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May 1900 – May Day celebrated in Berkshire; girls got up early to wash their faces in morning dew.

SCAN 451 AT-A-GLANCE DIARY MAY 2015 ASTWOOD VILLAGE HALL: contact Andrea on  BRIDGE at 7 pm-10 pm THURSDAYS - contact Neil Plumb 01234 391040  CRANFIELD BRIDGE CLUB meets at Astwood Village Hall virtually every SUNDAY at 6.55 for 7 pm start to play. Details on hppt://, or ring Paul Goddard, 01234 881409.

PILATES: Monday at 8 pm – contact Helen Terry on BROWNIES: Every MONDAY term time, Sherington Pavilion - 5.30 – 7 pm contact: KERRIE MAXWELL 07917610115 / 01908 60144 OR PATSY CLIFTON 01908 616009 PILATES 10 a.m., YOGA 11 a.m., NORTH CRAWLEY INSTITUTE Thursdays. Call Debbie 07764 391687 SHERINGTON FOLK WORKSHOP: 8 – 10 pm Sherington V.H. - 2nd Thursday of month – Liz 07941 403492 SHERINGTON SHORT MAT BOWLS CLUB: Monday 2 – 4 pm and Friday 7 – 9 pm contact Sheila 211153 or Bob 01234391436 SHERINGTON YOUTH CLUB: 7 – 9 pm Wednesday Nights (term time) contact Jay: 07799005568

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Beer & Sausage Weekend – The White Hart, Sherington Thumbstick Walk, Meet at The Knoll, Sherington MAY DAY Celebrations, The Knoll Election Meeting, Sherington Village Hall Tuesday Coffee Morning, 4 Hillview The New Thursday Group Lunch Sherington DCC, 28 Carters Close, Sherington ELECTION DAY ‘Bangers & Brass’, North Crawley Church Rogation Day Service, Grange Farm, Chicheley Sherington Historical Society Members Meeting Chichchat – Chicheley Village Hall North Crawley Parish Council Meeting Bell ringing practice – Sherington Quiz Night, St. Lauds Church, Sherington Tuesday Coffee Morning, 1a Church Road, Sherington North Crawley W.I. - Village Hall Souper Lunchtime Get-together, 4 Griggs Orchard, Sher. Holy Communion Day Chichchat – Chicheley Village Hall Bell ringing practice – Sherington North Crawley Village Walk – Meet at The Institute

JUNE 4 4

Astwood Book Club – The Old Swan New Thursday Group Summer Party

8 pm 7.30 pm

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Tea at Chicheley House Sherington Historical Society – Cowper & Newton Museum Bell ringing practice – Sherington Star BBQ – Chicheley Bell ringing practice – Chicheley Summer Concert – St. Lauds, Sherington

3 pm onwards 6.30 pm 7.30 pm 7.30 pm 7.30 pm 7.30 pm

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Bell ringing practice – Sherington Trailer Auction – The White Hart car park - Sherington Bell ringing practice – Sherington Bucks Show Coach Trip Quiz & Supper – Chicheley Village Hall NC Cricket Club Celebration Race Night – NC Institute

7.30 pm 7 pm 7.30 pm 9.15 am

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9.30 am 10.30 am 6.30 pm 10.30 am 8 pm 7.30 pm 5 pm 8 pm 10.30 am

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Thank you for thinking of us and helping to keep our free parish magazine coming through your doors (and online!). Editor DEADLINE Copy for JUNE SCAN – 18 MAY to: THE EDITOR, Mrs. Betty Feasey MBE, 13 School Lane, Sherington, MK16 9NF Tel 01908 611587 E-mail OR hard copy can be put in the SCAN box (next to front door at No. 13). Views expressed in SCAN are those of the contributors and not necessarily shared by the Editor .TREASURER AND ADVERTISING MANAGER Mrs. Christine Barry – Tel 01234 391328

SCAN 451 – MAY 2015 Dear Friends , Some thoughts as we enter the vacancy – what used to be known as an interregnum. Firstly may I say how grateful I am to Mandy for the support, patience and grace she showed as we struggled together to complete my training, which we celebrated last September. We wish her and the family well in their new place. I can perform all the functions you would expect of a priest, but I am not nor will I be, our new full time incumbent. I am a volunteer and would have to do further training to become a paid member of the clergy. We expect a new person will be appointed but probably not until early 2016. John and I will continue to do all the things we have been doing but could not take on any further duties or responsibilities. The church wardens are 2


responsible for the running of the parish until a new person is in post. Regular services, baptisms, weddings and funerals will take place as usual with help from other local clergy. May I thank all those who help run the parish; your efforts are noticed and appreciated. Apart from the church wardens, who bear the main responsibility, there are the secretaries, treasurers, and ‘in no particular order’ organists, key holders, tea, coffee and cake providers, Jan and Nick Freemen collecting and delivering the Food bank contributions, grass cutters, church cleaners, singers, menders of broken things, Christmas illuminators, flower arrangers, visitors and all those who faithfully pray. I would like especially gratefully to acknowledge the help and support we receive from individuals who don’t necessarily attend services but who give generously of their time and skills to help keep the buildings in good order. We hope that we shall grow and flourish during the vacancy, so we need to pull together and share the load, in every way we can think of. Don’t under estimate the power of prayer and please offer your particular skills and gifts, don’t wait to be asked! We are still looking for someone who could take the title of Church warden in Sherington. We are grateful to all those who perform the duties, but who are already far too busy to take on the role. We long to see God unlock the potential for growth in our villages. With my love, Pam Fielding [Associate Priest, SCAN Parish]


7 May


Sherington DCC

28 Carters Close, Sherington



FROM THE PARISH REGISTERS Funerals RIP Roger Nixson Hardy – the burial of ashes took place on 7 April in St Laud’s Churchyard Sherington RIP William (Bill) Charles Maslin - the funeral and burial in the churchyard took place on 14 April at St Firmin’s North Crawley ‘I am the resurrection and the life’ says the Lord. ‘Those who believe in me, even though they die will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die’

MAY 3 May 10.30am

‘Something Different’ – Sherington

10 May 9.30am 5pm

Rogation Sunday Scan Service of Holy Communion – North Crawley Scan Rogation Service – Grange Farm - Chicheley

17 May 9.30am

Scan Service of Holy Communion – Sherington

24 May 11am 6pm

Scan Service of Holy Communion – Chicheley Scan Evensong – North Crawley

31 May 11am

Scan Songs of Praise - Sherington

JUNE 7 June 10.30am

‘Something Different’ – Sherington 4



a concert in North Crawley Church featuring Bradwell Silver Band 9 May at 7.30pm Tickets £10 Janice 391350 Ann 391692 and Joan 391517



St Laud’s Church

Spring Quiz Night! Church End, Sherington, Near Newport Pagnell, Bucks, MK16 9PD

Saturday 16th May 2015 7:30pm – 10pm With our popular quizmasters: Neil and Patricia Hodges! £10 per person Teams of 6!   

Not a team of 6? Don’t worry – we can make up teams on the night. To order fish and chips please confirm attendance ahead of the date Raffle prizes gratefully accepted

Book soon !!

Ring Paula Noble 01908 216925

Fish and chip supper from 8:30pm Tea and coffee in the interval Bring own drinks and nibbles Raffle prizes (raffle tickets available on the night) Prizes for the winning team!



‘Souper’ Lunchtime Get-together Scan fellowship, a fortnightly chance to enjoy a simple lunch together (please note dates for monthly mid week Communion Service) Pam and John Fielding 4 Griggs Orchard Sherington 01908 616763 12pm – 2pm Wednesdays 20 May (Holy Communion at 11.30am) 3 June 17 June (Holy Communion at 11.30am) All ages welcome (children too!)



Spring has sprung – hoorah! It is lovely to see the leaves returning to the trees and the daffs lining the roads into the village. On the 12th April there was a big tidy up of the village garden – a big thanks to those who helped out on the day and to everybody who keeps our village looking attractive throughout the year. On this subject, if anyone is splitting/buying new plants and finds they don’t have room for them in their own garden there are plenty of spaces in the borders of the village garden – feel free to find a spot and plant wherever you like. Similarly, we are planning to increase our stock of daffodils in the autumn so please pass any spares to a member of the VH committee. By the time you read this, 6 people in the village will have the bragging rights as the winners of the music quiz held in the Old Swan on the 17th! Many thanks to Bob and Janet for hosting the event which will contribute towards the maintenance of the hall and village garden. It is always fun to get the village together, be it in the village hall, on the green, in the garden or in the pub. Watch this space for the next event – probably the Harvest Supper in the autumn.



Following on from the renewed insulation in the Hall, we are now looking to replace the windows which are starting to come to the end of their lives and also we are examining a switch to LED lighting throughout which will cut our power bill dramatically. Our cleaner has had to stop cleaning the village hall due to an upcoming happy event (!) Is there anyone in the village (or do you know of anyone) who would like to take over? This is a paid position which is for one hour - preferably on a Monday, but not a dealbreaker. If so, please let someone on the committee know – or leave your details in the pub. We are planning a sunflower competition to be judged at the Harvest Supper so time to get planting if you’d like to take part! A prize to be awarded for the tallest flower. The next meeting of the book club is on 4 June at 8.00 p.m. in the Old Swan and we will be discussing: The Case of the Hail Mary Celeste by Malcolm Pryce. New members always welcome. Have you got some ideas about future village events you would like to see arranged? Why not use your influence as a new member of the Village Hall Committee to make them happen?! If you’d like to chat to a member of the committee then give one of us a call. Our numbers are on the village hall notice board.

Cob and Pen __________________________________________________________ ‘Snippets from those wonderful Church Ladies and their typewriters’ ‘For those of you who have children and don’t know it, we have a nursery downstairs.’ ‘Next Thursday there will be try-outs for the choir. They need all the help they can get.’ Irving Benson and Jessie Carter were married on October 24 in the church. So ends a friendship that began in their school days.’





I puzzle sometimes as to how to begin each Chicheley notes, but not this month. This report below came from Jo Parker who lives in Bedlam Walk and tells of a meeting with a Very Important Person, but let Jo explain in her own words. “I finally have some interesting news for you to add to SCAN, if you think it's appropriate. I was lucky enough to be invited to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace earlier this month, at an event commemorating 50 years since the death of Winston Churchill. I was granted a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship back in 2001, just over a year after we moved to Chicheley, which enabled me to travel to Australia to meet my fellow librarians and discuss their work. The WCMT grants Fellowships every year, to people who apply from all walks of life, from a fund set up following Sir Winston's death. He felt that there was great benefit in travel and discovery, hence the fund. I had a fantastic time during my travels and also at the Palace! is their website.” The photo shows Jo meeting the Queen, what a lovely invitation to have had.



Spring has now really arrived with a continuation of the warm dry weather and the fields and hedgerows are slowly greening up, trees are in blossom and the birds merrily singing. I’ve never been good at identifying the different birdsongs, but find it very restful to sit in our garden looking out across the fields and listening to them chirruping away. The gig at Chicheley hall on the 18th April was a great success. The two bands were very entertaining and the venue of the Wolfson Centre warm and comfortable. I understand a sum of £900 was raised for SCAN churches parish funds as a result. Thanks are due to DeVere Venues for providing the venue free of charge, to the bands for their live music, those that supported the event, all who helped with the arrangements for it, but especially Christine Girard for her inspiration that it would work and all her drive in making it happen. Looking ahead now to future events.  Chichchat will take place on the second and fourth Tuesday’s at the usual place and times during the month.  Election day for our parliamentary constituency and local councillors is on the 7th May.  A Rogation day service will be held at Grange farm, Chicheley on Sunday 10th May at 5pm. This is an open air service to bless the crops and animals including a short walk around the farm and readings and prayers at various stages. All ages are welcome and we conclude with tea and cakes.  On the 6th June you are invited to have tea at Chicheley House (the white house near the church) by kind invitation of the Tarrant family, with the proceeds for the village hall. This will be from 3pm onwards.  On the 20th June there will be a StarBQ at the home of Pierre and Christine Girard from 7.30pm.  Looking much further ahead a date for your diaries is the 3rd October for a quiz and supper in the village hall for church funds. Start brushing up on your knowledge banks now. I have included a connection with North Crawley this month in reporting the death, just before Easter, of Bill Maslin. Bill, when working for Brandon builders DEADLINE FOR JUNE – 18 MAY 10

of North Crawley, worked on many of the properties within our village, including Chicheley Hall and the construction of two of the bungalows in Hall Lane. He was, and this was highlighted in the excellent address at his funeral, an interesting and complex man. He had no known family, but as was apparent at his funeral, many friends. Bill will be remembered for many interests not least his annual fireworks display, but I will mention something he did for Chicheley. For many years the village hall has hosted teas on Good Friday. There is always a huge choice of cakes to eat and of course hot cross buns. To make the latter requires yeast, preferably fresh, which was usually obtained from local bakers. Over the years these all disappeared until no local ones were left which is when Bill stepped in. He undertook to find the annual supply and each year arrived at our house in the week before Easter with yeast for Felicity to make the buns. He never failed, never wanted payment and just enjoyed doing something for the benefit of his community. We who knew him will miss him. David



Well the weather has been a bit mixed over the past month, but then isn’t it always at this time of year? It’s been a challenge to get all this year’s vegetables planted without getting wet, as the sun and showers have been intermittent. On the other hand it has to be good for both the soil and newly planted crops, so my forecast is for a bumper harvest later this year, which mirrors the same predictions for last year, and all the years before that, because you have to be an optimist to grow stuff. Many of you will already be aware that Bill Maslin recently passed away at the age of 87 after suffering poor health for some time. There was a piece in the November 2014 Scan about his legendary prowess as a creator of fireworks, that lit up the sky and exploded with such force that houses trembled around the village every year on 5 November. My information is that he had managed to share this hobby with the village for 66 years. He was a real character and will be missed by all who knew him. There are further words about Bill and his contribution to the village elsewhere in this issue of Scan. If anyone was wondering about the church bells ringing on a recent Saturday, Malcolm Rose has provided the following explanation. “Several people have commented to me how nice they sounded, it was a ringing open day which we joined along with several other villages to support Hanslope Bell restoration project. Ringers came from all over the country. I even spoke to someone who had driven down from Yorkshire the evening 11


before so that they could be here in good time to ring the bells! I always feel that bell ringing lifts the spirits, and I’m sure the village would welcome it on further occasions in the future.” News has arrived from one of the village’s elder statesman that two of North Crawley’s longest serving residents are moving to pastures new. Both Arthur and Gwen Goodman were born in the village, 94 and 88 years ago respectively. They were married in 1946 and moved to their home in Little Crawley in 1948, where they have lived ever since and raised their family. It will therefore be a big wrench when they move to Linford Grange in Newport Pagnell shortly, but I’m sure that everyone who knows them wishes them well, and hope they settle into their new home quickly. Congratulations to David and Diane (new Kinns) and, Mark and Rebecca (nee Flower), who were both brought up in Folly Lane and have recently had twins within a week of one another. The following notice is for all those who enjoy a day out at county shows or would like a new experience, is back by popular demand and being organised by Joan Mitchell. Coach trip to Bucks County Show, Weedon, near Aylesbury Thursday 27th August 2015 Departing from: The Cock car park 9.15 a.m. Admission Pre-show including coach fare:Adults £18.50, OAP - £16, Children (5-16 years) £12.00. A lovely day out, so book early for a ticket and seat on the coach. Contact – Joan Mitchell 391542 North Crawley Cricket Club By the time this Scan arrives the NCCC season will have begun, hopefully with wins for all three senior sides and a good start for the Juniors. Date for Your Diary! Don’t miss the Cricket Club’s end of season Celebration Race Night, which will be in the NC Institute on Saturday 17th October. Tickets will go on sale in the early summer, so watch this space for details!



Historical Society Please make a note of the following dates as there are some very interesting exhibitions and talks being staged over the coming months. - WW2 tour in Autumn 2015 Please contact John Brandon on 391365, or Chris Stapleton on 319205, for further details. Walks - Please support your village walks which are on the last Sunday in the month. The walks are suitable to young and old alike and are up to two hours in duration. The next walk will be on Sunday 31st May, meeting as always at 10 a.m. outside the Institute. If anyone would like to contribute newsworthy information, please don’t hesitate to send it to Hawk-eye before the Scan deadline (around the 18th of each month), to the following email address:

Hawk-eye NORTH CRAWLEY PARISH COUNCIL The Council met on Tuesday 14th April 2015. The following are notes from the meeting and not the official minutes. Residential Safety. Senior officers from MK Council attended the meeting to respond in respect of the outstanding issue regarding the incorrectly installed pavement on the North side of the High Street. Detailed plans were presented of the intended work to remove current drainage channels and kerbing, and replace with sympathetic kerbs and a sloped pavement which would direct rainwater into the gutters. All pavement surfaces to be replaced with an appropriate tarmac mix. Everyone from the North Crawley PC was extremely pleased to see a fitting solution at last and thanked the MKC team for listening to our original objections and coming up with a satisfactory way forward. The strategic placing of bollards (Heritage) to provide additional safety for pedestrians is to be determined by NC PC. Thanks were given to the three ward councillors present for their good advice and guidance in this matter. Date for work will be passed onto the Parish Council once determined by MKC. 13


Ward Councillors Report. Resurfacing of the remaining part of the Chicheley road has been approved (date to be advised). Resurfacing of Gog Lane has been approved (date to be advised). NCPC commented that Chequers Lane was more of a priority, which was noted. NAG Report Cllr Hunt reported that SID units are currently in operation in North Crawley. They are correctly displaying the speed of vehicles but there appears to be a problem in the recording of the data. To be investigated. Projects. A comment was made about the positioning of the bench at the Ford. A Councillor commented that the installer felt this to be the safe option, especially in respect of children, as it was very near to the deeper area of water in the Ford. Installation of the new display boards with attached Parish maps has recently been completed, and very good they look too. Graveyard. A discussion was had regarding the purchase of burial plots, especially many years in advance and for multiple family members. It was stated that the number of plots is running out, so something needs to be done over the next few years. It was decided to investigate several options in respect of purchasing further land. Any other Business. Some very positive comments have been received by residents about the work completed in the Ford. Complaints have been received from some residents, about other residents driving too fast around Kilpin Green, and it appears to apply to one family in particular. It was also commented that there is a group of children who race around Kilpin Green on their bikes. As the two parties activities could coincide at some point, and the location is kid friendly by design, plus kids will be kids, it is suggested the adults involved give more thought to their behaviour. Hopefully this issue can be resolved at village level without the intervention of the authorities (ie. the police). Date of next meeting confirmed as Tuesday 12th May. Councillor Flower. 14


NORTH CRAWLEY UNITED CHARITIES This is a reminder about the activities of the North Crawley United Charities, the local village charity which was formed as a result of bequests left to the village, some as far back as the 17th century, to assist people in the village and to help apprentices. The charity also administers the allotments in Folly Lane known as Town Lands. The trustees will consider anyone for a grant who is taking up an apprenticeship, studying, or planning to study, at college or university or training for a profession. The grants can be used to put toward the purchase of tools, equipment, books or anything that may help anyone with their studies or training. With many young people starting new jobs or getting ready to go to college or university later in the year, now is the time to apply. With spring and the nice weather upon us, you may be encouraged to grow your own vegetables, fruit and flowers. We currently have 3 plots available at Town Lands. It is a fantastic hobby giving you plenty of exercise and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour. If you feel you qualify for a grant, wish to take up an allotment or would like further information on the charity, please contact the clerk, Chris Stapleton, at

NEW YOGA/PILATES CLASSES IN NORTH CRAWLEY COME ALONG AND GET FIT FOR THE SUMMER The new summer courses which started on 15th April, 2015 are as follows:Wednesdays 9.30 – 11.00 – Hatha Yoga – an easy going class with core emphasis Thursdays 10.00 – 11.00 – Pilates Thursdays 11.00 – 12.00 – Yogalates – a mixture of pilates and yoga with core strengthening These classes are all run by Debbie Twigger in the North Crawley Institute. Call 07764 391687 for more details or just turn up with a mat



William (Bill) Charles Maslin Bill Maslin died in his sleep on March 26th2015; he was 87. He had been ill for some time, and had borne this bravely as well as putting up with being more or less fixed in his room because of the need for a continuous supply of oxygen. Bill lived his whole life in North Crawley, and had many interests. He was a skilled plumber and lead-worker, working for the local building firm. He also was a consummate ballroom dancer, receiving the award of his Gold Bar (one of the highest achievements for an amateur) with great pride. He ran a fair sized orchard for many years, and when some of that land became Orchard Way, he developed other interests, including sailing his cruiser off the Essex and South coasts. He lectured in Practical Plumbing at Luton Technical College, and had a huge interest in anything mechanical, often taking things to pieces in order to understand them better. He made a propeller driven sleigh in the dire winter of 1947, as well as his own set of skis! In another long hard winter, 1963, he developed a low voltage, very high current, method of thawing underground steel water pipes! Bill was a much loved, and respected regular at village events, including Coffee Morning, and Historical Society talks, where he often knew as much as the speaker (or thought he did!)! Most of all however he is remembered with huge pride, and affection, for the wonderful fireworks displays he put on, completely free, for whoever wanted to come, every November 5th for no fewer than 66 years. Bill, initially with his late brother Bob, developed his knowledge of the art of making fireworks from his own research and reading, so that he became one of the most knowledgeable amateurs in the whole of the UK, and all of us who marvelled and oohed and aahed at the magnificent and spectacular displays consider ourselves incredibly fortunate. Bill will be sorely missed. JB 11th April 2015 16


NEWS FROM NORTH CRAWLEY CE SCHOOL North Crawley CE School & Stoke Goldington CE First School ‘Together in Learning – Sharing Excellence and Expertise’ We said a fond farewell to Reverend Mandy during her last worship time with us. The children sang special songs and presented a card in which they had all written sentences about Reverend Mandy. Her favourite child’s comment was, “she perseveres when singing!”. We then took Reverend Mandy outside to see the new ‘Values Garden’ which the Foundation Stage children had been busily preparing as a surprise. Reverend Mandy’s last job was to add our values to the garden. Reverend Mandy stayed behind for tea and cakes and gifts from children and teachers.

On the last day of term we had our traditional Easter Fun Day. The children paraded around the playground in their fantastic Easter bonnets and sang the favourite song “Spring Chicken”. The remainder of the morning was spent on a round robin of activities including, chocolate nests, Easter baskets, pipe cleaner lambs and fan birds. The highlight of course was the traditional Easter egg hunt in the afternoon! The Key Stage One children also created some ‘Easter themed’ puppets as part of their Design Technology work. The year one children made some pretty Easter chicks and bunny sock puppets whilst the year twos made some very effective ‘pop-up’ puppets! Technology and science are important aspects of our school curriculum. The whole school went outside and took part in safely viewing the momentous partial solar eclipse. The children were amazed as they saw the changing shape of the



sun, through a pinhole viewer which directed the image onto the ground. The same day, all the children were treated to a ‘taster’ session of tennis. This was very much enjoyed by all the children. Our year two children were fortunate to have a follow-up visit from the Safety Centre in which they learnt about internet safety and the importance of NOT disclosing any personal information. The children understood what should and should not be shared over the internet and could not be caught out by the trick questions from the trainer! The Year 2 children have entered a competition to decorate a wheelbarrow at Frost’s Garden Centre. Our theme is “The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow”. The wheelbarrow is completed and will be at Frosts Garden Centre for judging by Alan Titchmarsh on Saturday 18th April. A huge ‘thank you’ to Oliver Rose and his trusty Landrover for helping to transport the wheelbarrow to Frost’s Garden Centre at Woburn Sands.

And last, but certainly not least, a HUGE thank you to the ‘Friends of North Crawley School’ (FONS) for organising an amazing Easter chocolate raffle to raise funds for school. Thank you to the many individuals and organisations who donated chocolate items. Proceeds from the raffle have been used to purchase ‘Easi-Ears’ and ‘Easi-cars’ for the children to use in school.



NORTH CRAWLEY W.I. Hello Again – We have had two marvellous speakers at W.I. In March we had Corrine Price from the Swiss Gardens at Old Warden, part of the Shuttleworth Collection. A Lottery Grant has redone the Garden and also remade the unusual buildings in the garden. She showed us slides and it has made us think of having a trip out to see all of this. They have a good restaurant as well, which they share with the Aeroplane collection, so it is a good place to visit. The speaker this month was Alistaire Borland MBE from the charity called SERV. This talk was about people who give their leisure time to help people in need. Breast milk delivered to hospitals for very small premature babies who have to be fed by a pipette; taking blood and blood plasmas to hospitals as far as Bristol and other seventeen main hospitals and also to road accidents that have a helicopter waiting to take a person to hospital who needs blood very quickly before they can move the person. Mr. Borland received his MBE from Prince William at Windsor Castle and he was interested in what SERV did and as he left Prince William said he would probably see him again as he will be flying the helicopters that work in our area. Both of these organisations are completely free for the N.H.S. and have to raise money to keep them going. SERV uses motor bikes as they seem to get through traffic more quickly. Their bikes cost £16,000 each and are driven by ex-police drivers, dog handlers, engineers and even two ladies. They work at night and weekends. Our next speaker on 20th May is Roger Skipper on “Marieidia’s Flora and Fauna. We have been to Mr. & Mrs. Skipper’s garden at Wooton, Cranfield. He will bring some of his Penstemon plants for sale. One new person braved our April meeting. I think she enjoyed herself. What about someone else coming or maybe two? You do not have to be over 70 you know! Pam 19


Mailbag and Announcements


5th 19th

Eileen Milnes, 4 Hillview Doris Stephens, 1a Church Road

Thumbsticks walk will be led by Kate ‘n’ Graham from the Knoll at 9.30 a.m. on 3rd May, we will hopefully see the bluebells at Hollington Wood via Petsoe End. On our return to the top of Sherington High Street we could, if wished, call in to Alban Hill for an informal cup of tea or coffee, before continuing across the Bypass back to Sherington. K & G. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of those that were involved, both selling or buying. I will notify in due course the money raised for the Church, as the SCAN article needs to be in before the event. Thanks again, Mark

URGENT SHERINGTON VILLAGE SHOP UPDATE Post Office Counters have announced a temporary closure of the post office facility as from 15/4/15 because of the resignation of Udi as the Postmaster. This has completely taken us by surprise and we are now aware that meetings have happened between the Post Office and Kana but nothing has been said directly to us. We have requested an urgent meeting with the Post Office to understand their intentions and will let the village know the outcome as soon as we have a clear picture. This does not affect the rest of the shop so please keep supporting the shop – USE IT OR LOSE IT! Nigel Blight and Mel Northfield



Village Shop Update As some of you will recall that at a meeting about the village shop some 5 years ago when the PC asked for a committee to be formed to look at the viability of a village shop we both stepped forward to be part of this and once it became apparent a shop was required/wanted we took over running the committee and established the current shop. Subsequently, when Udi and Dina said they needed to concentrate on Castlethorpe only once again took on the responsibility to find replacement shopkeepers/tenants, which we successfully did with Kana and Bhavna. However, even at that stage we stated our need and desire to resign from ShopCo due to personal work pressures in running our own businesses, and asked others to step forward. No-one did. We have found ourselves back running ShopCo with no support. Consequently we had discussions with the Parish Council last Autumn and they agreed that they would take over ShopCo and the management of the shop unit subject to legal advice and agreement from the shareholders of ShopCo. We wrote to all the shareholders who voted for the transfer and in addition we have held an Extraordinary General meeting of shareholders who re-affirmed agreement to this decision. However due the demise of the current Parish Council the transfer has been delayed, but will happen in the next few months. You should also be aware that when we were talking with Kana & Bhavna about running the current shop we had anticipated that others would be taking responsibility for developing the existing shop or building a new shop where the current unit is sitting. The recent intervention by Milton Keynes Council in asking for site allocations including some with plans for a shop or cash towards a shop has altered the potential sites for the shop and a firm decision needs to be made over the coming months by the new PC as to where they are going to put the new shop and source financing options. From Kana’s & Bhavna’s point of view this has proved very unsettling as the process is in limbo.



We would like to see the PC form a new committee urgently to get a permanent shop financed and built and we are both happy to be part of this but we will not take any sort of leading role Nigel Blight & Mel Northfield _______________________________________________________________________

Sherington May Day Celebrations The Sherington Folk Band hope to play a few tunes and sing a couple of songs at the Sherington May Day Celebrations on Monday 4th May, starting at about 10.30 am (weather permitting) before the schoolchildren dance around the Maypole at 11.00 am.

The Sherington Folk Band is made up of some of the musicians who attend the Sherington Folk Workshop in the Village Hall on the second Thursday of every month. The Workshop has been running now for about two and a half years, and about a dozen musicians regularly turn up, playing a wide variety of instruments. We play from music, so if you play an instrument and fancy giving it a go, come along and meet us about 8.00 pm on the second Thursday of the month in the Village Hall, or give Liz a ring on 07970 028564. We’ll provide a copy of the music for you.”

To the Editor: The Shepherd on the front cover of last month’s SCAN was a topic of much discussion. Many of your readers laid claim to knowing him personally with many more who “Recognised the face”. But he was anonymous to your SCAN readers. He lived in a coastal county and the photo of him was in a collection. He wasn’t local. He came from ‘OUT THAT OTHER WAY’ Watch this space! “Subscribed” 22












o o d






You may be aware that the Parish Council is inquorate just at the moment and what with all the electioneering going on this means that the business end of developing the village Neighbourhood Plan is in a state of limbo until after 7th May. But have no fear, far from getting slack and flabby the Steering Group is engaged in all sorts of diverse and productive activity. Everything from spreading gravel at the pavilion car park through to evidence and data collection. This means that when the starting pistol is fired post elections the Team will be in prime condition to press on with the job in hand. In the meantime it would be very helpful if the village as a whole could reflect on what makes Sherington such a special place and what can be achieved, through the plan process, to make it even better for future generations. Rest assured normal service will be resumed as soon as possible! Keith Carey on behalf of the Sherington Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SUMMER CONCERT

The concert which will be a celebration of lovely summer music by the

Andante Choir conducted by Roger Windmill, accompanied by Ed Tomlinson, and will be held at St Laud's Church at 7.30 pm on Saturday, 27th June. St Laud's Church will be beautifully decorated for the occasion and Pimms and Strawberries will be served to all. Tickets will be available in early June and are priced at £10 each. Further details will be posted in June Scan. All proceeds will go to St Lauds Funds. CAN YOU HELP? Willen Hospice is urgently in need of volunteers and is appealing for the help of the local community to volunteer in shops, at events, in administration and at the Hospice. Willen Hospice needs to raise around £3.6 million in the local community every year and volunteers are key to both raising of these funds and assisting patient and family services at the Hospice. To find out more about volunteering at Willen Hospice, please visit or call 01908 306998 23


S H E R IN G T O N H U S T IN G S We are pleased to confirm details of the election meeting in Sherington Village Hall on Monday 4th May. Doors will open at 6:30pm and the meeting will run from 7:30 until 9. We expect all seven parliamentary candidates for the Milton Keynes North constituency to attend, and questions from the floor will be put to all of them. Questions must be submitted, written in the correct form. These should be received by 7pm on the evening of the meeting for the best chance of being called. Question forms will be available at the meeting, and also in advance at locations around the village. The form can also be downloaded from, where latest details of the meeting can be found. Questions can be submitted in advance by attaching the form to an email addressed to We send Birthday Greetings and Best Wishes to George Fleet,

Who will be 101 on 18th May 2015 Whatever you do on your Birthday George, have a GREAT ONE! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

PLEASE SUPPORT THE ANNUAL TRAILER AUCTION At The White Hart Car Park On Saturday 11th July At 7 pm prompt Donations of saleable goods gratefully accepted – FROM 4 pm ONWARDS AT THE CAR PARK NO SHOES OR JUMBLE All proceeds to Willen Hospice Enquiries – Ring 610984



Sherington Synopsis by Jack Daw I made mention last month that I had planted my first lot of potatoes, and, as expected, they have all poked their heads up from the ground and I hope and expect that we will be eating our first new potatoes of the year in mid May. I am also delighted that so far I have got eight spears of purple asparagus and for the first time ever the beginnings of a globe artichoke. The ever popular Twinning Association Annual Big Quiz was held on March 20th with 90 people participating. Fish and chips were provided at half time and such was the demand that the bar sold out of beer and lager. As was predicted the winners were once again the Numbskulls by a good margin. On the subject of the Twinning Association the AGM was held at the White Hart on 1st April and I congratulate Donald Moffatt who was elected as the new President. As you read this some 11 families will be in or on their way to our twinned village of Saméon in France for our biennial visit. We anticipate an enjoyable time as per usual. You will have read last month that there have been resignations from our Parish Council. This has escalated and now there is just one village councillor. However, I am pleased to say that 8 people have put themselves forward and you will have the opportunity to elect 7 of them on election day which is 7th May. I would urge you to use your franchise to help choose the new Parish Council. I had a visit recently from Dave Carter who appropriately lives on Carters Close. He had been walking his dog in the early evening on Mason’s Field and had spotted a barn owl quartering the field and he thought that I might like to know about it. I told him that I already was aware of this having had an email a couple of days previously from Dave Revell showing pictures of the bird, quite impressive. Also, I was told on Sunday 19th April that Pat Brock had seen a swallow, no doubt the ‘scout’. It always seems to be that swallows appear at the top end of the village some time before we see them down here, it is usually around Mayday before we get our first visitors. There would seem to be some uncertainty about our Post Office as a notice has appeared on the Village Hall notice board saying that due to the resignation of the village postmaster the Post Office will be temporarily closed. However, the shopkeepers say that it is because their turnover in insufficient. I will comment no further.



On a Saturday morning in April a number of people gathered at the Village Hall car park wielding rakes, shovels and wheelbarrows. Why was this you might ask? The reason was that a large quantity of gravel appeared and needed to be spread over the rather meagre existing gravel to restore the surface to something somewhat better. After a couple of hours work the task was complete and it certainly looks much better for it. Now is the time again for the White Hart Beer and Sausage weekend and this year it will be starting on Friday 1st of May but please note that Friday is for villagers only. The other village event is Mayday on The Knoll with Maypole dancing and other attractions on Monday 4th. I am extremely sorry to note the passing of Pat Quinn who died in Willen Hospice. Our condolences go to Sheila and to the rest of the family. The following piece was submitted by Doris Stephens of Church Road: “Fame for Sherington “My granddaughter, Alison, who lives in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, is a quite capable needlewoman. Just recently she was invited to join a group of Trowbridge ladies who were planning the making of a Trowbridge Tapestry to mark the forthcoming anniversary of the signing of the Magna Cara. She went to the first workshop and the lady organiser addressed the meeting with the following words: ‘I have done some research into this project and have a very interesting picture of a similar tapestry made by ladies of a little village in Bucks called Sherington. It’s quite the most attractive I have come across.’ “Alison paid her usual Easter visit to me, visited the Village Hall, talked with Mrs Enid Pepper and Kay, and has gone back equipped with all the details of Sherington’s ‘most attractive’ work.” Many thanks to Mrs Stephens for this lovely snippet. Don’t forget to keep me up to date with what’s going on – Tel.: 01908 216214 or



SHERINGTON PRE-SCHOOL NEWS Here we are at the beginning of the Summer term and we welcome Mary and Albert to Pre-school. We hope everybody had an enjoyable and restful Easter break. We are looking forward to a busy time as we explore the theme of ‘Life Cycles’ and start visiting ‘Tom’s Garden’ more regularly as we observe growth and change around us. The children have already planted pea and sunflower seeds and we will be planting French and runner beans, carrots and lettuce seeds. We are also looking at the way we grow and animals, with lots of stories and activities to support this. We play outside as much as possible the children love Den Building and playing with natural materials, sand and water, pouring, mixing, measuring and making magic potions as well as playing games with the parachute developing their co-ordination and listening skills. We are planning to have George back from 'Action Kids' to come in for quite a few sessions in the summer term which promotes fun physical skills and some French sessions with Slavica (Mateo’s Mum). The children benefit so much from these and have such amazing memories remembering the French greetings and counting that she teaches them as they play! Our Parents Evening was very successful, it provided an opportunity for the staff to meet parents to discuss their child's development. Preschool is flourishing and we have a waiting list for September which is lovely for the village, we also have many children from North Crawley and Newport Pagnell and we receive positive feedback from all new parents who visit with their children. Don't forget to come along and support the Pre-school at the May Day celebrations on the Knoll on the 4th May. We will be selling raffle tickets for our very popular Italian Hamper which is 'full' of goodies and the children can Hook a Duck or two for a small prize. You can also watch the dancing around the May pole and may be join in. 27






Another aspect of bell ringing is visiting other towers and ringing other people’s bells. This helps to hone the skills of ringing bells and gives you greater experience, People also like to visit other towers and some can get quite keen about ringing at all the towers they can. In April there was a fund raising event for Hanslope, called Hanslope on Tour, where you could sign up on a per tower or for the day and go and ring at 16 different Church towers in a timed list, of which Sherington was one (our slot being around 11 am to midday). So if you heard the bells on Saturday 11th, this is what was happening. The event itself started at 9:30 and finished at about 6pm. I might have sign up for it but I was engaged elsewhere on a bell ringing course trying to learn a method called Grandsire Doubles. This is a 5 bell method and is one of the oldest methods still regularly rung, with it being conceived in about 1650 and is normally attributed to Robert Roan who became master of



The College Youths, a ringing society still in existence today and in ringing circles is very highly regarded. Our next few practices are: 14th May 7:30pm – Sherington

28th May 7:30pm – Sherington

11th June 7:30pm – Sherington

25th June 7:30pm Chicheley

9th July 7:30pm – Sherington

23rd July 7:30pm – Sherington

If you want to come and have a look or a go, you are very welcome, just come up and say ‘Hi.’ Mark _______________________________________________________________________

On Tuesday 14th April, Liz Knight gave us a talk about her filming experiences with the TV show "Victorian Farm" with domestic historian Ruth Goodman, Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn on the Acton Scott estate in Shropshire. Followed by a selection of agricultural songs from the "house band" Tony, Caroline, Liz and Dave, with the singing being led by Philip Smith. Our next meeting (Tuesday 12th May) is what we call a Members Meeting. This is an opportunity to catch up with the archiving with the new items that we have recently acquired. This month we are aiming to replace the folders that currently hold our collection of SCAN magazines, as well and playing catch up with the newer items that need to be filed. June Meeting: Trip to Cowper and Newton, Olney After the success of the Stacey Bushes Museum of Rural Life last June, we have planned a visit to the Cowper and Newton Museum in Olney. Anyone is welcome to join us if you so wish. DEADLINE FOR JUNE – 18 MAY 30

We will meet at Sherington Village Hall Car Park at 6:30pm for 6:45pm, as the tour is due to start at 7pm. So an earlier start than normal. The ticket prices are: Entrance with Introductory talk


Entrance with Guided Tout




You can choose between the Introductory talk / guided tour. There are a number of stairs at the museum, so if you find a lot of stairs difficult, best to do the talk and not the tour. You can also choose not to have refreshments or not. If you would like to come along, please contact Caroline or Mark (01908 216543) or Kay and let your choices known as we need to have an idea of numbers to let the museum know. Pat Quinn It is with great sadness that I have to inform you of the passing of Pat Quinn. Pat has been a supporter of the Society for many years, always helping where he could, with being front of house for our Jolly's and helping out at the Open Days and at other meetings. He will be missed by our little group and we send out thoughts and prayers to Sheila and family at this time. Photographic competition We are organising a photographic competition to run over the summer (closing date 31st August 2015). The subject is to be “Wild Sherington”. The aim is to build up a record of the wildlife and wild plants of Sherington for the Historical Society, which can be added to in the future, to create a historical record of flora and fauna in the village. There are 3 categories of entry – Under 11, 11-18 and Over 18. Take as many photographs as you want of any wild animals, insects, birds, reptiles (no domestic animals, e.g. dogs, cats, pet rabbits etc.or farm animals, e.g. sheep), or any wild plants (no cultivated garden plants). Each photograph must state the time, date, location, subject (put ‘not known’ if you can’t identify the subject), and the category it will be entered into (Junior entries to include the age of the photographer). All images should be emailed to



the following email address: Any queries should also be sent to this email address. You don’t have to have a good camera to take a good photo. Composition is the important thing. Entries will be accepted from all devices capable of taking still images – e.g. mobile phones, tablets, compact cameras, DSLR cameras – in any standard digital format. The photos will be uploaded to this website, and a final shortlist will be exhibited as prints in the Village Hall on a specific day for public viewing. The winners will be chosen by a photographer from the village. The winner in each category will receive a trophy. The copyright of each photo will remain with the photographer. However, as a condition of entry into the competition, the Sherington Historical Society will have the right to publish the photos for Historical Society purposes. MV ______________________________________________________________________

THE NEW THURSDAY GROUP 7th May Get Together for Lunch at The White Hart - 12.30 pm 4th June 40th Anniversary Summer Party - 7.30 pm

The New Thursday Group meets in Sherington Village Hall on the first Thursday of each month at 8.00 pm, unless otherwise indicated. It is open to all ladies from the village and surrounding area and new members are always very welcome. There is a varied programme of talks by visiting speakers, outings and events throughout the year. If you would like more information please contact Julie Smith on 01908-615043 or, alternatively, just come along to the village hall for one of the meetings.



Press Release 14th March 2015 Olney Ward Councillor pledges to go the extra mile for The Royal British Legion Olney Ward Councillor, David Hosking, has pledged to put his fitness to the test and support serving members of the Armed Forces, ex-service men and women and their families by signing up to take part in the Milton Keynes Marathon for The Royal British Legion. David is now hard in training for the marathon which takes place on Bank Holiday Monday 4th May, 2015 and covers a distance of 26.2 miles through the roads and redways of Milton Keynes, finishing at Stadium MK. By taking part, David hopes to raise ÂŁ2,500 to help The Royal British Legion provide practical, emotional and financial support to all members of the British Armed Forces past and present, and their families. Of his pledge to support The Royal British Legion David said: "Having completed three half marathons in 2014, I wanted to step up to the full marathon this year. Many of my family and friends have served in the military and I know about the essential work that The Legion does in supporting our Armed Forces and their families. For me, it was a simple decision to run the Milton Keynes Marathon for these people." Chris Roberts, Chairman of the Olney and District Branch of The Royal British Legion, believes that David's pledge will also help raise the profile of Mayor elect, Keith McLean's, own fundraising efforts for the charity which are due to start in May. “We are delighted that David has chosen to run the Milton Keynes Marathon in support of The Legion's work. Whether it's families coping with the loss of a loved one, help at home to adapt to independent living, recovery centres for injured personnel, money and careers advice or residential care, all of the money raised will be put to good use." You can sponsor David by visiting his JustGiving page:

ENDS For more information or to arrange photos and interviews contact David Hosking on 07977 996192.



THE MOBILE LIBRARY Will stop at NORTH CRAWLEY – Kilpin Green – 9.40am – 10.10am LITTLE CRAWLEY – Cottages, Little Crawley Rd – 10.15am – 10.30am SHERINGTON – High Street – 10.45am – 11.15am CLIFTON REYNES - Robin Hood Pub - 11.30am - 12.00pm NEWTON BLOSSOMVILLE – School - 1.15pm -2.15pm LAVENDON – Village Hall car park – Horseshoes Pub – 2.30pm – 3.35pm

On the following Wednesdays Apr 15 29

May 13 27

June 10 24

July 8 22

Aug 5 19

Sept 2 16 30



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'Vacancy from Easter, please contact church wardens for church enquiries'

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Sherington Ward was abolished in May 2014. We are now part of the new Olney Ward which has 3 councillors: Peter Geary, David Hosking and Keith McLean. Details are on the MK Council website. Keith McLean is the Deputy Mayor. Headteacher - Sherington C of E School Ms Anne Shedden 01908 610470 Headteacher – North Crawley C of E School: Mrs Kathryn Crompton 01234 391282 Sherington Pre-School 01908 611398 – or 07538 695918 Chairmen of Parish Councils or Parish Meetings Astwood Mrs M Powell-Shedden, Home Farm, Hardmead 01234391180 Chicheley Mr R J Ruck-Keene, Hill Farm 01908 611901 North Crawley Mrs Roz Hatton, 87 Kilpin Green, MK16 9LZ 01234 391073 Sherington Mr Alec Denman, 5 Perry Lane, Sherington 01908 612455 Secretaries of Church Committees North Crawley Mr N Freeman, 2 Church Walk 01234 391350 Chicheley Mrs Christine Girard, Newgate Cottage 01234 391489 SCAN Correspondents North Crawley Mr Fred Flower 01234 391480 Astwood Voluntary Contributors ----------------Chicheley Mr D Robertson 01234 391371 Sherington Mr M Inskipp 01908 216214 Hardmead ----------------SCAN Treasurer and Advertising Manager Mrs Christine Barry, 71A Kilpin Green, North Crawley, MK16 9LZ 01234 391328 Editor Mrs Betty Feasey MBE, 13 School Lane, Sherington, MK16 9NF 01908 611587 printed by: Murrays the Printers Ltd. Alston Drive, Bradwell Abbbey, MK13 9HF - 01908 326560

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