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w ritte n by SHERIL BE NNE T T TURNER photo g raphed by KRIS DECKER


’ve often thought that June is the most optimistic

ready to take home and put in a vase. This is quite a ro-

month. As spring showers give way to summer’s more

mantic way to carry flowers for an outdoor wedding.” By

constant sunshine, Mother Nature conspires to make

using unique leaves, exotic flowers, and berries, the men’s

everything she touches flourish. Is it any wonder, then, that June is one of the most popular months for weddings?

boutonnieres can also have a fresh outdoor feel. When it comes to the actual flowers, the choices

Who wouldn’t want to begin a new life with constancy

available today are endless. “Thank heavens for the Inter-

and growth. With this in mind, Renee Duvall and Carole

net!” Renee exclaims. “Florists were once limited to only

Ormond, floral designers and co-owners of Four Winds

local markets. Now we can go online and get peonies and

Florist in Landrum, offer some suggestions on how to pick

sweet pea from Holland, large-headed roses from South

the perfect flowers for your warm weather wedding.

America, wildflowers from California, and exotic flowers

“Because the Upstate is so beautiful, couples often

from Hawaii.” Traditional wedding flowers are also still

choose to have outdoor weddings and receptions with the

popular. “A hand wrapped bouquet of four or five long

mountains and lakes as the backdrop,” Renee says. “We’re

stemmed calla lilies is a really simple but sophisticated

seeing a definite trend toward less structured and more

look that goes well with today’s gowns,” remarks Renee.

natural floral elements that enhance this scenic beauty.”

“And by using cluster roses in your arrangements instead

Simple archways that frame a glorious view, outdoor

of traditional single roses, you can create a natural, Eng-

aisles lined with scented blossoms, and tent ceilings deco-

lish garden look.”

rated with flower-filled parasols are great embellishments

As far as colors are concerned, any hue that you can

for this type of setting. “And because this area is also an

imagine is likely to be had. “We’re doing a lot of arrange-

equestrian paradise,” Renee continues, “a bride has the

ments accentuated with pale green flowers such as green

opportunity to arrive like Cinderella in a horse-drawn

hydrangea blossoms and lime cymbidium orchids which

carriage festooned with romantic garland.”

have a wine throat. This bright spring green really makes

Instead of a structured, compact bouquet on a

the other colors, even white, really pop.” Whatever your

holder, some brides are opting for a more relaxed, casual

choice of flowers or florist, Renee has one last suggestion,

look. Hand wraps are very popular now,” Carole explains.

“Choose a good floral designer and give them creative

“This is a natural, hand-held long stem bouquet. It’s very

freedom to design for you. Let them be inspired by your

European — reminiscent of going to the local flower

wedding. Your wedding should be unique and different. I

market and picking up a wonderful bouquet tied together

haven’t had anyone yet throw the bouquet back at me!”

68 GreerNow JUNE 2007

07-06 Picking Flowers  

GreerNow Magazine

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