant Sale that takes place every year in Olney Market. It will be held this year on 26th May. It is a great opportunity to buy good quality garden plants at a very reasonable price, with money raised being donated to local causes. On 9th June we will provide “Stewards” in the Methodist Church, Newport Pagnell, at talks that are being given as part of the World War 2 Day. We are also looking at ways in which we can support the development of the Mead Centre at the United Reformed Church, which will provide a new community facility. On 13th June we will support the participation of pupils from Slated Row School in the annual “Kids Out” day trip to Whipsnade Zoo. Our Club initiated and continues to support the Satellite Rotary Club of Woburn Sands and District. The Club is very active and is attracting new members, and will soon become an independent Rotary Club, rather than a “satellite” of Newport Pagnell. The Woburn Sands Club has outgrown its initial venue, and now holds its meetings at the

Deadline for June – 18th May

Hilton Hotel in Kents Hill. The Club presented a Christmas Tree and other gifts to Swallowfield School on 4th December. The Club has supported the Mayor of Milton Keynes’ chosen charity “Ride High”, and a large number of members attended the “Enchanted Ride High Ball” that raised £83,000. More recently, the Club has planted trees as boundary hedging in the spinney that is part of Edgewick Farm. An article and photographs of the tree planting appeared in the “Milton Keynes Citizen”. More information about the Rotary Club of Newport Pagnell is available from our web page, Facebook and Twitter. If you are interested in knowing more about our events, wish to suggest a worthy cause we could support, or if you are interested in joining Rotary, please contact us via social media or by e-mail at

Deadline for June – 18th May



At the time of writing it is a dull day, with a grey sky and dampness in the air, and maybe colder weather with a blue sky would be preferable. However, the longer-term forecast is for improving weather and increasingly warmer days so let’s hope this happens sooner rather than later. The early spring plants are thriving at the moment with daffodils, primroses, grape hyacinths and others which I’m uncertain about the names of, are in bloom, and others including tulips are in bud. It’s a nice time of the year to take a walk around our many countryside footpaths. Now onto an exciting event which is coming soon, the ‘Village Fun Day’ on Sunday 27 May starting at noon and going on through the afternoon. The event will take place at the Institute and recreation field and will feature many fun things for people of all ages, families and friends. There will be live music, plus DJ Bill Guntrip, craft stalls, tractors, food wagons, a kids fancy dress competition, games, and much more, so do come along and have fun with your fellow villagers. If you fancy a gamble, a raffle and tombola will be held with all proceeds going to charity. So put this date in your diary and then all you have to do is turn up.

Very sorry to hear that the shop was broken into recently and alcohol and cigarettes were taken. Apart from the monetary loss and repairs to alarms, doors etc. which were damaged, there is also the shock and duress that this has placed on Prakash and his wife. So, let’s keep supporting the shop and make sure they know we value them and their service to the village. The very large potholes close to the shop have at last been repaired due to much badgering of MKC by the Parish Council and Roz. Think you have shown great determination to get the message across and shows that if you can make your voice heard repeatedly to the powers that be, as in this case, a positive result can be achieved. If I have not mentioned others who badgered, thank you as well.

Deadline for June – 18th May

My information is that the ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ document has been drafted and is currently undergoing further input and refinement before being completed. The document will then be submitted to Milton Keynes Planning department for their comment and hopefully approval. When adopted it will control the level and type of development within the village and Parish for the next fifteen years. Well done to all those who have been involved and stuck with the process over the past year or so. Last month dogs mess situation featured strongly, and yet again it is being discussed in meetings around the village as to what can be done to reduce the amount of mess on the recreation field. If things don’t improve, I’m told the next step may be to require owners to keep their dogs on a lead at all times within the rec’, and the next step would be to ban dogs altogether. Now this all sounds a bit extreme but something needs to be done to change the behavior of a few. Hopefully the lighter evenings will help the situation, as it will become easier for owners to keep track of their animals. Cricket Club The first senior game of the season is on Saturday 28 April. If you would like to find out more about NCCC, or have children who would like to join the junior section please contact the club via their website at The next Historical Society events that the Historical Society have planned are as follows: - Saturday, May 12th – Coach trip to Anglesey Abbey and the American War Cemetery at Maddingley. Please contact the John Brandon (391365) or Christine Stapleton (391205) for details of future events. Please contact me if you uncover a happening or story you would like to see in print (Email -

Deadline for June – 18th May



NORTH & LITTLE CRAWLEY OPEN GARDENS 12 NOON-4PM 9th-10th JUNE 2018 If anyone else living in North or Little Crawley would like to “share their garden” Pam Cummings would love to hear from you ( very soon. Whether you have a small patio with some pretty pots, a lovely view you’d like to share, an orchard, a haphazard or traditional garden, why not enjoy sharing it with your neighbours just for a few hours one weekend? And please can you all put the date in your diary! On that weekend you’ll need to “FOLLOW THE FLOWERS”! Simply look for a home with a yellow wooden flower outside of it in North or Little Crawley and get your ticket/map from there. Tickets will be just £5 for a family or £2.50 for an individual and there will be several locations where you can get refreshments and plants. All proceeds will go to the Friends of St Firmins which is focussed on preserving the church for future generations. The cover of the next Scan will give some more information about this lovely event which we hope you’ll all support. Deadline for June – 18th May

NORTH CRAWLEY PARISH COUNCIL Notes from the last Parish Council meeting; the full minutes can be found on our website: The Council met on Tuesday 3rd. April at 7:30 p.m. Present Cllr. J. Small (Chair), Cllr. G Magee, MK Ward Cllr. K. Maclean, Acting Clerk and RFO S. Bushnell, PCSO A. Ormston, 4 members of the public Apologies MK Ward Cllrs. P. Geary and D. Hosking, Cllrs. L. Fryer, L. Maclennan and J. Sandal; apologies accepted. As there were less than three Councillors present the meeting was not quorate, so it was not possible for decisions to be made, only discussions could take place. Declarations of Interest None Approval of Minutes The Minutes of the meeting held on 6th. March 2018 were agreed and signed as a true record of the meeting. Matters Arising Minute 13/01/2018 – Lorries through village: no further update as Cllr. Fryer was not present. Minute 06/03/2018 – 53 Kilpin Green - proposed single storey rear extension, first floor rear extension over existing ground floor structure and internal alterations: The Acting Clerk had placed a neutral comment on the MKC planning portal concerning comments made by neighbours, but the resident present commented that this did not totally agree with the minutes of the last meeting. Minute 13/3/2018 – Landscape: no further update as Cllr. Maclennan was not present at the meeting. Minute 15/03/2018 – MK Play Association: Cllr.Magee reported that a trial day could be arranged at a cost of £150 in order to gauge support for the venture, and parents could perhaps be asked for a donation at the time. It was recommended that a trial day be booked for 1st. or 8th. May, subject to approval from those Councillors not present. Update from PCSO Arlene Ormston Complaints had been received from other PC Clerks regarding cyclists bunching on narrow roads and the problems caused to motorists trying to Deadline for June – 18th May

overtake them. She had contacted cycling clubs and shops to ask that cyclists be asked to travel in smaller groups to make overtaking safer. She also asked that residents call 101 if they saw or experienced problems. A resident asked whether race marshals are allowed to jump out at junctions in front of motorists to slow down or stop traffic. They do not have the right to do this; Arlene will contact MKC Traffic Management for advice. Arlene also advised that she would be meeting two residents later that week to ascertain safe locations for the TVP speed van, one of which would be in Folly Lane. Unfortunately there had been a break-in at the shop recently, but there were good cctv images which she hoped would be helpful in catching the offenders. She again emphasised the importance of calling 101 if anyone sees suspicious activity. Planning 18/00784/FUL – new gate for proposed driveway at 47 High Street – there were no objections to this. Moat Farm Appeal: The Chair and Acting Clerk had attended the appeal conducted by the planning inspector on behalf of The Secretary of State the previous week. The Chair was asked to speak and gave the views of the Parish Council on the application for the proposed dwellings. Ward Cllr. P. Geary attended for a short while and also spoke, but apart from one member of the public who was also there for a short time no residents from North Crawley were present, which was disappointing. The result of the appeal would be known in approximately eight weeks’ time. The Acting Clerk would shortly publish notes taken at the meeting on the Parish Council website. Neighbourhood Plan update Cllr. Magee reported that a draft plan would be submitted to the Parish Council in a few weeks’ time. Following some discussion, he agreed to consult the official neighbourhood plan website to confirm the procedure to be followed before the plan goes to a village referendum. Ward Cllr. Maclean stressed that it was essential residents be fully involved in the process. Ward Councillor’s Report Ward Councillor Maclean reported that MKC had been successful in its application to the government for a housing improvement fund. Potentially £76 million would be available to be spent on infrastructure works around the M1 by 2021, which could then result in 4,000 new homes being built, having a significant impact on the local area. No mention had been made of a Deadline for June – 18th May

consultation taking place as part of the process, and there was concern that it could become an executive decision. It was also reported that Plan:MK had been submitted to the Planning Inspector on 31st. March. Finance Report Asset register: The asset register as at 31st. March 201 was received and noted. Residential Safety Highways: The serious pothole situation was discussed once again, and it was agreed that individuals should also report them on the MKC website to emphasise the problem. It was noted how illogical it was for contractors to come out and mend one pothole but ignore one nearby which was just as bad. Consultation with other bodies The Acting Clerk had received a letter from Buckinghamshire Playing Fields Association, asking whether the Parish Council wished to become a member. The Association supports and promotes recreation, sport and children’s play activities, and can award grants of up to £750 for community based activities which encourage the involvement of young people. It was agreed to carry this item forward for discussion at the next meeting. The Chair had just received a letter and publication about the MK Youth Manifesto, outlining key issues that had been brought to light and prioritised by young people in secondary schools in MK. She would report back on any relevant issues. Councillors Items Cllr. Magee showed a poster for the village fun day that was to be held on 27th. May. This was to be run in aid of charity and would involve various groups and clubs in the village. It was suggested that the Parish Council may wish to consider creating and inviting nominations for a ‘Village Champion’ as a way to recognise help given freely to others in the village. The Cock would donate a trophy and a bottle of champagne as a prize. This was to be discussed with absent Councillors to obtain their views. The Chair reported that she would be meeting the MKC Chief Conservation Officer the following week, and had invited along a representative from the Historical Society. The meeting would take place in the village and would involve a thorough inspection of the current conservation area, to include buildings and land use. A review and update of all the conservation areas in the borough is currently taking place. Questions from Residents Trees in Nixey’s Walk: An update on this matter was requested, and The Chair reported that a visit from the MKC Tree Conservation Officer was Deadline for June – 18th May

awaited. The trees were on Parish Council land and therefore its responsibility, and advice was being sought as to the courses of action available. Dog mess: The Acting Clerk reported that a resident adjacent to the recreation ground had recently replaced an old bin used for collection of dog poo bags, and had suggested a proper dog poo bin be put in this location. This was agreed, and also that another bin should be installed elsewhere so that all exits from the field were covered, in the hope that this might improve the problem. This item will be carried over to the next meeting for further discussion. The next meeting will take place in the Village Hall on Tuesday 1 st. May at approximately 7:30 p.m., preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tea and coffee will be provided between these meetings for residents. Parish Councillor Contact Please attend the PC meetings to have your say, or send your comments through the Clerk. The above advice is the best route to follow in most cases and ensures that points are formally recorded, but of course if there is a real emergency that cannot wait, contact your Councillors by whatever means possible.

Cllr. Jo Small


(North Crawley Ladies) is now up and running! What a great response we had at our inaugural meeting, we now have a group of over 40 ladies; what a wonderful community spirit we have in our lovely village! We meet at 7.30 for 8 in the Public Bar at The Cock Pub on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, plus additional trips out. We already have several trips in the pipeline, such as afternoon tea at Chicheley Hall, Canal trip, MK theatre performance, Christmas Market plus lots more. Our monthly gatherings are looking busy too, during which we have a 30 minute guest slot (8-8.30pm) for talks/demonstrations, leaving plenty of time for us to socialise! So, if anyone has a hidden talent or interesting tale to tell and would like to come along, please contact us.

If you would like further information please contact Sue Garner on or Vera Jenkins on 07834 452861. Deadline for June – 18th May


Affiliated to Bowls England & Buckinghamshire Bowls Association

OPEN DAY SUNDAY 6TH MAY 2018 2.30 to 4.30 pm We are holding our open day on the above date when visitors of all ages are welcome to come and see and use our facilities, to meet our members and, if new to the game, try their hand at bowling. Stop wondering if bowling is for you and come and try out your skills. The only requirement is a pair of flat soled shoes. We are particularly looking for new members of any ability from North Crawley Village and surrounding local areas. Come and take part in a healthy outdoor activity. For further information about our Open Day please contact either of the following people: Sheila Hart - 01234 750221 Anne Larr - 01234 391496 Graham Kinns - 01234 391544 Deadline for June – 18th May

Deadline for June – 18th May

SHERINGTON LIFE….. Remember what your Grandmother told you? “Ne’er cast a clout til May be out!” Very apt given the longest, wettest, dreariest winter and spring (hurrumph) we’ve had. It basically means don’t take your vest off until June! No problem with that, seeing as the much promised tropical plume has not quite hit as we write May’s Sherington Life. It’s an ill wind, as the village looks lovely with the spring flowers out and grasses having the first mow of the year. It also brings out the tree pollen - cause of many a runny nose and croaky throat. And don’t get us started on the oil seed rape!! May Day falls on 7th May this year (bit late!) which means Maypole dancing, yards of ale (perhaps) and general jolliment. The celebration kicks off at 10.30am on The Knoll – thanks to Betty Feasey and her band of helpers keeping the event alive. Whatever happened to the Fun Run though? Anyone keen to help bring it back? There’s a whole generation of Sherington kids who have never had the pleasure of running round the village, shouting encouragement to their Mums and Dads who thought it sounded like a good idea but are now gasping for breath round the side of Hayne’s Garage. Not to worry as it is a short walk to the White Hart for the last day of the Beer and Sausage Festival! This annual event (the 19th!) starts on Friday 4th May, usual rules apply, and yes, we fully expect to be asked for our ages by those very nice security guards who give out the wristbands! If they don’t ask we kindly remind them! We need to mark the departure all to way to Bozeat of Mick and Sue Tofts, long standing residents of Perry Lane. Mick and Sue lived in Sherington for over 45 years but decided to up sticks for a new Deadline for June – 18th May

adventure. Very best wishes and Good Luck in your new home. It’s hello to Nick and Nicky who have moved into Perry Lane – welcome to Sherington and good to see you have brought a new strimmer to keep up the high gardening standards set by Mick and Sue. Celebrations too for Joyce Graham who has had a very special birthday recently, and Mick and Sue Temple who have just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! Wonder if Harry and Meghan will get that far? Sherington resident Stephen Davies will be hosting a show on internet radio CRMK broadcasting from Newport Pagnell. Called “Four Halves” it promises 4 approximate 30 minute blasts, featuring Classic Pop, Classical Music, Classic Comedy and Classy Jazz, not necessarily in that order! First show 1pm – 3pm on Saturday 28th April. Steve isn’t the only CMRK broadcaster. Ian Morton presents “Wireless Warbles” on CMRK, another eclectic mix of musical entertainment. CMRK can be accessed through the internet, just go to . A local station for local people! See you in June!

Thumbsticks – Sunday, 6th May 2018 The “Thumbsticks” will be meeting on the knoll at 9.30 am. Please drive down as the walk will be local, but away from the village. The walk location will be chosen once we know what the conditions will be like underfoot. It will be approximately four miles in length. J & A

Deadline for June – 18th May


The New Thursday Group meets in Sherington Village Hall on the first Thursday of each month at 8.00 pm, unless otherwise indicated. It is open to all ladies from the village and surrounding area and new members are always very welcome. There is a varied programme of talks by visiting speakers, outings and events throughout the year. If you would like more information please contact Liz Blight on 01908-618117 or, alternatively, just come along to the village hall for one of the meetings.

Thursday 17th May ---- please note different date! Margaret Norwich, an English lecturer, has kindly agreed to give us a light-hearted look into Jane Austen’s world perhaps shedding a new light on this great author. Thursday 7th June “I’m not really old ---- it’s those tablets!” Hugh Granger, who has spoken to Newport Pagnell Historical Society, is coming to give us one of his talks. A highly amusing look at various aspects of the ageing process!

FOOD BANK If you have ever wondered what happens to the food that you put in the Food Bank Collection Box read on. John Marshall, who is the Food Bank Project Manager, came to tell the New Thursday Group the meeting on 3rd April. The first food bank was set up in 2003 in Salisbury and the charity "Into the community" at the Christian Centre at Oldbrook set up the Milton Keynes Food Bank in 2004, 14 years ago. It was not intended to be a long term solution to poverty. Its aim is to provide food for people in crisis until they find employment or their benefits catch up with their circumstances. Thousands of parcels have been distributed to people in the MK area over the last few years. Recipients have to be referred by a school, Social Services, a Doctor, Age UK or the Council, who give them a voucher to present to the Food Bank. A family can receive only 7 Deadline for June – 18th May

parcels in a year. They have to provide ID. The parcels are prepacked with enough food to last a family 3 to 5 days and the MK Hospital Dieticians were consulted to ensure that the family gets a balanced diet in its parcel. The Newport Pagnell Baptist Church in Lovat Hall is one place to collect a parcel on Tuesdays. Parcels are prepared by volunteers, who give a minimum of one hour a week of their time and companies such as Santander, Network Rail, Holiday Inn, John Lewis, Lloyds Bank and Mercedes release their staff so that they can work in the Food Bank for an hour or two. The job varies from answering the phone to packing the parcels and delivering them to a distribution point. If you feel that this is something you would like to do and have an hour or two to spare each week get in touch with John Marshall on 01908 322800 or email At the moment the Food Bank needs a suitable new building. They have a corporate sponsor so they just need the building. They are trying to generate money themselves and John and Martin Small (a volunteer) have written two delightful slim books called Smart and Small Pleasures, which are very upbeat and make you see things differently from Toast to the Top Deck of a Bus and the Shipping Forecast. They are in prose and verse and I strongly recommend getting a copy by ringing John on the number above or from the website The money goes to buying in foods not adequately supplied by the public, such as tinned tuna, Long Life whole milk, Long Life orange juice and basic toiletries such as Shampoo, toothpaste, soap and deodorants. 1200 food parcels serving 6414 people were given out in 2017. During the school holidays picnic parcels are given to children who normally would have free lunches. This very worthwhile organisation received The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service in 2017. They need you to join the 70 other volunteers to carry out their work so please think about it and ring John. At least give them a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush! Barbara Gotts Deadline for June – 18th May

Deadline for June – 18th May

Deadline for June – 18th May

SATURDAY MORNING COFFEE or TEA? We meet on one Saturday a month between 10.00am and midday (Usually the 2nd Saturday of the month) we will be serving teas and coffees at St Laud's with the opportunity to enjoy it with company and a slice of homemade cake. So book the below dates in your diary to save disappointment:

12th May

9th June

14th July

Any queries 01908 216543 / 01908 610434. Hope to see you all there!

September 29th: Open Day - Bygones Just an early notice for the Open Day this year which will be on the last Saturday of September - we are going to Host a Bygones Day and in conjunction with Philip we are inviting past villagers to the village for a reunion. If you don't want to miss out on a treat, then book the date in your diary and be sure not to miss it. We will also be putting on display various archive pieces to help trigger memories, along with some newer pieces too. This is an event that will have a real buzz to it so be sure to get involved! Deadline for June – 18th May

Generally the Society meets in Sherington Village Hall on the 2nd Tuesday on the Month. Entry: £2 for members, £3 for non-Members, this includes refreshments. April 10th: Members Meeting There was a saying when I was in the early years of my working life that went "To err is human, to really foul things up takes a computer!". So I'm blaming the technology for the error in last month's SCAN. However, more likely a senior moment on behalf on of the contributor. So last month we had a productive Members Meetings and we have caught up on the back log and the next members meeting we will need to start focusing on adding the holding folder material into the main archive. May 8th: Stowe House - Anna McEvoy So for this coming month we will be joined by Anna McEvoy, where Anna will be looking at the past, present and future of Stowe House. Anna is the House Custodian and Stowe is known as an 18th Century Ducal Palace, where I believe she will talk about the politics and the family behind ‘the largest and most completely realised private neo-classical building in the world’. June 11th: Visit by TVAT On this Monday evening, the Two Village Archive Trust (or TVAT), the two villages being Milton Keynes Village and Broughton, are coming to visit us (Sherington) for a walk around the village, being led by our venerable historian Mr Philip Smith. We are due to be starting at the Church at about 7.00pm and then meeting back at the church for refreshments at about 8.30. So if you see a group walking around the village then you know where you are. If you are able to help with refreshments, we would be very grateful.

Deadline for June – 18th May

June 12th: Visit to Olney Funny how the planning goes, The following day we are out to Olney for a walk around the town being guided by Tom Jones, a Cowper and Newton Museum Trustee. More details in next month's SCAN. MV, The Sherington Historical Society ==================================================

Our first practice night in April went very well, with the small be we had we were ringing touches of Plain Bob Minimus. So we are starting to move on and then later in the evening we were bolstered to 5 and rang Plain Bob Doubles and a touch of Grandsire Doubles, followed by Ringing down in Peal. No mean feat on those Sherington Bells.

Practice / Learning nights

We have practice / learners evening on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month between 7.30 and 9pm. If you want to come and have a look or a go, you are very welcome, if you hear the bells just come up and say hi. Or you can call 01908 216543 to confirm details. 10th May 7:30pm – Sherington

24th May 7:30pm – Sherington

14th June 7:30pm – Sherington

28th June 7:30pm – Sherington


Deadline for June – 18th May

Deadline for June – 18th May

North Crawley Village Institute

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North Crawley Village Shop

General Groceries (different offers every months)

National Lotto and Scratch cards (New) Cash Back facilities Alcohol and Good selection of Wines (with offers) Fruits and Vegetable (fresh from Farm Shop) Fresh Bread and cakes from two different bakeries Local Fresh Free Range Eggs

Please continue to use the shop. The shop is here for YOU! OPENING TIMES MON-SAT 07.00 – 19.30 SUN 08.00 – 13.00

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14/11/2017 22:39

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Healthy Steps

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organisations providing


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SCAN 482 May 2018  

May 2018 issue of SCAN magazine

SCAN 482 May 2018  

May 2018 issue of SCAN magazine