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Healthy Steps

By Helen Parker MCFHP MAFHP

Foot Health Practitioner Mobile service covering Newport Pagnell, Olney and surrounding areas. Tailoring treatments to your personal requirements in the comfort of your own home. If you would like an informal chat or to make an appointment, please contact me on either of the telephone numbers below. Treatments include: • Nail trimming and filing • Reduction of thickened nails • Removal of Corns, Callus and Hard Skin • Treatment and management of fungal nail infections and cracked heels Contact: 07968402412/ 01908 611 989

Healthy Steps 18 Carters Close, Sherington, Buckinghamshire, MK16 9NW

Looking for a venue? Look no further!! The Pavilion, Perry Lane Sports and Recreation Ground, Sherington. 3 Medium sized function room 3 Modern kitchen 3 Toilets 3 Disabled facilities 3 Entrance porch

JLarge car park JChildren’s play area JLarge open grass area JStandard and Junior football pitches JRefurbished changing

Interested in hiring the facilities for your child’s party, a weekly exercise class, a monthly village club, a community event or simply an evening meeting, please contact Tracey Young on 07494 760791 email at

Bookings now available at very reasonable rates.

Kev Lucken Plasterer

01234 713993 or 07765 926630

Quality Workmanship Reliable and Friendly Free Quotations


(Established over 20 years) Manufacturers and Suppliers of: Top quality Lawn turf Huge range of patio slabs Sand, ballast, cement Shingle and all aggregates Delivery service availble 01908 611020 / 211551 “Brooklands” North Crawley Road Newport Pagnell, Bucks

2016 Holidays


CHICHELEY ESTATE SAWMILL Fence Posts and Rails Sawn Timber cut to order boards for Path Edging Woodchip mulch Free Local Delivery

Te l 0 1 2 3 4 3 9 1 6 7 9

Ring us on 01908 61081 or 0 61 9 Your local and friendly family run business rom complete rewires to fitting lights plUs we can Protect you and your home by tting a new mains board with the latest R C protective device

To advertise here please call

Elaine Tarling for more info on: 01234 391877

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Dear Readers,

Well we’re into March and have broken the back of winter! The daffs are coming out, the days are feeling longer and the sun has some strength to it at last – there is light at the end of the tunnel. So many people have suffered with terrible colds, viruses and worse this year, it would be nice to think that all that is behind us now. There are many events advertised in this month’s SCAN from Beetle Drives to Easter Egg Hunts, Quizzes, Lent Lunches, Bingo, AGMs and the North Crawley Neighbourhood Planning Committee Open Day. It’s also a very busy time for the churches of our parish with something for everyone to enjoy. We are certainly spoilt for choice this month! And a date for the diary children (and Dads), Mothering Sunday falls on the 11th March – don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Julia and Elaine

Deadline for April – 18th March

SCAN 480 MARCH 2018 SCAN IS VERY GRATEFUL FOR ALL KIND DONATIONS RECEIVED AND THANKS ALSO GO TO THOSE LOCAL ORGANISATIONS WHO REGULARLY CONTRIBUTE IN ORDER TO KEEP SCAN MAGAZINE GOING – WE THANK YOU! Thank you for thinking of us and helping to keep our free parish magazine coming through your doors (and online!). Julia (Editor) and Elaine (Treasurer and Advertising Manager)

DEADLINE Copy for April -

18th MARCH THE EDITOR, Mrs Julia Chinn The Old Rectory, North C rawley, MK16 9HJ Tel 01234 391976 or 07775 683804 e-mail OR hard copy can be posted to the address above Views expressed in SCAN are those of the contributors and not necessarily shared by the editor or the treasurer TREASURER AND ADVERTISING MANAGER Mrs Elaine Tarling Tel 01234 391877 or 07931 523974 53 Kilpin Green, North Crawley Deadline for April – 18th March


‘Something Different’ – Sherington

11 March 9.30am 6pm

Mothering Sunday Holy Communion – North Crawley Evensong - Chicheley

18 March 9.30am

Holy Communion – Sherington

25 March 11am 6pm

Palm Sunday Holy Communion – Chicheley Evensong – North Crawley

Services for Holy Week

27 March 7pm

Service of Compline – Sherington

28 March 7pm

Service of Compline – Sherington

29 March 7pm

Maundy Thursday Service of Holy Communion (with stripping of the altar) – North Crawley

30 March 12 – 1pm 7pm

Good Friday Good Friday Relections - Sherington Service of Compline – Chicheley

31 March 7pm

Easter Saturday Service of Compline – North Crawley

1 April 10.30am

Easter Day Easter Family Celebration with Holy Communion – Sherington

Deadline for April – 18th March

Are you thinking of asking about a Baptism service? Please join us for tea and cake and an opportunity to find out more about how this happens in our Parish On: Saturday 17 March At: 3 – 4pm Where: The Rectory Sherington Please let us know if you are coming by contacting: Jan Weatherley 01234 391387 Or for any other information please contact: Revd Coralie Mansfield 01908 613385

Deadline for April – 18th March

SCAN PARISH CHURCHES AGM 2018 Will be held on Sunday 15 April at St Laud’s Church Sherington at 10.30am (coffee will be available from 10.15) – this will follow a shortened morning service at 9.30am All are welcome


From the Parish registers

RIP Irene Moore of Sherington whose service of cremation took place on 16 February 2018 ‘I am the resurrection and the life’ says the Lord. Those who believe in me, even though they die will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.’ Deadline for April – 18th March

‘Souper’ Lunchtime Get-together

Scan fellowship, a fortnightly chance to enjoy a simple lunch together

4 Griggs Orchard Sherington 01908 616763 12pm – 2pm Wednesdays 14 March (Holy Communion at 11.30am) 28 March 11 April (Holy Communion at 11.30am) 25 April 9 May (Holy Communion at 11.30am) venu tbc 23 May All ages welcome (children too!)

Deadline for April – 18th March

Rock Solid When your life is upside down and you are reeling from the shock It's no use people telling you to "Keep hold of the rock" For it isn't very helpful and you feel you've lost your grip As the storm clouds gather round you and your feet begin to slip. "What rock?" you cry in anger as you sink into despair I saw it when the sun was out - but now it isn't there" Then as the storm clouds part and you can glimpse the distant peak Of the rock for just a second, listen and you'll hear it speak. "I haven't moved" the Rock says" I know what you are going through. You may have lost your hold on me--but I've got hold of you” Rebecca Cook© Deadline for April – 18th March



ASTWOOD & HARDMEAD PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES Wednesday 24th January 2018 at 8pm in Astwood Village Hall

ASTWOOD & HARDMEAD PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES Wednesday 24th January 2018(Chair), at 8pm inCllr Astwood Village HallCllr L Rhee, Clerk E Present: Cllr R Stilton T Giddings, Tandecki, 2 members of the public Present: Cllr R Stilton (Chair), Cllr T Giddings, Cllr L Rhee, Clerk E Tandecki, 2 members of the public Apologies: Cllr R Geldart, Cllr D Chapman Apologies accepted. Apologies: Cllr R Geldart, Cllr D Chapman Apologies accepted. Declarations of Interest. Declarations of Interest. Co-option of new Councillors. Teresa Giddings co-opted as new councillor. Co-option of new Councillors. Teresa Giddings co-opted as new councillor. Minutes of meeting on 25th October 2017 to be adopted and signed as a true record. Minutes of meeting on 25th October 2017 to be adopted and signed as a true record. Ward Cllr’s report - Ward councillors not present Ward Cllr’s report - Ward councillors not present Village Hall report – Village committee not present Village Hall report – Village committee not present Play Area update - plan is to be resubmitted, due to administrative mistake. Original application fee to be refunded. Not on account yet. R Stilton to Play Area update - plan is to be resubmitted, due to administrative mistake. follow up with council. Original application fee to be refunded. Not on account yet. R Stilton to follow up with council. Neighbourhood Plan interest – another meeting to be called with Diane Webber to chair before a decision is made on whether to proceed. Neighbourhood Plan interest – another meeting to be called with Diane Webber to chair before a decision is made on whether to proceed. Planning: To discuss any current planning applications. Planning: These are forwarded for comment by the clerk as they come in, due to length To discuss any current planning applications. of time between meetings. These are forwarded for comment by the clerk as they come in, due to length of time between meetings. Grass cutting: Increased offer rejected with unanimous voting of councillors present. Grass cutting: Alternative offers to be requested. Potential alignment with neighbouring Deadline for April 18th March parish councils for –package offer to be considered. Clerk to action. Deadline for April – 18th March Finances: Following resignation of clerk on 31st December 2017, the bank balance stood at £2117.26 as per bank statement, before 3 bills to be settled this evening as follows:-

Increased offer rejected with unanimous voting of councillors present. Alternative offers to be requested. Potential alignment with neighbouring parish councils for package offer to be considered. Clerk to action. Increased Finances:offer rejected with unanimous voting of councillors present. st Alternative offers to beofrequested. Potential alignment neighbouring December 2017,with the bank balance Following resignation clerk on 31 parish councils for package offer to be considered. Clerk to action. stood at £2117.26 as per bank statement, before 3 bills to be settled this evening as follows:Finances: st Following resignation of clerk on 31salary December 2017, the330.02 bank balance P Reynolds-Nunn (final 3 months & expenses) + 6.20 VAT stood at £2117.26 as per bank statement, before 3 bills to be settled this = 336.22 evening follows:J Vowlesas(payroll invoice) 105.00 P Reynolds-Nunn (final 3 months salary & expenses) 10.00 330.02 + 6.20 VAT AH Contracts (bin emptying) + 2.00 VAT= = 336.22 12.00 J Vowles (payroll invoice) 105.00 A credit has been paid in due to refund of clerk’s payments from HMRC AH Contracts (bin emptying) 10.00 + 2.00 VAT= £210.45. 12.00 The balance after bills settled is £1874.49. .A credit has been paid in due to refund of clerk’s payments from HMRC £210.45. Precept Decision: The balance after bills is £1874.49. This was discussed andsettled a decision made to apply for £5500 for this year. All . agreed. Precept Decision: Councillor’s Items: This was discussed anddog a decision to applyClerk for £5500 for this year. All  Teresa Giddings: bins to made be emptied. to action. agreed.  Bob Stilton: Hardmead playground access road and car park flooding. Gravel road surface needs repair. Bob Stilton to action at MK Council. Councillor’s Items:  Teresafrom Giddings: dog binsnotoquestions be emptied. Clerk to action. Questions the public:  Bob Stilton: Hardmead playground access road and car park flooding. Gravel road surface needs repair. Bob Stilton at MK Council. The next meeting was confirmed as 9th May 2018 atto8 action pm to include the AGM. Questions from the public: no questions The meeting closed at 8.50 pm, all were thanked for their attendance and The next meeting was confirmed as 9th May 2018 at 8 pm to include the support. AGM. th Deadline for April March The meeting closed–at188.50 pm, all were thanked for their attendance and support.

Deadline for April – 18th March

ASTWOOD VILLAGE HALL:  BRIDGE at 7 pm-10 pm THURSDAYS - contact Neil Plumb 01234 391040  CRANFIELD BRIDGE CLUB meets at Astwood Village Hall virtually every SUNDAY at 6.55 for 7 pm start to play. Details on hppt://, or ring Paul Goddard, 01234 881409. PILATES: Monday at 8 pm – contact Helen on BROWNIES: Every MONDAY term time, Sherington Pavilion - 5.30 – 7 pm contact: Rebecca Harrington, 15 Carters Close, Sherington PILATES 10 a.m., YOGA 11 a.m., NORTH CRAWLEY INSTITUTE Thursdays. Call Debbie 07764 391687 SHERINGTON FOLK WORKSHOP: 8 – 10 pm Sherington V.H. - 2nd Thursday of month – Liz 07941 403492 SHERINGTON SHORT MAT BOWLS CLUB: Monday 2 – 4 pm and Friday 7 – 9 pm contact Sheila 211153 or Bob 01234391436 SHERINGTON YOUTH CLUB: 7 – 9 pm Wednesday Nights (term time) contact JO 07780 987034

CHICHELEY A sad note to begin this month by reporting the death of Rosemary Boulton. Rose, as she was known to most, was the eldest daughter to Frances and the late Dennis Boulton, a Chicheley farming family. Rose was a countrywoman and had spent most of her working life in farming, on various local farms and earlier in her life in Canada and Australia. One of Rose’s particular strengths was traditional hedge laying, examples of which can still be seen if you know where to look. Rose enjoyed a good conversation, particularly about farming matters and until recently was active in village events. Our condolences go to Frances and the Boulton family. Another change in the village is the move to Scotland of Mrs Barbara Murray to live with her daughter Sarah and son-in-law Peter. Barbara Deadline for April – 18th March

came to Chicheley 59 years ago when her husband David was employed by the Fountaine family at Newfield farm and is by chance moving to the area in Scotland that David originated from. We hope they will all be happy in their new home. I mentioned the Poppy Appeal last month and by an unexpected coincidence was invited by Vic Anstey to join him on a visit to the Poppy factory at Richmond in London, an interesting visit where we were told the history of the poppy and how the factory came into being. Primarily to provide an occupation for ex-soldiers who had been disabled during WW1, up to 150 at one time. Whilst still a production unit, the on-site workforce is now only 35 with the emphasis being to employ many more outworkers. This came about due to people’s changing needs of housing, location and cost of living. I would have liked to see in action the machine that cuts 10,000 poppies in just five minutes but that was not to be. The coach trip itself was a revelation; having given up driving some years ago I wonder how on earth any of you, especially any who visit London, put up with the traffic congestion. Perhaps more homeworking using modern technology should become more common. The date for the Lent lunch in Chicheley has been arranged for the 14th March. It will be held in the village hall from 12.30 p.m. and all are welcome. From previous experience it is likely to be a healthy lunch including soup and a baked potato, just the things for the cold weather we are currently experiencing. A reminder about the teas on Good Friday and the new charging method. The tea is on the 30th March in Chicheley village hall from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m. The village hall committee has decided to make a change from charging for individual items but instead make a set charge of £4 per adult for which you can enjoy as much tea/coffee and cakes as you desire. Don’t forget if you bring along an old £5 note (or even a new one) you can have a shiny £1 coin and tea in exchange. At 7.00 p.m. in the evening there will be a service of Compline in Chicheley church. This is an opportunity for a quiet reflection at the end of the day and preparation for the night ahead, a traditional service harking back I think Deadline for April – 18th March

too much tougher times in the past, not least that Jesus died on the Cross some 2000+ years ago on Good Friday. The snowdrops in our garden and the daffodils poking through the grass are all indicators that spring cannot be too far away now. Looking over the hedges also shows that the winter crops in the fields are slowly growing. The birds are eating whatever we place out for them as apparently this is a difficult time for them as all of last year’s fruit and berries will have been eaten and there is nothing yet ready for them on the hedgerows, so they will welcome anything you give them. Felicity’s class of 10/11 year olds have become good at wild bird identification and their habits. It’s good to encourage the young in gaining knowledge about the world we live in, that’s both the natural world as well as the increasingly technological one. Our usual St. George’s supper will be on Saturday 21st April this year, more details later. Chichchat will continue to be held in the village hall on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 10.30 am until noon. Those who went to Chichchat on the 2nd Tuesday in February had pancakes with their coffee, much enjoyed I understand. If you are living in Chicheley and would like to make new friends why not pop in for a few minutes, you will be made welcome I’m sure. I am hoping some people may be able to help with the following request. Felicity and I are putting together a small exhibition about “old Chicheley,” if anyone has photos or documents they could loan us that would be very helpful. The period we want to cover is from around 1900 (or earlier) up to 1960. We are interested in people, places, really anything that portrays Chicheley’s past. Ideally it will help if the information, especially photographs, identifies who, what and when. If you can help please call me on 01234 391371. Our target date is Easter this year for the exhibition. David Deadline for April – 18th March

Rotary Club of Newport Pagnell

Unfortunately, there was nothing new to report last month as our Club got back up to speed after the Christmas holidays. By the time this is published we will have held our 22nd annual Jaipur Dinner at the the restaurant of the same name in Milton Keynes. As always it is a sell-out event with a waiting list, and will raise several thousand pounds for the Rotary Jaipur Limb project. The limb project provides low cost prosthetics to amputees in developing countries, allowing them to continue working and supporting their families. In January we held a “Frugal Lunch” in Sherington which raised over £400 for local causes supported by Rotary. We are also busy preparing for the various Rotary Youth Competitions; Young Musician, Young Chef, Young Photographer, Youth Speaks and the Technology Tournament for schools. On the theme of youth, one of our younger members has organised a team to take part in the Rotary Club of Milton Keynes “Swimathon”. Teams of up to six members swim as many lengths as possible in 55 minutes, having obtained sponsorship per length. The event raises around £20,000 each year for Willen Hospice and other local causes. Planning is in the early stages for the annual Plant Sale held in Olney in May, and for the Barn Dance to be held at Lavendon in the autumn. We have enjoyed our usual wide variety of speakers at our weekly meetings. Topics this year have included Explorer Scouts, a medical student going to work at a hospital in Malawi, and a volunteer who had spent 10 weeks in Nepal with Operation Raleigh. Despite the good work that it does locally and globally, Rotary recognises it does suffer an image problem. Probably thanks to comedy writers, the stereotype image of a Rotarian is an elderly gentleman in a blue blazer enjoying a long lunch (with wine). Think “Captain Mainwaring”. That may have been partially true 50 years ago, but not in 2018. Modern Rotarians contribute what they can when they can within the limits of family and financial commitments, but united by a belief in “Service Above Self”. New types of Club are appearing that meet the needs of their members, such as the recently formed Rotary Satellite Club of Woburn Sands and District. Initiatives under the “Rotary 2” project are attracting younger members who want to contribute something to society with the leverage that membership of Rotary

International provides.

More information about the Rotary Club of Newport Pagnell is available from our web page, Facebook and Twitter. If you are interested in knowing more about our events, or joining Rotary, please contact us via social media or by e-mail at

Deadline for April – 18th March




Notes from the last Parish Council meeting; the full minutes can be found on our website: The Council met on Tuesday 6th Feb 2018 Apologies Cllr L Maclennan and Cllr L Fryer. These apologies were accepted.

Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Magee reported that a good meeting had been held the previous evening. Housing needs and character assessments had been carried out. Credit was due to the members of the Steering Committee for the time taken to achieve this and for getting to the stage of being close to producing a proposed plan. A consultant had been appointed who was proving to be very competent. A public event in the Institute was planned for Saturday 3 March when residents would be able to see the proposed plan. The next step would be a referendum approximately two months later when residents would be able to vote on whether to accept or reject the plan.

Ward Councillor’s Report

It was reported that the budget was being discussed that evening. A 5.99% increase was being proposed which was 1% higher than that recommended in December. There were some relatively significant savings being recommended, one of which was the removal of the 28 day window for dealing with potholes and road resurfacing reductions. Grit bins were still in the budget at the moment. The budget would be considered at a meeting on 21 February when it would be adopted. There would however definitely be some amendments made to it beforehand. Update from PCSO Arlene Ormston: Arlene Ormston reported that she was going to deliver letters to elderly residents warning them to be vigilent. She would also like to see a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in North Crawley. She understood that one of the residents was quite keen to become involved. A volunteer would be needed for each road and also a Co-ordinator who would receive some training in the role from Thames Valley Police. She reported that it was planned to put a community speed device in Folly Lane. This device would take the registration number of cars and drivers would receive a letter if they exceeded the speed limit and would be fined after three letters. The statistics for crime in the village between 1.6.17 and 6.2.18 were as follows: 1 burglary in a dwelling – November 2017 2 attempted burglaries in dwellings – October 2017 and January 2018

Deadline for April – 18th March

Other theft – November 2017 and December 2017 Criminal damage to vehicle – August 2017 Ward Cllr Mclean mentioned Operation Drover. This had happened a few weeks previously where local farmers were provided with police radios so that they could report incidents, e.g. hare coursing. This had been very successful and it was planned to hold these every three to four months. It was agreed that doorbell cameras were very useful and effective. Cllr Sandall had brought one of these to the meeting for people to see and also reported that there was a discount available that would save £30 on the price. These could be either stand-alone or wired and could be linked to a mobile phone. The manufacturer would replace the doorbell camera free of charge if it was stolen.


Cranfield Air Park: Ward Cllr Geary reported that Milton Keynes Council would normally be expected to make a professional comment on applications such as these but he had no information as to whether or not this had been done. There was concern about this application for the following reasons: The traffic through the village would increase to the extent that it would be much worse than it currently was; the North Crawley Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire responses had shown that there was great concern within the village about the volume and speed of traffic at the moment even without this development; the planned entrance to the development was between Cranfield, Astwood and North Crawley and drivers would therefore naturally tend to drive through these villages to gain access to the development. Ward Councillor Geary agreed that these were all good reasons to try to stop this development. However, there was also a need for job opportunities, etc. to be created. He therefore suggested that, when writing about this application, it might be prudent to say, should the application be approved, that these adverse effects could be mitigated by traffic being guided towards the motorway rather than through the villages and that there was a link with the proposed East/West corridor. CB17/02719 Wharley End Development: This application for 300 houses was to become the subject of a public inquiry. 17/03055/FUL 47 High Street – proposed 3 storey side and front extension: Cllr Small reported that she had seen on the website that a letter of objection had been written by a landscape architect who was concerned about the new driveway and the effect this would have on the trees on the property. 18/00072/FUL 47 High Street - New build garage and annex: Cllr Small reported that this was on the MKC planning portal with the status of awaiting a decision. Trees in Nixies Walk: Cllr Small reported that that she had seen on the MKC planning portal that an application had been made by Mr and Mrs Brandon for work to be carried out on some trees in their front garden. It was noted that the Parish Council would make a decision regarding the plane trees once a Conservation Officer from MKC had made a site visit and commented on them. Ward Forum: This would be held on 21 March at Weston Underwood. All were welcome to attend.

Deadline for April – 18th March

were welcome to attend. were welcome to attend. Highways: It was reported that the Head of Highways had left the council. The Ward Cllrs would be having discussions with his replacement in order to move issues forward. The matter drains being covered with Highways: It was reported that of thethe Head of Highways had left thetarmac council. would alsoCllrs be raised. commented thatwith normally where workinwas The Ward would Itbewas having discussions his replacement order to unsatisfactory, the contractor would rectify thebeing workcovered free of charge. It was move issues forward. The matter of the drains with tarmac hoped also that be Ringway done this and that second payment had not would raised.had It was commented thata normally where work wasbeen made to them. the Thiscontractor was something could the Council’s unsatisfactory, wouldthat rectify theinvestigated work free ofbycharge. It was Audit Committee. hoped that Ringway had done this and that a second payment had not been made to them. This was something that could investigated by the Council’s Churchyard Matters Audit Committee. The late Ann Whitmore – Additional inscription fee received to be placed on the memorial of Les Whitmore (1997). This was for an Inscription only as no Churchyard Matters interment was to take place. The late Ann Whitmore – Additional inscription fee received to be placed on the memorial of Les Whitmore (1997). This was for an Inscription only as no interment was to take place. Consultations with Other Bodies

The Acting Clerk had attended the SLCC Regional Conference on 31 January which she had foundwith very interesting and informative. The SLCC would be Consultations Other Bodies sending to all members model the policies templates on GDPR Data The Acting Clerk had attended SLCCand Regional Conference on(General 31 January Protection Regulation) which would come into force in The MaySLCC 2018. A special which she had found very interesting and informative. would be meeting to would be needed to consider andon how the (General regulations sending all members model policies this andmatter templates GDPR Data would applyRegulation) to the Parish Council. Protection which would come into force in May 2018. A special meeting would beCllr needed to consider this matter and how the regulations Landscape: Small reported that she had inspected fence at the recreation ground would applythat to the Parish Council. and agreed it definitely needed to be replaced. It was understood that  Cllr Maclennan wasreported in the process of obtaining quotations for at thisthe work. Landscape: Cllr Small that she had inspected the fence recreation ground and agreed that it definitely needed to be replaced. It was understood that  Cllr Maclennan was in the process of obtaining quotations for this work.

Councillors Items; None

Councillors Items; None Questions from Residents

A resident commented on the ditch which was being filled in with spoil from the construction work Residents at 47 High Street. He was concerned that this might Questions from cause a flood and he had MKC about this. A resident commented onalerted the ditch which was being filled in with spoil from the construction work at 47 High Street. He was concerned that this might cause floodmeeting and he had will alerted MKC place about this. The anext take in the Village Hall on Tuesday 6 March 2018 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall The next meetingContact. will take place in the Village Hall on Tuesday 6 March 2018 at Parish Councillor 7.30 pm in the Village Hall

Parish Please Councillor attend the Contact. PC meetings to have your say, or send your comments through the Clerk via email address : Please attend the PC meetings to have your say, or send your comments through theadvice Clerk is viathe email The above bestaddress route to: follow in most cases and ensures that points are formally recorded, but of course if there is a real emergency that The above advice is the best route to follow in mostmeans cases possible and ensures that cannot wait, contact your Councillors by whatever points are formally recorded, but of course if there is a real emergency that cannot wait, contact your Councillors by whatever means possible Deadline for April – 18th March Deadline for April – 18th March

North Crawley Bowls Club

Affiliated to Bowls England & Buckinghamshire Bowls Association ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING MONDAY 12th MARCH 2018 The Annual General Meeting for our Bowls Club will be held in North Crawley Village Hall on Monday 12th March 2018 at 8.00pm, when a review of our past years results will be held, as well as appointing our new committee for the forthcoming year Although we are a relatively small club, we are recognised by our bowling neighbours, both within and beyond Bucks County, as having a top-grade green, and some players who compete at County level. Our 2018 season starts towards the end of April and we have another full programme organised for the season. We need to expand our membership and would welcome new members to our friendly Club, especially those from North Crawley Village and the surrounding areas. If you are an inexperienced bowler and would like to improve your skills, or you are interested in beginning to play the game for the first time, we can help you along the way. Our AGM. will be an opportunity to hear more about North Crawley Bowls Club, and to meet our members. So we would welcome anyone who is contemplating taking up bowling, or is already a player, and ask that you join us in our Village Hall on Monday, 12th March. If you would like further details, please ring either of the following people: Chairman (John Kayne) 07969 238588 Secretary (Sheila Hart) on 01234 750221 Club Captain (Anne Larr) on 01234 391496 Committee Member (Graham Kinns) on 01234 391544 Deadline for April – 18th March

Deadline for April – 18th March

Deadline for April – 18th March

You may have seen this logo on signs in windows and on lampposts within MK. Neighbourhood Watch is based on the idea of an active community working in partnership with the police and having a shared value focused on bringing local people together. At its simplest, it’s about like-minded neighbours getting together to make their community safer – by reporting crime, anti-social and suspicious behaviour, for example – but, just as importantly, looking out for each other. Would you like to bring your community closer together, or do you have concerns about burglary, antisocial behaviour or the general environment in your street? Through Neighbourhood Watch you can help the Police and your neighbours to strengthen your community. You can make your area a better place to live. The scheme is free to join. Aims of Neighbourhood Watch  To reduce opportunities for crime and make it more difficult for criminals to act  To build community spirit so that neighbours can work together for everybody’s benefit – to reduce the fear of crime. We encourage you to set up a Closed Group in Facebook for your members Deadline for April – 18th March

 To report suspicious incidents in your neighbourhood to the Police and know how to report them  To look at improving the neighbourhood, (fixing street lighting, potholes, overgrown bushes etc.) Benefits  NHW signage and stickers act as a deterrent  Receipt of Thames Valley Alert messages informing you about burglaries and crime trends taking place in your area. These messages can also include Witness Appeals, information about/from our policing teams and Thames Valley Police press releases  Most insurers offer a discount if you are a member of a NHW scheme  Crime reduction and policing information given at the setup meeting including leaflets There are over 500 schemes in the Milton Keynes area, Members receive window stickers and access to a variety of safety and crime prevention equipment at reduced prices. Each scheme needs a volunteer Co-ordinator who is the prime link the scheme and the Police. The Co-ordinator’s role is not demanding, but they are police checked. Interested? Email for more information about the schemes and the role of the Coordinator. And please check the MKNHWA website for information and contacts specifically for the Milton Keynes area. Deadline for April – 18th March

SHERINGTON Sherington Life Hopefully March will see the weather brightening up, it seems to have been a long, grey winter. The daffodils planted in the churchyard in the autumn (refer to back issues of the Scan for details – available on the Sherington Village website  ) should be making an appearance by now, and the end of March sees the clocks Springing forward to brighter evenings and the clock on the cooker being an hour behind until October because you’ve lost the manual. There are still interesting things to do in Sherington at any time of the year – have you tried Art at the Hart - Something Less Boring? Organised by Liddy and Adam (who do both art and sport – who’d have thought those two pastimes were compatible?) Their USP is “making art and sport fun healthy creative and inclusive.” They got the idea from a trip to San Francisco ( at art party sessions), gave up their jobs to spread the word in the UK. The White Hart was happy to host them so now Wednesday night sees painting and creative endeavour for a few hours. Everyone goes away with a wall ready piece of art, no previous experience necessary and don’t be scared! Check out We send a warm welcome to new arrivals in Church Road, Rob and Lynn and their two lovely dogs. They have moved from Harpenden after Rob has commuted daily to Newport Pagnell for many years. He is now enjoying his 5 minute commute via the pretty route through Little Crawley. Did you know that Sherington has a village caretaker ? No? Well we do. His name is Jim Starkey and can be spotted in a very fetching high-viz Deadline for April – 18th March

around and about doing all those jobs no one else can be bothered to take care of to make Sherington a lovely place to live! If you see something which you think needs his attention (for example, misplaced kerb stones – you get the idea) he can be contacted at Admittedly not as sexy as shining a vast bat-shaped light up in the night sky but equally as effective. The phone box in the centre of the village by the Knoll and the bus stop is now owned by the village! Taking advantage of a scheme for local communities to buy these pieces of modern art for just £1 the Parish Council blew the 2018 budget and now it’s ours! It is being painted and the Parish Council want suggestions for what it can be used for. Googling “things you can do with a decommissioned phone box” yielded: 1. Library (but we do already have the book cupboard on the corner of Carters Close ) 2. Art Gallery 3. Defibrillator station 4. Coffee Shop 5.Public toilet (NO!!!) Seriously, the Parish Council are looking for suggestions as to what we could use it for so if you have an idea please contact your local Councillor. Let’s be creative and do something exciting for Sherington. These Feathered Friends are an observant (some would say nosey) team and have spotted that the post box in School Lane (the one that looks like Iron Man – no, check it out, it really does) is still closed. Does anyone know why? This was very handy so must have inconvenienced many Sheringtonians. What an eyesore at the top of Bedford Road after some parasite has dumped a very large amount of rubbish. The threat of huge fines doesn’t seem to put off some people. Finally we were sad to hear of the passing of Irene Rauta aged 87 years. She passed away peacefully at Northampton General Hospital on February 1st. She had lived in the village for over twenty years and in her early years Deadline for April – 18th March

was a Statistician but probably known latterly as the lady driving funny little cars with her dog riding proud alongside. Her funeral will be held at 10.45am on 1st March at Crownhill Crematorium. Don’t forget to look after you Mums on Mother’s day on March 11th (ironing always goes down well) and Easter Sunday on April 1st giving you the last chance to get rid of those out of date Quality Street from Christmas! See you in April.

PANCAKE DAY Tim and Coralie kindly invited us - the villagers- to have pancakes with them on Shrove Tuesday, 13th February. I was surprised that more people did not respond to this warm gesture. The fourteen of us who did go enjoyed pancakes hot from the pan with various fillings of our choice cooked either by Coralie or Tim. With a woodfire burning in the hearth and pleasant chat - Brexit and Donald Trump were not mentioned- a very enjoyable time was had by all. Thank you very much Tim and Coralie Barbara Gotts

EASTER LILIES If you would like a Lily placed in Church over Easter, in memory of a loved one, please contact Jill Burgess 01908611163 or Ella Field 01908610560 by 24th March 2018. Cost £3 per name. Deadline for April – 18th March

SHERINGTON TWINNING ASSOCIATION The Annual Twinning Quiz This popular event will take place on Friday 2nd March at the Village Hall. Same format as always - Fish and Chips, Bar, Paul as quizmaster, raffle, and medals for the winning team - the whole shebang. Teams of up to SIX people. Tickets can be obtained from any Committee member but they do go quickly so buy soon to avoid disappointment! If in doubt contact Liz or Nigel Blight 01908-618117.


The New Thursday Group meets in Sherington Village Hall on the first Thursday of each month at 8.00 pm, unless otherwise indicated. It is open to all ladies from the village and surrounding area and new members are always very welcome. There is a varied programme of talks by visiting speakers, outings and events throughout the year. If you would like more information please contact Liz Blight on 01908-618117 or, alternatively, just come along to the village hall for one of the meetings.

Thursday 1st March - OPEN MEETING – gentlemen welcome! Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Walk Nigel Blight is giving an illustrated talk on “The Pain, the Pleasure and the Pints” a light-hearted overview of his Coast to Coast walk of 192 miles from St Bees on the west coast to Robin Hood’s Bay in the east. Thursday 5th April “You don’t have to be a poet to work at the Food Bank helps” A talk by John Marshall on the serious and light hearted side of dealing with the Milton Keynes Food Bank. He will also bring copies of poetry books sold as part of fund raising. (Any contributions of dry goods welcome.) Deadline for April – 18th March

Deadline for April – 18th March

Sherington PC would like to apologize for the lack of minutes in the recent editions of SCAN. This has been due to losing the Clerk in November. We hope to have rectified this situation by the time this edition has gone to print and resume as normal for the next edition.

PC DRAFT MINUTES FROM 30th JANUARY 2018 Minutes of the meeting of Sherington Parish Council held on Tuesday, 30th January 2018 at the Pavilion, commencing at 7.30pm. PRESENT: W Bush (Chair), Cllrs Thatcher, Selvey, Johnstone and Hughes ALSO ATTENDING: Cllr P Geary (Ward Councillor) and 5 members of the public including Mr Jamie Gibbins, Managing Director of Barwood Homes Ltd. 3. APPROVE MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING – 9th January 2018. The minutes were amended and approved and signed by Cllr Bush. 4. RECEIVE WARD COUNCILLORS REPORT Cllr Geary reported the following:  There was to be a 5.99% increase in Council Tax.  The 28 day time limit for the filling of pot holes was to be removed.  MK residents would have to apply online for their supply of pink refuse sacks in the future.  MK Council is proposing that they do not refill grit bins. 5.

RECEIVE REPORT ON ACTIONS FROM LAST MEETING 5.1 Appeals update: the Bedford Road and Alms Houses appeal submissions have been sent to the Inspector. (see website for details) 5.2 Mineral plan and shooting ground – Cllr Bush, reported in Cllr Shaw’s absence, that the site meeting with Jim Gardner had taken place and the PC submissions had been sent in on 24th January 2018. (see website for details) 5.3 Pavilion rent negotiation – Cllr Hughes reported that Thomas Birks has been asked to send his suggested rent increase to us in writing. Cllr Hughes will telephone Thomas Birks and follow up this request. Once this has been received, a meeting will be arranged with Mr Michael Cook and Mr Richard Shires to discuss the rent increase. We have also received Brown & Co’s letter of instruction which Cllr Bush signed. this is to be returned to them. 5.4 Defibrillator – Cllr Johnstone reported that this was now installed and available for use. It is also shown on the Save a Life app which can be installed on mobile phones. It was decided that, once we have a parish council clerk, a notice should be placed in SCAN magazine informing the parish of this installation and another training course will be organised.

Deadline for April – 18th March

5.5 Village shop – Cllr Johnston advised that he had met with Chris Akrill who will be outlining the planning options. Cllr Bush asked if a store, to be used by the parish council, could also be included in the new shop plans. 6.

CLERK’S REPORT 6.1 MK Council draft framework – Cllr Thatcher proposed that the draft framework should be supported and suggested that we team up with Newport Pagnell to use their contractors – all agreed. 6.2 GDPR Notice from BALCC – Cllr Thatcher reported that BALC had still not confirmed whether the clerk would be allowed to take on the role of data protection officer but said that she would be happy to do this job. We would also need to look into online scanning of our paper files but funding would be required for this task.


PAVILION 7.1 Car park repair/drainage – Cllr Selvey reported that he would be meeting with three contractors to provide quotes for the repair of the car park on Wednesday, 31st January 2018.


VILLAGE CARETAKER 8.1 Cllr Thatcher reported that the caretaker, Jim Starkey, was spending much of his time clearing up litter in the village. It was agreed that he would be asked to repaint and refurbish the Knoll phone box to get it ready to become a community book swap store. Cllr Hughes reported that all the tools had now been purchased and collected by Jim for his use.


FINANCE 9.1 Cllr Thatcher read out the monthly balances. Savings £43803.32, Current £1768.09 Total = £45571.41 9.2 All cheques to be signed were approved. Outgoings = £4275.69


PLANNING APPLICATIONS 10.1 High Street development – Cllr Bush introduced Mr Jamie Gibbins of Barwood Homes Ltd who attended to discuss the High Street development. An open discussion took place about various topics of the site - number of affordable homes, lack of village green, the balancing pond and biodiversity of that area, a second access to allow a thoroughfare for cyclists and walkers, the possibility of fencing off the farm track to provide a safer environment for children playing, providing a wider access onto the main road for wide farm vehicles, removing the

Deadline for April – 18th March

gates to the larger houses at the far end of the site. Mr Gibbins said he would be happy to look at these matters and was happy to liaise with the parish council, the biodiversity group and also the two farmers who had rights of way over the farm track. Cllr Thatcher said that information would be posted on the PC website to enable villagers to register their interest with Barwood Homes. Cllr Bush said that the parish council were supporting this development and wanted to liaise with Barwood, as much as possible, in implementing the wishes of the Sherington community and suggested that Mr Gibbins read our Neighbourhood Plan. Mr Gibbins then left the meeting. 11.

CONSIDER CORRESPONDENCE AND NEW CONSULTATIONS 11.1 MK Budget response – it was decided that the PC comment to MK would be that we thought that the removal of the 28 day time limit for the repair of pot holes and reduction in resurfacing would be counterproductive.


EXTERNAL MEETINGS 12.1 Biodiversity meeting – Cllr Bush reported that the ecology consultants would be preparing a village survey re village land use. A wildflower meadow will be created in the church yard, David Williams to help with this project. Stone Pits Copse – the consultants will be asked advice on how best to manage this area. There would be a further meeting of the committee in the spring and Cllr Thatcher would also ask the village caretaker to attend.


RECEIVE PUBLIC COMMENTS 13.1 High Street development - Mr Edward Shires commented that the safety risk on the farm track was similar to other farm access points in the village i.e. in Perry Lane, but it was pointed out that this was not now used by farm vehicles due to cars obstructing the road making it too narrow.


COUNCILLORS ITEMS Cllr Thatcher reported that new litter/recycling bins and park benches were required in the village play area adjacent to the village shop - it was agreed to purchase these and Cllr Selvey would see if LGSS could provide a cheaper alternative.

15. DATE OF NEXT MEETING Tuesday, 6th March 2018 at 7.30pm in the Sherington Pavilion. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF VENUE 16. CLERKS’ APPLICANTS UPDATE Inviting applicants for interview during the week of Monday, 12th February 2018. There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.00pm .

Deadline for April – 18th March

Deadline for April – 18th March

Deadline for April – 18th March

Deadline for April – 18th March

Thumbsticks Walk - 4th March The Thumbsticks will be walking around Furzton Lake and to The Teardrop Lakes in Milton Keynes on Sunday, 4th March. It will be approximately 4 miles on a hard level footpath. Please either meet at the Knoll for 9.30 am or at the car park off the V4 opposite The Bowl at Furzton lake at 9.50 am. J&A


SATURDAY MORNING COFFEE or TEA? We meet on one Saturday a month between 10.00am and midday. We will be serving teas and coffees at St Laud's with the opportunity to enjoy it with company and a slice of homemade cake. So book the below date in your diary to save disappointment:-

17th March Any queries 01908 216543 / 01908 610434. Hope to see you all there! Deadline for April – 18th March

Generally the Society meets in Sherington Village Hall on the 2nd Tuesday on the Month. Entry: £2 for members, £3 for non-Members, this includes refreshments.

February 13th: Wolverton Works Philip Marsh came to talk to us about the Wolverton Works, this was a very interesting talk, he came across as a man that had a real interest in the subject. A couple of his friends came to help with the talk, one of them being John Kitchen. Philip's talk was in three parts. The history of the railway at Wolverton, as Wolverton is the first railway town in the country. This is because the technology of the time would not allow trains go from London Euston to Birmingham non-stop, followed by the royal trains that were build there and then finally about recent activity and the future of the works. Wild Sherington / Sherington – Sights and Seasons, Photo Competition Exhibition: The exhibition of the finalists in the Village Hall on Saturday 24th February between 2 and 4pm, with the winners being announced there in the afternoon. You can look at photos that have been submitted at or just Google "Sherington Photo competition" it will take you to the page you need. March 13th: AGM - Annual General Meeting Meeting starts at 8pm sharp, so come and bring you committee to account for the last 12, as well as the next 12 months. MV, The Sherington Historical Society

Deadline for April – 18th March

Sherington Youth Club Would like to invite All Ladies & Gentlemen to

Come along to a FREE evening of fun and laughter.

served tea BINGO NIGHT Be or coffee with

Wednesday 21st March

a piece of cake.

7pm – 8.30pm Sherington Village Hall Prizes Pledges of the children's time Wine, Chocolates and much more.......

More info call: Jo Lusted 01908 612845 Deadline for April – 18th March

North Crawley Village Institute

Recently refurbished, Fully Licensed Premises Large Hall Meeting Room Modern Kitchen Separate Bar Area Disabled Access & Toilet • Car Park • Children’s Play Area • • • • • Available for Hire: Parties, Meetings, Wedding Receptions, Clubs, Exercise Classes etc.

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Plumbing & Heating Services New Installations and Upgrades Servicing, Breakdowns Gas - Oil - LPG - Solar - Under Floor GasSafe & Oftec Registered

Tel: 01908-216769 Mob: 07860-332287 E-mail: Blue Flame (MK) Ltd, Gun Lane, Sherington


Sherington Furniture Restoration CABINET MAKERS & FRENCH POLISHERS Antiques restored to a high standard Leather lining Custom built furniture to your specifications

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North Crawley Village Shop

General Groceries (different offers every months)

National Lotto and Scratch cards (New) Cash Back facilities Alcohol and Good selection of Wines (with offers) Fruits and Vegetable (fresh from Farm Shop) Fresh Bread and cakes from two different bakeries Local Fresh Free Range Eggs

Please continue to use the shop. The shop is here for YOU! OPENING TIMES MON-SAT 07.00 – 19.30 SUN 08.00 – 13.00

Mothers Day The Chester Arms Sunday 11th March Chicheley Treat your Mum to something A free-hold, family run, traditional special this year! Head to our English Country Pub. website to view our wonderful Restaurant Opening Times Monday – Thursday: 12pm - 9pm. Friday & Saturday: 12pm - 10pm. Sunday: 12pm - 8pm Bar Open ‘til late 7 days a week! If you’d like to browse our menus, get more information or book a table, here is how to do so.

Mothers Day Special Menu which features some our best loved dishes as well as some Specials mum will love! Vegan & Allergen & Sunday Menu’s also available! We expect for tables to go fast so book now to avoid disappointment! th

Quiz Night – Friday 16 March

Our 3rd Monthly Quiz Night will take place.

Website: st 1 Place prize of £50 Chester Arms nd Voucher & 2 Place prize of Bottle of House Wine. Email: Entry £2 per person.

Phone: 01234 391214

Special Set Menu 2 Courses £16 & includes quiz entry fee! Call now to book your table!

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SCAN 480 March 2018  

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