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CENTURY Y.A.L August 2011

Our kids participated in a theater workshop this month conducted by Alana Ogio a student of Theater Arts. Ogio has studied theater for over eight years and has appeared in commercials and various stage productions. The workshop taught the kids how to develop a storyline and creating characters whether dramatic or comedic. The kids were broken up into groups and wrote and directed they're own plays. The kids had a lot fun putting together costumes and rehearsing their skits.

COMPTON Y.A.L August 2011 This August at the Compton YAL has been full of appreciation. The B.E.A.R Program honored students who had a graduation ceremony after successfully completing the five-week program. Lt. Vickie Stuckie and Deputy Abi Ben-Sahile present students with a B.E.A.R certificate of completion (Left)

Not only was the Compton's bike program a success but over 5 students were honored for their reading abilities and completion of the summer reading program. Each student was assigned to read five books and to write five essay on what they had read.

After the reward ceremony for BEAR and the reading program, we all ate fresh fruit and ice cream cake, while hanging out with each other. We appreciate every student that participates in our programs and we look forward to more continual growth at the Compton YAL.

COMPTON Y.A.L August 2011

The students at the Compton YAL are getting in shape with their own body weight!

The kids receive an introduction to basic weight training and proper lifting.

The kids are learning how to stay in shape with fun fitness games. .

EAST LOS ANGELES Y.A.L August 2011 This month several of our kids were chosen to attend an important event at California State University, Fresno, called “Life After High School.�

During the four days they spent at the university, our kids experienced what it was like to be a college student. They lived in the dorms and ate at the dining commons, while attending classes every day on the basics of college survival, such as how to apply, get financial aid, and succeed in their courses.

At the end of the month, we celebrated the end of summer with a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Our kids enjoyed themselves on all the rides along with their good friends from the Temple YAL.

LAKEWOOD Y.A.L August 2011

August 9th to August 11th members of the Lakewood YAL traveled to Silver wood Camp grounds to participate in a teambuilding and leadership camp hosted by Outdoor Youth Connection. Participants of this camp will be leading Teen Camp at the end of the month.

On August 17th, Deputy Malcolm and Ms. Sandra lead members on a hike through Avalon Cove in Rancho Palos Verdes.

MARINA DEL REY Y.A.L August 2011

During the month of August, Marina Del Rey held its 2nd Annual Charity Celebrity Basketball Tournament to help fundraise for a van for the YAL. Students from all YALs were invited to play games at the tournament.

Also, for our last fieldtrip of the summer YAL, the students went rock climbing. Rock climbing was a brand new experience for them and allowed them to share a common interest with their Mentor.

NORWALK Y.A.L August 2011

The YAL kids enjoyed the Aquarium of the Pacific . They feed sting rays, and observed sea and plant life, it was a great experience.

We made a Big splash at the at the Science Center, oh, I mean we got splashed.

The YAL kids really are HOT, HOT , HOT!!!

We could tell the kids had a great time at the Science Center by the smiles on their faces.

The kids were lucky to have two BBQ’s this month, one Luau and one Thank You to Dep. Mark party. We are going to miss him, the kids had a lot of fun thanks to Mark.

PALMDALE Y.A.L August 2011

4 Lucky college bound individuals were able to attend the Fresno State “Life after high school experience” which allowed the children to experience and prepare themselves for college life. They received info in the difference in UC’s , Cal States, Private and Junior College, Vocational/ Trade Schools, and other pertinent info for better preparation for the college days to come.

For our Community service project with Seemore the eagle eye program and Parks and Rec, the children performed for at least 10 other parks(for the closing of summer explosion) an anti- bullying skit along with entertaining the crowd with dancing.

SANTA CLARITA Y.A.L August 2011 In our little community of Val Verde our local non-profit organization the CBFC (Community Benefits Funding Committee) has shown our YAL a lot of support. So this month as a result of all the support they have given us we decided to clean and organize many of their signs and logos. There is a total of five signs in our community and all of them were covered by weeds, bushes, vines, and trash. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to drive around the community and clean them up. We cleared the signs, picked up trash and basically made the signs legible, that way when people enter or leave the community they can read the signs and they can see upcoming events or community notices such as free dump day, sports and YAL sign ups. At the end of the day three groups benefited from this, our SYLC program participated in a community service for the month, the CBFC had their signs cleaned, and finally the community benefited because we beautified our community and made it easier for them to read the upcoming events.

SOUTH LA Y.A.L. August 2011

Camp Courage was a wonderful experience for the children and staff members alike. They had an opportunity to experience many team building exercises as well as a high ropes course that really put them to the test on trusting themselves and getting over their fears. The deputies also gave wonderful talks to the boys about being men and being responsible for their actions. It was truly a great bonding experience for all. .

TEMPLE Y.A.L August 2011

This month the Temple YAL had the opportunity to take many trips, from Camp Courage, Life after High School in Fresno, the Hollywood Bowl and a week long camping trip in San Siemon, where they visited the famous Hearst castle, and enjoyed the beach along with the East LA YAL.

At Camp Courage, the boys were able to participate in archery, rock climbing and rope obstacle courses.

WALNUT Y.A.L August 2011

This month the Walnut Sheriff’s Youth Activities League went to CAL PALs Life After High School event in Fresno. To the left is a picture of the kids on our fishing trip to Marina Del Rey.

To the right is a picture of the kids in the YAL getting some back to school supplies!


For an end of summer celebration the West Hollywood YAL took a trip to Huntington Beach. They had an amazing day enjoying the sunshine with their friends.

Three lucky students from the West Hollywood YAL had the opportunity to visit DreamWorks Studio in Glendale. They participated in story-telling and Animation workshops to gain an insight into what it takes to work for an animation studio.

Youth Activities League August Newsletter  

Please check out our latest programs and events from our various centers!

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