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CENTURY Y.A.L September 2011

Tutoring is in full session at Century this month. With the help of our staff and Deputies our kids are working hard to complete all their homework for the week.

This month the kids used their creativity in designing encouraging posters for the Compton High School Foot ball team. The posters were displayed for the players during their games. We enjoyed supporting local athletes and hope to make it to their next foot ball game.

COMPTON Y.A.L September 2011

This month we did a YAL clean up where we clean the backyard, front yard, gym floor, boxing area, restrooms and computer room. The goal achieved was team work by bringing students and youth mentors together as a team. The students learned the importance of cleaning up after themselves and being responsible.


COMPTON Y.A.L September 2011 This month the Compton YAL dance program hosted its first of many dance shows in the form of a Luau . It was a small event opened to friends and family members of the dancers and other YAL students. All the dancers did a wonderful job and were excited to see their hard work pay off. For the 10th year anniversary of 9/11 over 15 students wrote notes of acts of kindness and posted it on our main entrance wall and each student was held accountable to follow thru on their act of kindness. The task was to do something nice for friends, family members or neighbors on 9/11. They also made a video for that day. And finally we had our own ‘YAL Earth Day’ everyone turned of f their cell phones and any other electrical devices and we all went outside to clean up in the surrounding area of the program. We talked about the importance of saving energy.


September 2011

This month our kids participated in a beach clean up. We went to the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach and removed trash that was in the environment.

The kids at our YAL worked hard this month to show their appreciation of what Deputy Lozano does for them. They made a signed frame with pictures from the YAL and presented it to him at the beach.

This month we took a trip to the Los Angeles County Fair. For many kids it was their first time going and they enjoyed getting to see the animals and go on the rides they had at the fair.

INDUSTRY Y.A.L September 2011 Students from the Law Enforcement Academy of La Puente High School were able to experience their first college football game at The LA Coliseum. At this USC vs. Syracuse football game the students were able to experience a touch of college life to inspire them to take the leap and apply to college this upcoming fall.

The community service beautification project for this months project was to clean the YAL center in preparation for the upcoming school year. The kids cleaned and organized the facility in the morning then got treated with a pizza party before departing for the USC football game as a reward in the evening.

LAKEWOOD Y.A.LSeptember 2011

At the end of August , YAL youth leaders who attended the Outdoor Youth Connection leadership camp lead Teen Camp with the supervision of adult chaperons. Teem Camp was five days long . The teens we transported to San Mateo camp grounds in San Clemente were the youth leaders lead the group in activities that promoted teamwork, leadership development and character building.

Teens from the Lakewood YAL engaged in their monthly philanthropic event at the Senior Mobile Home Estates in the city. The YAL members took an active role in assisting senior citizens who have limited mobility due to various personal health issues. These teens made an impact on their community by making these homes aesthetically pleasing to the residents.

MARINA DEL REY Y.A.L September 2011

For the month of September, the students began a two month long Teddy Bear and Friends drive. These stuffed animals are to be donated to a local homeless shelter. The students realize that the stuffed animals that they may not want anymore can comfort another child in need. Reading is highly encouraged at our YAL. Occasionally we have our students read aloud to the rest of the class. This enhances the students’ reading skills as well as their listening skills.

NORWALK Y.A.L September 2011 The children were so happy to be back at the YAL. They were welcomed back with punch and cookies

The community service project the Norwalk YAL particiapatited in for September was the free rice program. The free rice program is a website run by the United Nations World Food Program. For each word you define correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated to help end world hunger. This site is educational and it runs you through words and definitions This program improves vocabulary and it makes them feel good to do something for others and it teaches compassion and empathy. The kids enjoyed The Rice Game so much now they play at home and at the YAL.

PALMDALE Y.A.L September 2011

This month our kids helped out at Seemore’s Birthday Bash. They helped with the set- up, clean up, and were demonstrators for the events. We also had some of our queens to help with recycling, and handing out free clothes and costumes to the community. We handed out over 100 pieces.

This month the kids were able to enjoy some sporting events that included the USC opening game and the LA Dodgers Vs. Pittsburgh Pirates. A few of the kids received signed balls from the Pirates’ players.

PICO RIVERA Y.A.L September 2011 For the Month of September the Pico Rivera YAL selected their S.Y.L.C members. The newly elected President: Robert Romero, Vice-President: Starlette Covarrubias, Secretary: Pricila DomĂ­nguez, and Treasurer: Pablo Perez

The staff had a discussion with the teen on the importance of discipline. The Y.A.L teen had the opportunity to meet the Pico Rivera Sheriff Explorers. They share the importance of being professional, productive, discipline and respectful, this gave two teens from the Y.A.L a strong desire to participate in the Explorer program.

A speaker by the name of Oscar Murrijo came to talk about respect with the Y.A.L teens. Oscar mentioned many interesting topics. Some of the topics discussed were first impression, making good and poor choices and judging people by their race or ethnicity. He gave the teens a demonstration on a proper firm handshake. and also taught the teens how to keep eye contact when shaking someone’s hand.

SANTA CLARITA Y.A.L September 2011 This month we started our SYLC Kickbacks. The kickback is a way for our SYLC members to relax and have fun after two weeks of completing homework, assisting staff and behaving properly. This past week we grilled burgers, listened to music and played the Wii.

For our community service this month we assisted Parks and Rec. in their community appreciation day. The SYLC members painted kids faces, they were in charge of handling the food, and had to keep the lines moving at a steady pace.

SOUTH LA Y.A.L. September 2011

After the kids showing such an interest in fishing during the Catalina camping trip last month we decided to take the kids on a fishing trip. The boat left out of Marina Del Rey. We went fishing for Sculpin, Red snapper, And Rock fish. The kids had a great time, for many of them it was their first time being on the boat in the ocean. Community service project: The leadership will be cleaning out and organizing a storage bin at the center. Which contains many of are haunted house supplies that we’ll need in October.


TEMPLE Y.A.L September 2011

This month the Temple YAL participated in the annual Coastal Cleanup in Long Beach. The students picked up trash and debris along Belmont Shore and tracked what they collected to assist in an environmental evaluation. By doing this they realized what an impact one person can have in keeping our California beaches clean.

The youth were also given the opportunity to attend the LA County Fair in Pomona this month as a back to school treat. They were able to enjoy rides, delicious fair foods, games and interact with other YALs.

WALNUT Y.A.L September 2011 This month the Walnut Sheriff’s Youth Activities League made personalized scarves for the homeless. The youth worked throughout the month to complete this project. The scarves will be distributed to the homeless next month when they will prepare and serve dinner for a local homeless shelter.

The “A” Team awards were for the 20102011 academic year were given out. The recipients of the grand prize were given a Play Station Portable combo pack with a game as well as a movie as a reward. Each winner turned in over 50 “A’s” on tests throughout the school year!

WEST HOLLYWOOD Y.A.L September 2011 This month as a celebration for our PenPAL class, the students went to Millions of Milkshakes in Hollywood. With help from the staff, they were able to go behind the counter and create their own custom milkshakes.

The West Hollywood YAL attended the OYC Leadership Camp . They participated in outdoor activities, workshops, teambuilding and camping. Through this program they were able to develop their leadership and life skills and brought these ideas back to the YAL

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