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ALTADENA Y.A.L March 2012 SYLC MEETINGS We meet every Wednesdays at 5p.m. UPCOMING EVENTS Beautification project at Charles E. Farnsworth park march 27th

Monday Tutoring 3:00-4:00 spring break Basketball 4:00-5:00 Life skills 5:00-5:50

Comic book club coming in April Frisbee golf club coming after

Tuesday Tutoring 3:00- 4:00 Fun fit 4:00- 4:50 Passion program 5:00-5:50 Wednesday Tutoring 3:00- 4:00 Basketball 4:00- 4:50 SYLC 5:00-5:50 Thursday Tutoring 3:00- 4:00 Art Classes4:00-4:50 Leadership class 5:00- 5:50

Youth Center News‌. Beautification project at Farnsworth went without a hitch . Anthony Diaz won first place for his science project in this years Eliot middle school science fair . Eliot Middle school will be leaving for Spring Break Starting April 2nd until the April 6st . Our center celebrated Deputy Gabrie Birthday , March 27th .

CENTURY Y.A.L. March 2012

This month the Century Y.A.L. kicked off its new reading program by participating in Read Across America Day on March 2.

The kids read books by Dr. Seuss and colored pictures of the Lorax in their art class.

At the end of the month, four of our most involved Y.A.L. members had the opportunity to go to a leadership training conference in Anaheim.

It was a great opportunity for them not only to develop their leadership skills, but to meet kids from other PALs and enjoy some time at Disneyland.

COMPTON Y.A.L March 2012

On March 14th 2012 the students at the Compton’s YAL participated in a 20 year time capsule project. Students wrote letters, dug a 3ft. hole and buried over 25 letters in a home-made time capsule.

Many students did not know what a time capsule was but as it was explained to them they became ecstatic, and excited to be be a part of YAL history.

The capsule will be dug up on March 14th 2032 and it is filled with handwritten letters from each Compton YAL student. Some students said that they will come back to view the opening in 20 years.

EAST LA Y.A.L March 2012

Events for the month of March 2012 included a field trip to the campus of UCLA to attend a Medical Conference for aspiring future doctors. Visits to our sister Temple YAL in order to show my kids that we are not confined to city boundaries and to build bridges outside our community that will last a lifetime. We attended "kicks for Kids“ Galaxy soccer game at the Home Depot Center. We finished off the month by attending the Annual CalPal Youth Leadership Convention in Anahiem.

INDUSTRY Y.A.L March 2012

For the month of march, Industry was luck enough to combined our biggest event with the community service activity for the month. Our basketball season had come to an end and we held the annual Basketball Awards Ceremony for the participating kids. All the kids got a trophy and ticket for the chance to win themselves a bike! The above pictures show two of the division winning teams as well as one of the winners of the 6 bikes. Our LEA students from La Puente High School were able to attend the event and help our with the event. They help set up the awards as well as distribution of awards and raffle tickets. The Class 10 class Sergeant also got the chance to lead the entire venue in the pledge of allegiance to start off the awards ceremony.


March 2012

This month the YAL Lakewood teens enjoyed a professional soccer match at the LA Galaxy’s CONCACAF Champions League game vs. Toronto FC. For several of the members this was their first professional sport event and they were excited to be in an area such as The Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. This evening was filled with cheers, popcorn and fancy dribbling skills.

Members of the YAL attended a lecture hosted by Black Mat MMA with guest speaker Mark “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Munoz, UFC Fighter. The teens assisted Munoz in demonstrations. Munoz shared his inspirational life story with the teens and provided them with a positive outlook on life along with teaching them a few of his signature MMA moves.


This month our students were able to take part in the CALPAL Leadership Academy. This Leadership Academy provides students the opportunity to gain hands on experience as well as the challenge to rise to a new level of leadership. During the conference they learned that they are the leaders of today. In their own words: “We are the change not of tomorrow, but of today!�

Our program offers BEAR classes, in which Deputies teach young people, who do not have bicycles of their own, basic bicycle restoration and advanced safety skills.

NORWALK Y.A.L March 2012 Upcoming events for April • Spring Break 4/ 9 – 13/12 • Griffith Park Observatory 4/11/12 • Easter Bash 4/9/12 • Shelter Partnership 4/10/12

On March 3, 2012 Norwalk YAL worked together with Shelter Partnership by cutting the tags off of clothes donated by different companies. The children removed the tags from the clothing and then they boxed the items to be distributed to women’s homeless Shelters.

We were so happy to go to the Home Depot Center In Carson, Ca. and attend a LA Galaxy vs. Toronto Soccer game. This was the first time for our kids to go to a soccer game at the Home Depot Center

We had a St. Patrick’s Day Dance and the children surprised Ms. Ruby with a birthday cake, beautiful cards, and gifts she was thankful for their thoughtfulness.

PALMDALE Y.A.L March 2012

This month, our community service project touched home. Our deputy Mr. Johnie Oates III took ill and we made cards and banners to allow him to have in his room. Our prayers are with him.

Throughout the obstacle and trials that we faced, we finally made it to the leadership convention. The kids had a wonderful time at Disneyland and California Adventure ** Thanks to all the YALs && CAL PAL for the love and support.


PICO RIVERA March 2012 “Juicing does the body good� This month our teens learned about breaking bad habits and creating knew ones by juicing fruits and vegetables. They also learned about the nutrients and the benefits to a healthy body.

As part of our community service the YAL teens gather as a group and shared responsibilities in cleaning our center. The teens were taught that by working together as a team they can accomplish the task in a timely manner.

Hard work paid off!! Two teens from El Rancho High School Ambar Fraire and Starlette Covarubias were chosen to represent CAL PAL Leadership Academy that took place in Anaheim. The teens got to explorer and interact with other chapters of the CAL PAL. Our teens had an awesome time and wanted to thank the YAL for the opportunity of a life time.

SANTA CLARITA Y.A.L March 2012 This month we hosted a pizza party for our flag football teams. Once they finished eating and celebrating their season we presented them with certificates of appreciation. A plethora of our programs have also shown an increase in numbers because of the newly added snack program. Not only has this program increased our numbers, but it has also taught our kids how to be patient and work together. This past weekend we took our top three SYLC members to the leadership conference in Anaheim. This conference showed our kids how to become better leaders, how to work with each other, and how to get out of their comfort zone and meet new people. Last because of the date change of the leadership conference and because the kids had no school we had to change our community service. Instead of walking through the community and clearing weeds and brush from fire hydrants the children did a quick walk through of our park and cleaned it up.

Upcoming Events • 4/2 – 4/9 Spring Break •4/4 SYLC Field Trip •4/6 Community Easter Party •4/9 G.O. Field Trip •4/14 SYLC Comm. Service

SOUTH LA Y.A.L. March 2012

During the month on March we graduated a B.E.A.R. class and awarded the children bicycles. They worked really hard for the past six weeks restoring their bikes back into shape. South LA also made some new additions to the gym. We now have a new exercise bicycle, treadmill, and a elliptical machine. These new machines have brought more people into our YAL to exercise and whip into shape. The leadership council along with the YAL kids wrote letters to troops this month for their community service projects. Four members of our leadership council also attended the leadership conference in garden grove where they gained valuable leadership skills.


TEMPLE Y.A.L March 2012 As part of our colorful flags curriculum, on the Spanish language, the Temple YAL held a Spanish potluck. The youth brought in a variety of delicious Mexican dishes and we had a fun family style meal.

The CALPAL Leadership Academy was a big event for four of our youth this month. These chosen officers showed outstanding Leadership skills and fundraising efforts throughout the past few months, and they were rewarded with the opportunity to attend the conference to brainstorm with other YALs, listen to inspiring speakers and visit Disneyland!

Upcoming Events April 2nd -5th FamCamp @ Leo Carillo Beach April 12th Beach Trip April 28th Goodwill Fundraiser

Our teens volunteered at Pamela Parks Annual Easter Event. They helped set up, assisted the younger youth with finding eggs, helped with sack races and one of our teens even dressed up as the Easter Bunny for the enjoyment of all the children present.

WALNUT Y.A.L March 2012 ďƒ˜The SYLC board at the Walnut YAL volunteered at the traveling Vietnam Memorial at Rose Hills. The youth was able to help at the event by assisting people with finding their loved ones names on the wall.

ďƒ˜Charlie Prado, a YDC board member and Walnut SYLC president, exemplified his leadership skills at the CAL PAL conference. His speech about becoming a leader in the community motivated youth around California.

WEST HOLLYWOOD Y.A.L March 2012 March proved to be a GREAT month! Students came eager to participate in one of our newest programs:


<--------Inspired by a guest speaker at her school, WeHo YAL Member Kayla Nahum, came to us expressing a desire to practice reading more. A few weeks later, we had a group of 8 kids willing to meet together once a week to read and have discussion together. It has been pretty amazing. :)

Above: WeHo Book Club!!!


This month students joined the . Becoming familiar with the issues of HIV/AIDS and hunger across the globe. They used social media to help spread awareness to friends, family, and local government representatives. Students learned how to reach out to local government representatives about issues that concern both their community and beyond.

YAL Newsletter for March 2012  

More excitement going on out our now 17 YALs!

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