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Projects & Solutions Mini Guides To complement the Projects & Solutions Catalogue we have produced several Mini Guides that run through popular boating projects. They are FREE to view online, download to your computer, tablet or mobile & available to print out for easy reference. You will find links to these (known as QR Codes) throughout the Projects Book for direct access to the particular guide. Simply scan the black & white squares & view!

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The Freeman Cruisers ClubClub Freeman Cruisers Owners Join The Freeman Club! When you own a Freeman you are welcome to join the Official Freeman Owners Club, possibly one of the largest boat clubs in the country. The Freeman Owners Club is a great way to keep in touch with us for all the latest information and products that relate to your Freeman. When you join we create an account for you which holds as much detail on your boat as you can provide so that we are able to supply the correct spare parts to you in a timely fashion - hopefully giving you more time to enjoy cruising and less time worrying and sourcing replacement parts.

Freeman Cruisers Owners Club Burgee IN006

As well as many useful technical ‘ditties’ The Club provides several other benefits from discounted boat insurance, product discounts and is a central point for all members. Periodic ‘Sheridan Liner’ newsletters are sent discussing all the latest news and products etc. too! As a member of the Freeman Owners Club you can also then fly the Freeman Club Burgee with pride! - Join the Club for FREE online or call us for information!

Freeman Insignia

Freeman Club Cap One-size-fits-all


The Freeman Cruisers Badge IN002

Freeman Floating Keyring IN010

Freeman Pin Badge IN014

Freeman Registration Tag IN005 SHERIDAN MARINE

Freeman Blue Polo Shirt Medium IN055A Large IN055B Extra Large IN055C

Freeman Sport Boat Badge IN003


Freeman Red Polo Shirt Medium IN056A Large IN056B Extra Large IN056C

Freeman Self Adhesive Name Sign (300x100mm) Silver IN015A Blue IN015B Brown IN015C



Freeman Cruisers Owners Handbook BK008

Chrome Plated Self Adhesive Freeman Insignia Name Sign IN001

Discounted Boat Insurance One of the benefits of joining the Freeman Owners Club is the genuine discount for your boat insurance. We have a long term relationship, well over 40 years, with Haven Knox-Johnston, a renowned marine insurance company, who provide us with access to reduced rate boat insurance that we pass to members. To receive your discount simply join the Club and an insurance form will come in the ‘Welcome Pack’ or go online for further details. Your personal Club Number will be required for the discount to take affect but the savings can add up! SH

Vinyl Boat Names




The art of traditional boat sign writing has all but disappeared. We are now able to provide personalised vinyl adhesive names in a variety of colours and an extensive range of type settings. Applying a new set of names is an easy task these days as the vinyl is self adhesive. We offer a Freeman Club Member discount on all new names too.

Personalised Lifebuoy Rings With discounts available for Freeman Club members you can personalise a classic red and white lifebuoy ring with your boats name or a personal message to add your own mark on board! Hand made in house with our vinyl printer you can choose from blue or black lettering, multiple typefaces and have up to forty characters (ten in each white section A, B, C, D). The lifebuoy ring measures 65cm in diameter and features a red nylon safety rope threaded around the lifering.

Personalised Lifebuoy Ring Testimonial: “I would like to say a big THANK YOU to you and your team, who put together and made the lifebuoy ring that I ordered from you last week, for my partners birthday. It was delivered on time and my partner was over the moon with it. Thank you once again.”

Buy or Sell your Freeman Cruiser

Go online to the official Freeman Cruiser website for information and all the latest news. Explore the Freeman range in detail, read through the Frequently Asked Questions, follow the ‘Log Book’ of activity and join the Owners Club for FREE!

The Freeman Boat Sales Introductory Scheme is an effective and economic way to buy or sell your Freeman. Whether you are looking to upgrade or stop boating the Freeman Sales Scheme maybe able to help in the search for a buyer interested in Freemans. Visit the Freeman Cruisers website for more details and registration.


Cleaning & Maintenance Regular Cleaning It is obviously necessary to wash your boat regularly but without disturbing the integrity of the materials. It is surprising the amount of damage that can be caused using household cleaners, particularly those containing ammonia. It is advisable to use proprietary boat cleaners which are not even expensive! Boat Wash in a Bottle

• • • • •

Simple, effective boat wash Environmentally friendly Biodegradable Suitable for fibreglass, metal, plastic, vinyl & painted surfaces Leaves no streak marks or soapy residue

Boat Wash & Wax

• • • • •

500ml CM007A

500ml CM007

Liquid Rubbing Compound

• • • • •

Abrasive compound cleaners Restores fibreglass Removes, stains, stratches & medium or heavy oxidisation Applied by hand or buffer machine 500ml

Premium Marine Polish • with PTEF • • •

Medium 500ml CM005AA Heavy 500ml CM005A

Fibreglass Colour Restorer

• • •

Restores faded gelcoat Liquid formula with mild abrasive microbeads Works well after a compound clean such as Liquid Rubbing Compound to refine gelcoat

Marine Polish

• • • •

• • • •

Simple, effective sail & canvas cleaner Environmentally friendly Biodegradable Removes dirt, grease & light mildew stains Cleans & brightens material colours

Vinyl Cleaner & Shampoo

• • • •

500ml CM049


Long lasting protective marine boat polish User-friendly, easy to apply & remove Repels dirt, grime, oil & stains With PTEF, a non-stick material, to leave a durable and lasting protective coating Provides UV protection 500ml CM003A Easy-to-use, light boat polish that leaves a longlasting shine Apply with a cloth & wipe off when dry Provides UV protection to help avoid fading Fast acting 500ml CM007D

500ml CM005B

Sail & Canvas Cleaner •

Simple, effective boat wash & wax Environmentally friendly Biodegradable Suitable for fibreglass, metal, plastic, vinyl & painted surfaces Provides UV protection

Cleans & conditions vinyl Removes dirt, grease & mildew stains Suitable for vinyl boat canopies, cockpit cushions & helm seats Restores brightness & freshness to vinyl 500ml CM009A

01491 652085 Waterproofing with PTEF

• • •

Waterproofing for fabric canopies & hoods Non-stick PTEF repels water & prevents residue build up Spray-on (650ml only) or brush-on application

Formula One Cleaner

• • • •

Multipurpose marine cleaner & degreaser Biodegradable Water soluble alkaline detergent Spray or wipe on

250ml - CM342B 750ml - CM342 5L - CM342A 80 wipes - CM343

650ml - CM6139 3.79L - CM6139A

Seasonal Cleaning

How to clean the exterior

An abrasive wash will shift the winter weathering. A hand or machine Download our guide compounding will shift light oxidisation and a coat of a hard polish to exterior cleaning will bring back the shine and protect your boat throughout the season. of your boat.

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For your boats gelcoat superstructure





A quick wash followed by an abrasive compound.

Colour Restorer helps to bring back the gelcoat colour.

A light polish for a good sheen.

A tough, long lasting, polish to protect your boat.

Boat Wash in a Bottle CM007

Rubbing Compound CM005A

Colour Restorer CM005B

For your boats vinyl, plastic and canvas

Premium Marine Polish CM003A

Light Marine Polish CM007D

When cleaning the canopy, first decide whether it is vinyl or canvas and wash with the appropriate cleaner. Follow up with the finisher; either vinyl protector or canvas waterproofing & protector. Canvas

Vinyl / Plastic

Vinyl Polish & Restorer CM009




Vinyl Cleaner Shampoo CM009A

Vinyl Protector CM009B

Canvas Cleaner CM049

Waterproofing CM6139

Occasionally, it is good practice to work hard on the hull and superstructure to help protect the gelcoat, even using a polishing tool rather than elbow grease if at all possible (note: beware of high speed drills and grinders as their speed can burn the plastic; polishers run at a relatively low speed).

01491 652 085


Cleaning & Maintenance Easy Scrub Abrasive Cleaner

• • •

Mildly abrasive boat cleaner for stubborn stains Contains micro-beads that work to loosen dirt Pour solution on to surface and work in

3M Fibreglass Restorer • & Wax •

500ml CM007B

Sea Safe Boat Wash

• • • • •

500ml CM060

Environmentally friendly Biodegradable Fast acting boat wash Suitable for fibreglass, metal, plastic, vinyl and painted surfaces Can be used with either fresh or salt water

Premium Cleaner Wax

• • • •

1L CM352

Vinyl Polish & Restorer • • • •

• •

• •

Sea Safe Biodegradable Hull Cleaner 1L



Heavy duty one-step cleaning wax Restores fibreglass, metal & painted surfaces Leaves a protective PTEF coating to guard against future dirt build up Removes oxidation, chalk & fading from dull GRP 950ml CM087

Removes stains from vinyl Keeps vinyl soft & supple to help prevent drying & cracking Brings the sheen back to dull vinyl Contains UV inhibitors

3M Vinyl Conditioner & Protector

• • • •

500ml CM009

Vinyl-Brite Protector

A liquid rubbing compound for removing medium to heavy gelcoat oxidation Combined with carnauba wax which leaves a high gloss, protective coating

A creamy gel cleaner, conditioner & protector Cleans vinyl, rubber & plastic surfaces Will not leave a film or attract dust Contains UV inhibitors to help prevent colour fading 250ml CM059

A protective dressing for vinyl surfaces Provides a protective barrier against UV rays to limit sun fading & weathering Simple spray-on, wipe-off application For vinyl canopies & seating 473ml CM009B

Extra Abrasive Cleaner • • • •

1L CM001

Teak Cleaner

Teak Brightener




Abrasive compound cleaner Cleans heavily oxidised, scratched & hazed surfaces Formulated to cut back surface to clean finish Suitable for gelcoat


Premium Teak Oil 473ml CM008B

01491 652085 Non-Skid Deck Cleaner • with PTEF •

Removes ground in dirt & stains from decks Leaves a non-skid, protective barrier with built-in PTEF that helps prevent dirt build up Biodegradeable with built-in UV inhibitors

Hemple Pre-Clean

• • •

1L BP023

1L CM007C

Boat Guard Speed Detailer & Protectant

• •

Easy spray on shine & colour restorer High tech PTEF polymers bond to surfaces to enhance shine & colour Contains UV inhibitors to help prevent colour fading

Ultimate Xtreme Clean • • •

650ml CM319

Black Streak Remover

• • • •

Grunt! Boat Cleaner

Autoglym Fast Glass Window Cleaner 500ml


A strong, non-abrasive cleaner Instantly breaks down & cleans black streaks Useful for cleaning old window rubber staining Simple spray-on application 650ml CM078

• Cleans hard to shift stains • Penetrates into gelcoat pores neutralising & absorbing stains • Liquid gel for easier use on vertical surfaces 1L CM370 Rain View

Repels water from glass & improves visibility in wet weather 237ml


A concentrated, water soluble cleaning & degreasing agent Removes grease, fuel, oil, wax & silicones A useful cleaner to wash down surfaces prior to painting

All purpose cleaner that loosens & dissolves grease & grime Biodegradable Simple spray-on application, sponge evenly & allow to work for 15-30 seconds before wiping or brushing off 650ml CM318

Inflatable Boat & Fender Cleaner

• • • •

Heavy duty cleaner for plastic, rubber & vinyl Removes dirt, grime, stains & oxidation from inflatable boats & fenders Leaves protective polymer coating Contains UV inhibitors 500ml CM301

Rub Rail Restorer

• • • •

Rejuvenates rubber Adds a UV protection coating to surfaces Prolongs the life of rubber Enhances the appearance of faded & weathered rubber

500ml CM649

Plastic Scratch Remover 237ml


01491 652 085


Cleaning & Maintenance Autoglym Super Resin • Polish • •

Easy to use combination cleaner, polish and protector sealant Apply to a clean surface for a super sheen finish Excellent light polish for that mid-season spruce!

Instant Hull Cleaner

• • •

1L CM083

325ml CM005

Autosol Metal Polish

Removes corrosion Brilliant long lasting, high lustre finish • Helps protect metals • Suitable for chrome, stainless steel, brass, Autoglym Metal Polish aluminium, copper & alloys Autosol 75ml CM006B Autoglym 55ml CM006A

Chrome & Stainless Steel Cleaner

• •

• • • •

Super Stainless

• •

Aluminium Cleaner

• • • •

Y-10 Fibreglass Stain Remover “The Original”

• • • • •

Cleans & protects metal fittings in one easy application Protects against pitting, discolouration & rusting Simply wipe on and lightly buff to a sheen Finishes with a polymer protective coating 273ml CM080

Boat Bottom Cleaner

Quickly and easily neutralises & removes rust & corrosion stains A liquid gel that can penetrate fittings where traditional pastes cannot reach No rubbing or scrubbing required! 500ml CM372

Rust Stain Remover

An acid based aluminium cleaner Biodegradeable Effectively removes ground in dirt, algae & stains from deck fittings Brightens dull fittings

Boat Cover Cleaner

• •

A rapid, non-abrasive waterline stain remover Works in 10 minutes Removes yellow/brown stains through absorption Unique gel can be ‘painted’ on & adheres to vertical surfaces Contains oxalic acid 300g CM324 Environmentally friendly, water based boat bottom cleaner Effective at cleaning stubborn stains, calcium, algae, rust, barnacles, mussels & foreign matter Easy spray application 850ml CM082

• • •

Designed to work without any rubbing or scrubbing Spray on, allow to soak in and rinse off Helps to release hard, ground in rust stains from boat surfaces such as gelcoat & stainless steel 650ml CM320

950ml CM079A


Removes waterline scum & rust stains from the boats hull Simply wipe-on & rinseoff Does not contain harsh chemicals or strong acids

Removes dirt and stains from boat covers, sail covers, tarpaulines, outboard covers & bimini tops Spray on for improved application 650ml CM317

01491 652085 Bird & Spider • Stain Remover • • • •

Quickly dissolves spider & bird droppings Easy spray applicator Droppings break down for easy wiping off Non-toxic & non-abrasive Safe for use on most materials including plastic, fibreglass, metal, vinyl, wood etc. 650ml CM096

Cleaning Tools

Boat Deck Brush CM011

Extendable Soft Wash Brush CM115

Spider Away • • • •

Environmentally friendly & nonharmful repellent Lasts for 3-6 months Easy spray applicator Safe for use on most materials including plastic, fibreglass, metal, vinyl, wood etc. 650ml CM097

Scrubbing Deck Brush CM011A

Boat Deck Mop CM010

Auto Glym Aqua Wax Kit with Microfibre Cloth 500ml CM090 Cleaning Cloth CM014B

Extends from 120-180cm with water feed

Soft Cleaning Sponges CM125 Polish Applicator Sponge CM130

Lay-Flat Water Hose WA990

with 1/2” garden hose stopcock adapter

Chamois Leather CM014AA

20m coil

Microfibre Cloth CM128

Mix & Match Brush System Plastic Brush Handle CM012B 4ft long

Metal Brush Handle CM013 5ft long

Extending Brush Handle CM013A Extends 3ft-5ft long I Float!

Water Fed Brush Handle CM013F Extends 3ft-5ft long


with rope loop!

Soft Brush CM012C Medium Brush CM012D Hard Brush CM012E Mop - Clip CM013B Mop - Screw CM013F Chamois Mop CM013C

01491 652 085

Wash Bucket CM111

Adapter Hook End CM013D CM013E


Deck Fittings Freeman Chrome Fittings Original Freeman Cruiser deck fittings are still being manufactured. Originally made in bronze; they are built to last. From cleats to fairleads and chain pipe caps to handrail brackets, we try very hard to continue the manufacture of these unique fittings. Open Handrail Bracket

1”(I.Ø) x 63mm(H) x 48(Base Ø)

DF226B Closed Handrail Bracket 1”(I.Ø) x 63mm(H) x 48(Base Ø)

DF226C Open Handrail Bracket with Locating Screw

1”(I.Ø) x 63mm(H) x 48(Base Ø)


Deck Mount Flagstaff Socket

28mm(I.Ø) x 58(H) x 72(L) x 58(W)

Fender Cleat

Flat Top Tank Filler Cap



Mooring Cleat

Dome Top Tank Filler Cap



168mm(L) x 36(H) x 19(W)


Water Filler Name Plate TA051

Hatch Pin Socket

Petrol Filler Name Plate TA050


Diesel Filler Name Plate TA052

84mm(L) x 28(H) x 35(W)

125mm(L) x 68(H) x 78(Base Ø)


48mm(L) x 48(H) x 26(W)

Port Side (left) Hatch Pin DF219


Transom Mount Flagstaff Socket 1”(I.Ø) x 75mm(D) x 70(L) x 40/58(W)


Bow Roller Body DF245 Exchange only

Bow Roller Roller DF246 Bow Roller Pin DF247


Starboard Side (right) Hatch Pin DF219A

Chrome Chain Pipe Caps Freeman 22 & 23 Freeman 22 & 23 Freeman 25 & 26

DF233 DF233A DF233B

Hatch Pin DF219B Chain Pipe Body DF234A

Exchange only

Bow Stemhead DF272 Exchange only

Mast Base DF225 Exchange only

Original Mast Bolt DF224

Mast Bolt DF224A

01491 652085

Freeman Chrome Plated 2 pin Deck Plug & Socket 12/24 volt - 5/7 Amp

Freeman Boarding Ladder Bracket WP011C

LF034 Freeman Chrome Plated 2 Pin Deck Plug 12/24 volt - 5/7 Amp

LF036 Freeman Chrome Plated 2 Pin Deck Socket

Download our quick guide to installing a deck fitting.

Scan me Chrome Footstep Plate with Black Rubber Matting

12/24 volt - 5/7 Amp

230mm(L) x 82(W) x 5(H)



Spring Loaded Boat Hook Holder

Mastic Tape Sealant Mastic tape forms the seal between the fittings and the boat, we find it is the best solution to help prevent water ingress to the hull or superstructure. The properties in mastic tape allow it to flex with the movement of your boat and when tightened down it leaves a thick flexible membrane.

How to fit a deck fitting

32-60mm(I.Ø) x 52(H) x 47(Base L) x 24(Base W)

15 Metre Roll Per Metre Per Foot

CM018 CM019A CM019

Chrome FF750 Brass FF750A

Re-chroming Re-chroming can make your existing fittings look like new. The items are cleaned, triple chrome plated and polished. Prices vary depending on the quantity of items. Not every item on your boat may need re-chroming, it is a good idea to look at your boat, flash your eyes like a camera and re-chrome the items that stand out and have caught your eye. These are the highly visible fittings and the ones that will benefit the most from re-chroming.

Deck and furniture fittings before and after re-chroming - they come back looking like new!

Freeman Fittings Stainless Steel Pulpit Flagstaff with Eye & Cleat 460mm(L) x 19(Ø)

ST046A Fits in Pulpit Rail Socket ST047

Flagstaff Pulpit Rail Socket

19mm(I.Ø) 19-25mm Clamp Diameter


Stainless Steel Footplate ST048 Footplate Rubber Pads (pair)

FW009 Stainless Steel Triangular Lacing Canopy Hook 27mm(L) x 27(W) x 20(D) x 16(FHC)


01491 652 085

Freeman Trailer Eye Bolt DF263


Deck Fittings Mooring Cleat

Freeman Aluminium Fittings The ‘New Style’ Freeman Cruisers such as the Freeman 24’s, 27’s and 33’s were generally fitted with aluminium deck fittings to match the change in design and most of the theses are still manufactured.


Mast Base DF225A

Chain Pipe Cap DF233C


Fairlead DF216A Bow Stemhead DF273

Filler Tank Cap TA054A

Flagstaff Socket Transom Mount DF217D Fender Cleat

Bollards & Cleats Galvanised Bollard

Galvanised Cleat

100mm(L) x 23(W) x 58(H) x 71(Ø)

100mm(L) x 15(W) x 28(H)



Galvanised Cleat

Galvanised Bollard

152mm(L) x 18(W) x 35(H)

152mm(L) x 26(W) x 75(H) x 89(Ø)

DF928B Chrome Bollard


125mm(L) x 18(W) x 62(H) x 65(Ø)

Square Bollard

112mm(L) x 16(W) x 23(H) Chrome DF908 Brass DF908A


Brass Bollard

Square Bollard

125mm(L) x 18(W) x 62(H) x 65(Ø)

150mm(L) x 22(W) x 27(H) Chrome DF909 Brass DF909A


Square Bollard


DF213A Mooring Cleat

Fender Cleat DF215A

200mm(L) x 28(W) x 36(H) Chrome DF910 Brass DF910B


See also...

Mooring Ropes on Page 118

50mm(L) x 7(W) x 18(H) Chrome DF232B Brass DF232BA

Fender Cleat

75mm(L) x 8(W) x 25(H) Chrome DF1060 Brass DF1060A

Fender Cleat

100mm(L) x 10(W) x 30(H) Chrome DF1070 Brass DF1070A

Fender Cleat

130mm(L) x 12(W) x 33(H) Chrome DF1080 Brass DF1080A

Chrome & Wooden Cleat 220mm(L) x 32(W) x 42(H)

DF902B Chrome & Wooden Cleat 260mm(L) x 39(W) x 50(H)


01491 652085

Fairleads & Eyes Aluminium Rectangle Fender Eye

Lacing Eye

Spring Clip Fender Eye

47mm(L) x 5(W) x 15(H) Chrome DF720 Brass DF720A

18mm(I.Ø) x 50(L) x 38(W) x 32(H)


Stainless Steel Fender Eye

35mm(L) x 32(W) x 24(H)


Lacing Eye

10mm(I.Ø) x 35(L) x 29(W) x 21(D)


52mm(L) x 5(W) x 16(H) Chrome DF9538 Brass DF9538A

Angled Fender Eye

Eye Plate

Spring Clip Fender Eye

40mm(L) x 36(W) x 27(H) Chrome


15mm(I.Ø) x 37(L) x 38(W) x 30(H) Chrome DF215C Brass DF215H

53mm(L) x 30(W) x 21(H) Chrome DF700 Brass DF700A

Angled Fender Eye

Chrome Offset Fairlead (pair)

Chrome Fender Eye Plate



15mm(I.Ø) x 28(L) x 29(W) x 32(H) Chrome DF5281 Brass DF5282



53mm(L) x 30(W) x 21(H)

78mm(L) x 34(W) x 23(H)

Flagstaff Sockets 19mm (3/4”) Angled Flagstaff Socket

Deck Mount Flagstaff Socket

19mm(I.Ø) x 45(H) x 52(Ø) Chrome DF217G Brass DF954

28mm(I.Ø) x 58(H) x 72(L) x 58(W)

25mm (1”) Angled Flagstaff Socket

Flagstaff Socket with Ferule


25mm(I.Ø) x 55(H) x 57(Ø) Chrome DF217H Brass DF217M

25mm(I.Ø) x 50(H) x 80(L) x 61(W)


Chrome Deck Mount Flagstaff & Socket Trem Vertical 7/8” Flagstaff Socket

Stainless Steel 20mm Flagstaff Socket



22mm / 7/8”(I.Ø) x 85(H) x 78(Ø)

20mm(I.Ø) x 42(H) x 85(L) x 42(W)

Trem Angled 7/8” Flagstaff Socket

Stainless Steel 25mm Flagstaff Socket



22mm / 7/8”(I.Ø) x 95(H) x 78(Ø)

25mm(I.Ø) x 50(H) x 90(L) x 46(W)

01491 652 085

500mm(H) x 13(D) x 86(Base L)


See also...

Flagstaff & Red Ensigns on Page 39


Deck Fittings Freeman Handrails

Mastic Tape 15 Metre Roll Per Metre Per Foot

CM018 CM019A CM019

25mm Open Handrail Bracket

Mahogany Handrail 9ft Open Handrail Bracket Closed Handrail Bracket Open Handrail Bracket with Screw

25mm(I.Ø) x 62(H) x 50(Base Ø) Chrome DF750 Brass DF752

WP028A DF226B DF226C DF226D

25mm Closed Handrail Bracket 25mm(I.Ø) x 62(H) x 50(Base Ø) Chrome DF750A Brass DF752A

Stainless Steel Handrails

30mm Open Handrail Bracket 30mm(I.Ø) x 74(H) x 66(Base Ø) Chrome DF755 Brass DF757

3/4”(19mm)(Ø) x 12”(300mm)(L) 3/4”(19mm)(Ø) x 24”(615mm)(L) 1”(25mm)(Ø) x 12”(300mm)(L) 1”(25mm)(Ø) x 24”(615mm)(L)

30mm Closed Handrail Bracket

DF6219 DF6220 DF6223 DF6224

30mm(I.Ø) x 74(H) x 66(Base Ø) Chrome DF755A Brass DF757A

Stainless Steel Angled Handrail Bracket 22mm

Stainless Steel Angled Handrail Bracket 25mm

22mm(I.Ø) x 50(H) x 30(Base L) x 40(Base W) Open DF764A Closed DF760A

25mm(I.Ø) x 50(H) x 30(Base L) x 40(Base W) Open DF764B Closed DF761A

Anchor Chain & Chain Pipes

See also...

Anchors & Mooring Equipment on Page 119 Galvanised Anchor Chain

6mm (1/4”) per metre FE004 8mm (5/16”) per metre FE005

Small Aluminium Anchor Chain Pipe

Large Aluminium Anchor Chain Pipe



78mm(H) x 77(Ø) x 35(I.Ø)


100mm(H) x 100(Ø) x 50(I.Ø)

Multiplait Anchor Rope 12mm per metre


01491 652085

Hatches & Pulpit Rails Freeman Hatch Rubber Suitable for Freeman 23, 24, 27 & 32’s

See also...

Hatch Sockets & Hatch Pins on Page 12


Freeman 22 Mk1 Hatch HT040

Freeman 22 Mk2 Hatch HT040A

Rail Brackets & Connectors Stainless Steel Circular Rail Mount

Polished 316 Stainless Steel Twin Grub Screw Fastening 44mm(H) x 65(Ø) 43mm(FHC) 22mm / 7/8” (I.Ø) DF120 25mm / 1” (I.Ø) DF120A

Stainless Steel Angled Rectangle Mount Polished 316 Stainless Steel Twin Grub Screw Fastening 60 Degrees Angle 52mm(H) x 77(L) x 44(W) 27 & 60mm(FHC) 22mm / 7/8” (I.Ø) DF125 25mm / 1” (I.Ø) DF125A

Stainless Steel Low Profile Angled Rectangle Rail Mount Polished 316 Stainless Steel Twin Grub Screw Fastening 30 Degree Angle 42mm(H) x 95(L) x 44(W) 27mm(FHC) 22mm / 7/8” (I.Ø) DF126

Pulpit rails can often be repaired and straightened. Some popular ones are stocked, others maybe made to order. Stainless Steel Corner Bracket Rail Connector

Polished 316 Stainless Steel Six Grub Screw Fastening 90 Degrees Angle 50mm(H) x 50(W) x 50(D) 22mm / 7/8” (I.Ø) DF130A 25mm / 1” (I.Ø) DF130B

Stainless Steel ‘T’ Bracket Rail Connector

Polished 316 Stainless Steel Three Grub Screw Fastening 90 Degrees Angle 50mm(H) x 50(W) x 28(D) 22mm / 7/8” (I.Ø) DF128A 25mm / 1” (I.Ø) DF128B 30mm / 1 3/16” (I.Ø) DF128C

Stainless Steel Right Angle Bracket Rail Connector Polished 316 Stainless Steel Twin Grub Screw Fastening 90 Degrees Angle 50mm(H) x 50(W) x 28(D) 22mm / 7/8” (I.Ø) DF127A 25mm / 1” (I.Ø) DF127B

Stainless Steel ‘Y’ Bracket Rail Connector

Polished 316 Stainless Steel Two Grub Screw Fastening 60 Degrees Angle 50mm(H) x 57(W) x 28(D) 22mm / 7/8” (I.Ø) DF129A 25mm / 1” (I.Ø) DF129B 30mm / 1 3/16” (I.Ø) DF129C

Chrome Cable Glands Chrome Cable Glands

14mm(H) x 32(Ø) x 20(FHC) 6mm I.Ø DF810A 8mm I.Ø DF810B

01491 652 085

Chrome Cable Glands

14mm(H) x 32(Ø) x 20(FHC) 6mm I.Ø DF810A 8mm I.Ø DF810B


Deck Fittings Deck Filler Name Plates Chrome Deck Filler Name Plates

80mm(L) x 20(W) x 4(H)

Freeman Chrome Deck Filler Name Plates

Most Popular

Water TA051A Diesel TA052A Pump Out TT020

66mm(L) x 20(W) x 3(H) Petrol TA050 Water TA051 Diesel TA052

Chrome Rinse Out Filler Name Plate 62mm(L) x 15(W) x 4(H) Rinse Out TT021

Brass Deck Filler Name Plates

78mm(L) x 18(W) x 4(H) Diesel TA047B Water TA047C

Fuel Safe

A fuel theft protection device for fuel filler pipes that prevents insertion of a siphon hose into the fuel tank. Suitable for 1 1/2” - 2” Hose Diameter

Brass Deck Filler Name Plate

82mm(L) x 28(W) x 4(H) Pump Out TT047D Rinse Out TT047E


Stainless Steel Deck Filler Key

Deck Filler Spare Keys Most Popular

188mm(L) x 42-100(W min-max) x 5(Pin Ø)

Plastic Universal Deck Filler Key 16mm Hexagon Tip 9mm Straight Tip 5mm Thin Straight Tip 20mm Centre Pins 27mm Centre Pins


Plastic Deck Filler Key 18mm Hexagon Tip 5mm Thin Straight Tip 25mm Centre Pins


Brass Deck Filler Key 15mm Hexagon Tip 8mm Straight Tip 5mm Thin Straight Tip



Stainless Steel Deck Filler Key

45mm(L) x 22(H) x 30(Pin Centres) x 5(Pin Ø)




8 point 23mm star 130mm(L)

Metal Deck Filler Key


6 point 20mm star 130mm(L)

Octagonal Star Key


16mm Hexagon Tip 5mm Thin Straight Tip

Hexagonal Star Key

Stainless Steel Octagonal Star Key 8 point 25mm star 130mm(L)


01491 652085

Deck Fillers Chrome Plain Deck Filler

58mm (2 1/4”) Hose Diameter 16mm Height Above Deck 88mm Base Diameter 85mm Filler Length


Stainless Steel Petrol Deck Filler Stainless Steel 316 (with key) 51mm (2”) Hose Diameter 7mm Height Above Deck 89mm Base Diameter 80mm Filler Length


Stainless Steel Diesel Deck Filler Stainless Steel 316 (with key) 51mm (2”) Hose Diameter 7mm Height Above Deck 89mm Base Diameter 80mm Filler Length


Stainless Steel Water Deck Filler Stainless Steel 316 (with key) 51mm (2”) Hose Diameter 7mm Height Above Deck 89mm Base Diameter 80mm Filler Length


Freeman Fuel Delivery Hoses 2 1/4” (58mm) Internal Diameter


More hose sizes available

2” (51mm) Internal Diameter


Freeman Water Delivery Hose 2 1/4” (58mm) Internal Diameter


Sanitation Hose 3/4” Internal Diameter JB062A 1 1/2” Internal Diameter JB062B Plastic Toilet Pump Out & Key 33mm (1 1/4”) Hose Diameter 3mm Height Above Deck 95mm Base Diameter 70mm Filler Length

Stainless Steel Quick Lock Deck Fillers 51mm Hose Diameter 8mm Height Above Deck 94mm Base Diameter 77mm Filler Length Fuel TA180A Diesel TA180B 38mm Hose Diameter Water TA180C

Fuel Filler with Handle

51mm (2”) Hose Diameter 5mm Height Above Deck 85mm Base Diameter 75mm Filler Length Chrome TA178A Brass TA179A

Diesel Filler with Handle 51mm (2”) Hose Diameter 5mm Height Above Deck 85mm Base Diameter 75mm Filler Length Chrome TA178B Brass TA179B

Water Filler with Handle

38mm (1 1/2”) Hose Diameter 6mm Height Above Deck 85mm Base Diameter 75mm Filler Length Chrome TA178C Brass TA179C

Toilet Pump Out & Key

38mm (1 1/2”) Hose Diameter 5mm Height Above Deck 100mm Base Diameter 110mm Filler Length Chrome TT056 Brass TT056A

Toilet Rinse Out, Key & Name 19mm (3/4”) Hose Diameter 5mm Height Above Deck 81mm Base Diameter 81mm Filler Length Chrome TT057 Brass TT057A


01491 652 085


Deck Fittings Boat Cabin Ventilation The original plastic mushroom ventilator fitted to the Classic style Freeman boats bearing the “S/L” emblem is now obsolete but the hole can be adapted to suit the look alike replacement (DF249A) which are slightly larger. However, this is a major benefit for the Boat Safety Scheme which requires more ventilation in the cabin. Placing a piece of plastic hose or a hose clip on the shaft, so the ventilator cannot be fully closed, turns it into a permanently opened ventilator which is a part of the Boat Safety Scheme requirements.

Cabin Vent DF249A

An Interior Liner (DF294AA) can be added as a finishing touch inside. A fly screen can stop flying insects entering but they also restrict air flow, so additional ventilation maybe required to compensate.

Most Popular

Plastic Mushroom Ventilator

Vetus Stainless Steel Portos Mushroom Ventilator

Vetus Stainless Steel Athos Mushroom Ventilator

Vetus Stainless Steel D’artagnan Mushroom Ventilator




85mm(I.Ø) x 117(E.Ø) 30cm² Free Flow Air

108mm(I.Ø) x 150(E.Ø)


Plastic Mushroom Ventilator Interior Liner Fits inside the Plastic Mushroom Ventilator for interior aesthetics


122mm(I.Ø) x 152(E.Ø) 45cm² Free Flow Air

Low Profile Ventilite Ventilators

Stainless steel with clear plastic insert, fly screen & weatherproof rubber seal 33mm(H) x 91(I.Ø) x 230mm(E.Ø) Stainless Steel DF249B White DF249C

147mm(I.Ø) x 185(E.Ø) 76cm² Free Flow Air

Low Profile Ventair Ventilators

Stainless steel with clear plastic insert, fly screen & weatherproof rubber seal 33mm(H) x 91(I.Ø) x 230mm(E.Ø) Stainless Steel DF249G White DF249D

Stainless Steel Clam Shell Ventilators 40mm(L) x 44(W) x 16(H)


60mm(L) x 54(W) x 22(H)

Stainless Steel Louvred Ventilators

Recessed large capacity air flow vents 210mm(L) x 113(W) x 39(H) 3 Slot FF006A 325mm(L) x 113(W) x 39(H) 5 Slot FF006B



Perko Stainless Steel Clam Shell Ventilators

38mm(L) x 40(W) x 16(H)


55mm(L) x 50(W) x 16(H)


Ventilite & Ventair Ventilators

Low profile weatherproof vent. Also replacement inserts for the Low Profile Ventilators 33mm(H) x 91(I.Ø) x 170(E.Ø) Clear DF249BA White DF249H

Weatherproof Deck Plugs & Sockets Chrome Metal Cap

Chrome 2 Pin Deck Plug & Socket 12/24 volt - 5/7 Amp 64mm(H) x 35(Ø) x 45mm(Base Ø) x 30(FHC) 4 & 5mm Pin Diameters 11mm Pin Centres

Most Popular Black Plastic Cap

Black Plastic Cap

Black Plastic Cap

Black Plastic Cap


01491 652085 Chrome 2 Pin Deck Plug 12/24 volt - 5/7 Amp 40mm(H) x 35(Ø)

LF036 Chrome 2 Pin Deck Socket

12/24 volt - 5/7 Amp 26mm(H) x 45(Base Ø) x 30(FHC) 4 & 5mm Socket Diameters 11mm Socket Centres


Chrome 2 Pin Deck Plug & Socket

Chrome 2 Pin Deck Plug 12/24 volt - 5/7 Amp 40mm(H) x 35(Ø)

12/24 volt - 5/7 Amp 65mm(H) x 35(Ø) x 45(Base Ø) x 30(FHC) 4 & 5mm Pin Diameters 11mm Pin Centres

LF036 Chrome 2 Pin Deck Socket



Chrome 2 Pin Deck Plug & Socket

12/24 volt - 5/7 Amp 28mm(H) x 35(Ø) x 45(Base Ø) x 30(FHC)

Chrome 2 Pin Deck Plug 12/24 volt - 2/3 Amp 34mm(H) x 25(Ø)

12/24 volt - 2/3 Amp 55mm(H) x 25(Ø) x 37(Base Ø) x 25(FHC) 3 & 4mm Pin Diameters 8mm Pin Centres

EL322 Chrome 2 Pin Deck Socket



Chrome 3 Pin Deck Plug & Socket

12/24 volt - 2/3 Amp 23mm(H) x 25(Ø) x 36(Base Ø) x 25(FHC)

Chrome 3 Pin Deck Plug 12/24 volt - 5/7 Amp 40mm(H) x 35(Ø)

12/24 volt - 5/7 Amp 65mm(H) x 35(Ø) x 45(Base Ø) x 30(FHC) 4, 4 & 5mm Pin Diameters 11mm Pin Centres

EL326 Chrome 3 Pin Deck Socket



Chrome 3 Pin Deck Plug & Socket

12/24 volt - 5/7 Amp 28mm(H) x 35(Ø) x 45(Base Ø) x 30(FHC)

Chrome 3 Pin Deck Plug 12/24 volt - 2/3 Amp 34mm(H) x 25(Ø)

12/24 volt - 2/3 Amp 55mm(H) x 25(Ø) x 37(Base Ø) x 25(FHC) 3, 3 & 4mm Pin Diameters 8mm Pin Centres

EL325 Chrome 3 Pin Deck Socket



01491 652 085

12/24 volt - 2/3 Amp 23mm(H) x 25(Ø) x 36(Base Ø) x 25(FHC)


Deck Fittings Wiper Motors, Arms & Blades Most original wiper blades are still available, occasionally it is necessary to change the wiper arm to match a current wiper blade attachment. On the classic range of Freemans the restriction is the diameter of the hole in the windscreen and the depth of the motor in relation to the angle of the windscreen. DF256B (shown first below) fulfils most Freemans requirements whereas DF256C is the waterproof equivalent.

Most Popular DF256B

Stainless Steel 12 volt Wiper Motor Kit

110° sweep with self park 6mm shaft spindle diameter 9mm shaft diameter 62mm shaft length Complete with 5mm slide clip, 8-12” Wiper Arm & 11” Wiper Blade

Stainless Steel Slide Clip Wiper Blades 5mm Slide Clip Width 11” DF257C 14” DF257B

Other wiper motors have various different combinations of wiper arm & blade attachments which can be found on the opposite page.

DF256C Waterproof 12 volt Wiper Motor Kit

These wipers have a 6mm shaft spindle diameter that fits the 6mm Stainless Steel Slide Clip Wiper Arm DF257. This in turn fits the 5mm Stainless Steel Slide Clip Wiper Blades DF257C or DF257B. Hand Windscreen Wiper

110° sweep with self park 6mm shaft spindle diameter 9mm shaft diameter 56mm shaft length Complete with 5mm slide clip, with 8-12” Wiper Arm & 11” Wiper Blade

Stainless Steel Slide Clip Wiper Arm

DF258 Check the windscreen hole diameter in your Freeman windscreen as this is not always suitable

6mm Wiper Motor Shaft Spindle Diameter with 5mm Slide Clip suitable for 11-14” blades


6mm shaft spindle diameter 11mm shaft diameter 57mm shaft length complete with with 5mm slide clip, 7-13” Wiper Arm & 14” Wiper Blade

12v Vetus ORW Wiper Motor Kit

12v Heavy Duty Wiper Motor

110° sweep with self park 6mm shaft spindle diameter 9mm shaft diameter 65mm shaft length Complete with 11-14” Wiper Arm & 12” Wiper Blade

Adjustable sweep settings (80°, 100°, 110° & 120°) with self park 6 or 14mm shaft spindle diameter 16mm shaft diameter 50mm shaft length

12v Long Shaft Wiper Motor

110° sweep with self park 6mm shaft spindle diameter 12.5mm shaft diameter 90mm shaft length





AFi Polymer Wide Slide Clip Wiper Blades

01491 652085

AFi Stainless Steel Wide Slide Clip Wiper Blades

7mm Slide Clip Width 12” DF1007 14” DF1007A 16” DF1007B 18” DF1007C 20” DF1007D 22” DF1007E

Stainless Steel Wide Slide Clip Wiper Blades

7mm Slide Clip Width 11 1/2” DF1012 14” DF1012A 16” DF1012B 18” DF1012C 20” DF1012D

7mm Slide Clip Width 14” DF1001 16” DF1001A

AFi Extendable Wide Slide Clip Wiper Arms with Angle Adjust

6 & 14mm Wiper Motor Shaft Spindle Diameter with 7mm Wide Slide Clip suitable for 10-12” blades Stainless Steel DF1015

14mm Wiper Motor Shaft Spindle Diameter with 7mm Wide Slide Clip suitable for 10-14” blades Stainless Steel DF1016 Black DF1016A

14mm Wiper Motor Shaft Spindle Diameter with 7mm Wide Slide Clip suitable for 14-20” blades Stainless Steel DF1017 Black DF1017A

AFi Extendable Slide Clip Pantograph Wiper Arm

14mm Wiper Motor Shaft Spindle Diameter with 7mm Wide Slide Clip 12-17” DF1020 17-22” DF1020A

14mm Wiper Motor Shaft Spindle Diameter with 7mm Wide Slide Clip suitable for 18-24” blades Black DF1018A

Boat Horns

Twin Freeman Horns (DF238A) would appear to be the closest replacement for the original classic range pair, which are easily screwed to the 12 volt 12 volt Twin Freeman Compact Horn cabin roof. Stainless Steel Stainless Horn Single Trumpet Horn


Double Trumpet Horn

12 volt Stainless Steel 465mm(L) x 200(D) x 135(H)


AFi Double Trumpet Horn

198mm(W) x 85(D) x 62(H)

12 volt Stainless Steel 400mm(L) x 100(D) x 135(H)

12 volt Stainless Steel 400mm(L) x 190(D) x 100(H)


Steel 85mm(W) x 90(D) x 55(H)


Single Freeman Horn

12 volt Stainless Steel 85mm(W) x 85(D) x 62(H)


Single Plastic Horn

12 volt Stainless Steel 95mm(W) x 102(D) x 68(H)


01491 652 085


Twin Horn

12 volt Stainless Steel 202mm(W) x 85(D) x 55(H)


Emergency Fog Horn


Emergency Air Horn

SY006 Refill



Canopies & Covers Canopy Fittings There are dozens of boat canopy fittings, manufactured from stainless steel, chrome brass, brass, nickle and nylon. If you are unable to see the part you require please contact us as we maybe able to help sourcing it. Canopy Eyelet & Base Plate

Canopy Push Buttons - Nickle plated brass

Nickle plated brass


Each HF075B 10 Pack HF520B

Each HF075C 10 Pack HF520C

Each HF075A 10 Pack HF520A

Canopy Turn Button & Backing

Each HF075D 10 Pack HF520D with screw fit popper base

Nickle plated brass


Navy Blue Each HF075AA

Canopy Turn Button

Nickle plated brass Single Height HF057 Double Height HF056

Push Button Popper Kit Material Fitting 6x Nickle Brass HF501A 10x Stainless HF499A

Push Button Popper Kit Superstructure Fitting 6x Nickle Brass HF501B 10x Stainless HF499B

Lift the Dot Fittings

Lift the Dot Screw Thread Double Height Push Clip Peg

Lift the Dot Screw Thread Push Clip Pegs Lift the Dot Socket & Backing Nickle plated brass


6mm peg diameter 16mm peg length 12mm thread length

6mm peg diameter 14mm Peg Length 10mm thread HF060B 15mm thread HF060C

HF060D Lift the Dot M5 Thread Push Clip Pegs 6mm peg diameter 12mm peg length 10mm thread HF061F 15mm thread HF061G

Lift the Dot 2BA Thread Push Clip Pegs Life the Dot Peg & Backing Nickle plated brass


6mm peg diameter 14mm peg length 2BA thread & nut 10mm thread length


Lift the Dot Peg Base Studs

Lift the Dot Pressed Peg Base Stud

Canopy Eyelet & Popper Tools

Turn Button Eyelet Tool HF714


12mm(H) x 11(W) 6mm peg diameter 10mm peg length

Lift the Dot Socket Tool HF718

12 or 17mm(H) x 12(W) 6mm peg diameter 10mm peg length


15mm peg length



Push Button Popper Tool Push Button Popper Tool HF710 HF710A

01491 652085

Canopy Lacing Hooks & Eyes Stainless Steel Lacing Hook

Stainless Steel Triangular Canopy Hook

27mm(L) x 27(W) x 20(D) x 16(FHC)

29mm(L) x 13(D) x 18(H)


Mushroom Lacing Buttons

Marlow White Elastic Shockcord


Lacing Buttons

11mm(H) x 13(Ø) x 4(I.Ø) Nylon DF937A Stainless DF937C

Lacing Hook

40mm(L) x 14(W) x 18(H) Chrome DF214D Brass DF931B

13mm(H) x 19(Ø) x 4(I.Ø) Nylon DF940A Stainless DF940C

Per metre 4mm RP011 5mm RP010 6mm RP008 7mm HF077 8mm HF076

Canopy Elastic Ball Loops & Bungees Black on Black Elastic Ball Loops

Black on White Elastic Ball Loops Pack of 5 75mm RP050A 114mm RP050B

White Shockcord Balls

Pack of 5 75mm RP051A 114mm RP051B 150mm RP051C

6mm(I.Ø) x 26(E.Ø)


8mm(I.Ø) x 33(E.Ø)


Rubber Hood Toggle

White on White Elastic Ball Loops Pack of 5 75mm RP052A 114mm RP052B 150mm RP052C

White Shockcord Balls

80mm(L) 8mm eye diameter

6mm(I.Ø) x 40(L)



8mm(I.Ø) x 42(L)


Traditional Canopy Fittings Traditional Canopy End Plugs

Traditional Canopy Deck Mounts

Traditional Canopy End Caps

Traditional Fixed Canopy Clamps

50m(L) 16mm stud diameter 6mm connecting bar width Chrome HF611 Brass HF611A

25mm(H) x 51(L) x 18(W) Chrome HF620 Brass HF620A

55mm(L) 22mm / 7/8” (I.Ø) Chrome HF605 Brass HF605A

Traditional Canopy Side Mounts 25mm(H) x 55(L) x 15(D) Chrome HF622 Brass HF622A

01491 652 085

32mm(H) x 26(W) x 55(D) 22mm (7/8”) (I.Ø) 8mm connecting bar slot Chrome HF608A Brass HF608B

I open


Traditional Split Jaw Canopy Clamps

33mm(H) x 29(L) x 62(D) 20/22/25mm (I.Ø) 7mm connecting bar slot Chrome HF618 Brass HF618A


Hoods and Canopies &Hardtops Covers Canopy Bar Fittings

Nylon Canopy End Plug

Chrome Canopy End Plug

59mm length 16mm stud diameter 6mm connecting bar

53mm length 16mm stud diameter 3mm connecting bar


with stainless steel thread 14mm stud length 22mm stud length


Canopy Mounts

Nylon M8 Thumb Screw

with stainless steel thread 18mm stud length


Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Canopy End Cap

6mm connecting bar 19mm (3/4”) HF602 22mm (7/8”) HF602A 25mm (1”) HF602B


Nylon M6 Thumb Screw HF604

Stainless Steel Canopy End Cap

Nylon Thumb Screw Clamps

6mm connecting bar 25mm (1”)


with stainless steel 19mm (3/4”) HF600A 22mm (7/8”) HF600B 25mm (1”) HF600C

Chrome Slim Line Canopy Clamp

19mm (3/4”) with 8mm connecting slot HF609

Stainless Steel Fixed Canopy Clamps

with 8mm connecting slot 18mm (3/4”) HF603 22mm (7/8”) HF603A 25mm (1”) HF603B

Stainless Steel Split Jaw Canopy Clamps

with 5mm connecting slot 22mm (7/8”) HF614A 25mm (1”) HF614B 32mm (1 1/4”) HF614C

Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Canopy Deck Mounts Canopy Hinge Mount Canopy Mount

56mm(L) x 16(W) Deck Mount HF641 50mm(L) x 22(W) x 30(H) Side Mount HF642


60mm(L) x 18(W) x 36(H) 7mm Connecting Slot Screw HF619 Quick Release HF619A

71mm(L) x 27(W) x 50(H) 6mm connecting slot Screw HF626 Quick Release HF626A

Canopy Release Mount

Stainless steel with M6 attachment thread Curved HF623 Flat HF623A

Quick Release Canopy Fittings

Quick Canopy Quick Canopy Drop Nose Quick Release Pin Release Pin Release Pin Stainless steel Stainless steel Lanyard & 6mm(Ø) 6mm(Ø) x 21mm Tab x 21mm Working Length



Working Length




Quick Release Pin Lanyard



Stainless Steel Quick Release Split Jaw Canopy Clamps

with 5mm connecting slot 22mm (7/8”) HF616A 25mm (1”) HF616B 32mm (1 1/4”) HF616C

Stainless Steel Canopy Bar Hinge 22mm (7/8”) connecting slot 78mm(L) x 27(W) x 42(D)


01491 652085

Freeman Canopies For many of the Freeman range we have very economical, ready made canopies available. Made from PVC material; blue for the Classic range and stone (cream) for the ‘New Style’ range boats. Canvas is a popular alternative. Canopies can be made to order in a choice of colours and materials with the option of additional zips, windows, internal/external window blinds or other features. Fitting is quite simple but does need some consideration and time, probably best likened to hanging patterned wallpaper! A Fitting guidance sheet is included and if you collect from the shop we will be pleased to demonstrate the fitting.

Canopies Include: • Main canopy with rear, zipped, roll up window section. • Two side-curtains with windows. • Eyelet kit & Fitting Guidance sheet.

Freeman Canopy Accessories Batten Saddle & Screw HF070A Batten Saddle Screw HF071 Copper Tack HF052

Freeman Hardtops

Freeman 22 Mk1 Hood Batten HF065A

Freeman 22 Mk2 Hood Batten HF066A

Freeman 23, 26 & 32 Hood Batten HF067

The Freeman hardtop kit brings more usable space on board and has the effect of enlarging your living area. The side-curtains can be put up or taken down in various ways, for example, to form a wheelhouse by having the two front side curtains up and the back hood and back side curtains down. With a five piece hood there are numerous combinations. F22 Mk1 F22 Mk2 F23 F26

HT000 HT001 HT002 HT004

Hardtop Kits include: • The double skinned glassfibre hardtop with an insulating core. • Two stainless steel upright hardtop back supports. • The canopy, including the main section with a rear window, two two-part side curtains with windows and Velcro.

01491 652 085

How to fit a hardtop Download our quick guide to hardtop installation.

Scan me Hardtop Handrail Kit HT062


Canopies & Covers High Rail Hoods & Slide Kits High rail hoods are another option which allows further space in the cockpit by giving a near vertical back to the hood and separating the cross bars, which in turn allows a door way in each side curtain. It is usually also possible to convert an existing hood with the Freeman canopy slide rail kit. Whilst this adds another stage to raising and lowering the hood, it eliminates the cross bar, making access to the cockpit considerably easier; without the need of additional canopy modifications in many cases too!

How to fit a canopy slide kit Download our quick guide to installing a slide kit.

A Freeman 23 with a 61cm Canopy Slide Kit (HF650A)

Scan me

Stainless Steel Slide Track

Slide Track Mounts

All-in-One Pivoting Slide Mount HF645

Nylon Canopy Slide Kit for

19mm(W) x 8(H) 61cm HF640 91cm HF640A

56mm(L) x 16(W) Deck Mount HF641 Side Mount HF642

Canopy Slide Kit

with Chrome Fittings 61cm Track HF655A 91cm Track HF655B



Slide Track Slide Stops Track Screw HF643 End Stop Spring HF643A HF644


Vinyl Cleaner Vinyl Cleaner Vinyl-Brite & Shampoo & Polish Vinyl Protector 473ml




Brass Canopy Eyelet Kit


with Nylon Fittings 61cm Track HF650A 91cm Track HF650B

16mm(I.Ø) rails

Waterproofing with PTEF 500ml CM6139 3.79L CM6139A

Snap & Zipper Lubricant

Canopy Slide Kit

includes 12x 1/2”(I.Ø) eyelets, hole cutter, punch & punch base




Brass Eyelets & Backings 1/2”(I.Ø)


Canvas Cleaner

Canopy Seam Sealant




Brass Eyelets & Backings Kit 20x 3/8”(I.Ø)



Boat Canopy Trim End Cap

22mm(L) x 18(W) x 3(H)


01491 652085

Freeman Fitted Covers Freeman Fitted Covers are an excellent way to keep the boat wrapped up, out of the elements, ashore or afloat. Made from lightweight yet durable ‘Silver Odyssey’ material these boat covers feature: • Two zipped openings for access into the cockpit. • Draw string ties which pull the cover around the bottom of the rubbing strake. • Velcro flaps for mooring ropes at the bow & stern. • Pull tags all around for additional tie down when covering your boat out of the water. • Extra durable protection at hard wearing areas.

Key benefits include:

Zipped Doors

Tie Down Tags

• Easy to fit ashore or afloat. • Allows access to boat without removal of cover. • Provides protection from the elements year round. • Specially designed for Freemans!

Velcro Rope Flaps

All covers are designed for particular Freeman models to achieve a better fit. For example F22 Mk2 with hardtop - F22 Mk2 without hardtop - F23 range, F24, F26, F27 etc. and so are made to order.

Standard Covers

Also available...

Freeman Fitted Cover Storage Bag HF190A

There are also a wide variety of standard economical covers available to keep your boat protected during the winter months from snow, wind and falling leaves. They come in standard sizes which, unfortunately, are not boat shaped; however they can be moulded with the aid of clip on pull tags, additional eyelets & rope. Topside Cover

Full Cover

3.5 x 4.5m 5.4 X 7m 4.5 X 9m 7 X 9m 7 X 11m 9 X 14m

HF047A HF047D HF046E HF047F HF047G HF047J

Fit either a topside or full cover. Topside only covers are useful when staying in the water, whereas full covers are ideal when out of the water.

Holdon Cover Clips 4 Pack HF502

Eyelet Anchor Guy HF512

Pull Tags 4 Pack HF510

01491 652 085

12mm Plastic Eyelets 20 Pack Black HF560 Blue HF560A Dark Green HF560B Light Green HF560C


Window WindowsRefurbishment and Window Rubbers The Freeman Cruiser ‘Classic’ Window Range Freeman 22 Mk1’s were produced with three different types of window, as shown.



Window Refurbishment Seals The Freeman Cruiser ‘Classic’ range of boats usually have the windows fitted to the boat with external rubber seals. The window frames themselves also have internal rubbers that ensure the window is water tight.


The Freeman Window Rubber Kits come with all the materials required for refurbishment. The Silver Insert strip for the external rubbers comes as standard, although a black insert is available and slightly cheaper too - but does not look as smart.

The type C window was produced for the Freeman 22 Mk1’s, 22 Mk2’s & Freeman 23’s and is the most common style.

The Window Rubber Kits have been put together to make it easier for you. However all rubbers and internal seals are sold separately too meaning that you can repair all your windows or just one window at a time, just let us know your requirements. A fitting guide is supplied with these window kits.

Freeman Model

F22 Mk1 Type A F22 Mk1 Type B F22 Mk1 Type C F22 Mk2 F23 F28

Surround Rubbers (for 6 windows)

Internal Rubbers (for 6 windows)

Surround and Internal Rubbers (for 6 windows)

FW300A FW300A FW300A FW301 FW302 FW303

FW320A FW320B FW320C FW321 FW322 FW323

FW340A FW340B FW340C FW341 FW342 FW343

How to fit Classic Style window rubbers Download our quick guide to installing window rubbers.

Scan me

The most popular kits are shown above. Please contact us if your model is not listed. An example kit includes Outer Rubber Outer Insert Silver or Black

External rubber & silver insert


Internal ‘U’ Section for Static Glass

Internal Sliding Window Wiper

Internal Upright Support Rubbers

Internal Felt Surround

Internal Nylon Sliding Glass Base

A practical approach at window refurbishment

01491 652085

The ‘Classic style’ windows are held in by an external rubber & locking insert, or, on the ‘New style’ windows, by a series of screws with mastic tape & hidden with a screw cover (FW029). After removing the windows, the second part of the job is to strip the frame down and renew the internal rubbers, nylons and felts. If you wish you can bring us the frames for refurbishment and then reinstall the windows yourself.

Freeman 28 windows are similar to the Freeman 22 & 23 range but squared off.

Front Facing polycarbonate windows It is important to use polycarbonate windows at the front of the Freeman 22’s and 23’s as glass or Perspex is not suitable.

Freeman Window Rubber Insert Tool FW003C

The front windows have to cope with multiple movements and stress levels. It is therefore vital that the material is allowed to move. This may seem strange as you want the window to be water tight! - The properties of polycarbonate mean that movement is absorbed and it is also resistant to cracking and shattering. F22 Mk1 Top There are set sizes for S FW055A each model, however, as O/S FW056A each window was cut out by hand there are various differences along the way. We stock Standard (S) & Over Size (O/S) windows to try and combat this these may still need to be F22 Mk1 Bottom S FW055B trimmed! F22 Mk2 front facing windows. O/S FW056B

Universal Window Rubber Insert Tool FW003B F22 Mk2 FW057A

F23 S FW058A O/S FW059A

Freeman Cruiser 25, 26 & 32 Windows The larger Classic Freeman Cruisers, like the Freeman 26 & 32, have windows that are screwed to the boat and can be either aluminium or chrome brass. These simply require the mastic tape & screw cover to refit to the boat. Mastic Tape 15m CM018 1m CM019A 1ft CM019 Freeman 26 with chrome brass windows. Freeman Model

Download our quick guide to installing a window rubbers.

Screw Cover Kits (for 6 windows) (Also available by the foot / metre)

F25 & 26 F32 Freeman Model

F25 & 26 Chrome Brass F32 Chrome Brass

FW305 FW306 Internal Rubbers

FW325 FW326

How to fit window rubbers New Style

Window Catch FW032 The most popular kits are shown above. Please contact us if your model is not listed.

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WindowsRefurbishment Window and Window Rubbers The Freeman Cruiser ‘New Style’ Window Range There are, unfortunately, four manufacturers of the ‘New Style’ Freeman Cruiser windows, resulting in the same pattern but with different seals. This makes replacing the window seals slightly more tricky so sending in a sample of your requirement is appreciated and a telephone call helps enormously too. The Freeman Cruiser ‘New Style’ range was fitted with this angular style of frame.

Freeman 27 cabin window layout.

Some glass in these windows is laminated and some is toughened. This makes a difference to the internal rubber thickness. Some Hopper windows are within a frame, others are bare glass with an aluminium top rail. All of these variations affect the rubbers we supply to you, so please be prepared to help us too alternatively you can bring the frames in for us to refurbish. It is usual to find ‘U’ section and flat section rubbers, polypile and neoprene sticky backed absorbent strips within the ‘New Style’ window frames - depending on model. Materials are available to suit most situations.

Window Frame Refurbishment Materials The Freeman Cruisers ‘New Style’ boats, like the Freeman 24 & 27’s, have aluminium windows that are screwed to the boat. These simply require the mastic tape & screw cover to refit to the boat. Freeman Model Screw Cover Kits (Excluding Windscreen)

F24 F27 F30 & F33

FW308 FW309 Please Telephone Plastic Clip-in Screw Cover Strips

Mastic Tape 15m CM018 1m CM019A 1ft CM019

4m Lengths


Windscreen Rubber The rubber between the frame and the glass is either a ‘U’ or a flat section, now having taken the shape of the frame. The Skirt rubber is either a ‘T’ or ‘O’ shape - do check! T Section Windscreen Skirt Rubber

Freeman 22 Mk1 Freeman 22 Mk2 Freeman 23 Freeman 25 & 26


FW006C FW006B FW006B FW006D


O O Section Windscreen Skirt Rubber

Freeman 22 Mk2 Freeman 23 Freeman 25 & 26

FW007B FW007B FW007C

How to refurbish a Windscreen Download our quick guide to refurbishing a Freeman Windscreen.

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Replacement Glass Most Freeman windows have toughened glass built to the marine grade standard BS 857 which has now been superseded by ISOE2. This is a higher grade of glass toughening than is readily available for household windows, for example. On the larger Freemans a higher standard and thicker glass is often found. We try to carry popular spare toughened glass panels, others are made to order (please supply an accurate template).

Static Glass F22/23 large cabin window Sliding Glass F22/23 large cabin window Freeman 22 Mk1 Windscreen Freeman 22 Mk2 Windscreen Freeman 23 Windscreen Other windows made to order.

FW070 FW071 FW092 FW093 FW094

Laminated glass was used on a few of the ‘New Style’ Range boats but moisture absorbs into the plastic with a capillary action making the glass go opaque (milky). We frequently have to change these for toughened glass. Diamond rings are the most common cause of scratches in glass! When cleaning windows it is a good idea to turn diamonds around to face the palm of your hand so avoiding scratching / cutting into the glass.

Window & Windscreen Fittings

Freeman Windscreen Knurled Nut Original FW034C M6 FW034A

Freeman Windscreen Clamp FW090B

Freeman Window Handle

complete with handle, handle-to-glass rubber & glass slide rubber Small window FW064 Large window FW063 Hood Bar Accessories

Batten Saddle & Screw HF070A Batten Saddle Screw HF071 Freeman Hood Battens See page 27

Freeman Windscreen Stay Top Support FW039A

Chrome Plated Window Catch FW032

Freeman Eyebrows

Freeman Freeman Freeman Windscreen Swan Neck Left Stay Base Windscreen Windscreen Support Clamp Post FW039B FW090A FW046

Marine Window Screw Cover Strips per metre 9mm FW029A 12mm FW028A 13.5mm FW028B Freeman 24 Rain Gutters

Freeman Right Windscreen Post FW046A M4 Thread Interscrew HF061CA Windscreen Screw Thick FW035A Thin FW035B

Freeman 27 Rain Gutters

F22 Mk2 - HT039A F23 - HT039B

Port HT041P

Port HT041AP

F26 - HT039C F32 - HT039D

Starboard HT041S

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Starboard HT041AS


WindowsRefurbishment Window and Window Rubbers Marine Window Rubber Profiles Window Rubber Seal A per metre / black

Once you have selected your Window Rubber Seal you can now select the locking Insert from below. Once this strip is in place the rubbers will seal tight.


Window Rubber Seal Silver Insert

Window Rubber Seal B

per metre

per metre / black

FW005A Window Rubber Seal Black Insert

FW002A Window Rubber Seal C

per metre

per metre / black


FW004A Use an Insert Tool to make life easier when refitting!

Flat Window Rubber

per metre / black 1mm(H) x 38(W) Lengths cut from 5m coils


Flat Window Rubber

per metre / black 1.6mm(H) x 38(W) Lengths cut from 5m coils

Freeman Window Rubber Insert Tool FW003C


Flat Window Rubber

per metre / black 2.4mm(H) x 38(W) Lengths cut from 5m coils


Flat Window Rubber

per metre / black 3.2mm(H) x 38(W) Lengths cut from 5m coils


Round Edge Flat Rubber per metre / black 9mm(H) x 1(W) 2mm Round Edge Diameter


Window Polypile Insert Top Base


per metre / grey / furry 8mm(H) x 16(W) 7(W) flat base


Universal Window Rubber Insert Tool FW003B Screw Cover Strips per metre / black 9mm

FW029A Screw Cover Strips per metre / black 12mm


Screw Cover Strips per metre / black 13.5mm


Flat Polyester Webbing per metre / white 3mm(H) x 25(W)

FW027A Flat Polyester Webbing per metre / white 4mm(H) x 25(W)


Flat Felt Strips

per metre / black 4mm(H) x 24(W)


Winged Round U Channel Rubber

per metre / black 10mm(H) x 13(W) 9mm channel height 4mm channel width

FW020D Winged Flat Square Channel Rubber per metre / black 11mm(H) x 8(W) 9mm channel height 4mm channel width

FW068A Flat Square Channel Rubber per metre / black 15mm(H) x 18(W) 13mm channel height 12mm channel width

FW069A Flat U Channel Rubber per metre / black 7mm(H) x 20(W) 4mm channel height 12mm channel width

FW051 Flocked U Channel Rubber

per metre / black 9mm(H) x 20(W) 7mm channel height 7mm channel Base width


Titanfast Semi-Rigid Edging Trim per metre / black 9mm(H) x 7(W) 2.5(Flange W)

FW061B Titanfast Semi-Rigid Edging Trim per metre / black 14mm(H) x 10(W) 6(Flange W)

FW061 Chrome Plastic Edging Trim 12mm(H) x 5(W) x 3(Flange W)


See also...

01491 652085 Winged ‘T’ Section Rubber per metre / black

FW006A Winged ‘O’ Section Rubber per metre / black


Neoprene Foam Strip per metre / black 12.5mm(H) x 12.5(W)

FW001B Neoprene Foam Cord per metre / black 10mm(Ø)

FW810 Neoprene Self Adhesive Foam Strip per metre / black 3mm(H) x 12.5(W)

FW052 ‘B’ Section Self Adhesive Foam Strip per metre / black 10mm(H) x 16(W) Can be cut through middle for two 8mm ‘D’ sections


Winged Fin Insert per metre / black 14mm(H) x 12(W)

FW008A Winged ‘T’ Section

per metre / black T Profile 4mm(H) x 8(W) x 17(Wing L)

FW018A Winged Square Insert per metre / black 11mm(H) x 17(W) x 10(Wing W)


Flocked Wing Insert per metre / black 25mm(H) x 5(W)


Sealants on Page 115

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Rubbing Strakes Deck Equipment Windows and Window Rubbers Upper & Lower Freeman Rubbing Strakes Upper rubbing strakes on Freeman Cruisers come in two basic formats, most boats have wood, aluminium and rubber whereas some of the ‘New Style’ cruisers have a larger aluminium section and corresponding rubber. The wood comes in 12ft sections and requires mastic tape behind it. The aluminium is also in 12ft sections and is specially softened so that it will make the right angle bend at the stern of the boats, and with care, even the vertical drop for the steps in the deck particularly useful for the F22’s & F26’s stepped deck. The rubber is then simply inserted into the aluminium section.

Mahogany Wood Aluminium

Upper Rubbing Strake Mahogany 12ft Length WP030A Upper Rubbing Strake Aluminium 12ft Length FW010A Freeman 22 & 23 Insert Rubber Coil FW011C Freeman 24, 25 & 26 Insert Rubber Coil FW011D Mastic Tap Roll CM018

Rubber Insert Mastic Tape

Screw Fixing

How to fit Freeman rubbing strakes Download our quick guide to installing rubbing strake.

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Rubbing Strake Curves Pre-formed wood rubbing strake curves for the Freeman 22 Mk2 and the Freeman 26 make fitting the upper rubbing strake to the stepped deck on these models so much easier.

Freeman 22 Mk2 Upper Rubbing Strake Curve WP032

Freeman 26 Upper Rubbing Strake Curve WP032A

Lower Rubbing Strakes Whilst the full lengths of lower rubbing strake come in approximately 13ft lengths there are 1 metre lengths with opposite tapers so that you can repair the front and back end sections, which are the most vulnerable. Please contact Freeman Lower Rubbing us for current repair section off cuts. Strake Mahogany Length WP033 ‘D’ Section Strakes ‘D’ Section is sometimes used to cap the wood instead of the aluminium and rubber. This is popular on the Freeman 32 Mk1’s and Mk2’s and the Freeman 22 narrow beam boats.


Small Large

FW500A FW500B

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‘New Style’ Aluminium & Rubber Section The rubbers for the ‘New Style’ aluminium sections are available in coils or by the metre. Unfortunately the aluminium sections are no longer made but there is now a wood finish plastic base alternative. If a new rubbing strake is required the traditional wood, aluminium and rubber section can be used as found on the Classic range. Many of the ‘New Style’ boats had this fitted originally anyway. Freeman Rubber Insert Cruiser Entire Boat | Per Foot

FW013A FW013A FW015B FW017A

F24 F27 F33 F41


Rubbing Strake Rubber Inserts

‘B’ Section Rubbing Strake Rubber

Freeman Rubber Channel Insert

‘B’ section rubber can be screwed directly to the boat and are then finished with a screw cover insert.

per metre / black

Small ‘B’ Section Boat Rubbing Strake Rubber


Freeman 24 & 27 Rubber Channel Insert

black 16mm(H) x 39(W) x 13(Channel W) 15m FW750B 30m FW750C

per metre / black

FW013M Freeman 30 Rubber Channel Insert

Large ‘B’ Section Boat Rubbing Strake Rubber

30m / black

black 30mm(H) x 60(W) x 19(Channel W) 10m FW751B 15m FW751C

FW015B Freeman 41 Rubber Channel Insert

Large ‘B’ Section Rubber Aluminium End Cap

black 20m FW017B 30m FW017A

36mm(H) x 70(W) x 52(L)

Rubber Care & Cleaning

FW755B ‘B’ Section Rubber Rigid PVC Insert Strip

The Ultra Violet light from the sun appears to deteriorate rubber making it go hard and brittle. When it leaves black streaks down the boats sides and black marks on your fingers and clothes it is time to change the rubbers. Rubber care helps to keep the rubber more supple for a longer period of time and stain removers are designed to remove the black streaks from the boat.

Rubber Restorer CM649

3M Fibreglass Restorer & Wax CM060A

3m lengths / white 3mm(H) x 13(W)


3mm(H) x 19(W)


Black Streak Remover CM078

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See also...

Cleaners on Page 6


Rubbing Strakes Rubbers Deck Equipment Windows and Window Handrails, Masts and Flag Staffs Freeman Mahogany Masts Original Freeman Masts are still handmade in mahogany and usually held in stock. It is worth noting that your damaged mast might only need to be refurbished. Take a look at our Projects & Solutions Mini Guide ‘Mast Varnishing’ for tips on repairing. Unfortunately repairs are not always successful, particularly, where the cross beam yardarm joins.

How to varnish a Freeman Mast Download our quick guide to repairing a mast.

Freeman 23 Mahogany Mast WP001A

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Freeman 22 Mahogany Mast WP001C

Freeman 24, 27 & 33 Mahogany Mast WP001

Freeman 26 & 30 Mahogany Mast WP001B

Where to fly your mast flag?

Freeman Club Burgee IN006

Masthead Lights Low Profile Mast Navigation Light Stainless Steel 12 volt / 40mm(H) x 62(W) x 96(L)


Why not fly the Freeman Owners Club Burgees with pride? The priority flag is positioned on the starboard yardarm (right hand side) or at the top of the mast. Chrome Rectangular Mast Navigation Light 12 volt / 90mm(H) x 70(W) x 64(D)

Twin Core Replacement Mast Wire EL711 Aluminium Mast Base DF225A

See also...

Navigation Lights on Page 77


Chrome Round Mast Navigation Light

Brass Rectangular Mast Navigation Light

Hella Marine 3562 Mast Navigation Light




12 volt / 89mm(H) x 101(W) x 60(D)

12 volt / 90mm(H) x 70(W) x 64(D)

12 volt / 75mm(H) x 65(W) x 53(D)

Decorative Flags St. George’s Cross Flag 30cm(W) x 23(H)



Pirate Flag

Decorative Code Flag Pennants



46cm(W) x 30(H)

40 Flags 12m Bunting

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Flagstaffs & Ensigns

A British registered civilian vessel is allowed to fly a Red Ensign from the stern, but not the Blue or White Ensign unless you have the appropriate warrant. The 1 yard or 1 1/4 yard are the most popular sizes to fit Freeman Cruisers.

22mm Varnished Wooden Flagstaff

60cm 80cm

25mm Varnished Mahogany Flagstaff

DF232C DF232A

DF290B DF290C

82cm 100cm

20mm Stainless Steel Flagstaff


25mm Stainless Steel Flagstaff


75cm 90cm

DF292B DF292C



Chrome Plated Flagstaff & Pulpit Bracket ST046B 500mm(H) x 13(Ø) for 19-25mm rail

Printed Red Ensign Flag

1/2 Yard


3/4 Yard


1 Yard


31cm(H) x 47(W) 39cm(H) x 69(W) 46cm(H) x 93(W)

Most Popular

1 1/4 Yard


1 1/2 Yard


57cm(H) x 114(W) 66cm(H) x 136(W)

Burgee sold separately

Sewn Red Ensign Flag


3/4 Yard

39cm(H) x 69(W)

1 Yard


46cm(H) x 93(W)

Most Popular

1 1/4 Yard


57cm(H) x 114(W)

Stainless Steel Pulpit Bracket

for 20/24mm Flagstaff 25mm(I.Ø) Rail ST055 30mm(I.Ø) Rail ST055A

Stainless Steel Flagstaff 460mm(H) x 19(Ø)


Pulpit Bracket

for 19mm rail 13mm(I.Ø) ST047A 19mm(I.Ø) ST047

See also...

Brass Flag Inglefield Swivel Clip FX200

Mini Chrome Cleat for Red Ensign attachment DF232B

Flagstaff Sockets on Page 15

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Boarding Rubbing Strakes Ladders & Bathing Platforms Deck Equipment Windows and Window Rubbers Boarding Ladders

Ladders can usually be Fixed or Removable.

Boarding ladders make it easier to climb on and off of the boat when swimming or boarding a dinghy. Obviously, they are a great safety feature too as it is harder than you think to re-board a boat if you have the misfortune of falling in. When trying to re-board there is nothing to put your feet against to push yourself up whilst others are helping you out of the water. They also help to give access to the water line for any maintenance such as cleaning, or, in the event of an emergency, such as removing a rope from around the propeller.

Most Popular

Most Popular

Stainless Steel Plastic Stainless Steel Plastic Step 180° Crook Step 90° Crook Ladders Ladders

Stainless Steel Wooden Step 90° Crook Ladder

Hooks over 180° onto the boat deck 325mm(W) x 185(D)

Hooks onto the boat side with 90° bracket 325mm(W) x 180(D)

Hooks onto the boat side 210mm(W) x 190(D)

Folded Down 1045mm Folded Up 620mm

Folded Down 850mm Folded Up 425mm

Folded Down 760mm Folded Up 475mm

Folded Down 1300mm Folded Up 680mm

Folded Down 1100mm Folded Up 678mm

4 Step ST210A 5 Step ST210B

4 Step ST205A 5 Step ST205B

4 Step ST024B

Stainless Steel Wooden Step 90° Crook Ladder Hooks onto the boat side 260mm(W) x 230(D)

3 Step ST022A

Folded Down 630mm Folded Up 350mm

Removable Ladder Fixing Plates ST275

Portable Boarding Ladders

Portable ladders can be stowed aboard out of the way and then easily deployed at various locations around the boat. Economical to purchase but do not have a permanent securing fixture on the deck so are less stable when climbing aboard. • • • •

Aluminium & plastic with adjustable feet Hooks over 180° onto the boat deck Closes to just 7cm in depth for easy stowing 37cm Width x 31 Depth when open

3 Step




4 Step



5 Step



Stainless Steel 90° Crook Ladder Hooks onto the boat side 260mm(W) x 165(D)

3 Step ST240A

Folded Down 770mm Folded Up 565mm

Removable Ladder Brackets ST274

01491 652085

Bathing Platforms

Bathing platforms are available in two popular sizes and can be fitted in a variety of ways. Single bathing platforms can be fitted individually or in pairs, double bathing platforms span the width of the boat. Platforms are usually set fairly close to the water for swimming or boarding a dinghy. They can also be set slightly higher so that they can be used for storing a dinghy on its side or even storing mountain bikes, generators, outboard engines etc.

Freeman 23 featuring two single bathing platforms & a swimming ladder Freeman 24’s, 27’s and 30’s were pre-fitted with support pads in the stern to take the Freeman Bathing Platform.

Double Bathing Platform

Single Bathing Platform

Stainless Steel & Wood Fixes on to the boat transom 45cm(W) x 46(D) x 9(H)

Stainless Steel & Wood Fixes on to the boat transom 128cm(W) x 46(D) x 9(H)



Bathing Platform Accessories There are a number of accessories available to complement your bathing platform. For example, swimming ladders attach to the platform and help make access to & from the water easier and fold up for storage. Folding Wooden Step Swimming Ladder

Folding Metal Step Swimming Ladder

Stainless Steel & Wood 300mm(W) x 125(D) Folded Down 730mm Folded Up 410mm

Stainless Steel 260mm(W) x 100(D) Folded Down 750mm Folded Up 415mm



Additional Boarding Steps Boarding Step

Possible bathing platform, boarding & swimming ladder layout options on the boat transom

320mm(W) x 155(D) x 30(H)


Folding Step

Single Bathing Platform with Boarding Ladder

130mm(H) x 110(W) x 22(D) Chrome

Two Single Bathing Platforms with Boarding Ladder & Swimming Ladder

DF560 Brass


Swim Stirrup

1.5m Rope


Gold Plated


Two Single Bathing Platforms with centre Boarding Ladder

01491 652 085

Double Bathing Platform with Swimming Ladder


DavitsEquipment Rubbing & Strakes Outboard Brackets Deck Windows and Window Rubbers Freeman Dinghy Davits Davits are the ‘arms’ usually hung from the back of the boat, on which you haul your dinghy up the stern of the cruiser out of the water - a convenient way to carry your tender. Mr Freeman made specific davits for fitting to the various models of Freeman Cruisers. For the Classic Range boats these davits are made to recess on the transom walk way and can be connected in such a manner that the bearing load can be spread across the transom (see right on a Freeman 23). Freeman 22 & 23 (HT011) davits have right angle stern fixings - this keeps the height. If you put davits on the flat transom you will lose height and as you pull the dinghy up it pulls the boat down, resulting in very little clearance between Freeman 26, 30 & 32 Davits the boat and the water when raised; an HT012 unstable situation can arise.

If storing the dinghy on the davits do remember to tilt it slightly towards the stern and remove the bung so that it cannot fill with water whilst you are away. Overloading is the most common cause of davits snapping.

The Freeman 26 and 30 (HT012) davits also fit on the flat deck of the transom but as there is more space on these models the davit base is flat. It is advisable to place ply wood reinforcements, preferably fibreglassed over, on the interior of the fixing area to spread the load across a wider area when fitting davits. The davits for the ‘New Range’ boats fit vertically on the transom & can be recessed to fit snugly around the distinctive shape of the hull (see right on a Freeman 27). Freeman 24, 27, 30 and 33 (HT013) davits are transom mounted with a recess so that they can be fitted at the top of the transom around the moulding line (as shown right). These boats are generally already built with internal supports ready to secure Freeman davits.

Gas Box Covers

Davit Accessories

Freeman Gas Box Covers hide the hood & hood bars when folded down.

Freeman Davit U Bolts Stainless Steel


Davit Dinghy Falls 8m with pulleys

Non Freeman Davits


Mass produced stainless steel davits can occasionally be successfully fitted to Freeman’s. They maybe folding which is useful if your marina charges extra for the additional length. Before purchasing, ensure they are a practical solution for your boat. They are often unsuitable, this is why Mr Freeman designed specific davits for specific models.


01491 652085

Outboard Brackets These can be used to store an outboard engine for your tender, and if positioned correctly, can be used with an auxiliary engine to push your boat in a limited manner to safety if the main engine fails.

• • • •

Multiple Position 10HP Outboard Bracket

Stainless steel & plastic Can be permanently fixed or used with slide-in Bracket Shoe (below) Spring loaded multi positional Suitable for outboards up to 10HP 265mm(H) x 210(W) x 45(D)

• • • •


Trem Multiple Position 20HP Outboard Bracket


Anodised aluminium & plastic Can be permanently fixed or used with slide-in Bracket Shoe (below) Spring loaded multi positional Suitable for outboards up to 20HP 525mm(H) x 188(W) x 185(D)


Stainless Steel Rigging Screws M5 56312 M6 56313 M8 56314 M10 56315 M12 56316

Guard Rail Wire

• • • •

Trem Outboard Bracket Shoe

British Seagull Outboard Bracket

Anodised Aluminium • Permanently fixed slide bracket for • Trem Outboard Brackets Outboard brackets can be easily • removed after use for storage Includes fitting template 241mm(H) x 180(W) x 17(D)


Rail Mount Outboard Bracket

For storing outboards on 22-25mm Rails


Wood on metal bracket Removable from the slide-in fixed bracket shoe Suitable for British Seagull Outboard Engines 255mm(H) x 180(W) x 270(D)

6mm white plastic coated stainless steel wire


Guard Rail Wire Wedge

4mm suitable for 6mm wire



Rail Mount Outboard Bracket with Security Cable

For storing outboards on 25mm Rails


01491 652 085

Transom Outboard Plates Aluminium with tether point

200mm(W) x 95(H) OB108 314mm(W) x 100(H) OB109


Inflatable Dinghies Plastimo Raid 2



The Plastimo Raid 2 is the latest in design & build quality with improved performance in mind. From lowered stern cones to a revolutionary ‘square-shaped’ bow, lightweight aluminium fittings & robust German engineered materials the Raid 2 is designed to last & perform for you. Plastimo Raid 2


Max Hp/Kw

1.96 metre 2.18 metre 2.40 metre 2.69 metre

Grey/Blue 3.3Hp/2.5Kw 2 / 250Kg Grey/Blue 4Hp/3Kw 2.5 / 280Kg Grey/Blue 5Hp/3.7Kw 3 / 350Kg Grey/Blue 10Hp/7.4Kw 3.5 / 450Kg

• • • • • • • • •

German engineered robust material Improved ‘square-shaped’ bow offering more space on board for storage Improved performance with lowered stern cones for optimum planing Transom mount for outboard engine Quick to inflate with 2 or 3 air chambers Lightweight, collapsible aluminium oars Aluminium Seat & wide wooden slatted floor boards Tough moulded rubbing strake fender strip Stainless Steel towing eyes & safety grab rails Tested to ISO CD 6185 OR Cat. C EUD 94/25CE 4 year warranty on material & seams


LARGE DIAMETER TUBES Better protection, handling and safer

RUBBING STRAKE Tough, heavy duty – shrugs off scrapes and knocks

Why choose

PLASTIMO Fully Equipped – Supplied with Pump, Oars, Seat, Lifelines, Repair Kit, Instructions & Travel Valise

A wide range of spare parts are available for the Plastimo range of dinghies too. Seats

BF060A BF062A BF063A BF065

Square shaped on Raid II makes most of the space on board = more comfort and capacity

VALVES Recessed and protected

✓ Unrivalled Range – in size and type ✓ Legendary Plastimo Quality & Innovation – for over 50 years ✓ Outstanding Features – that deliver real on water benefits

Plastimo Dinghy Spares



Main Features: • •

Persons* / Capacity

WARRANTY On Tube Material & Seams*

FLOOR OPTIONS 4 different options: inflatable, airdeck, slatted and rigid Large Diameter – faster draining and corrosion free


Next... Pick an Outboard Engine on P46

FABRIC Manufactured in Germany – outstanding abrasion and UV resistance Top coat Primary coat Base fabric Primary coat Top coat


Floor Boards


For optimised planing

*Some model exclusions apply.

01491 652085 Plastimo Horizon Air Deck


Main Features: • • • • • • • •

Lightweight & quick to inflate Transom mount for outboard engine Aluminium oars with ‘Fast-Fix’ oarlocks Aluminium Seat & removable Air Deck Floor Tough moulded rubbing strake fender strip Stainless Steel towing eyes & safety grab rails Tested to ISO CD 6185 OR Cat. C EUD 94/25CE 2 year warranty on material & seams

Horizon Air Deck


2.25 metre Grey 2.59 metre Grey

Max Hp/Kw

3.3Hp/2.5Kw 5Hp/3.7Kw

Persons* / Capacity


Inflatable dinghy with a unique Air Deck Floor for improved comfort & stability. Complete with lightweight, aluminium oars, ‘Fast-Fix’ oarlocks, aluminium seat and dinghy accessories including carry bag & inflating pump.


2 / 290Kg BF057 3.5 / 440Kg BF058 *approximately

Plastimo Compact Round Tail

A lightweight, 1.8m round tail inflatable tender with aluminium oars, wooden slatted floor, wooden seat and dinghy accessories including carry bag & inflating pump.


Plastimo VAir Rib



Main Features:

A two-toned, 2.72m, hybrid rib inflatable dinghy with rigid fibreglass hull inflatable keel, removable inflatable air deck for additional comfort on board, aluminium seat and oars and dinghy accessories including carry bag & inflating pump.

• • • • • • • •

Compact, lightweight (13kg) & quick to inflate Capacity up to 150kg, equivalent to 2 persons Aluminium oars, wooden seat & floor slats Tough moulded rubbing strake fender strip Stainless Steel towing eye Safety grab rails & tested to ISO CD 6185 4 year warranty on material & seams 89x53x27cm deflated & L1.83xW1.23m inflated.

Plastimo Charter HD Hypalon Extremely durable Hypalon 2.40m inflatable dinghy with excellent abrasion resistance, colour stability, oxidation, ozone, UV, acid, alkali & flame resistance and low moisture absorption. Includes wooden floor, aluminium seat & dinghy accessories.



Features: • Capacity up to 500kg, equivalent to 3.5 persons • Max 10HP / 7.4Kw engine • Aluminium seat & oars • Tested to Cat. C EUD 94/25CE • 4 year warranty on material & seams • 112x58x32cm deflated & L2.72xW1.58m inflated.


01491 652 085

BF072 • • • •

Max 15HP / 3.7Kw engine Capacity up to 350kg Tested to ISO CD 6185 112x58x32cm deflated & L2.72xW1.58m inflated. 45

Outboard Motors Mercury Four Stroke Petrol Outboards The Mercury 2.5Hp and 3.5Hp four stroke petrol engines are great entry level outboards for dinghies and can be useful to have on board as an emergency auxiliary engine. Often a 3.5HP engine is a useful size motor for both pushing your tender but may also have sufficient power to manoeuvre a small cruiser to safety. These engines are among the lightest in this class weighing approximately 17kg & 26kg respectively and the conveniently positioned large grip carrying handles makes lifting the engine to and from your boat more accessible. Each of these engines has a twist grip speed control tiller with neutral and forward shift gear and 180 degree forward steering. The motor rotates through 360 degrees to allow for reverse too. Automatic decompression, easy-to-start technology, bleeds off cylinder pressure to reduce the pulling force required to start the engine. They also feature multiple trim positions which can be manually adjusted to enhance performance and enable shallow water operation. Shaft Length

15” 15”


2.5Hp 3.5Hp


17kg 26kg

Trim Fuel Tank Code Positions Capacity

4 4

1.1L 1.1L

OB001 OB002

The slightly larger 4, 5 & 6Hp four stroke Mercury outboards have all the benefits of the entry level engines with additions including reverse gear (meaning you do not need to rotate the entire motor for reverse), quieter operation with underwater exhaust exits for sound dampening and the ability to add remote fuel tanks for extended operational range. Shaft Length Options

15” or 20” 15” or 25” 15” or 20”

Thrust Weight Trim Fuel Tank Code Positions Capacity

4Hp 5Hp 6Hp

26kg 26kg 26kg

6 6 6

1.1L 1.1L 1.1L

OB003 OB004 OB005

Larger, more powerful engines are also available to order with various options that are worth discussing prior to purchase, many of which feature advanced technology such as one hand, multifunctional tiller control, electric trim tilting, turn key starting, jet powered outboards and even GPS controlled systems which allow for controlled, programmed routes to be followed! Of course, if you require your boat to be pulled out of the water to fit the large engines we can accommodate this at the boatyard and our outboard specialists will fit the engine ready for us to relaunch your boat in our slipway - please telephone to arrange this service. See also...

Outboard Accessories on Page 48 & 49


Shaft Length Options

15” or 20” 15” or 20” 15” or 20”

Thrust Weight Trim Fuel Tank Code Positions Capacity

8Hp 9Hp 15Hp

38kg 38kg 52kg

6 6 6

Remote OB006 tank OB007 required OB008

01491 652085

Minn Kota Electric Trolling Motors

Minn Kota Electric Outboards are extremely lightweight, 12 or 24 volt, dinghy trolling motors offering quiet and efficient motorised sailing.

Minn Kota Endura C2 Trolling Motor The Minn Kota Endura C2 12 volt Electric Outboard has a five stage forward speed control and a three stage reverse speed control allowing precise control and the ability to reduce battery consumption at lower speeds. Constructed from robust, lightweight, composite materials, this one-piece electric motor is ideal for powering small boats and dinghies along at a leisurely pace whilst being kind to environment with no harmful emissions. The extremely lightweight dinghy electric trolling motor can attach to a boat transom using the thumb screw engine mounting bracket. The adjustable depth collar design allows for the outboard to be adjusted to suit. Select between either a 30” or 36” shaft and various motors ranging from 30LB to 55LB providing ample cruising power through the twin blade propeller.

Shaft Length


30” 36” 36” 36” 36” 36”

30lbs / 13.4Kg 34lbs / 13.4Kg 40lbs / 18.1Kg 45lbs / 20.4Kg 50lbs / 22.68Kg 55lbs / 24.95Kg


OB010A OB011A OB011B OB011C OB011D OB011E

The Minn Kota electric dinghy outboard motors also feature a quick release tilt function on the bracket which rotates, allowing for perfect positioning of the outboard for various different crafts. The adjustable and extendable tiller handle control also provides more flexibility to suit different seating positions found on various designs of dinghies, the control head can also rotate to suit your use.

2 Year Warranty Minn Kota believe in the quality of their products. That is why they offer a 2 year warranty on the majority of their trolling motors and a lifetime warranty on the composite shaft.

Minn Kota Endura Max Trolling Motor The Minn Kota Endura Max has all the features of the Endura C2 above with the added benefit of a built-in Twist Grip Variable Speed Control which allows more precision in speed setting. The Endura Max features a Digital Maximizer which is an intelligent battery conservation system. By only providing the necessary amount of power from the battery to the engine, depending on the speed selected, battery consumption is reduced and overall running times increased.

01491 652 085

Shaft Length


36” 36” 36” 36”

40lbs / 18.1Kg 45lbs / 20.4Kg 50lbs / 22.68Kg 55lbs / 24.95Kg


OB015A OB015B OB015C OB011D


Dinghy Equipment Electric Outboard Accessories With any electric outboard you will require a battery to power the motor. 12 volt marine batteries come in various Amp Hours (Ah). More Ah means more stored power but also means heavier weight - it is a good idea to consider the appropriate battery as you Batteries on See also... may need to remove this as well as the outboard! Page 78 Batteries generally need storing in a battery box. The Power Centre Battery Box (BB006) is a hassle free solution for dinghies. It has easy connect battery terminals, an LED battery level indicator, 12v socket & easy-to-carry handles so that transferring between Smart Battery Charger boat and shore side charging centres is easier and seven stage charging for reduces the risk of acid battery spills.

Power Centre Battery Box

with battery condition indicator, 12v socket & easy fit terminals


25-380Ah 12v batteries

Dinghy Accessories


Dinghy Fenders

Foot Pump BF502

High Pressure Stirrup Pump BF501A

12 volt Fast Inflator Pump BF507

Aluminium Transom Aluminium Transom Outboard Plate Outboard Plate 200mm(W) x 95(H) x 24(D)


314mm(W) x 100(H) x 24(D)


Inflatable Boat Valve Adapter BF515

Dinghy Tether FE350

Yachtsman Dinghy Wheels

Yachtsman Dinghy Easy-Lift Davits



Folding wheels for easy Lift your dinghy on to dinghy movement your boat with ease

Telescopic Outboard Engine Tiller Extension OB111

Great for inflatables!

Hand Bailer

Lightweight plastic water bailer


Formula One Cleaner & Degreaser •

Universal Propeller Bags Magnesium Up to 6Hp OB105A Outboard Anode Up to 40Hp OB105B Fresh Water 40Hp Up OB105C SG047


25cm(L) x 9(D) Blue FR016 White FR016A Black FR016B Navy Blue FR016C

• • •

Multipurpose marine cleaner & degreaser Biodegradable Water soluble alkaline detergent Spray on

250ml - CM342B 750ml - CM342 5L - CM342A

01491 652085

Petrol Outboard Accessories

Quicksilver Universal Quicksilver Premium Quicksilver Quicksilver Quicksilver 2-Stroke Outboard Oil 4-stroke Premium Gear Lube 2-4-C Lube Power Trim & Engine Kill Cord 227g Steering Fluid OB190 1L CM037A Outboard Oil 237ml CM701 CM703 CM032 4L CM037B 1L CM038 1L CM701A

Green 5 Litre Petrol Can with easy pour spout


Fuel Filler Funnel

with mesh gauze filter


Oil Extractor

6L oil containment


Fuel Tank Straps BB140

Fuel Tank

12L OB113A 25L OB113B

5/16” (approx. 8mm) 3/8” (approx. 9mm) Fuel Lines with Bulb Universal Primer Bulb Universal Primer Bulb 5/16” OB121 OB118A OB119A 3/8” OB120

Round Motor Flush OB100A

Square Motor Flush OB100B

Outboard Bolt Lock Long Hasp Padlock

Fuel Tank Mounting Kit OB300

Warning Alarm Fitted Label SY421

Fulton Outboard Lock Heavy gauge steel lock


with weatherproof cap


Long hasp length


01491 652 085


Dinghy Equipment Paddles & Oars Paddles


Telescopic Paddle

Canadian Paddle

Three positions: Varnished 535/815/1075mm wood / 125cm 1

Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Paddle two-part Kayak 150cm Paddles Paddle

Aluminium Wooden Wooden 2m Oar 1.8m Oar 1.65m Oar


2 3




Pair BF402





Rowlocks & Rowlock Sockets

Traditional 10mm Rowlocks

Traditional 12mm Rowlocks

Traditional 12mm Rowlocks

Traditional 14mm Rowlocks

Traditional 14mm Rowlocks

10mm Shaft Diameter 88mm Shaft Length 46mm Clasp Diameter 35mm Rowlock Gap Chrome BF217A Brass BF217B

12mm Shaft Diameter 78mm Shaft Length 48mm Clasp Diameter 36mm Rowlock Gap Chrome BF213A Brass BF213B

12mm Shaft Diameter 75mm Shaft Length 52mm Clasp Diameter 40mm Rowlock Gap Chrome BF215A Brass BF215B

14mm Shaft Diameter 89mm Shaft Length 58mm Clasp Diameter 45mm Rowlock Gap Chrome BF208A Brass BF208B

14mm Shaft Diameter 76mm Shaft Length 58mm Clasp Diameter 40mm Rowlock Gap Chrome BF214A Brass BF214B

Traditional 14mm Rowlocks

Vintage 10mm Top Mount Rowlock Sockets

Vintage 12mm Top Mount Rowlock Sockets

Vintage 14mm Top Mount Rowlock Sockets

Traditional 14mm Top Mount Rowlock Sockets

14mm Shaft Diameter 100mm Shaft Length 68mm Clasp Diameter 50mm Rowlock Gap Chrome BF216A Brass BF216B


40mm Width 60mm Length Chrome BF218A Brass BF218B

24mm Width 60mm Length Chrome BF222A Brass BF222B

40mm Width 60mm Length Chrome BF220A Brass BF220B

42mm Height 82mm Length 24mm Width Chrome BF107 Brass BF107A

01491 652085

Traditional 12mm Side Mount Rowlock Sockets 38mm Height 50mm Width 22mm Depth Chrome BF211 Brass BF211A

Traditional 14mm Side Mount Rowlock Sockets 38mm Height 50mm Width 22mm Depth Chrome BF212 Brass BF212A



Galvanised 3/8” Rowlocks & Top Mount Sockets

Galvanised 7/16” Rowlocks & Top Mount Sockets

Galvanised 1/2” Rowlocks & Top Mount Sockets



3/8” Shaft Diameter 78mm Shaft Length 60mm Clasp Diameter 46mm Rowlock Gap



7/16” Shaft Diameter 1/2” Shaft Diameter 74mm Shaft Length 82mm Shaft Length 60mm Clasp Diameter 73mm Clasp Diameter 54mm Rowlock Gap 63mm Rowlock Gap


RWO Nylon 17mm Rowlocks

17mm Shaft Diameter 54mm Shaft Length 57mm Clasp Diameter 41mm Rowlock Gap White BF100 Black BF100A

RWO Nylon 17mm Side Mount Rowlock Sockets 40mm Height 68mm Width 25mm Depth White BF102 Black BF102A

RWO Nylon 17mm Top Mount Rowlock Sockets 41mm Height 28mm Width 28mm Depth White BF103 Black BF103A

RWO Nylon 17mm Aluminium 17mm Rowlocks & Side Rowlock 17mm Shaft Diameter Mount Sockets

40mm Shaft Length 54mm Shaft Length 62mm Clasp Diameter 57mm Clasp Diameter 55mm Rowlock Gap 41mm Rowlock Gap BF204 White BF105 Black BF105A

Bungs & Dinghy Repair

Plastic Oval Drain Plug Bung

Brass Drain Plug Bung



24mm(Ø) x 53(W) x 47(FHC)

45mm(Ø) x 19(I.Ø) x 15(D) x 29(FHC)

Inflatable Boat Cleaner & Protector CM301

Wooden Bung Packs Small set BF116 Large set BF116A

PVC Inflatable Emergency Repair Kit with PVC patch & glue White BF520A Grey BF520B

Hypalon Inflatable Emergency Repair Kit with PVC patch & glue White BF521A Grey BF521B

Folding Anchor 1.5Kg FE661 2.5Kg FE662 See also...

Mooring Equipment on Page 116

Inspection Hatches 100mm DF851A 130mm DF851B 150mm DF851C

01491 652 085

Hatch O Rings

Twin pack 100mm DF855A 130mm DF855B 150mm DF855C


British Seagull Outboards TM

The British Seagull Outboard is synonymous with quality, hard work and reliability. There were over 2.5 million engines produced from 1931, most of which are still running and there are few people who haven’t heard of them or haven’t experienced a classic British Seagull. Traditionalists love them, they tend to be in keeping with their classic craft, and more often than not they are found in the boats bilge, still expected to run and be reliable when the main engine breaks down. - Surprisingly enough they usually still start and perform in true British style. British Seagull outboards are excellent as an auxiliary engine, having plenty of torque and solid parts.

British Seagull ‘Man’ British Seagull Polo Shirt British Seagull Cap Logo Pin Badge British Seagull Medium BSC001A One size fits all 30mm(H) x 17(W) ‘Man’ Logo Sticker Large BSC001B BSC007 BSC014 30mm(H) x 17(W) Extra Large BSC001C TNK99101 British Seagull Manuals

British Seagull Owners Spares Book Suitable for Forty & Century Series & EFNR engines.


British Seagull CD Breaker-less Ignition Owners Handbook Suitable for engines fitted with CD Breakerless Ignitions.



British Seagull Owners Handbook

Suitable for engines fitted with Villiers Mk1 & Wipac Mk2 ignition assembly. (Excludes Model 102 engines).


British Seagull Model 170/125 Owners Handbook

Suitable for Model 170 & Model 125 engines only.


British Seagull Workshop Manual

British Seagull Model 102 Owners Spares Book

British Seagull Model 102 Owners Handbook




Suitable for all British Seagull engines except Model 170, Model 125 Suitable for Model Suitable for Model & the QB range. 102 engines only. 102 engines only.

British Seagull Model 170/125 Owners Spares Book

Suitable for Model 170 & Model 125 engines only.


British Seagull Cover 301

Most British Seagull Spares held in stock!

01491 652755

British Seagull Spares Telephone Number

Having taken on the supply and manufacturing of spares several years ago we are proud to be able to offer over 95% of original British Seagull spare parts even today! We try to hold all of these in stock and some of the most popular spare parts are listed below. More spares can be found and ordered online too.

British Seagull Spark Plug All models excluding QB & Model 170/125


British Seagull Spark Plug

Suitable for QB & Model 170/125 engines.


British Seagull Water Pump Rotor

British Seagull Water Pump Rotor

British Seagull Water Pump Rotor




British Seagull Fuel Filler Cap Assembly 1306

More Parts Online Here

British Seagull EP90 Gear Box Oil 500ml


British British Seagull Seagull Two SAE140 Gear Stroke Fuel Box Oil Mixture Oil 500ml




British Seagull Oil Filler Plug 40/229

British Seagull Combination Spanner 305

British Seagull Propeller Drive Spring Kit

All models excluding Model 90/100, Model 170/125 & QB Osprey & QB Kingfisher engines


British Seagull Throttle Cables

British Seagull Fuel Tap 1307BP Fuel Tap Overhaul Kit 1307BHP

British Seagull British Seagull Villiers Amal Two-Jet Carburettor Carburettor 25:1 Conversion 25:1 Conversion Needle Needle V645/2 S7/062/40

British Seagull Spark Plug Rubber Cover 1279

British Seagull Spark Plug HT Lead M1270

British Seagull Starter Cord 300

British Seagull Throttle Control Lever S556

British Seagull Gasket Sets

British Seagull Thrust Block Assembly 1340


Comfort Board Living & On Dining On Board Cockpit Tables & Table Pedestals Cockpit tables are a handy extra; a comfortable refinement for entertaining and relaxing. The original Freeman cockpit table was a small version of the cabin dinette table which slotted into the cockpit side. Table pedestals are available in varying heights; on to which the unique, hand made in England, Mahogany Freeman Tables, or the plastic coated mass produced tables can be mounted. Tables are usually mounted with a Table Top Support which slots onto a table pedestal, which in turn slots into a Table Pedestal Base.

1. Select your Table Top

Freeman Mahogany Table Top

Freeman Deluxe Mahogany Lowered Corners Table Top



610mm(L) x 415(W) x 43(H)

618mm(L) x 400(W) x 29(H)

Square Table Top 60cm(L) x 60(W)


2. Select your Table Top Support

Aluminium Table Support 56mm Insert Diameter 165mm Base Diameter


Trem Table Support

Large Table Support



56mm Insert Diameter 165mm Base Diameter

3. Select your Table Pedestal Leg Stainless Steel Pedestal Leg 35cm(L) UP016 66cm(L) UP016A 70cm(L) UP016B 76cm(L) UP016C 81cm(L) UP016D

Folding Tripod Table Stand UP570A


56mm Insert Diameter 191mm Base Diameter

54-57mm Ă˜ Tapered Ends

Chrome Pedestal Leg 70cm(L)


Round Table Top 60cm(Ă˜)


Aluminium Pedestal Leg 70cm(L)

UP017 Note, that table pedestal poles are NOT SUITABLE for seating applications. Please find seat pedestals in the seating section.

Pedestal Leg Holding Clips UP018

See also...

Seating on Page 60

01491 652085

4. Select your Pedestal Base

Aluminium Recessed Pedestal Base

Flat Aluminium Raised Pedestal Base

Aluminium Large Raised Pedestal Base




56mm Insert Diameter 104mm Base Diameter

56mm Insert Diameter 190mm Base Diameter

56mm Insert Diameter 191mm Base Diameter

Aluminium Raised Pedestal Base

Trem Aluminium Raised Pedestal Base

Aluminium Large Raised Pedestal Base




56mm Insert Diameter 165mm Base Diameter

56mm Insert Diameter 165mm Base Diameter

56mm Insert Diameter 191mm Base Diameter

Pedestal Base Cover 56mm Insert Diameter 67mm Cover Diameter


Folding Cup Holders

97mm(H) x 97(W) x 104(D)

Black GW251A White GW251B

Dining Ware & Kettles Non-Slip Place Mats 400mm x 300mm

Almond Black Electric Blue Forest Green Indigo Taupe Burgundy

Plate Round Bowl Square Bowl Mug

240mm(Ø) 230mm(Ø)

Compact High Gloss 2 Litre Whistling Kettle

GW309 GW304 GW306 GW302 GW300 GW305 GW310

GW840 GW842

111mm(L) x 111(W)




Stackable Juice Glass Beverage Glass Wine Glass Champagne Glass

Stainless Steel Steady Boiler 2.7 Litre Kettle

140mm collapsed height 182mm(Ø) x 205(H) Green FE206A Red FE206B

225mm(Ø) x 200(H) Handle button control for spout opening

Compact Stainless Steel Whistling 2 Litre Kettle

Compact Whistling 2 Litre Blue Kettle


GW820 GW822 GW824 GW826

192mm(Ø) x 153(H) Handle button control for spout opening


01491 652 085

186mm(Ø) x 186(H) Thumb operated spout control for opening



Living OnOn Comfort Board Board Cooking - Ovens, Hobs & Grills The most popular Freeman replacement cookers generally have two burners and a grill (GC054) or two burners, a grill and an oven(GC053). As the boats were handmade do check your individual measurements. Boat gas cookers are usually fitted with flame failure devices to comply with the Boat Safety Scheme. A flame failure device shuts off the gas to the burners if the flame fails and stops burning the gas.

Stainless Steel Two Burner Hob & Grill

Stainless Steel Neptune 4500 Two Burner Hob & Grill



442mm(W) x 405(D) x 152(H) Runs on Butane or Propane

Stainless Steel Electric Ceramic Griddle

450mm(W) x 410(D) x 167(H) Runs on Butane or Propane

506mm(L) x 295(W) x 100(H) 230v / 1300w / 1.3Kw Max Input

Voyager 4500 Oven, Two Burner Hob & Grill

Stainless Steel Neptune 4500 Oven, Two Burner Hob & Grill

Spinflo Nelson 1500 Oven, Two Burner Hob & Grill



450mm(W) x 416(D) x 505(H) Runs on Butane or Propane stainless steel front & top

450mm(W) x 416(D) x 505(H) Runs on Butane or Propane stainless steel front, top & sides


450mm(W) x 420(D) x 495(H) Runs on Butane or Propane stainless steel front, top & sides

Dometic Starlight Oven, Two Burner Hob & Grill

455mm(W) x 430(D) x 545(H) Runs on Butane or Propane stainless steel front, top & sides



The hobs & cookers generally come complete with oven shelves, grill or oven pans & pan supports. Many also come with pan clamps, gimbals, enhanced safety features and electric spark burner ignition.


01491 652085

Oven, Hob & Grill Accessories

Thread Sealant GC0910

4500 Hob/Oven Gimballed Pan Clamps GC057A


Regulator Washers



345mm(W) x 245(D) x 45(H)

Magnetic Gas Level Indicator

Folding Dish Drainer

Folded Dimensions 300mm(L) x 210(W) x 55(H) Open Dimensions 300mm(L) x 424(W) x 145(H)

Non-Stick Boat Grill Pan

Sticks on to the outside of your gas bottle to measure the level of gas left


Pack of 5

Please note that all gas work should only be undertaken by a gas competent person.

Beach Hut Oven Glove

One-size-fits-all, 100% cotton blue & white stripe with colourful embroidered beach hut motif


Boat Cooking Apron One-size-fits-all, 100% cotton blue & white stripe with boat motif

Light Duty Calor Gas Spanner

170mm(L) x 58(W) x 3(D)


Heavy Duty Calor Gas Spanner

Polished Brass Calor Gas Spanner



270mm(L) x 65(W) x 11(D)


215mm(L) x 60(W) x 18(D)

Gas Boxes & Gas Fittings Stainless steel gas boxes can be made to order, usually able to hold single or double gas bottles depending on requirements & space.

Ideal for carrying gas bottles!

Compression pipe fittings are available in a vast array of sizes, many of which are stocked in the shop. We specialise in imperial sizes, generally found on the Freeman Cruisers. Listed here are just some of the most popular fittings.

Folding Trolley

Copper Pipe

Inline Joints

Elbow Joints

Test Points

Gas Hose


Lightweight aluminium trolley that holds up to 80Kg yet stows flat Measures 700mm(H) x 480(W) x 60(D) folded


More Gas Fittings online


01491 652 085


Living Comfort Fridges, OnCool-boxes On Board Board & Cookers Fridge-Freezer or Cool-Box? Cool-Boxes are good value, portable but do not have thermostats and generally only keep food a few degrees below ambient temperature - it is only going to chill the beer and milk but not preserve the food. A fridge is thermostatically controlled and operates in much the same way as a household fridge. As they are thermostatically controlled they are much more economic on battery usage. This is very important on a boat, particularly on a hot day, when the fridge maybe working over-time but you may not feel like cruising to recharge the batteries!

18 Litre Top Loading Fridge Freezer RF013B

12v Travel Cool-Box RF011


63 Litre Fridge Freezer RF002A Fridge Freezer / Cool-Box

Travel Cool-Box Top Loading Fridge Freeman Compact Fridge Suitable for Freeman Fridge Box (WP034B) D Freeman Fridge Suitable for Freeman Fridge box (WP034A) E Freeman Large Fridge F Compact Freeman Fridge & Mahogany Fridge Box G Freeman Fridge & Mahogany Fridge Box



42 Litre Fridge Freezer RF008

50 Litre Fridge Freezer RF006







Compact Freeman Fridge & Mahogany Box RF008A Capacity

Freeman Fridge & Mahogany Box RF006A 240v to 12v Power Transformer RF950

Power Supply Code

24 Litres 18 Litres 42 Litres

12v 12v 12/24v

RF011 RF003B RF008

50 Litres



63 Litres 42 Litres

12/24/230v 12/24v

RF002A RF008A

50 Litres



How to install a Freeman Fridge Box Download our quick guide to installing a Freeman Fridge Box.

Scan me

01491 652085

Freeman Mahogany Fridge Box

The Freeman Mahogany Fridge Box is handmade in England and designed to neatly house the ‘standard’ Freeman fridge (RF006) and hide away the workings of the fridge, while still allowing easy access to its contents. It also provides a flat top ideally suited for mounting a helm seat when installing the boat fridge box into the cockpit; particularly useful on the Freeman 22, 23, 25 & 26 boats where space elsewhere is a premium. Complete with a fully varnished mahogany exterior and painted finish inside. 600mm(H) x 495(W) x 560(D)


It is easily mountable to most flat surfaces such as your cockpit floor and is often fitted as a replacement for many helm seat pedestals, allowing you to utilise the space often wasted under the helm seat.

Blue Helmsman Seat mounted on a Freeman Fridge Box & Fridge

This fridge box features an attractive overhanging edge around the top surface and ventilation slots at the back to help the fridge run as economically as possible.

Freeman Mahogany Compact Fridge Box

570mm(H) x 510(W) x 440(D)


The Freeman Compact Fridge Box has been designed to house the smallest fridge/freezer available to us (RF008). The fridge box has a cut-out floor so that the removable fridge motor can be fitted underneath, in the lower compartment found in the cockpit of many Freemans, to utilise the space on board.

Where to install the Freeman Fridge Box We find that most Freeman Fridge Box installations utilise the space in the cockpit by replacing the helm seat and pedestal setup. By installing the Fridge Box here you are able to attach a helm seat to the top of the Fridge Box providing a sturdy seating position for the captain, whilst positioning the fridge (housed inside the box) as close as possible to the batteries (most commonly found underneath the helm position).

01491 652 085


Living Seating Comfort Fridges, OnCool-boxes On Board Board & Cookers Freeman Seating Hand made in England from high quality materials, the Freeman Seat Range combines classic styling, comfort and quality.

The hard wearing material is finished with edge piping and robust brackets or hinges depending on the chosen seat.

The Freeman Seat range is designed to compliment the styling of all Freeman Cruisers whilst providing exceptional comfort.

Freeman Helmsman Folding Seat

Available to order in a variety colours

417mm Base Width 410mm Base Length 270mm Height Closed 445mm Height Open 100mm Seat Thickness Navy Blue UP004 Marble UP005

Strong Hinges

Freeman Large Helmsman Seat 460mm Base Width 460mm Base Length 510mm Height 135mm Seat Thickness Navy Blue UP007 Marble UP007A

Available to order in a variety colours

Bucket seat comfort


01491 652085

Freeman Navigator Folding Seat

The Freeman Navigator Seat is a smaller version of the Helmsman seat, and folds neatly, flat on itself making it easier to pass by and through the cabin doors where it can be a tight space. 425mm Base Width 417mm Base Length 127mm Height Closed 350mm Height Open 65mm Seat Thickness Navy Blue UP002 Marble UP003

Available to order in a variety colours

Freeman Navigator Folding Side Mounting Seat Frame

Folding Side Mounting Seat Frame

The aluminium Folding Side Mounting Seat Frame holds the Navigator Seat and attaches to the side panel, providing space underneath for a cool-box or other items. When not in use the seat can be folded down against the side panel making this the most suitable option for the navigator’s seat where it is in close proximity to the entrance of the cabin doors. The lightweight nature of the frame makes it very easy to fold away; opening up the cockpit and doorway. The frame legs tuck behind the stowed seat.

818mm(H) x 255(W) x 445(D)


Navigator Seat stowed away using the Foldable Side Mounting Frame Kit

UP002 Blue Navigator Seat fitted to UP008 Foldable Side Mounting Frame Kit

Seat Frame Mounting Plinth The Seat Frame Mounting Plinth is used to 355mm(L) x 180(W) x 30(D) strengthen the support when the seat and UP008A frame is fastened to the side panel. This allows the seat frame to be bolted to the Mounting Plinth which in turn is screwed to the side panel, thus spreading the load, securing it to the relatively thin 9mm Freeman side panel. Seat Frame Mounting Plinth Fixing Kit UP008B Seat Fixing Screws UP008C

01491 652 085

How to install a Folding Seat Download our quick guide to installing a new folding seat.

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Living Seating Comfort Fridges, OnCool-boxes On Board Board & Cookers Economic Helmsman Folding Seats Mass produced, economy seats, are also available and whilst these are cheaper than the Freeman Seat Range they are made with much thinner materials and hinges. These seats can be mounted in similar ways as the Freeman Seat Range - with a bit of extra work! 395mm Base Width 375mm Base Length 250mm Height Closed 490mm Height Open 125mm Seat Thickness 125mm Fixing Hole Centres Blue UP505A Grey UP505B White UP505C

3M Vinyl Cleaner, Conditioner & Protector 250ml


Deluxe Economic Helmsman Folding Seats 415mm Base Width 385mm Base Length 320mm Height Closed 510mm Height Open 135mm Seat Thickness 135mm Fixing Hole Centres Blue UP507A

395mm Base Width 370mm Base Length 280mm Height Closed 460mm Height Open 125mm Seat Thickness 130mm Fixing Hole Centres Blue UP500A Biege UP500D

Recovering Existing Seats & Custom Seats Your existing seat can also be recovered in a wide selection of colours. The seat comes back as good as new, using your existing frame work. Please telephone or call in for details and colour options. This is the most effective method for the Freeman 30 and 32 Mk1 seats (shown right) and the Freeman 26 folding seat as the original hinges are no longer made. The internal woodwork can also be replaced.


01491 652085

Mounting Your Seats

There are various options available for mounting a seat on board including Fixed Height Seat Pedestals, Adjustable Height Seat Pedestals, the Folding Side Mounting Seat Frame and the Freeman Mahogany Fridge Boxes. The options available and ease of installation can vary depending on seat selection. The Freeman Seat range all feature a robust, flat, wooden base without pre-existing fixing points - this means you are able to position the seats in your desired location and install the fixing screws where best suits. The Economic range of seats all have predetermined pedestal fixing points. Original Freeman Helmsman Seat on a Freeman 22/23

See also...

Fridge Box on Page 59 Folding Frame on Page 61

A pedestal mount installation usually features a pedestal base, pedestal leg and seat support and allows the seat and frame to be completely removed from the boat if required.

Adjustable Seat Pedestals

Seat Swivels

Adjustable Seat Pedestals allow you to raise, lower, rotate and lock the seat position where necessary. These can be suitable for Freeman 22’s & 23’s with raised seating platforms in the cockpit where fixed pedestals can be that bit too high making your head constantly graze the canopy! Seat Swivel Plate

160mm(L) x 160(W) x 20(H) 110-140mm(FHC)


Adjustable Seat Pedestal 430mm Height Lowered 630mm Height Raised


Adjustable Seat Pedestal with Seat Slide

Adjustable Seat Pedestal



430mm Height Lowered 630mm Height Raised

320mm Height Lowered 475mm Height Raised 115-140mm(FHC)

Seat Swivel Plate

172mm(L) x 172(W) x 24(H) 125-145mm(FHC)


Seat Supports

73mm(Ø) Swivel & Lock

73mm(Ø) Swivel, Lock & Slide

60mm(Ø) Swivel & Lock




170mm(L) x 170(W) x 90(H) 110-140mm(FHC)

338mm(L) x 193(W) x 95(H) 110-140mm(FHC)

01491 652 085

240mm(L) x 240(W) x 80(H) 140-210mm(FHC)


Living Seating Upholstery Fridges, Comfort OnCool-boxes On Board Board & Cookers Upholstery - New Cabin Cushions Changing the upholstery in your Freeman Cruiser is a simple and enjoyable way to make your boat, and yourselves, feel good and refreshed. Colour and design says a lot about character so why not bring your own character to your boat? Explore the possibilities and be inspired to create something special with brand new boat cabin cushion sets.

Create My Style Whether you are looking to keep your Freeman Cruiser as traditional as possible, by choosing a colour and design that complements & emphasises the Freeman Woodwork, or you are looking to keep everything on trend with the latest fashionable new designs there is a style to inspire everyone. Explore some of the most popular looks below and be inspired to design your own style. We have over 500 materials, designs & colours to choose from that, cannot all be shown, but feel free to come and visit our River Thames Shop to flick through the materials available. (Material choices can change without notice).

The Classic Look Choose from 16 styles in this range Crisp shades of Blue or Red suit the darker Freeman woodwork well and help emphasise the classic look. Fawn or Vanilla really open up the lighter Freeman woodwork & Caramel or Gold step back into the 70’s!

The Retro Collection Choose from 15 styles in this range Step back in time to the golden era with an original Stripe, Check or Tartan pattern on board. Popular on the Freemans in the 1960’s & 1970’s, patterns are most certainly back in fashion today with their modern colour palette and design.


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Style Chosen. Create My Design. Freeman Cruisers were originally made with 5 inch thick foam which is much thicker than other boat manufacturers. Just one of the quality things you paid for when you bought a Freeman but probably did not realise. There are three options available as well as a full bespoke service by arrangement. All new cushion sets include the main cabin cushions and backrests made with 5” thick foam finished with durable piping around the edges, zipped covers to ease removal for cleaning and material for recovering the front side panels (material will be attached to the side panels if brought in for recovering too).

View our latest upholstery style guide Scan Get the latest look me on board with the seasons new trends & materials.

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As V-Berth infill cushions were an optional extra, a small addition is added when tailoring.

Option 1 - Cushion covers - cut to a ‘standard’ pattern to be placed over your existing cushion foam. An economic way of tidying your Freeman or changing with the trends!

Option 2 - Recovering your existing cushion foam - material tailored & fitted to your existing cushion foam. Take a note of ill fitting or misshaped cushions so that the foam can be padded a little.

Option 3 - Complete set of new cushions - new cushion foam & covers tailored to your specification. Having your old cushions to pattern from (as long as they fit well) can be useful as all cushions were handmade to your individual boat during manufacture so variations do occur. Extras - Complete curtain sets - new curtains with hemmed edges and

Rufflette style heading tape.

Curtains are traditionally made of the same material as the upholstery because of the relatively confined area. Of course this is all personal taste, but generally curtain material is too thin for boat windows and the area too small for the contrasts to look smart. We can usually produce new curtains as we have most of the Freeman Range sizes or we can supply material for you to make your own curtains. You choose whether they are lined and whether curtain ties are required.

Extras - V-Berth cushion infill - new ‘V’ shaped cushion infill tailored to your specifications to fill the forward berth gap for a larger bed space.

Although care is taken to match colours as accurately as possible, printing can alter the appearance of colours and does not allow for exact colour reproduction. We suggest that you request samples for accuracy before ordering.

Cockpit Floor & Deck Covering ‘New Style’ Freeman Cruisers used Fawn Diamond flooring in the cockpit area. The Grey Flat flooring is ideal for recovering Classic Style Freeman Cruiser cockpit floors. The large floor mats can be adhered with adhesive while the self adhesive step pads make a useful, easy to apply foot step and are in a range of colours. New light absorbing polymer technology now allows for glow-in-the-dark step pads too! White Sand Speckled FW122 Light Grey Chequered FW120C


275x135mm 550x135mm 412x203mm 1200x900mm

Fawn Grey Blue Black White Sand Light Blue

FW101A FW101B FW101D FW101E FW101F FW101G

FW111A FW111B FW111D FW111E FW111F FW111G

FW110A FW110B FW110D FW110E FW110F FW110G

FW100A FW100B FW100D FW100E FW100F FW100G

Grey Flat





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Living Seating Upholstery Fridges, Comfort OnCool-boxes On Board Board & Cookers Cockpit Cushions and Covers

Freeman Cockpit Cushion sets are available for the Freeman Range and usually held in stock in the traditional Freeman blue, for the Classic Range, and Marble, for the ‘New Style’ range. Sets consist of the seat and the backrest and are finished in a fluted material with piped edging as per the original cockpit cushion sets. Covers are also available separately for your existing foam, new foam can be cut if this is all that needs replacing too & other colour options are also available to order.

Materials & Roof Lining Many of the ‘New Style’ range boats are lined with marble vinyl around the window frames which has a tendency to shrink. They also have a marble foam backed vinyl on the cabin roof which tends to droop. Others boats have the same vinyl mounted to plywood boards which are connected to the roof with ‘Fir Tree’ Head Lining Clips. Unfortunately over time the foam deteriorates and the weight of the vinyl causes it to droop. Do not remove the covering completely before referring to the handbook or phoning the helpline as it is far harder to repair if the vinyl becomes completely detached from the boat’s roof. Freeman Vinyl

Fluted Vinyl

137cm(W) per metre Marble UP023B Brown UP023A Navy Blue UP023C

137cm(W) per metre Blue UP022F White UP022D Bone UP022G Cream UP022H Grey UP022J Black UP022E

Freeman Head Lining Foam Vinyl

Foam backed

137cm(W) per metre Marble UP024B White UP024D Black UP024E


137cm(W) per metre Blue UP023F White UP023D Bone UP023G Cream UP023H Grey UP023J Dark Grey UP023K Black UP023E Red UP023L

Freeman Fluted Vinyl

137cm(W) x per metre Blue UP022A Marble UP022B

Rubber Matting

Replacement Head Lining Fir Clips 15mm UP053 30mm UP054

Upholstery Contact Adhesive UP060

120cm(W) per metre


Useful for flooring too!


Welcome On Board Mat 48mm(W) x 25(H)


Door Stops Boat HW806 Anchor HW808

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Upholstery Care & Accessories

Removing your upholstery from the boat in the winter months helps to eliminate mould and mildew staining your material. Boats are inevitably damp and should be left ventilated if possible to cut down condensation. There are dehumidifiers and cleaners to help combat dampness too.

No Damp Dehumidifiers 340g CM045A 700g CM045C

No Damp Refill No Damp Mildew Upholstery Interior Odour Crystals Hanging Moisture Stain & Carpet Shampoo Eliminator Absorber Remover Cleaner CM655 CM330 340g CM045B CM045D CM321 CM547

Televisions - 12/24/240 volt Digital LED HD Ready Our range of slim line 12/24/240 volt televisions are available featuring LED wide screens, digital Freeview television with built-in DVD/CD player, one-touchtuning and pause, playback & record live TV on to a USB memory stick. You can also use these televisions as a display for your laptop as it features VGA input and audio input along with an FM tuner for tuning into your favourite radio station.

Avtex 18.5” LED TV/DVD Combi EQ400

The most popular of the range are the 18.5” (EQ400) and the, smaller, 15.6” (EQ410) wide screen TVs. Starting with a depth of just 50mm these TVs are designed with space-saving in mind an ideal addition to even the smallest boats! The 15.6” TV also features a DVB-S2 satellite decoder for receiving free to air satellite channels, such as Freesat, from your satellite dish.

Maxview Omnimax TV/FM/DAB Aerial EQ490

Television Wall Mount EQ435B

On Board Wireless Internet

Glowmex Webboat 4G Internet Antenna System

for 4G sim card & Wi-Fi internet connectivity on board


Avtex 15.6” LED TV/ DVD Combi EQ410 Excellent reviews

Avtex Portable Digital Freeview TV Aerial

Complete with 12v signal amplifier & LTE (4G phone signal) filtering


The latest Internet Antenna System connects you to the internet through a 4G SIM card or directly through your marina Wi-Fi. Wireless data, including video, can be streamed to devices such as mobile phones & tablets. You can even hard wire devices using the Ethernet ports, particularly useful on metal boats where wireless signals can be disrupted. The associated iPhone & Android Apps provide access to settings & status and if linked to a TV satellite antenna you are even able to have wireless TV directly to your iPad anywhere on the boat!

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Furniture Fittings Catches & Fasteners Chrome Freeman Gravely Catch Fastener

Freeman Budget Locks 83mm(L) x 25(W) x 9(D) 8mm Key Slot Right FF194A Left FF194B

46mm(W) x 23(H)


Chrome Freeman Bonnet Fastener & Stay

Freeman Budget Lock Tee (T) Key



100mm(W) x 25(H)

80mm(L) x 60(W) x 8(D) 6-9mm Taper

Turn Button Catch

Keyhole Cover Plate

51mm(Ø) x 15(H) Brass FF5306 Chrome FF5306A

27mm(Ø) x 6(H) 12mm Key Hole Diameter


Angled Toggle Fastener

Brass Turn Button

75mm(L) x 34(W) x 30(H) Chrome FF9581 Brass FF9581A

38mm(L) x 10(W) x 6(H)


Toggle Screw Fastener

37mm(L) x 15(W) x 12(H) Chrome FF730 Brass FF730A

Toggle Fastener 70mm(L) x 35(W) x 40(H)

Chrome FF9580 Brass FF9580A

Door Retaining Catches Door Retaining Catches

Perko Small Hatch Fastener 58mm(L) x 20(W) x 22(H)


Perko Large Hatch Fastener 65mm(L) x 18(W) x 22(H)

Screw Thread Hatch Fastener


30mm(L) x 13(W) x 14(H)


Screw Thread Hatch Fastener & Stay 30mm(L) x 13(W) x 14(H)


Throwover Catches

Chrome Throwover Catch Keeper FF192


Spring Loaded Door Retaining Catch 60mm(W) x 32(D) x 15(H) Chrome FF190 Brass FF190A

Brass Door Retaining Catch

Chrome Throwover Catch 68mm(L) x 26(H) Right FF191A Left FF191B

40mm(Ø) x 45(D) Small FF240 50mm(Ø) x 70(D) Large FF241

60mm(L) x 11(W) x 13(H)


Throwover Locker Catch 52mm(L) x 16(W) x 36(H) Chrome FF740 Brass FF740A

Stainless Door Retaining Catch 27mm(W) x 36(D) x 29(H)


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Door Handles & Vents Freeman Cupboard Handle & Catch

Vent Grilles

The original Freeman Cruiser ‘Press Catch’ cupboard handle

152mm(L) x 76(H) Chrome FF001A Brass FF001

Freeman Cupboard Handle

228mm(L) x 76(H)


Vent Grilles

A replacement cupboard handle with the same fixing holes 100mm(L) x 10(W) x 30(D)

Chrome FF002A Brass FF002

Freeman Drawer Handle

228mm(L) x 152(H)


Original Freeman draw handle 116mm(L) x 14(W) x 24(D) x 71(FHC)


Freeman Drawer Handle

A replacement drawer handle with the same fixing holes 90mm(L) x 10(W) x 30(D)


Freeman 32 Mk2 Door Handle

A replacement door handle suitable for the Freeman 32 Mk2

Vent Grilles

Chrome FF003A Brass FF003

Louvre Vent Grilles 152mm(L) x 75(H) Chrome FF011A Brass FF011B

Louvre Vent Grilles 228mm(L) x 71(H) Chrome FF012A

Brass FF012B

Stainless FF012C

FF230 Chrome Brass Door Handle

Louvre Vent Grille


Chrome FF017A

168mm(L) x 38(W) x 45(H) 140mm Fixing Hole Centres

Door Ball, Catch & Base 10mm(L) x 11(Ø)


Push Button Door or Cupboard Catch

38mm(L) x 20(W) x 25(Ø) Chrome FF742 Brass FF742A

Bulkhead Grilles 140mm(Ø) x 7(H) Brass FF008 125mm(Ø) x 7(H) White FF008A

Chrome Plated Sliding Vent 152mm(W) x 76(H)

302mm(L) x 152(H)

Stainless Steel Louvre Vent Grille 127mm(L) x 65(H)

FF004 Stainless Steel Louvre Vent Grille 127mm(L) x 115(H)

FF004A Stainless Steel Louvre Vent Grille 230mm(L) x 115(H)


Stainless Steel Louvre Vent Grille 127mm(L) x 228(H)



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Furniture Fittings Barrel Bolts



Chrome Brass Barrel Bolts

Freeman Chrome Hinges

Solid Drawn Chrome Brass Barrel Bolts

2 1/2” x 1 3/8”

25mm(W) 2” FF550B 2 1/2” FF550C 3” FF550D

25mm(W) 2” FF200 2 1/2” FF200A 3” FF200B

Brass Barrel Bolts

25mm (W) 1 1/2” FF500A 2” FF500B 2 1/2” FF500C 3” FF500D

Solid Drawn Brass Barrel Bolts

25mm (W) 2” FF501B 2 1/2” FF501C 3” FF501D

Cranked 3” Barrel Bolts

25mm (W) Chrome FF504 Brass FF504A

Chrome Barrel Bolt

58mm(L) x 30(W) x11(H)


For cupboards & doors 2” x 1 1/8”


Spring Loaded Hook

FF199BB Solid Drawn Chrome Brass Butt Hinges

76mm(H) x 25(W) x 10(D) Chrome FF1070 Brass FF1070A

Solid Drawn Brass Butt Hinges

40mm(H) x 20(W) x 32(D) Chrome FF700 Brass FF700A

Pack of Two 33x22mm FF460A 51x29mm FF460B 64x35mm FF460C 76x41mm FF460D 102x60mm FF460E

Pack of Two 38x22mm FF450A 51x29mm FF450B 64x35mm FF450C 76x41mm FF450D 102x60mm FF450E

Chrome Lift Off Hinges

50mm(H) x 36/60(W) x14(D) Right FF11300 Left FF11301

Coat Hook

Twin Hook

40mm(H) x 60(W) x 20(D) Chrome FF701 Brass FF701A

Finger Hinges

150mm(L) x 30(W) Chrome FF800 Brass FF800A

Continuous ‘Piano’ Hinge Per meter 25mm(W) FF236 35mm(W) FF236A

Thin Profile Hook

53mm(H) x 20(W) x 21(D) Chrome FF702 Brass FF702A

Silent Cabin Hooks

Economy Cabin Hooks 60mm(L) x 20(H) Chrome FF9222 Brass FF9224A


Cabin Hooks

60mm(L) x 20(H) Chrome FF205 Brass FF204

Chrome 15mm(H) 65mm(L) FF300A 80mm(L) FF300B 100mm(L) FF300C

Brass 15mm(H) 65mm(L) FF301A 80mm(L) FF301B 100mm(L) FF301C

Solid Drawn Silent Cabin Hooks

70mm(L) x 40(H) x 20(D) Chrome FF206 Brass FF207

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Lifting Rings & Handles Rectangular Lifting Ring 45 x 38mm

Circular Lifting Ring 46mm

45mm(L) x 38(W) x 10(H) Chrome FF340 Brass FF340A

46mm(Ø) x 14(H) x 31(FHC) Chrome FF209B Brass FF209BA

Rectangular Lifting Ring 50 x 37mm

Circular Lifting Ring 52mm

50mm(L) x 37(W) x 11(H) Chrome FF210B Brass FF210

52mm(Ø) x 15(H) x 34(FHC) Chrome FF209C Brass FF209CA

Rectangular Lifting Ring 63 x 48mm

Circular Lifting Ring 53mm

63mm(L) x 48(W) x 7(H) Chrome FF335 Brass FF335A

Rectangular Stainless Steel Lifting Ring 65 x 55mm 65mm(L) x 55(W) x 8(H)


Rectangular Lifting Ring 75 x 55mm

75mm(L) x 55(W) x 10(H) Chrome FF337 Brass FF337A

53mm(Ø) x 14(H) x 37(FHC) Chrome FF348 Brass FF348A

Concealed Circular Lifting Ring 53mm 53mm(Ø) x 14(H) x 35(FHC) Chrome FF349 Brass FF349A

Circular Lifting Ring 67mm

67mm(Ø) x 20(H) x 47(FHC) Chrome FF209D Brass FF209DA

Brass Drop Ring Lifting Ring

Circular Lifting Ring 40mm

77mm(L) x 17(W) x 32(H) x 62(FHC)

40mm(Ø) x 15(H) x 27(FHC)


Spring Loaded Chrome Flush Lifting Ring 82mm(L) x 21(W) x 25(H) x 70(FHC)


Hasp & Staple 76mm(L Closed) x 25(W) x 16(H) Chrome FF152 Brass FF152A

01491 652 085

FF331 Rectangular Lifting Ring 82 x 20mm 82mm(L) x 20(W) x 30(H) x 70(FHC) Chrome FF9543A Brass FF9543

Concealed Rectangular Lifting Ring 82 x 20mm

82mm(L) x 20(W) x 30(H) x 70(FHC) - M4 Chrome FF9545 Brass FF9545A


Woodwork Freeman Woodwork Classic Freeman Woodwork Freeman Cruisers are renowned for their superior, high gloss, woodwork throughout the cabin and the cockpit. When hand built back in the factory, a single tree grain was used on each boat so not to distort the lines running through the boat detail that seems to have been lost in todays manufacturing! Woodwork is at the heart of all Freemans, and a real draw to onlookers! Whether it be the mahogany handrails, masts, rubbing strakes, cockpit side panels, fridge boxes, step boxes or the luxurious cabinets in the cabin, a high gloss, warm, mahogany finish brings the real Freeman character to life!

Freeman Mahogany Veneered Ply Freeman Ply is available for the refurbishment of your cockpit side panels. If your side panels seem to have faded it might be possible to sand back to the original veneer and revarnish. Alternatively, fresh new boards can be cut and freshly varnished to replace the old ones. Boards are available in 5mm, 10mm or as a veneer on a thin gasket type material which can easily be stuck over damaged sections of woodwork.

5mm Veneered Ply WP012 10mm Veneered Ply WP014 Veneer Flexisheet WP055

Freeman Mahogany Handrails The ‘Classic’ Freemans feature various mahogany handrails including the cabin top handrails and interior cockpit handrails - kits are available to refurbish or replace these. See also...

View our Freeman Side Panel guide Get an idea of the steps involved in replacing the Freeman cockpit side panels here.

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Handrails on Page 16

Freeman Step Boxes The Hand Made in England Freeman Step Boxes allow easier access to and from the cockpit and have storage space within the hinged, non-slip lid. Made from varnished Freeman ply wood with Freeman aluminium and rubber trim around the lid edge and finished with non-slip matting in various designs and colours - These can be made in different sizes to order too. Cabin Hooks

102mm(L) x 20(H) Chrome FF205C Brass FF204C Hold your step box in place with a Cabin Hook each side. 330mm(H) x 430(W) x 295(D)

Diamond Fawn Top Diamond Grey Top Smooth Grey Top


WP003 WP003A WP004A

See also...

Mast & Flagstaffs on Page 38 Fridge Boxes on Page 59

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Woodwork Preparation Woodwork can be a satisfying task to undertake. Taking damaged varnish and striping back to the natural wood grain and colour, re-varnishing (with at least five coats!) to a luxurious high gloss finish, should bring a huge sense of achievement! Preparation is key to the best finish (along with some time & patience too!).

View our Re-Varnishing guide Get an idea of the steps involved in re-varnishing your Freeman woodwork here.

Varnish & Wood Treatment

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There are a number of varnish types available, some of the most popular are listed below. Hempel Favourite Varnish is the most popular exterior varnish for handrails and rubbing strakes, etc.. Where as Hempel Classic Varnish would normally be used for interior elements such as the cockpit sides and interior panels.

Favourite 375ml Favourite 750ml Classic 375ml Classic 750ml Dura-Satin 375ml

BP010 BP010A BP011 BP011A BP012

Dura-Satin 750ml


Dura-Gloss 375ml Dura-Gloss 750ml

BP013 BP013A

Original Varnish 375ml PA071 Original Varnish 750ml PA071A Compass Varnish 375ml PA078 Compass Varnish 750ml PA078A Schooner Varnish 375ml PA075 Schooner Varnish 750ml PA075A Goldspar Varnish 375ml PA077 Goldspar Varnish 750ml


Gloss Varnish 500ml PA300A Gloss Varnish 1L PA300B Thinners & Cleaner PA350A

D1 Silk finish Wood Oil 1L CM040A D2 Gloss finish Wood Oil 1L CM040B

Thinners & Wood Sealers It is very important to use the correct Thinners when varnishing or painting - using anything less (such as Terps or white spirit from your local DIY store) can affect the job, leaving you with work that may have to be re-done. Unfortunately many brush cleaners can react badly with marine grade paints and varnishes - don’t even clean your brushes with the stuff as this can transfer easily.

750ml Thinners No.1


Thinners No.2


Thinners No.3


Thinners No.5


Thinners No.6


When applying varnish to wood it is important to apply thinned down varnish (approximately 50/50 mix) so the thinned varnish is drawn into the wood for maximum protection. Wood Impreg is a pre-mixed formula for this very job. When applied, you can begin applying thicker varnish mixtures i.e. 80/20 & neat varnish. Typically Freemans would have had between five & seven coats of varnish!

Premium Teak Oil 473ml CM008B Hempel Wood Impreg 750ml


Teak Cleaner 750g


Teak Oil 750ml BP062

01491 652 085

International Woodskin 750ml


See also...

Brushes & Tools on Page 115


Lighting Freeman Woodwork Cabin & Cockpit Lighting Original light fittings are available in many scenarios. We also carefully source look alike classic fittings and modern, low power consumption; LED lighting is a popular way of saving power. Changing the lighting is one of the methods of modernising your cruiser whilst also keeping that traditional comfort on board.

Original Freeman Cabin Light

Original Freeman Cockpit Light



12V / Ba15d no bulb included 125mm(Ø) x 30(H)

12V / Ba15d no bulb included 125mm(Ø) x 30(H)

Switched Stainless Steel Cabin Light

Switched Stainless Steel LED Cabin Light



Freeman Replacement 12V / Ba15d with 21W warm white bulb 140mm(Ø) x 36(H)

Freeman Replacement 10-30V / Ba15d with warm white LED bulb 140mm(Ø) x 36(H)

Switched Teak LED Switched Teak LED SMD LED Freeman Bulb Freeman cabin light Interior Cabin Light Interior Cabin Light replacement with Brass Bezel with Brass Bezel

10-30V / Ba15d with 1.8W warm white bulb 150mm(Ø) x 50(H)


10-30V / Ba15d with 1.8W warm white bulb 155mm(Ø) x 60(H)


Ultra Thin 75mm Ultra Thin 130mm LED Light LED Light 12V / 2.2w 16 LED warm white 75mm(Ø) x 17(H)


12V / 5w 16 LED warm white 130mm(Ø) x 17(H)

12v Fluorescent Tube Labcraft Trilite

380mm(L) x 24(H) x 77(W)



Stainless Steel Switched LED Spot Light 12v/0.8w/MR11/GU4 with cool white bulb 60mm(Ø) x 85(L)


10-30V / Ba15d with 1.8W warm white bulb 175mm(Ø) x 50(H) Stainless LF600A Brass LF601A

Halogen Freeman Bulb

Incandescent Freeman Bulb

12v / 10w warm white colour 24mm(Ø) x 48(L)

12v / 21w warm white colour 24mm(Ø) x 48(L)

Stainless Steel Switched LED ECO Spot Light

Twist Lens on/off Switched Light

10-30v / 1.8w warm white 22mm(Ø) x 45(L)


Switched Interior LED Cabin Lights


12v / 1w with pure white bulb 60mm(Ø) x 89(L)


8w Single Bulb LF204A 16w Twin Bulb LF204B 24w Triple Bulb LF204C


12v warm white bulb 36(H) 105mm(Ø) LF1008 150mm(Ø) LF1014

12v SMD LED Labcraft Trilite

380mm(L) x 24(H) x 77(W)

300 Lumens LF206A 600 Lumens LF206B

01491 652085

Stainless Steel Recessed LED Recessed LED Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Ultra Thin Ultra Thin 75mm 94mm LED Cabin Light Ultra Thin 133mm White Plastic Light Brushed Nickel Light 12V / 3w 12v/1w warm white 12V / 2w warm white LED Cabin Light LED Cabin Light 12V / 1.68w 3 LED warm white 75mm(Ø) x 10(H)


5 LED warm white 94mm(Ø) x 11(H)


plus 4 Red LED’s LF650C

78mm(E.Ø) x 49(I.Ø) x 20(D)

12V / 5w 9 LED warm white 133mm(Ø) x 13(H)

65mm(E.Ø) x 49(I.Ø) x 31(D)




Cockpit lighting is a simple yet effective way to brighten up the cockpit with low level lighting. Lights are easy to install with holes drilled into the various panels selected for the light fittings. The wires are threaded behind the panels and clipped up where practical and connected to a switch and an appropriate fuse. Ambience is the end result, as the halogen or LED lamp rays hit the varnished woodwork and create a warm interior and the low level lighting should not affect your view from the helm as you cruise in the twilight.

View our Cockpit Lights guide Recessed Light

12/24V / 20W warm white 80mm(Ø) x 31(D)


Get an idea of the steps involved in cockpit lighting to your Freeman here.

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Replacement Light Lenses

Freeman Cabin Light Plastic Lens Suitable for LF001 & LF012 102mm(Ø) x 27(H)


Search Lights

Cabin Light Glass Lens

Suitable for LF001A, LF001B & LF1278 100mm(Ø) x 20(H)



Remote Control 12v Search Light

320° Horizontal Rotation 75° Vertical Sweep 210mm(H) x 185(L) x 180(W)


Rechargeable LED Handheld Search Light Torch 12 & 230 volt SY008

Large Cabin Light Glass Lens

Suitable for LF600, LF210 & LF1280 118mm(Ø) x 28(H)

01491 652 085

Stainless Steel 12v Search Light

185mm(H) x 125(Ø) x 70(D)



Lighting Spare Light Bulbs

SMD LED Ba15d Bulb Halogen Ba15d Bulb 10-30v / 1.8w / 18 LED 22mm(Ø) x 45(L) Warm white LF164A Cool white LF164B

12v / 10w warm white 24mm(Ø) x 48(L)


Festoon Sv8.5 Bulbs Small Festoon Sv8.5 12v warm white Bulb 11-14mm(Ø) x 42(L) 10w LF120 15w LF122 21w LF126

12v / 10w warm white 11mm(Ø) x 30(L)

Incandescent Ba15s Bulb

Incandescent Small Ba9s Bulbs

12v / 10w warm white 17mm(Ø) x 32(L)



12v warm white 9mm(Ø) x 22-26(L) 2w LF107 4w LF233

Incandescent Ba15d Bulb

12v / 21w warm white 24mm(Ø) x 48(L)


SMD LED Sv8.5 Festoon Bulb



12v / 12w warm white 12v / 21w warm white 19mm(Ø) x 35(L) 24mm(Ø) x 48(L)

SMD LED Sv8.5 Festoon Bulb

8-30v / 1.5w 16mm(Ø) x 42(L) Warm white LF131A Cool white LF131B

Halogen G4 Bulb

SMD LED Rear Pin G4 Bulbs

12v / 10w warm white 8mm(Ø) x 30(L)


Aqua Signal Series 40-50 Navigation Light Bulb

Hella Marine Navigation Light Bay15d Bulb




12v / 10w white 25mm(Ø) x 69(L)

Incandescent Ba15s Bulb

8-35v / 0.5w 10mm(Ø) x 42(L) Warm white LF133A Cool white LF133B

Aqua Signal Series 25 Navigation Light Twin Pack Bulbs 12v / 10w white 10mm(Ø) x 48(L)

Incandescent Ba15d Bulb

12v / 10w white 25mm(Ø) x 69(L)


Perko: 0070DP1CLR 12v/15w white 14mm(Ø) x 44(L)


Fluorescent T5 G5 Tube Bulbs

8-35v / 1.5w 23mm(Ø) x 60(L) warm white LF360A cool white LF360B

12v cool white 225mm(L) / 6w LF170 300mm(L) / 8w LF171 530mm(L) / 13w LF172

Halogen H3 Pk22s Bulb

Halogen H1 Pk14.5s Bulb



12v / 55w warm white 22mm(Ø) x 40(L)

Shelf Adhesive 12v LED Low Profile Flexible Strip Lights Warm White 8mm(W) x 5m(L) Down Light LF282 Side Light LF284

Perko Sv8.5 Navigation Light Bulb

Colour Changeable 10mm(W) x 5m(L) White Spectrum LF286 Colour Spectrum LF290

12v / 55w warm white 25mm(Ø) x 60(L)

01491 652085

Freeman Navigation Lights Navigation lights are an important part of boating, a clear indication of your position in the dark. It is usual to find a red Port, a green Starboard, a white Stern & a white Masthead on board. You may even have a white Anchor light too.

Traditional Navigation Light Layout

Original Freeman Navigation Light

Freeman Navigation Light Bulb LF105

Bulb Holder Replacement LF038

Freeman Navigation Light Screw LF045Z

Bulb Holder LF039

‘New Style’ Freeman 12v Navigation Lights 89mm(H) x 100(W) x 62(D)

Port Stainless LF019 Black LF023

Masthead Stainless LF018 Black LF022

Starboard Stainless LF020 Black LF024

Freeman Stern Light LF026

Stern Stainless LF021 Black LF025

Replacement Lens LF027

Traditional Chrome 12v Anchor Navigation Light

Rectangular 12v Navigation Lights 90mm(H) x 70(W) x 64(D)

110mm(H) x 61-93(Ø)



Chrome LF080 Brass LF080A


Chrome LF083 Brass LF083A


Chrome LF081 Brass LF081A


Navigation Light Glass Lens

Chrome LF082 Brass LF082A

52mm(Ø) x 75(H)

Replacement Lenses


78mm(H) x 55(W) x 48(D)

LF080Z/LF082Z/LF081Z Stainless Steel 12v LED Navigation Lights 62mm(H) x 72(W) x 45(D) Low Profile Stainless LED Navigation Lights Port LF470A

Stern LF470C

Starboard LF470B

Port & Starboard 62mm(H) x 97(W) x 35(D)


Hella Marine 3562 12v Navigation Lights 75mm(H) x 62(W) x 53(D)

Port Masthead Starboard Stern BiColour LF29049 LF29043 LF29047 LF29045 LF29050

Low Profile Stainless LED Stern Light 76mm(Ø) x 20(D)


Traditional Chrome 12v Navigation Lights

45mm(H) x 65(W) x 150(L) Brass available to order.

Port LF714

01491 652 085

Bow LF717

Starboard LF715

BiColour LF716


Boat Electrics Power Management & Batteries Battery power is a problem on any boat as we are generally taking out more energy than we are putting in! Therefore the first priority is to try and balance your output with your input. Checking your wiring and connections will ensure you are making the most of your engine charging system i.e. that the maximum power generated from the engine is getting to the battery. Additional batteries will give you a larger ‘tank’ of electricity but this is only advantageous if you are able to keep them topped up. Marine Dual Purposed Sealed Batteries 85Ah 110Ah 120Ah

BB033A BB033B BB033C

An engine start draws a large amount of power in one go and a typical petrol engine start battery would be around 85-90Ah whereas a 110Ah+ is usually adequate for diesel start (although larger capacity & speciality batteries are available).

Most modern marine batteries are typically dual purpose, meaning they can be used in either the engine start system or the domestic system.

Numax CXV Marine Dual Purposed Sealed Batteries

Dual purpose batteries can also be used for average outboard engine starting.

86Ah 120Ah

BB035B BB035D

Battery Isolators & Split Diodes Battery management is an important consideration on board. A basic battery switching system will enable some manual control (see Battery Switches on the next page). A Split Charge Diode or Battery Isolator will automatically evenly regulate, and split alternator output power between batteries for re-charging.

Battery Isolator

Split Charge Diodes

70A 2 Output EE600A 70A 3 Output EE600B 90A 2 Output EE601A 90A 3 Output EE601B

70A 3 Output EE610B 120A 2 Output EE612A

Battery Leads available in various lengths

Battery Terminals Positive BB050 Negative BB051

Battery Boxes & Accessories

Batteries need to be secured to prevent movement, ventilated and the terminals covered. Batteries should preferably be stored in an acid proof battery box - these include tie down battery straps too.

Battery Terminal Terminal Battery Cover Box Strap Box Straps Cover Small Battery Box Medium Battery Box Overall: 320mm(L) x 225(W) x 270(H) Internal: 268mm(L) x 178(W) x 195(H)



Overall: 415mm(L) x 240(W) x 270(H) Internal: 350mm(L) x 185(W) x 240(H)


Large Battery Box Overall: 445mm(L) x 240(W) x 270(H) Internal: 390mm(L) x 180(W) x 240(H)

1.36m with buckle


1.3m with buckle



Red Positive

Black Negative

BB221A BB221B Battery Terminal Covers with Sleeve Red Positive BB220A Black Negative BB220B

01491 652085

Battery Switches & Keys

Battery Master Switch & Key

Heavy Duty Battery Master Switch & Key



12/24v 12/24v upto 250amps max 500amp continuous, max 2500amp 57mm(Ø) x 75(D) 120mm(W) x 130(D) x 67(H)

Battery Battery Dual Selection Battery Isolator Switch Switch Key Master Switch 12/24v upto 150amps continuous, max 175amp 138mm(W) x 66(D) x 138(H)

Freeman 12v Freeman Dashboard Cabin Switch & Back Plate Switch 12-230v


Inline Switch



54mm(H) x 39(W)


12/24v max 500amp 43mm(Ø) x 86(H)



Weatherproof Switch 12-230v



ThreeWay Switch



Push Button Weatherproof Freeman Horn Switch Push Button Dashboard 12v Horn Switch Horn Switch EL098 12-230v 12v EL099 EL005A

23mm Shaft


Dashboard Illuminated Switch Switch EL080

Heavy Duty 10mm(Ø) Battery 26mm Shaft Switch Key EL010A 11mm(Ø)



Freeman Horn Push Switch

Stainless Horn Push Switch





Push/Pull Switch 12-24v


26mm Shaft


Illuminated Rocker Switch with LED 12-24v



Fuse Panels & Holders Fused Switch Panels 12v maximum 15amps 123mm(H) x 115(W) 4 way EL401 165mm(H) x 115(W) 6 way EL402

Bus Bar with Cover

up to 250v 100amp cont.


Blade Fuse Holder Ceramic Fuse Holder 6 Way 2 way EL030 Spade Fuse 4 way EL031 Holder max 32 volts 6 way EL032 EL035A 8 way EL033

4 way

EL034B 6 way

EL034C 8 way


Cable Connector Strip 15 amp EL184C 50 amp EL184D

Inline Glass Fuse Holder 12v/35amp


01491 652 085

Wired Inline 12v Fuse Holder EL2003

The 12 Volt Bible for Boats Book BK5501 See also...

Fuses on Page 115

Water Resistant Fuse Holder 20amp


MTA High Voltage Midi Fuse Holder




Boat PowerElectrics Solar Power Solar Power has now made a practical impact on boating. Small solar panels are now very economical and will trickle charge your battery constantly - ideal for keeping the engine start battery ‘alive’. All-inone portable Solar Charge Kits are a modern and efficient way of charging your electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, torches etc. on the boat, the HUBi 10K kit can even run 12v LED televisions! HUBi SolarHub Solar & Lighting System A solar ‘power station’ for your boat! The portable compact solar panel charges the modern Lithium battery storage hub which has various power ports including USB to charge your electronic gear for free!

2K 5w 2Ah Battery

up to 3 mobile phone charges from full battery!


10K 20w 10Ah Battery

up to 15 mobile phone charges from full battery!

2.4w 138mA

1.5w 86mA

352mm(L) x 125(W) x 14(H)

352mm(L) x 214(W) x 14(H)



6w 343mA

500mm(L) x 345(W) x 14(H)



Larger panels are now able to create a more useful contribution to running appliances such as fridges etc. However, they do require fitting correctly. Complete kits are available. Caution: Water and power do not mix so all work must be carried out by a competent person.

Shore Power

12v Solar Trickle Charger Panels

75w 86mA 1096mm(L) x 540(W) x 57(H)



1296mm(L) x 540(W) x 57(H)



1326mm(L) x 660(W) x 57(H)


A Shore Power system allows you to charge the batteries and even run the on board systems whilst you are at the marina, or not even on board - practical if your regular mooring has access to a 230v mains power supply. An input socket is connected to the fused control board with integral RCD and is then subdivided into one or more circuits. This can then run conventional mains power sockets, a battery charger, fridge, a hot water immersion heater, on board background heaters or media systems. Do remember that a normal boat supply will be limited to 1 or 2 kilowatt, you are not going to achieve all the comforts of home at one time!

Mains IP44 3 Pin Plug 230v/16amp


Mains IP44 Mains IP44 3 Pin Mains IP44 Trailing 3 Pin Socket Hook Up Adapter Socket Adapter 230v/16amp



Mains MultiPower Divider 240v/16amp






Mains IP44 3 Pin Angled Plug 230v/16amp


Mains Extension Leads 240v/16amp 10m EL215 25m EL216

Mains RCD

175mm(H) x 110(D) x 125(W)


Mobile Mains Kit with RCD & Circuit Breaker 240v/16amp 20m wire


01491 652085

Inverters & Battery Chargers Inverters are an easy and inexpensive method of obtaining limited mains power on your boat from the existing battery source.

10A Mastervolt ChargeMaster Automatic Battery Charger

Sterling Drinks Can Inverter

Sterling ProPower Inverter

Sterling ProPower Q Digital Inverter




3-stage charging 12v 10amp for 25-100Ah batteries 180mm(L) x 121(W) x 50(D)

12-230v 100w 12-230v 150w 12-230v 350w 150mm(H) x 62(Ø) 165mm(H) x 91(H) x 67(W) 190mm(H) x 65(H) x 158(W)


15A Mastervolt ChargeMaster Automatic Battery Charger

6A Mastervolt EasyCharge Waterproof Battery Charger

10A Mastervolt EasyCharge Waterproof Battery Charger



12v 6amp / IP68 up to 120Ah batteries x 1 bank 152mm(W) x 76(H) x 51(D)

3-stage charging 12v 15amp for 30-150Ah batteries 206mm(L) x 121(W) x 50(D)

12v 10amp/24v 5amp / IP68 up to 120Ah batteries x 2 banks 152mm(W) x 127(H) x 51(D)

Warning Lights


Warning Lights

48mm(L) x 15(Ø) Green EL001B Red EL002B

37mm(L) x 24(Ø) Green EL001A Red EL002A

See also...

Fuses & Electrical Fittings on Page 115

12v Accessories Twelve volt accessories are a handy addition to your on board living standards, however heat and 12v are a difficult combination. Do not expect anything like the performance you get from mains powered units. The hair-dryers are good value but not as strong or warm as your one at home!

Circular Recessed 12v Socket

Rectangular 12v Recessed Socket

Surface Mount 12v Socket




45mm(Ø) x 54(L)

Twin Pole 12 Volt Plug 20mm(Ø) x 74(L)


35mm(H) x 55(W) x 55(L)

Cigarette Socket Adapter EL501

45mm(H) x 55(W) x 75(L)

Folding Hair Dryer & Demister EL924B

Blue Sea 12v Recessed 12v Socket Dual USB Charger Plug Dual USB Socket 5v +/-5% regulated 42mm(H) x 60(W) x 56(D)


Mini Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner FE258

01491 652 085

5v +/-5% regulated 27mm(Ø) x 55(L)


Sonar & Down Imaging Colour Fish Finders Sonar EQ750A

Sonar & Down Imaging EQ750B


Boat Power Heating Heating Diesel or Gas Central Heating? A heating system in a boat not only increases your comfort on summer evenings but also effectively extends your boating season. There is nothing more exhilarating than cruising along the river admiring the frosty banks and viewing the wildlife on a winters day in the warmth of your boat! All of this can be achieved by adding a heating source into the cabin and cockpit. Heaters are fully controllable on a thermostat and powerful enough to make a difference. Unfortunately there are limited methods available to us, as catalytic heaters and portable appliances are not recommended. Note that lighting the gas oven or burners as heating is also not recommended as dangerous levels of carbon monoxide can build up. On a practical note, we are faced with diesel or gas powered heating. The two well known makes of diesel heaters are Eberspacher and Webasto, both of which we can offer, and if you have a diesel engine these should be considered as the fuel supply is simple; although they do need to be started very regularly, even in the summer months, as most problems occur due to under use. People have often been cautious of gas, particularly on a boat or caravan. Whilst we should not be complacent with any of the fuels, the relatively new regulations regarding gas mean that manufacturers have brought out good balanced flue (self contained) heating systems. These are self contained within their own compartment, sucking fresh air in and exhausting fumes directly outside the boat and therefore are as safe as any other heat source. Gas heaters have the advantage of relatively easy installation. Particularly on petrol engine boats where there is no diesel supply and you already have a gas system. If you were to fit a diesel powered heater on a petrol engine vessel you would have to build an expensive fuel tank and supply system to meet the current regulations. A gas heating system is also very economic to run. Often overlooked, the 12/24v draw on a gas heater is usually lower than with a diesel heater, and, with limited battery power available on a boat this is very important.

Propex Heating Installation Possible layout of a fitted Propex to a Freeman 23 Hot Air Venting Hose for First Outlet Additional Closing Vents can be added

and Subsequent Outlets Constantly Open Air Outlet


Heater Water Tank

Optional Route for Inlet Air - Vent and Hose Heater



Cabin Thermostat


Constantly Open Air Outlet

Steering wheel

Gas Box Housing

Fuel Tank

Flue pipe exhaust skin fitting must be suitably sited away from gas vent

200001491 652085 A P P L I C AT I O N S

Propex Heater Kits & Accessories AT I O N S Heat Input: A P P L I C 2,1kW Heat Output: 1.9kW Voltage: 12V or 24V versions Current Consumption: 1.4A continuous running Air Throughput: 60 C.F.M. Fuel: Butane or Propane Gas




Heat Output:



12V or 24V versions


Current Consumption: 1.9A continuous running 85 C.F.M.


Butane or Propane Gas


Propex reserve the right to change or modify features and specifications without notice.

HS2000 142 grams/hour 27.5 hours 31.7 hours 91.5 hours 105.6 hours 133.8 hours 331.0 hours 12.75 hours 19.0 hours




BC100C HS2000 BC105C 142 grams/hour 27.5 hours BC110C

2000E - 1 Outlet 2000E - 2 Outlet Average consumption 3.9kg propane-cylinder 2000E 3 Outlet 4.5kg butane 13kg propane 15kg butane 19kg butane 47kg butane 904 Camping gaz (1.81kg) 907 Camping gaz (2.72kg)

Additional Outlet Kit


Average consumption 3.9kg propane cylinder 4.5kg butane 13kg propane 15kg butane 19kg butane 47kg butane 904 Camping gaz (1.81kg) 907 Camping gaz (2.72kg)


Gas & Electric

Air Throughput:

BC100B BC105B BC110B BC115B BC120B BC125B

A gas & electric Propex is available which can run on either your boats gas supply or shore power E N G I N E E R E D F O R when connected to the mains supply.


Heat Input:

24v Code

BC100A BC105A BC110A BC115A BC120A BC125A




12v Code

2000 - 1 Outlet 2000 - 2 Outlets 2000 - 3 Outlets 2800 - 1 Outlet 2800 - 2 Outlets 2800 - 3 Outlets


Heating System

31.7 hours 91.5 hours 105.6 hours 133.8 hours 331.0 hours 12.75 hours 19.0 hours


HS2800 225 grams/hour 17.5 hours 20.0 hours 58.0 hours 67.0 hours 84.5 hours 209.0 hours 8.0 hours 12.0 hours

HS2800 225 grams/hour 17.5 hours 20.0 hours 58.0 hours 67.0 hours 84.5 hours 209.0 hours 8.0 hours 12.0 hours

Tube Heaters & Stove Fan

Tube Heaters

45w 1ft(L) BC001A 80w 2ft(L) BC001B 135w 3ft(L) BC001C

Tube Heaters with Thermostat 55w 500mm(L) BC003A 120w 1m(L) BC003B 190w 1.5m(L) BC003C

Valiant PremiAIR Heat Powered Stove Fan

Runs by converting stove heat to power that runs the fan and circulates heat around a room for free! 197mm(H) x 140(W) x 95(D)

01491 652 085



Water Power Heating Systems Hot & Cold Fresh Water Most boats have a fresh water system on board. This can be as simple as a water tank with a hand pump tap (many earlier Freemans had this as standard), to a full hot and cold water system which utilises the heat of the engine cooling water to warm fresh water when both are passed through a calorifier (heat exchanger). It is usually quite simple to retrofit a hot water system and you may even be able to utilise some of your existing system parts to save on installation costs. Possible layout of a basic hot water system fitted to a Freeman 23 Hot and cold taps or mixer tap option

Accumulator Water Tank pump

Fresh cold water

Non-return valve


Water Tank

‘Y’ connector

Pressure relief valve


Expansion Tank Preheated water from the engine



Skin fitting

Fresh hot water Steering wheel

Fuel Tank

Hot Water Calorifiers Assuming you are following the layout above (there are other methods) the heart of the operation is the calorifier, it is the source of your hot water. The calorifier is a tank through which your heated engine water circulates, transferring heat and producing hot water for your fresh water system. There are various calorifiers available, including ready-to-go calorifiers with all the essential fittings such as WA042, WA042A & WA040 which are probably the simplest one to fit on a new installation on Freeman 22’s through to Freeman 28’s as they fit on board comfortably whilst producing adequate amounts of hot water. We also have original replacement Freeman calorifiers for larger capacity systems. Most calorifiers also come with a mains electric immersion heater element which will heat water when plugged into your shore power system. Calorifier

15L Tank Complete 20L Tank Complete 18L Tank Complete

18L Tank Only 8 Gallon Tank 12 Gallon Tank 20 Gallon Tank



- Electric Immersion Heater - Pressure Safety Valve - Foot Mounting Brackets - Electric Immersion Heater - Pressure and Temperature Safety Valve - Fresh Water Pipe Fittings - Foot Mounting Brackets Tank Only, Fittings will be required Tank Only, Replacement for F24’s & F27’s Tank Only, Replacement for F24’s & F27’s Tank Only, Replacement for F30’s - F33’s

WA042 & WA042A



WA042 WA042A WA040 WA036 WA040A WA036 WA037 WA038

Boat Immersion Heaters

0.94-1Kw 230v 2 1/4” BSP 7” WA044 11” WA044A

01491 652085

Hot, Cold & Mixer Taps

The taps are the second consideration as these affect the choice of water pump. Some taps have micro switches installed in them which switch the pump on and off as you open or close the tap. While others rely on the pressure in the system dropping, when a tap is open, activating the pressure switch in the pump. Not surprisingly, as with everything in life, there is a choice! - There are various styles of single hot and cold taps, but you might find a mixer tap more convenient. Most faucets can swivel, so they can be moved out of the way as the sink top is raised or lowered.

Pressure Operated Taps

Chrome Single Tap

Chrome Mixer Tap

Chrome Single Tap

Chrome Mixer Tap

Chrome Mixer Tap






3/8” BSP

3/8” BSP

3/8” BSP

3/8” BSP

Pressure or Electrically Operated Taps

Elegance Single Tap

1/2” hosetail up to 2.4 bar


Elegance Mixer Tap

Elegance Mixer Tap

1/2” hosetail 1/2” BSP up to 2.4 bar up to 2.4 bar



Manual Tap

Long Faucet Nickle Nickle Mixer Tap Single Tap Mixer Tap 1/2” hosetail up to 2.4 bar


3/8” BSP

1/2” hosetail


1/2” hosetail



Hand Flipper Pump

Service Kit



1/2” BSP

WA003 Body Kit

Small Fresh Water Pumps The water pump pressurises the system, drawing water from the water tank and forcing the water directly to the cold taps & through the calorifier to the hot taps. For smaller boat water systems, electrically operated taps with a smaller inline pump is a popular choice.

Spares in stock

Rule Inline IL200 Water Pump

Rule Inline IL200P Rule Inline IL280P Water Pump Water Pump

12v/2.8amps 12v/4.5amps 12v/4.5amps fresh/sea/bilge water fresh/sea/bilge water fresh/sea/bilge water 760 litres per hour & diesel transfer & diesel transfer 130mm(L) x 36(Ø) 760 litres per hour 1080 litres per hour 165mm(L) x 38(Ø) 165mm(L) x 38(Ø) WA007A



Whale Inline Water Pump

12v/5amps fresh water only 792 litres per hour 129mm(L) x 36(Ø)


01491 652 085

See also...

Hose Fittings on Page 88


Power Heating Water Systems Larger Fresh Water Pumps For larger (pressurised) systems the Par Max or Shurflo pumps, which vary in power & pressure, are more suitable. Shurflo Aqua King 2 Fresh Water Pumps Jabsco Par Max Jabsco Par Max Jabsco Par Max Jabsco Par Max 1.9 Water Pump 2.9 Water Pump 3.5 Water Pump 4 Water Pump

12v/2.8amps/25psi 12v/4.4amps/25psi 12v/9amps/25psi 12v/7amps/25psi 420 litres per hour 660 litres per hour 780 litres per hour 960 litres per hour 230mm(L) 230mm(L) 220mm(L) 220mm(L) x 152(W) x 110(H) x 152(W) x 110(H) x 105(W) x 113(H) x 105(W) x 113(H)





12v/4amps self-priming 2 gallons per min. 1.7 litres per min. 210mm(L) x 130(W) x 105(H) 20psi WA205

12v/6.5amps self-priming 3 gallons per min. 11.4 litres per min. 210mm(L) x 130(W) x 105(H) 30psi WA205A

1/2” hosetail connectors supplied with pumps for easy water hose connections

Inline Water Strainers Having decided on a water system that suits you, the pipes & connections are the next consideration.

Jabsco Pumpgard Right Angle Strainer

Jabsco Pumpgard Inline Strainer

Shurflow Inline Strainer

Shurflow Inline Strainer

clips to Par Max Pumps 120mm(L) x 70(W) 1/2” hosetail & BSP 75mm(L) x 45(W) 95mm(L) x 70(W) x 75(H) x 57(H) 95mm(L) x 70(W) x 63(H) x 75(H) 1/2” hosetail WA361A 1/2” hosetail WA360A 1/2” hosetail WA349 WA351 1/2” BSP WA361C 3/4” hosetail WA360B 1/2” BSP WA350

Non-Return Valves

prevents water running back in one direction 1/2”(Ø) x 45mm(L) Chrome WA100 Plastic WA101

Water Delivery Hose & Fittings Once you have the main components to your water system it is now simply a matter of connecting them together with the relevant piping, wiring, junctions & fastenings.

See also...

Fresh Drinking Water Engine Water 1/2” Hose 1/2” Hose per metre -20°C to +60°C Blue JB061A Red JB061B


per metre


Tap Connector Pressure Relief Pressure & 3/8” BSP to Valves 1/2” BSP Temperature 1/2” Hosetail 1.8 bar WA048A Relief Valve PF7600K 2.5 bar WA048C 1/2” BSP / 2.8 bar WA049A 3 bar WA048D

Hose Fittings on Page 88

01491 652085

Engine Installation Connections

Various connections will be required when fitting the system, these are largely standard, however pipe lengths will need to be measured depending on the routes chosen. The inlet & outlet engine pipes from the calorifier carry the, now hot, engine cooling water that heats the fresh water up through the heat exchange process within the calorifier. These pipes will need to be connected to the engine (see manufacturers instructions). They are normally arranged in such a way that the hottest water is harnessed from the outlet of the thermostat and then fed back in on the cold side of the internal water pump, (if the engine has one (indirect system)), or towards the exhaust outlet if it is a direct cooled system. WaterMota Hot Some direct cooled engines do not have thermostats, this maybe worth Water Engine Relief adding to increase the temperature of the water available to the calorifier Valve Kit in order to heat your fresh water more successfully, but this should only be Pre-Crossflow W3201 done if there is a bypass relief valve (which can be added to most engines). Crossflow W3200

Accumulator & Expansion Tanks Accumulator tanks can be installed into pressurised water systems to smooth the flow of water from your taps and help reduce wear on your water pump. The tank should sit just after the water pump and holds a reservoir of water, that acts like a ‘buffer’, to ease the strain on the water pump - effectively helping prime the system ready for use.

Accumulator Expansion Tanks

1/2” BSP 2 litres 60 psi


3/4” BSP 5 litres 150 psi


Accumulator Tank Bracket stainless steel 44-217mm(Ø)


Accumulator Fitting Kits 1/2” BSP

WA047A 3/4” BSP


Brass NonReturn Valve

1/2” BSP 47mm(L) x 35(Ø)


Accumulator tanks can also be installed as hot water expansion tanks. When fitted after a non-return valve and before the calorifier on the fresh water calorifier inlet, the accumulator (known as an expansion tank in this situation) stores the extra hot water that is created when the water expands as it heats up in the calorifier. In effect, you are storing additional hot water rather than it leaking back into the cold supply.

Shower & Wash Basin With the introduction of hot water to your Freeman it is quite easy to transform the toilet compartment with a wash basin and even a shower.

How to install a Corner Sink Get an idea of the steps involved in installing a corner sink in your Freeman.

Scan me Corner Sink

290mm(L) x 284(W) x 315(D)


Elegance Shower Mixer Tap 1/2” hosetail


Whale Gulper 220 Grey Waste Pump powerful 12v sink & shower waste pump


Shower and sink basin conversion in a Freeman 23 using WA020 Corner Sink White and WA053B Elegance Shower Mixer Tap

How to install a Shower Get an idea of the steps involved in installing a shower in your Freeman.

01491 652 085

Scan me


Power Heating Water Systems Hose Connectors & Skin Fittings

‘Y’ Hose Connector 3/8” PF681 1/2” PF682 3/4” PF683

Nylon Drain Skin Fitting

1 1/4” & 1 1/2” hosetail & 1 1/2” BSP


Straight Hose Connector 3/8” PF671 1/2” PF672 3/4” PF673 1” PF674

Nylon Elbow


‘L’ Hose Connector 3/8” PF631 1/2” PF632 3/4” PF633 1” PF634

Jabsco 1/2” Hosetail Shurflow 1/2” Hosetail Pump Connectors Pump Connectors Clips directly in to inlet/ Screws directly on to 1/2” outlet ports BSP inlet/outlet ports Straight WA482 Straight PF641 Right Angle WA482A Right Angle PF640

Nylon Threaded Straight Hosetail

38mm hosetail & BSP


Whale Inline Nylon 1” BSP Nylon Skin Fitting Threaded Right 1/2” BSP & 3/8”-1/2” Pressure Switch hosetail PF0674 3/4” & 1” hosetail 1/2” hosetail Angle Hosetail 3/4” BSP & 3/4”-1” 30psi & 1” BSP PF778 3/4” hosetail PF783 120mm(L) x 35(W) 1 1/4” & 1 1/2” hosetail 1” hosetail PF784 hosetail PF0678 x 80(H) 1 1/2” BSP & 1 1/4”-1 & 1 1/2” BSP PF779 WA455 1/2” hosetail PF0674 Clear Braided Hose (per metre)

Hose Clips Stainless Steel & Boat Safety Scheme Compliant

9.5 - 12mm 11 - 16mm 13 - 20mm 14 - 22mm 17 - 25mm 22 - 30mm 25 - 35mm 30 - 40mm 35 - 45mm 35 - 50mm 40 - 55mm 45 - 60mm 50 - 70mm 60 - 80mm 70 - 90mm 80 - 100mm 100 - 120mm 120 - 140mm 140 - 160mm

‘T’ Hose Connector 3/8” PF691 1/2” PF692 3/4” PF693 1” PF694

JB001 JB002 JB003 JB004 JB005 JB006 JB007 JB008 JB009 JB010 JB011 JB012 JB013 JB014 JB015 JB016 JB017 JB018 JB019

5/16” Clear Braided 3/8” Clear Braided 1/2” Clear Braided 3/4” Clear Braided 1” Clear Braided 1 1/4” Clear Braided 1 1/2” Clear Braided

Brass Skin Fittings

JB060A JB060B JB060C JB060D JB060E JB060F JB060G

Chrome Skin Fittings

3/8” BSP x 50mm(L) 1/2” BSP x 60mm(L) 3/4” BSP x 64mm(L) 1” BSP x 70mm(L) 1 1/4” BSP x 80mm(L) 1 1/2” BSP x 80mm(L) 2” BSP x 95mm(L) 2 1/2” BSP x 122mm(L) 3” BSP x 140mm(L) 4” BSP x 200mm(L)

PF861 PF862 PF863 PF864 PF865 PF866 PF867 PF868 PF869 PF870

Chrome Skin Fittings with Gauze

3/8” BSP x 15mm hosetail 1/2” BSP x 18mm hosetail 3/4” BSP x 22mm hosetail 1” BSP x 30mm hosetail 1 1/4” BSP x 39mm hosetail 1 1/2” BSP x 45mm hosetail

PF821 PF822 PF823 PF824 PF825 PF826

1/2” hosetail & BSP 3/4” hosetail & BSP 1” hosetail & BSP

PF830 PF831 PF832

01491 652085

Sinks, Sink Wastes & Plugs

Freeman Replacement Sink WA024

Freeman Sink Plug WA027

Sink Plug



Corner Sink

290mm(L) x 284(W) x 315(D) WA020

Mini Sink Plug Chain WA549

Stainless Steel Sinks also available for kitchen retro fitting

3/4” Straight Sink Waste

Compact Boat Dish Drainer 302mm(L) x 203(W) x 43(H) WA560

3/4” Right Angle Sink Waste

46mm(Ø) x 46(H) Stainless WA026B White WA026C

46mm(Ø) x 40(H) x 60(W) Stainless WA026D White WA026E

Fresh Water Treatment, Filters & Purification If you plan on drinking from your on board cold water tank it is usually a good idea to have an inline purification filter, and/or, adding purification to drinking water when you refill. Water on board can sit for a while during the season, sweating in the tank with possible bacterial growth. Modern water purifiers are generally chlorine free, tasteless and odour free and sterilise water effectively - making it safer to drink.

Elsan Elsil Drinking Water Purifier

Elsan Fresh Water Tank Cleaner

Aqua Clean Tabs






cleans & purifies the complete just pop it into water system your water tank! 5ml treats 50 litres 100ml for 20L tank 400g 32 tablets 100ml 1 Litre

Jabsco Inline Aqua Filta

14 Litres per minute up to 60psi Filta WA028A refill WA028

Whale Aquasource Clear Filters purifies up to 4500 Litres up to 60psi 12mm WA030 15mm WA030A

Water Containment & Transfer

Aquaflow Plastic Water Tanks Water Container 120 Litre Plastimo 480mm(L) x 340(W) x 230(D) 25 Litres Triangular 490mm(H) 34 Litres TA7715 Flexible Water x 350(W) x 180(D) 480mm(L) x 460(W) x 230(D) Tank WA910 45 Litres TA7720 TA510 Lay Flat Hose on a Coil WA990

120 Litre Plastimo Triangular Flexible Water Tank Replacement Bladder TA510A

Solar Shower WA997

12v Portable Pump & Hose WA490

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Toilet Power WaterSystems Heating Systems Selecting the right toilet There are two popular types of toilet system that can be fitted to your boat (others do exists), a simple chemical toilet, or a holding tank pump out toilet system.

Porta Potti Chemical Boat Toilets Porta Potti’s are a two part ‘cassette’ style toilet featuring a holding tank, a flush water reservoir and toilet seat and lid. The toilet compartments split apart from each other so that you can empty the waste tank more conveniently and each toilet comes with an easy pour spout for hassle free disposal. Each toilet design has different dimensions, features and tank capacities so it is worth considering your options for the most practical choice for the space available on board. The Qube 365 has a large holding tank so is most popular and the 345 is that bit smaller, useful for Freeman 22’s where space is an important factor. Most Popular


Most Popular

Royal Potti

Porta Potti Qube 365

Porta Potti Qube 345

Porta Potti Qube 335





Bellows pump Piston pump & Piston pump & Piston pump, tank level indicator Waste Tank Capacity: 21L tank level indicator tank level indicator & hold down kit Flush Water Capacity: 15L Waste Tank Capacity: 21L Waste Tank Capacity: 12L Waste Tank Capacity: 10L 410mm(H) x 410(D) Flush Water Capacity: 15L Flush Water Capacity: 15L Flush Water Capacity: 10L x 370(W) 414mm(H) x 427(D) x 383(W) 338mm(H) x 419(D) x 379(W) 315mm(H) x 382(D) x 342(W)

Porta Potti Excellence Toilet Floor Mount

Porta Potti Excellence

Locks the Piston pumps, tank level Excellence in place indicator & toilet roll holder. on the floor Similar height to home toilet. TT220 Waste Tank Capacity: 21L Flush Water Capacity: 15L 458mm(H) x 450(D) x 388(W)

Porta Potti Waste Cap Spout

Porta Potti Bellows

Porta Potti Piston Pump

70mm(Ø) suitable suitable for: suitable for: 145, 165, for: 345 & 145, 165, 235, 245, 235, 245, 365 toilets 265, 335, 345 & 365 265, 335, 345 originally fitted toilets & 365 toilets with bellows




Porta Potti Piston Pump suitable for: 345 & 365 Qube toilets only



Thetford Aqua Kem Green

Environmentally friendly, biodegradeable, perfumed tank treatment 1.5L CM513B


Thetford Aqua Kem Blue

Anti-bacterial, perfumed waste tank treatment 1L CM510A 2L CM511

Thetford Aqua Rinse

Lavender scented toilet rinse water fluid 1.5L


Rapidly Dissolving Marine Toilet Paper CM051B

Mini Toilet Brush TT908

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Pump Out Boat Toilets

Pump out toilets are a more luxurious convenience and a common pump out toilet system consists of a toilet (manual or electric), a holding tank, toilet odour filter, vented loop, waste & rinse fillers, a tank level indicator and toilet sanitation hose. Firstly, select a toilet that is suitable for the space you have on board. Modern ‘home’ style toilet Soft close toilet seat!

Jabsco ‘Twist n’ Lock’ Compact Toilet

Jabsco ‘Twist n’ Lock’ Regular Toilet



3/4” intake / 1 1/2” discharge 3/4” intake / 1 1/2” discharge 340mm(H) x 410(D) x 450(W) 350mm(H) x 480(D) x 470(W)

Toilet Installation

Jabsco Lite Flush Toilet with Foot Switch Flush

With self-priming macerator Compatible with manual Jabsco toilet footprint for easy installation 3/4” intake / 1 1/2” Discharge 373mm(H) x 402(D) x 401(W)


Toilet Sanitation Hose

Lightweight, flexible toilet hose with low odour permeation 3/4” JB062A 1 1/2” JB062B

Secondly you will have to consider where the holding tank will be situated. Commonly on a Freeman, the effluent (Black Water) is pumped into a holding tank which is situated under the starboard forward berth which helps keep the toilet system contained towards the front. Sometimes the tank can be situated under the cockpit floor, however this means running the pipe for a long distance behind the galley. The fresh rinse water is supplied via the ‘toilet seacock’, which was generally factory fitted on a Freeman and is usually located under the forward ‘V’ berth or in the bilge under the cabin floor, depending on the model. If this was not pre-installed they can easily be fitted - the boat does however have to be out of the water. Pump out & toilet rinse deck fittings will also be necessary for emptying the tank. If you are considering a pump out system it is essential to ensure that there is a sufficient number of pump out facilities on your waterway so that you don’t get caught short!

Toilet Rinse & Waste Vent Loop

Toilet system antisyphon safety device 3/4” TT059 1 1/2” TT059A

Vetus No-Smell Vetus No-Smell LeeSan Microvent Stainless Steel tanks are made to order and are Carbon Toilet Filter Carbon Filter Element Toilet Filter With odour & gas absorbing filter 3/4” TT310B 1 1/2” TT310D

Replacement absorbing carbon filter for 3/4” filter TT299A for 1 1/2” filter TT299

Toilet odour & gas absorbing carbon 1 1/2” filter TT055 spare filter TT055A

Jabsco Self-priming Diaphragm Waste Pump

12v / 1 1/2” inlet 278mm(L) x 161(W) x 132(H)


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designed to fit in the front V-Berth. Plastic tanks are also available

if required.

Whale Diverter Valve 1” WA630 1 1/2” WA630A


Power WaterSystems Heating Systems Toilet Toilet Spares & System Accessories A simple toilet waste tank depth gauge is a useful addition to a toilet system which will notify you before a tank becomes too full for use. Several toilet spares are also available and generally held in stock.

Toilet Waste Tank Monitor Warns when waste holding tank is full


Jabsco Twist n’ Lock Toilet Pump

Jabsco Manual Toilet Jabsco Toilet Service Kits Pump Joker Valve Direct replacement Replacement valve 1986-1997 TT011A for all ages of Jabsco for Jabsco Manual 1998-2006 TT011B manual toilets toilets after 1986 2007-onwards TT011C TT010B TT014B

Jabsco Toilet Seat Hinges Replacement pair including hinges, bolts & wing nuts Compact bowl TT080A Regular bowl TT080B

Boat Safe Toilet Cleaners & Chemicals

Odourlos Holding Tank Treatment

Biodegradable & 100% Organic. Breaks down waste & eliminates odours 1L CM560

Jabsco Toilet Fresh Cleaner & Conditioner

Cleans, de-scales & deodorises toilets 1L CM555


Elsan Blue Toilet Waste Tank Chemical Powerful anti-bacterial, perfumed chemical 2L CM050A 4L CM050B

Thetford Toilet Bowl Cleaner Removes hard water & soil deposits. Leaves a protective layer 750ml CM528

Elsan Organic Toilet Waste Tank Chemical

Environmentally friendly & biodegradable 2L CM053A

Elsan Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Fresh lemon fragrance toilet cleaner removes deposits & shines bowl 750ml CM557

Elsan Pink Toilet Rinse

Perfumed chemical that kills germs & eliminates odours 2L CM052A

Star brite Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Removes stains, brightens toilets & eliminates odours 500ml CM552

One-Chem Holding Tank

Environmentally friendly waste tank treatment 1L CM532

Thetford Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner

Spray application cleaner removes calcium deposits leaving a hygienic finish 500ml CM551

The Engine Room

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Bilge Blower Kit A bilge blower is a useful safety device that sits neatly below deck and vents out engine fumes that can build up beneath your feet. The easiest way to try and prevent the build up of these fumes is to install a bilge blower with adequate vent hose and an outlet which will allow the fumes to escape from your boat.

Bow Bilge Blower fused Switch


Engine Tray

Possible layout of a bilge blower and bilge pump fitted to a Freeman 23

How to install a bilge blower

Water Tank

Download our quick guide to installing a bilge blower.

Bilge Pump

Outlet vent suggestions

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Venting Hose

Steering wheel

12v Bilge Blower

Bilge Blower

Fuel Tank


Flexible Ducting

Vetus Cowl Vent


3.8cu.m/minute Durable, lightweight Stainless Steel Switch output / 4 amp & flexible with an 38.5mm free flow 12-24 volt 75mm(E.Ø) x 130(L) internal wire helix 75mm(E.Ø) x 132(L) 30mm(L) x x 127(W) x 90(H) skeleton 75mm(Ø) x 148(W) 25(W) x 55(H) EC016 per metre EC017B DF310 EL100

Chrome Plated 72-75mm(E.Ø) x 130(L) x 105(W)


Semi-rigid Ducting Durable, lightweight, high density with an internal wire helix skeleton 80mm(Ø) per metre EC017

Oil Absorbers

The bilge blower is normally fitted high up in the bilge so that it is clear of any water or oil. The ducting can then be run to the engine and to the vent outlet. Bilge blowers can also be used to draw fresh air in, usually by inverting the motor. Note: All bilge blowers should be ignition protected. The external cowl vent should also be positioned in the most suitable location, away from gas/fuel vents or heating inductions for example. It is important to keep to the Boat Safety Scheme guidelines during installation. The bilge blower wiring should also be well clear of the bilge water level and fuel lines. It should be appropriately insulated, switched and fused.

Perko Cowl Vent

Oil Absorber A bilge oil boom that soaks up spilt oil, diesel etc. 530mm(L) x 90(Ø)


Bilge Blower Kit EC015 See also...

Electrical Fittings on Page 115

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Oil Drip Pad

A bilge oil pad that soaks up spilt oil. 45cm²



The Engine Room WaterMota Petrol Engines - Crossflow or Pre-Crosflow? Most Freeman Cruisers fitted with a petrol engine had the WaterMota Crossflow or Pre-Crossflow engine installed as standard. The terms relate to where the carburettor lies and where the engine gases flow, a Pre-Crossflow has the carburettor sitting on top of the exhaust manifold whereas the Crossflow has the carburettor on the opposite side to the exhaust manifold, the gases flow across the head hence the term Crossflow. The Crossflow was, at the time, the next generation engine and during the crossover to this newer design some of the older parts were fitted to the newer engines (oil pumps & filters etc.) as Mr Freeman liked to use up all of his parts! So, it is not uncommon to find Pre-Crossflow/Crossflow hybrids - perfectly normal but worth knowing before ordering spares and something for us to add to your record for future orders. Many of the service parts are different for the WaterMota WaterMota Crossflow & Pre-Crossflow engines so do check! Pre-Crossflow Engine Crossflow Engine Service Manual Service Manual What’s in a name? BK001 BK002 These very popular WaterMota petrol engines carry the well known Sea Wolf and Sea Tiger names. The Sea Wolf name is used on the 997 PreCrossflow and the 1100 Crossflow engines while the Sea Tiger name is used on the 1500 Pre-Crossflow and 1600 Crossflow engines respectively. I am a Classic engine so please look after me! Although originally designed for cars, the WaterMota marinised engines have generally not completed anywhere near the miles expected of them when they were installed into a car of the time. Often also running a lot slower and cooler than the car installation; therefore experiencing less wear and tear - which is great news! It is however now very important to regularly service your engine, particularly a basic annual service as a bare minimum - this should prolong it’s life span considerably and is more cost effective than having to buy a new engine!

Basic Petrol Engine Service Download our quick guide to a basic petrol engine service.

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All spares are sold individually too! Basic Petrol Engine Service Kit Parts

Additional regular Engine Service Parts

Contact Set Spark Plugs Condenser Rotor Arm Oil Filter & Oil Alternator Belt Distributor Cap

Water Pump Service Kit Rocker Cover Gasket Exhaust Bend Gasket Fuel Filter Carburettor Service Kit Coil & HT Leads Thermostat & Gasket

WaterMota Pre-Crossflow Engine Basic Service Kit WM505A

WaterMota Crossflow Engine Basic Service Kit WM505

Engine Access Shown here is the easily removable side panel to give access for engine servicing on Freeman 22’s and 23’s. The panel is usually held in place by a handful of screws. Most Freeman’s have something similar to aid access for servicing.


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WaterMota Petrol Engines

While a general petrol engine service would usually include an oil and oil filter change it may also require new spark plugs, together with the high wear elements in the distributor; the contact set, rotor arm & condenser. Check the alternator belt for tightness and wear and change the water pump impeller. Check the batteries, fuel & water pipes and joints for signs of wear or seepage. You may also wish to clean the fuel filter and change the element (if fitted), clean the carburettor and the air filter. Adjusting the tappets and timing is also a good idea as this helps the smooth running of the engine. Most diesel engines have a fuel filter similar to this where the centre part should be regularly replaced.

Diesel Engine Service & Spares A basic diesel engine service might include an oil and filter change, fuel filter change, cleaning the air filter and changing the water pump impeller, and, as with the petrol engine service checking all other ancillary items. Occasionally the fuel injection pump and injectors should be serviced too. Diesel Engine Service Parts available for:

Basic Diesel Engine Service

Perkins (including 4107 & 4108) Thornycroft 4 Cylinder Thornycroft 6 Cyclinder Ford Sabre 80, 120 & 180 & JGM / BMC / Nanni Reference should always be made to the engine manufacturers handbook for specific servicing details.

Engine Oil Change

Download our quick guide to a basic engine service.

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An annual engine oil change is best achieved by sucking the oil from the sump using an oil sump pump. Oil residue in the bilge can be absorbed with a drip pad or small oil absorbers.

WaterMota Engine Oil

Suitable for Sea Wolf, Sea Tiger, Otter & Leopard 1L CM162A 5L CM034A

WaterMota Oil Sump Pump

Fits directly on to WaterMota Dip Stick pipes for easy oil extraction


J-Type Marine Gearbox Oil

Important note: Do NOT use gear box oils (EP90 etc.) 1L CM162A 5L CM034A

Oil Sump Pump

Universal brass oil sump pump with inlet & outlet pipes


Morris 15W-40 Engine Oil

Mineral multigrade API CG-4 1L CM164A 5L CM034B

Oil Extractor

Complete with easy store 6 litre container for oil waste containment


Morris Versimax 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil

Heavy duty mineral multigrade API CI-4 5L CM166B

WaterMota PreCrossflow Oil Filter Replacement filter element for PreCrossflow engines 104cm(L) EC040 83cm(L) EC040A

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Perkins Engine Nanni Engine Filters & Spares Filters & Spares A full range of oil and fuel filters are available along with frequent service parts.

WaterMota Crossflow Oil Filter

Replacement screw-on filter for Crossflow engines


A full range of oil and fuel filters are available along with frequent service parts.

CAV Fuel Filter

Commonly found on diesel engine boats Filter TA072 Element TA072A


Engine The Engine Room Room WaterMota Engine Spares Most spares are still available, many of which we organise the manufacture of, to keep our engines running. As well as the regular service parts, many of the larger, vital parts (such as the exhaust bends and exhaust manifolds) are usually held in stock to keep you running through the season.

Cranked Double Flange Single Flange Short Exhaust Short Turned Down Exhaust Bend Exhaust Bend Exhaust Bend Bend Exhaust Bend W1900 W0170D W0170 S78 S78T

WaterMota Exhaust Exhaust WaterMota WaterMota Exhaust Bend Bend Nut Spring Thermostat Bend Gasket Stud S11 Washer Housing W1890 L101 N1490 W1080

WaterMota Thermostat & Gasket W1980A

WaterMota Air Filter W0851

WaterMota WaterMota Pre-Crosslow Crosslow Core Core Plug Set Plug Set WM550A WM550B

WaterMota Pre- WaterMota PreWaterMota WaterMota WaterMota Crossflow Head Crossflow Bottom Crossflow Head Crossflow Bottom Manifold Drain Gasket Set Gasket Set Gasket Set Gasket Set Tap W2430 W2433 W2431Z W2432 N1710

WaterMota Block Drain Tap N3580

WaterMota Pre-Crossflow Contact Set EE008

WaterMota Pre-Crossflow Condenser EE011

WaterMota Pre-Crossflow Rotor Arm EE013

WaterMota Pre-Crossflow Spark Plugs W1830B

WaterMota PreCrossflow HT Ignition Leads W1830A

WaterMota Pre-Crossflow Distributor Cap EE006

WaterMota Crossflow Contact Set EE009

WaterMota Crossflow Condenser EE012

WaterMota Crossflow Rotor Arm EE014

WaterMota Crossflow Spark Plugs W0490

WaterMota Crossflow HT Ignition Leads W1830B

WaterMota Crossflow Distributor Cap EE007


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WaterMota Petrol Engines

WaterMota Alternator Belt W1380

WaterMota WaterMota WaterMota Coil WaterMota WaterMota WaterMota Choke Starter Motor Standard W0490 Pre-Crossflow Crossflow Distributor Cable N5010 Ballast W0490A Solenoid Solenoid Standard N5015 W0630 W1610 W1610A Electronic N5015B

WaterMota Crossflow Crossflow Exhaust Manifold Manifold W2420 Gaskets N1500

WaterMota WaterMota Pipe Manifold Connector to Block W1720 Pipe Kit W1740

WaterMota Crossflow Inlet Gasket W1990

WaterMota Pressure Relief Hose Sea Wolf W1750A Sea Tiger W1751

WaterMota Pre-Crossflow Exhaust Manifold W0130

WaterMota Pressure Relief Valve Hose Kit Sea Wolf W1749A Sea Tiger W1749A

WaterMota PreWaterMota Crossflow Cover Pre-Crossflow Plate Gasket Manifold Gasket W3030 W0630

WaterMota Rocker Cover Gasket Pre-Crossflow W6666Q Crossflow W5555Q

1/2” Engine Water Hose per metre


Hylomar Hylosil WaterMota Fuel WaterMota WaterMota Fuel Fuel Filter Hylomar Universal Pump Instant Gasket Pump Repair Kit Fuel Pump Filter TA071 Blue Non-Setting Six fixing hole Spacer Original W6539 Spare Element Gasket Compound 40ml / -50°C to 250°C operating temperature pumps ONLY 40g WM003 Alternative W6539A TA071A CM073 N4010A CM074

Carburettors We are able to refurbish your carburettors and make the required Boat Safety Scheme changes too. New carburettors are on the shelf but require more work to fit than having yours serviced - it is worth contacting us before ‘simply’ changing the carb!

Carburettor Service Kits Motorcraft CB502 Solex PSEI CB004 Zenith VN-2 CB002 Webber ICH CB330

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Battery operated with working parts, lights & sound effects!

Build your own Combustion Engine

Learn how an engine works!



Engine The Engine Room Room Steering & Throttle Controls


Steering cables need to be monitored regularly, especially where they run around pulley wheels which should be greased (Freeman 22, 23 and 26). Occasionally this cable will need replacing. Freeman 24, 27 and 28 cables have, unfortunately, now changed in manufacturing style. It is usually necessary to change the cable, the head and rudder connector if a major problem occurs - Parts are available. The steering boxes on the rod and pinion mechanism used on the Freeman 30’s upwards can usually be serviced by special request. SeaStar Teleflex MT3 Control

Classic Freeman Throttle Control Chrome plated


Common control cables (33C) and stop cables are held in stock.

Cable Clamp SA088E

Chrome plated, onehanded, positive forward, reverse & neutral. Compatible with 33C & 40XL control cables. Single HA117 Twin HA117A

Freeman Steering Cable per metre & usually found on the F22, F23 & F26


Ultraflex B400 Control

Ultraflex B400 Control we installed on an Interboat.

Stainless steel, one-handed, positive forward, reverse & neutral. Compatible with 33C control cables.


Freeman Helm Wheel SA103

SeaStar SeaStar Teleflex Teleflex Before ordering MT2 & MT3 MT2 & MT3 it is important to Control Knob Control check the boss Red HA119A Decal size and taper. Black HA119B HA118 Freeman Helm Wheel End Caps 3/4”(Ø) 7/8”(Ø) 1”(Ø)


SA120 SA121 SA122

with Pre-Heat

D2 Side mount Gear Control HA125

SeaStar Teleflex Utility Stop Cable T Handle HA162

Diesel Engine Starter Switch EL021

Spare Key


Steering Head SA104

Steering Head Bezel Trim Kit SA106

Ultraflex Hydraulic Steering Oil

Comma AQF Automatic Transmission Fluid

Freeman Petrol Engine Starter Switch EL020 Lock & Keys EL020A

Alternative Freeman Petrol Engine Starter Switch EL022

Suitable for hydraulic steering systems. ISO VG 15 / 15cst at 40°C 1L CM033

Specialised mineral oil for transmissions 1L CM036A 5L CM036

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Marine Exhaust Hose

As the engines are water cooled, a rubber flexible exhaust hose connects the engine to the transom exhaust outlet allowing a mixture of cooling water and exhaust gasses to be dispersed overboard. This mixture deteriorates the hose internally in the same way as bilge water affects the outside. Regular visual inspection is essential - replace if required as you do not want potentially dangerous exhaust gasses in the boat.

Exhaust Lagging Rubber Exhaust Muffler 50mm(W) x 3(H) per metre


216mm(L) x 135(W) x 80(H) 59mm(E.Ø) OR 40-48(I.Ø)


Plastic Exhaust Muffler

368mm(L) x 158(W) x 108(H) 40mm(E.Ø) EC500 45mm(E.Ø) EC500A 50mm(E.Ø) EC500B

1 1/2” (I.Ø)


1 3/4” (I.Ø) 2” (I.Ø)

JB052 JB053

Engine Water Cooling Pumps A full range of Jabsco and Johnson pumps and spares are available, both pump manufacturers can be found on Freemans, with Jabsco the most common. Pump numbers can be found on the face plate of your pump which is a useful confirmation when ordering parts. Carry a spare Impeller! As impellers go around continuously at half the speed of the engine they can disintegrate at any time, particularly if they run dry; for example if the sea cock becomes blocked or restricted. Replacing an impeller is a job that can easily be undertaken by yourself or another boat owner and carrying a spare could save you calling out an engineer on a Sunday afternoon!

WaterMota PreWaterMota WaterMota PreCrossflow Water Crossflow Water Crossflow Water Pump Shaft Pump Shaft Pump Impeller Kit W0090 N2620 W0100A

WaterMota Pre-Crossflow Water Pump Service Kit W0100

WaterMota Crossflow Water Pump Impeller Kit N2610A

Water in the Oil? Water pumps (cam driven) are the biggest source of water getting into your oil sump, do not automatically assume the head gasket has blown if this occurs. You generally need to change the pump seals and O ring which come in the service kit or sold separately.

New Engine Water Pumps Eventually after several service changes the water pump bodies and/or shafts become worn and a new pump is required. Replacement pumps are stocked, please be sure to give us as much information regarding the pump and engine as possible so that we can provide the correct replacement.

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WaterMota Crossflow Water Pump Service Kit N2610

Perkins 4107/4108 Water Pump Service Kit without Bearing P0460038A with Bearing P0460038B WaterMota Pre-Crossflow Replacement Water Pump J040 WaterMota Crossflow Replacement Water Pump J090


Engine Room The Engine Room Underwater Fittings Traditional Chrome Bezel Gauges

Volt Meter

Amp Meter

55mm(Ø) -30a +30a EC024 -60a +60a EC025



Electric Mechanical Fuel Gauge Electrical Mechanical Temperature Temperature 55mm(Ø) Oil Gauge Oil Gauge EC021 55mm(Ø) 55mm(Ø) Gauge Gauge 55mm(Ø) 55mm(Ø) EC028 EC027 EC023 EC022

Black Plastic Bezel Gauges Oil Pressure Switch EC012X 12v Quartz Clock 55mm(Ø)


Mechanical Water Temperature Gauge

55mm(Ø) 12ft capillary Celsius EC605 Fahrenheit EC605A

Tachometer 95mm(Ø)


Universal Fuel Tank Sender Kit with sender, tank plate & gauge


Temperature Senders

Voltage Regulator EC030

Fuel Sender Kit EC021A

Engine Tools

VDO Perkins Temperature Temperature Sender Temperature Temperature Sender 1/8x27NPT 5/8x18UNF Sender Sender EC023A EC023B EC010 P2755877

WaterMota Imperial Feeler Gauges CM801A

WaterMota Spark Plug Spanner CM805B

Oil Filter Strap Wrench CM810

Bowman & Polar End Caps

50mm Right Angle

70mm Right Angle



22mm “2680” 28mm “3187”


32mm “3716”



22mm “2679” 28mm “3186”


70mm Offset 90mm Inline Offset Inline 22mm “3251”


28mm “3667”


28mm “3192”


50mm Inline Reducers 22mm ‘3365’


28mm ‘3366’


Flat Blank Off

Domed Blank Off


90mm “3421”

45mm “2981”

32mm “3367”


70mm “3419”

EG028 EG029

01491 652085

Stern Log Hoses & Gland Packing

Replacing Gland Packing, the water seal in the stern gland, is one of the most common jobs to be undertaken. Please refer to the Freeman Owners Handbook (BK008) for more details. Log hoses age, particularly when covered in bilge water, and should be changed when they become too soft or start showing signs of deterioration - this has to be done out of the water.

Freeman Stern Gland Assembly

Remote Greaser

Solid Brass 1/8” BSP 180mm(H) x 80(W)

Freeman Flexible Freeman Gland Freeman Freeman Coupling Log Hose Kits Locking Stern Gland Packing Kits Wire Greaser F22 Mk1 SG025AA F22-28 SG028E F22 Mk2-28 SG025BA F30’s SG028F SG026 SG023 F26 Twin SG025CA F30’s SG025DA


Remote Greaser Tube Kit SG035A

Engine Foot Mounts A variety of foot mounts are used in the Freeman range, generally these are changed in pairs. Usually the aft ones wear first, especially if oil or bilge water has contaminated them.

Freeman Stern Gland & Water Pump Grease CM031

WaterMota Small Engine Mount

WaterMota Medium Engine Mount



75mm(L) x 48(W) x 22(H) x 61(FHC)

K99 Grease

Suitable for Remote Greaser


Recessed Engine Mount

98mm(L) x 70(W) x 72(H) x 80(FHC) Perkins Mount

92mm(L) x 60(W) x 29(H) x 77(FHC)


J-Type Gearbox Parts and servicing are available at Sheridan Marine and many problems can be discussed on the helpline - it is helpful if you have a copy of the J-Type Handbook (BK003) to hand to cross reference the same schematic. The only regular maintenance on a J-Type gearbox is to check the oil level and change the oil using engine oil, NEVER EP90. Occasionally the clutch plates will need adjusting as over the years they wear slowly and the reverse band may need tightening. Most common service parts are the bell housing seal (N7010), rear seal (Direct Drive L220, Reduction L601) and top gasket (L090). When you can no longer successfully adjust the clutch plates a new set of clutch plates and a split cone will be required.

J-Type Handbook BK003

Top Gasket L090

Cone M060

Bell Housing Breakband Cam Plate Side Control Conversion Removes the gear stick from the Seal Exchange M350 floor and includes side control unit, N7010 M600

01491 652 085

reaction bracket, cable & gear lever stub shaft.


Engine The Engine Room Room Engine Maintenance - Winterisation & Fuel Additives It is essential to protect your engine and sea cock prior to any winter freeze. Details are found in the relevant boat engine manuals and the Freeman helpline maybe useful to you. Diesel bug is on the increase with modern fuels and should be given more attention.

Morris Star brite Ez-to- Star brite Star Tron Vetus Fuel Filter & Quicksilver Superclean Store Ez-to-Start Fuel Tank Cleaner Water Separator Storage Seal Eliminates sludge, Zero Lead 2005 Fuel Additive Canister Fogging Oil

Star Tron Fuel Additive

Diesel bug enzyme treatment & cleaner / 250ml Petrol CM029 Diesel CM029A

Comma Antifreeze

Concentrated antifreeze for down to -52째C 1L CM027 5L CM027A

Fuel stabilizer for long term storage Petrol CM024 Diesel CM024B

Freezeban NonToxic Antifreeze

Non-Toxic propylene glycol antifreeze suitable for fresh water systems -15째C 5L CM430

gum & biomass from Potassium based contaminated fuel lead substitute for tanks & pipes unleaded petrol 1.9L CM366 500ml CM039A

Antifreeze Tester

De-ionised Water

A quick and easy Useful for topping coolant dip tester up battery cells to ranging from ensure electrodes -12째C to -43째C connect EC852 1L CM028

Replacement Vetus filter for the Vetus WS180 filter system


EP90 Hypoid Gear Oil A blend of mineral & additives for use in hypoid gearboxes API GL4 1L CM035 5L CM035A

Protects engines left layed-up


Carburettor Cleaner & Degreaser CM360

Bilge Cleaning & Painting What a difference a clean bilge makes. It looks smart, makes the boat look cared for and helps to identify early symptoms of leaks, etc.. Most Freeman Cruisers came with mid grey bilge paint with white used in other areas. It is a very robust paint that can be easily applied. The best way to clean the bilge before painting is with a proprietary bilge cleaner, de-greasing as far as practical. The paint is specially designed for this purpose and will cover greasy parts better than other paints! Take a look at the Projects & Solutions Mini Guide too!

Hempel Bilge & Locker Paint

750ml White BP025A Mid Grey BP025B


International Danboline Bilge Paint 750ml Grey PA030A Red PA030B

Formula One Bilge Cleaner Biodegradable, heavy duty cleaner that dissolves oil 1L CM340

Cuprinol Bilgex

Biodegradable, heavy duty cleaner that dissolves oil 1L CM046 5L CM046A

Sea Safe Bilge Cleaner Biodegradable, heavy duty cleaner that dissolves grease 1L CM004

Heavy Duty Bilge Cleaner

Biodegradable, heavy duty cleaner that dissolves grease 1L CM064

01491 652085

Engine Tray For the BSS it is usually necessary to have an enclosed engine tray to contain dirty bilge water contaminated with oil & any engine residues. On most Freemans this can often be achieved by simply building a small dam behind the gearbox coupling. It usually requires a GRP kit (HT032) and a piece of ply wood. Bilge pumps should also be removed from the engine tray if effluent can be directly discharged overboard.

Sound Proofing

Glassfibre Kit HT032

Bilge maintenance Download our quick guide to basic bilge maintenance.

Aluminium Foil Tape

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50mm x 50m

Bilge Pumps & Float Switches

Rule Submersible Bilge Pump

Whale Easy Bailer Manual Bilge Pump

Water or diesel transfer 3m combined head & lift with 1m outlet hose 49cm(L) EC002 69cm(L) EC002A

12 volt with ignition protection / 3/4” hose 90mm(H) x 60(Ø) 360GPH EC310A 500GPH EC310B 800GPH EC310C

12v Rule Float Switch

Rule Illuminated Bilge Pump 3-Way Switch Automatic/Off/Manual positions 12-32v 62mm(H) x 75(W) x 55(D)

Operates the pump, when water floats the float the pump activates.




Rule Automatic Bilge Pump 500GPH

Sound proofing the engine bay can reduce noise. It is easily applied with its self adhesive backing. Remember though, engines need air to run, so be sure to leave enough natural ventilation. 100x60cm EC149 100x120cm EC150

30mm thick, meets ISO 9094 & is fire retardant (BS476)

Rule LoPro Slim Bilge Pump

Whale Automatic Supersub Smart 650 Bilge Pump

12 volt with ignition protection 3/4” hose outlet Built-in float switch that activates pump 100mm(H) x 60(Ø)


Electric field sensor detects water height. With ignition protection 59mm(Ø) x 237mm(L) Automatic EC362 59mm(Ø) x 193mm(L) Manual EC362

Rule-Mate Automatic Bilge Pump

Whale Gusher Urchin Manual Bilge Pump

12 volt with ignition protection & built-in float switch 3/4” hose 115mm(H) x 185(L) x 80(W) 500GPH EC306A 750GPH EC306B

Nitrile diaphragm for water/oil/diesel transfer / 55LPM 1-1 1/2” hosetail 277mm(H) x 247(W) x 280(D)

Electric field sensor detects water height. With ignition protection 75mm(H) x 54(W) x 212mm(L)


Whale Bilge Strainers

1-1 1/2” hosetail Side Entry WA081 Top Entry WA082


12v Rule Bilge Pump Switches 2-Way WA753 3-Way WA753A

01491 652 085

Spares in stock


Engine The Engine Room Room Underwater Fittings Underwater Gear When the boat is out of the water for its winter lay up it is a good opportunity to check its underwater gear. If replacements are required, refer to the Freeman Owners Handbook or call the Freeman Owners Helpline.


Look at the propeller nut and split pin for damage or corrosion and tightness.

Small chips and nicks on the propeller can easily be filed and cleaned. Anything worse than this and the propeller should be removed and sent to us for refurbishing & reFreeman Castle Freeman balancing; they can return looking like new! 1” - 1 1/4” Nut Normally a new propeller is only required if 1” SS018A Shaft Split the old one is seriously damaged, particularly Pin 1 1/4” SS018B SS019A 1 3/4” SS018C at the boss (the centre point where the blades meet), or electrolysis has set in. Look for signs of ‘pinkness’ and tap the propeller blade to see if it has an unfortunate dull thud or a healthy ‘ring’. We generally hold most standard Freeman propellers in stock.

Propeller Shafts


Check that the propeller shaft is running true. A simple visual check by placing a sharp point (nail, pen point, etc.) on the centre of the shaft and revolving the propeller by hand (with the engine disabled to avoid any chance of starting!) should highlight any bad oscillation.

Shaft Knife 1” SS023A 1 1/4” SS023B 1 3/4” SS023C

Rudder stocks can split at the fork where the blade joins and should be examined. Sometimes the rivets loosen and the blades need to be tightened. The Gaco seal lies at the top of the rudder shaft. It does not normally need changing unless water is permeating through. However, the rudder should 1” Shaft be greased regularly using SG010A the grease cap on top of 1 1/4” -1” Shaft the shaft. New popular Freeman Rudder Seals Freeman SG010B rudders & replacement 1” SG003A Rudder & Stern 1 1/4” Shaft blades are held in stock. 1 1/4” SG003B Gland Greaser SG010C 1 3/4” SG003C SG001

Cutlass Bearings & ‘P’ Brackets Check for excessive movement on the cutlass bearing. On average this needs to be changed every 10 years or so. The rubber wears allowing excessive movement of the shaft, which could eventually cause expensive damage to the shaft and gearbox.

Freeman Cutlass Bearings F22 Mk1 SS015A F22 Mk2, 23, 26, 28, 24 & 27 SS015B F30 & F33 SS015C


Freeman Cutlass Grub Screw 1/4” SS014A 5/16” SS014

01491 652085

Water Inlet Sea Cocks

Sea Cock filters should be cleaned regularly, Sea Cock Caps, if domed, should be replaced (it should have a flat top) & Cork Washers should be replaced to create a water tight seal. Gate valves can stop working so check the condition and replace if you are concerned or it is faulty.

Freeman Sea Cock Filters

Short petrol engine Freeman Sea Cock Assembly


Long diesel engine


Freeman Sea Cock Cap & Cork Washer Cap GV070 Washer GV071

Freeman Sea Cock Gate Valve Petrol engine


Diesel engine


Brass Sea Cock Water Strainers 3/4” GV098B 1” GV098C 1 1/4” GV098D

Sea Cock Water Inlet Strainers

Inlet water filtration scoop 3/4” GV099C 1” GV099D More sizes available

Sea Cock Maintenance Download our quick guide to basic Freeman Sea Cock maintenance.

Scan me

Sacrificial Anodes

Vetus 3/4” Type 140 Water Strainer GV300

Vetus 1” Type 133 Water Strainer GV305B

Anodes should also be monitored as their function is to wear away to protect the underwater fittings. Freemans were generally manufactured with all bronze underwater fittings, this helps to limit electrolysis and corrosion. It is when you mix the metals, for example when introducing stainless steel or aluminium that problems are greatly accelerated. There are a number of different types and shapes of anodes. Anodes need to be exchanged regularly and common replacements are listed here. Shaft and rudder anodes are very easy to fit and can give peace of mind to those boats not kept in a seriously corrosive area.

Fresh Water Fresh Water Fresh Water Fresh Water Brackish Water Brackish Water Magnesium Propeller Magnesium Magnesium Magnesium Aluminium Propeller Aluminium Shaft Anode Propeller Shaft Rudder Hull Anode Shaft Ball Anode Volvo Bar Anode 1” SG036E Ball Anode Disc Anode SG040A 1” SG036D 280 Duo SG045 1 1/4” SG037C 1” SG036A SG041A 1 1/4” SG037D Duo SG045A Boats moored in salt water are usually fitted with zinc anodes and magnesium anodes are usually best in fresh water. Aluminium anodes are a relatively new product and can solve the corrosion protection problem if you are frequently sailing in brackish waters. Zinc anodes in fresh water often become covered in calcium and should be wire brushed so that they will work again in salt water.

Salt Water Salt Water Zinc Zinc Propeller Propeller Shaft Anode Shaft Anode 1” SG036B 1” SG036C 1 1/2” SG038B

Salt Water Zinc Salt Water Salt Propeller Shaft Zinc Water Bullet Anode Rudder Zinc Hull 1 1/4” SG037B Disc Anode Anode 1 3/4” SG039B SG041B SG040B

01491 652 085


Engine Boat Safety Room Scheme Equipment The Boat Safety Scheme, are you compliant? The Boat Safety Scheme was set up to provide the basis of what is deemed to be the safest procedures, methods & installations on board. Popular items required to complete the adjustment of original Freeman Cruisers to comply with the BSS are listed below. You should not need to change any of the major features of a Freeman to comply and the help line is available for members to discuss BSS report findings and resolutions. Unfortunately, every Freeman Cruiser was individually made and has subsequently been individually maintained, & ‘modernised’, so it will have to be inspected on its own merit by a BSS examiner.

Fuel Hose The fuel filler hoses generally need to be changed. We have suitable hoses in most imperial sizes to fit Freemans. When changing a hose do check both ends, they are not always equal. 2 1/4” both ends is the most popular, however some are 2 1/4” at the tank end and 2” at the filler end. Larger sizes are also available. Petrol fuel tanks need to be top fed. We offer a modification service which blanks off the bottom feed and converts the supply to top feed, a bonding lug is added and the tank is pressure tested and certificated. Fuel Tank The bonding wire earth straps generally need to be Bonding Wire upgraded, providing a connection between the fuel filler, TA078 tank and a suitable earthing point, usually the rudder stock.

Fuel Pipe & Vent Hose Flexible fuel pipes generally have to be changed to the ISO7840 standard, or an accepted equivalent. The end fittings are the problem, being imperial sizes and often of a different size either end. Standard fuel pipes with straight even ends usually come in 1/4”, 5/16” & 3/8” in various lengths. We also supply WaterMota/Freeman pipes which have different sizes on each end. Vent hoses were normally provided on a Freeman but they now need to be as high as the filler. The most practical method maybe to ‘goose neck’ a hose by connecting a new, longer hose to the existing fittings and supporting it correctly.

Gas Systems

Freeman gas systems were originally fitted to the standards of the time on which the current rules are based. So assuming there is no deterioration or modifications it is generally a case of changing the flexible hose, regulator & providing a test point (now allowed in the gas locker) and then testing the system. Bubble testers are also acceptable but can only be successfully fitted in limited situations. They are more expensive than a test point but do allow the owner to carry out basic leak tests frequently. Often the original cookers are past their ‘sell-by-date’. As most parts are no longer available so a new cooker with flame failure device may have to be installed. Please note that all gas work should only be undertaken by a gas competent person.


See also...

Cookers on Page 56

Fuel Vent Hose 1/2”(Ø)

TA075A 3/4”(Ø)


Firehawk Carbon Monoxide Detector SY071

Tank Breather

90° Tank Breather



5/8” Hosetail 1/2”(I.Ø) x 42mm(H below deck)x 18(H above deck)

Smoke Detector SY075

5/8” Hosetail 1/2”(I.Ø) x 70mm(H below deck) x 15(H above deck)

Gas Alarm

Single Sensor


Dual Sensor


01491 652085


Whilst most Freeman Cruisers met the ventilation requirements of the day, usually with a mushroom vent in the roof, this almost certainly needs increasing. The amount of ventilation required is directly related to the kilo watt per hour of the appliances, the number of berths on the boat and whether appliances are of a balanced flue type. Therefore each boat needs it’s own calculation. As a very general rule of thumb, the average Freeman requires two newer style mushroom vents (DF249A), and suitable lower vents. The lower vents should be installed lower than the lowest burner. On many Freeman Cruisers they can be fitted into the lower part of the cabin door (taking into account any canopy / cockpit restriction to the fresh air supply).

See also...

Boats where you step down into the cabin (i.e. Freeman 27, 32, 33) may need to duct in fresh air, possibly from the ‘Freeman’ side air vents, into the cabin space. Do remember aft cabins, even without appliances installed, should have suitable ventilation related to the number of berths.

Exterior Vents on Page 20 & Interior Vents on Page 69

Batteries Batteries should be installed, preferably in an acid proof container, such as a ready made battery box. Battery boxes come with a lid to cover the terminals, as required by the BSS, and can be strapped down to prevent movement too. Whilst battery boxes are ventilated you may need to add a suitable grid to the boats battery enclosure to allow any hydrogen to escape. As hydrogen rises, grids should usually be at the top of the enclosure to aid the gases escape. Each battery should, ideally, have an isolating switch of a suitable amperage for the potential maximum draw. Many boats have the simple ‘red key’ switch (EL010). Freeman 27’s and 33’s were generally supplied with the metal butterfly switch (EL014). Many owners like to install a rotary switch with multiple positions, this allows easier control of your battery system for both charging and usage. It is common to see overloaded fuse boxes as gadgets are added. Often it is necessary to provide a new fuse box to allow one circuit to each fuse. Cables need to be suitable for their demand, secured & clipped, away from fuel & gas lines. Occasionally on the very early F22 Mk1’s we still find cloth covered wiring which should be replaced.

See also...

Electrics on Page 78

Fire Extinguishers These need replacing or servicing, they need to be of the designated size, relevant to the length of the boat and suitable for both A and B fires to the prescribed definition of the BSS. They also need to be within their expiry date. Smoke detectors & carbon monoxide detectors are Fire Extinguisher SY104 recommended but not currently compulsory. 8A 34BC 1kg Fire Extinguisher SY103A Fire Blankets 13A 70BC 2kg Labelling A fire blanket to BSEN1869 is also Battery, gas and fuel turn off points should be well labelled. required if there BSS Location Fuel are cooking Labels Labels Labels facilities aboard. This should not be positioned Battery Switch SY360 Battery Switch SY370 Petrol SY390 directly over Fuel Shut Off SY361 Fuel Shut Off SY371 Diesel SY391 the cooker as Gas Shut Off SY362 Gas Shut Off SY372 Main LPG Valve SY392 it would be Fire Extinguisher SY363 Fire Extinguisher SY373 LPG Butane SY393 difficult to get to Fire First Aid Kit SY374 LPG Propane SY394 in the event of a Blanket cooker fire. SY010

01491 652 085


Fenders Fixings & Fastenings Boat Safety Safety Gear Equipment The RYA (Royal Yachting Association) and local authorities give advice and indeed run courses regarding safety procedures. Below are a few ideas you might find useful related to safety equipment. Firstly, do have a safety procedure on the boat that all the crew and friends are aware of and do also have trial drills. Quick action can turn a potentially serious situation into a controlled ‘memorable’ experience! Why not try reclaiming a fender or bottle from the water? It is harder than you think but it gives you good experience with boat handling and understanding how difficult it is to retrieve someone from the water.

Life Jackets & Buoyancy Aids Automatic life jackets are the most popular. These are now generally slim-line, unobtrusive jackets worn over the top of clothing which automatically inflate when submerged in water. Manual life jackets, requiring you to pull a tab to inflate, are also available. Foam-filled, positively buoyant, buoyancy aids/life jackets can be ideal for children who want to play in the water without setting off the automatic inflation function.

Waveline Automatic Life Jackets

Adult / ISO 12402-3 150 Newtons buoyancy Black SY038A Red SY038B

Automatic Life Jackets Adult ISO 12402-3 150 Newtons buoyancy Blue SY036A Red SY036B

Crewsaver Sport Automatic Life Jackets

Spinlock Deckvest Lite Automatic Life Jackets

Adult / ISO 12402-3 165 Newtons buoyancy Blue SY034A Red SY034B

Adult / ISO 12402-3 170 Newtons buoyancy Blue SY037A Grenadine Pink SY037B

Lume-On Life Jacket LED Illumination

Plastimo Pilot Manual Life Jackets Adult ISO 12402-3 165 Newtons buoyancy Blue SY032A Red SY032B

Pet Buoyancy Aids with Grab Handle Small SY205A Medium SY205B Large SY205C Extra Large SY205D

Life Jackets


Crotch Strap SY048

A pair of waterproof, water activated, flashing LED life jacket safety light ‘patches’ which can be attached to life jacket bladders to provide illumination & increase visibility.


Triple Gibb Safety Hook SY054

Approximate Age Code

3-10Kg 10-20Kg 20-30Kg

1-2 3-4 5-6

SY024 SY028A SY028B

30-40Kg 40-60Kg 60-70Kg 70-90Kg 90Kg +

7-8 Small Medium Large Extra Large

SY028C SY029A SY029B SY029C SY029D

Buoyancy Aids Code

30-50Kg 50-70Kg 70-90Kg

SY023A SY023B SY023C

Boat Ski Mirror 20mm(L) x 95(H) x 20(W) SY225

Guardrail Netting 400-600mm(H) x 10m(L)


01491 652085

Lifebuoy Rings & Horseshoes

Floating Light & Pulpit Bracket

Classic Foam Lifebuoy Ring

Plastic Lifebuoy Ring Horseshoe Lifebuoy Orange 57cm(Ø)

Red & white 65cm(Ø)


Safety Standard: SOLAS 74/96 Reg 111/4


Yellow 50cm(W)

Orange 61cm(Ø)



Pulpit Bracket Lifebuoy Holder SY005

Cork Ball Keyrings & Magnet

23m rope 100mm grab eye

Magnum SOLAS Plastic Lifebuoy Ring

55cm(W) Yellow SY016A White SY016B


EasyThrow Floating Rescue Line


Horseshoe Lifebuoy

Cork Ball Keyring White GW021 Blue GW021B

Double Cork Sea Searcher High Ball Keyring Strength Magnet GW021A FE903

Boat Hooks Wooden Varnished Boat Hooks Chrome hooks 180cm

Aluminium Telescopic Boat Hooks

Aluminium Telescopic Boat Hook

Aluminium Boat Hook

120-209cm 630 grams

177-209cm 670 grams

166cm 350 grams









Chrome Boat Hook Ends 170mm(L)





Galvanised Boat Hook Ends 265mm FE018A 285mm FE018B 310mm FE018C

Navigational Equipment Emergency Battery Navigation Lights

Handheld VHF Radio

Fish/Depth Finder Floating Transducer


Handheld Transducer


Ideal entry level VHF for tidal navigation. 10 programmable memory slots, LCD display, dedicated CH 16 emergency button & charging socket.

Port, Starboard & Stern Type D / LR20 Batteries Black casing LF6956 White casing LF6956A


Auto Focus Binoculars

7x50 fixed focus with 119mm field of view


01491 652 085

For navigation and safety information you should be guided by the RYA and the local water authorities. Additions such as radios, flares, auxiliary means of power (outboard and bracket etc.) may be advantageous. 109

Fixings && Painting Repairs - Fastenings Antifouling Antifoul Preparation & Painting Antifouling, or bottom painting, is an important task that helps maintain your boat and can aid in the prevention of osmosis. Antifoul paint is specially designed to erode away gradually while the boat is moving through the water, washing away foul matter like algae and mussels that attach themselves to your boat whilst it is moored up. It is generally a good idea to wash off the boats bottom, prepare the surface and re-paint with a coat of antifoul every year.

A Freeman 24 after a season afloat with algae & calcium build-up.

Start by washing the foreign matter from the bottom, it maybe necessary to scrape off any calcium deposits using a bottom cleaner; this will also help to remove stubborn dirt and algae. Some gelcoat may be showing through the old antifoul so it is important to prime these bare patches using Underwater Primer. Most popular

Boat Bottom Cleaner

Removes algae, calcium & more 850ml CM082

Ez-on Ez-off Bottom Cleaner

Biodegradable cleaner removes unwanted deposits 1L CM356

Underwater Primer

To be used on bare gelcoat, wood or metal prior to applying antifoul paint 750ml BP031 2.5L BP031A

Hull Cleaner

Biodegradable cleaner removes waterline scum & more 1L CM354

Masking Tape CM017A

Hull Cleaner

Effortlessly removes waterline scum & stains


Antifoul Paint Roller Kit Small PA120 Large PA122

Y-10 Fibreglass Stain Remover

Effortlessly removes waterline scum & stains

Vinyl Gloves

x10 CM857C Box CM855C


Antifouling Brush 2” PA164 2 1/2” PA165 3” PA166

Extendable Paint Roller

Allows you to reach further to paint


How often should I re-antifoul? Traditionally you should re-antifoul every year, however, some people tend to do this every other year as a financial compromise. If a boat is left in the water too long mussels and algae build up uncontrollably, damaging the boat structure and making the boat less efficient to run. The wildlife tends to become established when you are not using the boat. Initially as you run the boat the mussels and weed will be swept away, but this thins the antifoul coat, hence the bottom should be washed & re-coated regularly. Layers of hard calcium can build up too which can take a considerable amount of work and time to remove. It must be fully removed prior to antifouling as the new paint will not adhere.


A Freeman 22 having been pressure washed, now showing bare gelcoat that needs to be primed prior to antifuling.

01491 652085

Choosing Your Antifouling

Having prepared the bottom, choosing the antifoul best suited for your boating waterway and pocket is the next step. Antifouls range from lighter, more economic paint, which is not as hard wearing or long lasting as some of the higher quality antifouling.

Hempel Broads

Hempel Classic

2.5L self eroding, excellent coverage & colour stability with exceptional coverage, performance & value

2.5L self eroding, medium strength with exceptional coverage, performance & value

2.5L self eroding, lowmedium strength designed to reduce paint build up

Red BP070A True Blue BP070B Souvenirs Blue BP070C Black BP070D

True Blue BP042A Red Brown BP042B Green BP042C Black BP042D

Hempel Cruising Performer

Hempel Tiger Xtra

2.5L self eroding, excellent protection & colour stability with superb & consistent long term performance Souvenirs Blue BP044A True Blue BP044B Red BP044C Black BP044D Grey BP044E Green BP044F White BP044G Dark Blue BP044H

True Blue BP075A Black BP075B Souvenirs Blue BP075C Red Brown BP075D

How to apply Antifoul Download our quick guide to the basics of antifouling. Cruiser UNO EU

3L self eroding, good performance & protection from growth build up Blue PA620A Navy Blue PA620B Red PA620C Black PA620D Dove White PA620E

Boatguard EU

2.5L self eroding, with good performance & protection from growth Blue PA610A Navy Blue PA610B Red PA610C Black PA610D Dove White PA610E

Boottop (Waterline) Boottop paint is specially formulated as a cosmetic finishing line which lies on the very high wearing area (the waterline) of your boat. It is a highly scrub-able paint and therefore more resistant to wearing away.


2.5L self eroding, with good protection in low fouling conditions Navy Blue PA600A Red PA600B Black PA600C


Red Black White Dark Blue

Scan me Mille Drive Outdrive Protection Black BP045A Volvo Grey BP045B

Code 375ml

BP040A BP040C BP040E BP040F

Alternatively use a gloss paint as colours are limited.

01491 652 085

Freeman 27 freshly painted!


Fixings &&Fastenings Painting Repairs Painting the Hull and Topside Hand painting a hull or superstructure can easily give you a similar finish to spraying. Rolling and laying off using Brilliant Gloss paint with a paint conditioner (Owatrol Oil) is far cheaper than using two pack paint and with far fewer complications! As with deck painting, preparation is everything, particularly if the boat has previously been painted. Sanding back to a firm foundation, de-greasing and cleaning with Surface Cleaner should provide a suitably keyed surface for the application of two coats of Primer Undercoat and two/three coats of Brilliant Gloss; sanding and cleaning between coats as required.

Primer Undercoat

Primer Undercoat

750ml quick drying with excellent surface stability White BP032A Mid Grey BP032C Blue BP032E

2.5L quick drying with excellent surface stability White BP033A

Owatrol Oil

Paint conditioner improves paint flow & aids paint adhesion 500ml CM041 1L CM041A

18 Colours to choose from

21 Colours to choose from

Hempel Brilliant Gloss

International Toplac Gloss

750ml Pure White BP007A Matterhorn White BP007B Off White BP007C Polar White BP007D Cream BP007E

750ml Snow White PA010D Oxford Blue PA010B Mediterranean White PA010C Ivory PA010A

Scan me


Deck Painting Originally Freeman Cruiser decks had a non-slip finish which was achieved by mixing granite grit under the gelcoat finish, this however wears flat over the years. It is not practical to resurface the deck so it is generally covered with deck coating which comes with anti-slip granules pre-mixed in the paint. For the classic Freemans white is traditional, but grey or blue is a popular alternative. The Freeman Stone Deck Paint, for the ‘New Style’ range, is still manufactured especially for us. The first priority of deck painting is to prepare the deck surface. Sanding, if required, and de-greasing using Pre-Clean.


Download our quick guide to the basics of gloss painting.

No.1 BP021A No.2 BP021B No.3 BP021C No.5 BP021D No.6 BP021E

Brown HT047A Stone HT047B

Masking up the area and simply painting, ensuring the paint is stippled into the deck, usually two coats are best.

How to apply Gloss Paint

We have manufactured Freeman Gloss paints in Brown & Stone for the New Style Freemans. There are several white shades available for the Classic Range - come to the shop and see the colours in daylight and take away what you need for the full paint project!

How to apply Deck Paint Download our quick guide to the basics of deck painting.

Pre-Clean BP023

Scan me

01491 652085

Non-Slip Deck Coating 750ml White BP080A Light Grey BP080B Mid Grey BP080C Pale Cream BP080D Navy Blue BP080E

Interdeck Deck Paint 750ml White PA001A Cream PA001B Beige PA001C Grey PA001D Squall Blue PA001G

Freeman Stone Deck Paint

Suitable for the New Style Freemans such as 24’s & 27’s


Hempel Multicoat Semi Gloss 750ml Navy Blue PA001A Light Blue PA001B White BP037E Mid Grey PA001D Pale Cream BP037H

Hempel Anti-slip Granules BP009 International Anti-slip Granules PA060

Gelcoat & Fibreglass Repairs

Gelcoat Repairs

Gelcoat can usually be repaired if you have a scratch, crack, chip or small hole. For tips on gelcoat repair take a look at our Projects Mini Guide.

Download our quick guide to gelcoat repairs.

Larger repairs may need a conversation as fibreglass repairs require more work to build the strength back into the boat with fibre matting & epoxy resin. Gelcoat fillers are a very handy product for those corner chips & bow knocks - various colours are available. Glass fibre fillers are useful for light fibreglass repairs and Fibreglass kits, epoxy resin & fibre matting are used for larger projects and are stocked too.

Gelcoat Filler

For repairing scratches, cracks & holes / 165g White HT036

Glass Fibre Resin with stippling brush for use with fibreglass matting 500ml HT034B


Glass Fibre Filler

Filler containing fibre strands 159g


Glass Fibre Starter Kit

Marine Filler

Filler that can be painted over 144g


Glass Fibre Strand Matting

Two part epoxy filler for above & below waterline 270g HT901A

Freeman Gelcoat Filler White HT036 Stone HT026A Brown HT030A

Freeman Gelcoat Flows more easily than gelcoat filler Stone HT026 Brown HT030

Gurit Multi- Gurit 106 Multi-purpose purpose 1Kg Clear Epoxy A fibreglass Clear Epoxy Slow set HT205A repair starter kit 1m² x 1mm(H) 10m(L) x 50mm(W) Handy Pack Fast set HT205B 500ml HT032 HT033A HT110A 375ml HT200 Minipumps HT202 403


Filleting Blend Microfibres Milled Glass Fibre Blend Fine blend of fibres A high strength

Filler for minor GRP boat repairs 150g HT321

Marine Epoxy

Scan me

to thicken epoxy for bonding & filling gaps 150g HT318

natural wood, reddish/brown, filleting agent 150g HT320

Episize Plain Weave Glass Fabric Tape


Colloidal Silica

A Thixotrophy (sag) control fibre resin filler agent that also improves resin flow 60g HT317



Low Density Filler Microsphere Blend

Good load bearing A pure white filler for strength brown filler GRP that is lightweight that is easy to use with good load & finish bearing strength 150g HT316 100g HT319

01491 652 085


Fixings & Fastenings Stainless Steel, Brass & Nylon Clips & Fasteners Maclow Clips

Brass Clip

583670 583671 583672 583673 583674 583675

12mm 15mm 19mm 25mm 32mm 35mm

5mm 10mm 15mm 20mm 22mm

Stainless Carbine Hook

Stainless Steel Eye Bolts M6x60 M6x80 M8x80 M8x100 M10x100 M12x120

56439 56440 56441 56442 56443

FX501A FX501B FX501C FX501D FX501E FX501F

60mm 80mm 100mm

Stainless Steel Clip Band

4-6mm 6-9mm 9-14mm 14-22mm 22-30mm

Stainless Captive Eye Carbine Hook HT048 HT048A HT048B HT048C HT048D HT048E

50mm 60mm 70mm 80mm 100mm 120mm

Nylon Clip

HT049B HT049D HT049E

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Clamps 2mm SA088A 3mm SA088B 4mm SA088C 5mm SA088D 6mm SA088E 8mm SA088F 10mm SA088G 16mm SA088H

56277 56278 56279 56280 56281

4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm

Per metre JB020A Clip JB020 Starter Kit JB020B 1m & Clip

Snap Shackle & Swivel Eye 90mm 130mm

Stainless Steel ‘D’ Shackle 56200A 56200B 56200C 56200D 56200E

Galvanised ‘D’ Shackle

56253 56255

Stainless Steel Stainless Steel R Split Ring 15mm Pin 35mm(L) x 10(D) FX241 FX242 Stainless Steel U Bolt Stainless Steel Security Clips working gap 20mm FX243 40mm 340

5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 11mm 19mm

Nylon Clip 583680

M6 FX520A M8 FX520B M10 FX520C

56220 56221A 56222A 56223A 56225 56228

Cable Ties 100 x 2.5mm 140 x 3.6mm 200 x 4.8mm 300 x 4.8mm 370 x 4.8mm 510 x 9mm

561001 561002 561003 561004 561005 561006

Self Tapping Screws, Machine Screws, Nuts & Washers Brass

Stainless Steel See all sizes online here


01491 652085

Sealants, Mastic & Painting Tools

Sika Flex 291i Sika Flex 290DC Mastic Tape Marine Silicone Marine Silicone Creeping 78g Handy Pack 310ml cartridge Crack Cure Sealing compound UV resistant deck caulking Sealant sealing compound 15m Roll CM018 Clear CM023A Clear CM022A Thin liquid for Black CM201A cracks & leaks Black CM200 White CM023B White CM022B White CM201B Foot CM019 CM915 Caulking Cotton CM220 Brown CM201C Metre CM019A Black CM023C Black CM022C Brushes 1/2” PA161 1” PA162 1 1/2” PA163 2” PA164 2 1/2” PA165 3” PA166

Foam ‘feathering’ Brushes 1” PA110 2” PA111 3” PA112 4” PA113


Roller Handles Short

PA200A Long


Small Glass Fuses

Blade Fuses

5 amp


7.5 amp 10 amp 15 amp 20 amp 25 amp

EL1405 EL1410 EL1415 EL1420 EL1425

See also...

Fuse Holders on Page 79

2 amp 3 amp 5 amp 10 amp

EL1102 EL1103 EL1105 EL1110

Ceramic Fuses 5 amp 8 amp 16 amp 25 amp

EL1305 EL1308 EL1316 EL1325


10cm Foam PA202A 15cm Foam PA202B 10cm Felt PA201A 15cm Felt PA202B 10cm Mohair PA203A

ANL Fuses

Midi Fuses

Glass Fuses 1 amp 2 amp 3 amp 5 amp 7.5 amp 8 amp 10 amp 15 amp 20 amp 25 amp 35 amp

Scrapers & Wet or Dry Paper Blades P80 CM863 30mm CM9114 P100 CM864 Blades CM9114A P180 CM866 50mm CM9115 P240 CM867 Blades CM9115A P400 CM868

EL1001 EL1002 EL1003 EL1005 EL1007 EL1008 EL1010 EL1015 EL1020 EL1025 EL1035

Common on bow thrusters.

30 amp 40 amp 50 amp 60 amp 70 amp 80 amp 100 amp 125 amp 150 amp

EL1130 EL1140 EL1150 EL1160 EL1170 EL1180 EL1182 EL1184 EL1186

Electrical Fittings Red Pre-insultated 0.5-1.5mm(Ø) Ring Terminals R2 3.2mm(Ø) R3 3.7mm(Ø) R4 4.3mm(Ø) R5 5.3mm(Ø) R6 6.5mm(Ø) R7 8.5mm(Ø) R8 10mm(Ø)

R37 Female EL133

Blue Pre-insultated 1.5-3mm(Ø) Ring Terminals

EL102 EL103 EL104 EL105 EL106 EL107 EL108

B37 Female EL140

B2 3.2mm(Ø) B3 3.7mm(Ø) B4 4.3mm(Ø) B5 5.3mm(Ø) B6 6.5mm(Ø) B7 8.5mm(Ø) B8 10mm(Ø)

Y37 Female EL160

R31 Female EL630E

Yellow Pre-insultated 3-6mm(Ø) Ring Terminals

EL112 EL113 EL114 EL115 EL116 EL117 EL118

Y2 3.2mm(Ø) Y3 3.7mm(Ø) Y4 4.3mm(Ø) Y5 5.3mm(Ø) Y6 6.5mm(Ø) Y7 8.5mm(Ø) Y8 10mm(Ø)

B31 Female EL640E

Y31 Female EL650E

EL122 EL123 EL124 EL125 EL126 EL127 EL128

40 amp 50 amp 60 amp 80 amp 100 amp 130 amp 150 amp 175 amp 200 amp

EL1190A EL1190B EL1190C EL1190D EL1190E EL1190F EL1190G EL1190H EL1190J R25 Butt EL131 B25 Butt EL925 Y25 Butt EL171 R35 Male EL2035 B35 Male EL2036 Y35 Male EL2037

R34 Piggy B34 Piggy Y34 Piggy Back Male Back Male Back Male EL610 EL611 EL612


Fenders Fixings & Fastenings Mooring Bow Fenders

28cm(H) x 15(W) x 13(D) Blue FR9185 White FR9184

38cm(H) x 28(W) x 10(D) Blue FR005 White FR005A

Straight Fenders

48cm(H) x 31(W) x 20(D) Blue FR007 White FR007A Black FR007B Navy FR007C

66cm(H) x 43(W) x 14(D) Blue FR006 White FR006A Black FR006B Navy FR006C

FR007A & FR006A White Bow Fenders on a Freeman 23

The average Freeman has three or four long fenders down each side. If further protection is required, two or four round fenders hanging from the pulpit rail to protect the flare of the bow, and, stern corner fenders are a popular addition. Bow fenders protect the nose, particularly when mooring close to other vessels.

26cm(H) x 9(Ø) Blue FR016 White FR016A Black FR016B Navy FR016C

40cm(H) x 11(Ø) Blue FR017 White FR017A Black FR017B Navy FR017C

45cm(H) x 13(Ø) Blue FR014 White FR014A Black FR014B Navy FR014C

55cm(H) x 15(Ø) Blue FR013 White FR013A Black FR013B Navy FR013C

65cm(H) x 20(Ø) Blue FR018 White FR018A Black FR018B Navy FR018C

74cm(H) x 22(Ø) Single eye Blue FR457 White FR457A

See also... 76cm(H) x 23(Ø) White FR459A with Rope

91cm(H) x 33(Ø) White FR301A

65cm(H) x 18(Ø) 45cm(H) x 13(Ø) 55cm(H) x 15(Ø) White/Blue FR620 White/Blue FR630 White/Blue FR640

Fender Cleats on Page 14

with Rope

with Rope 50cm(H) x 13(Ø) Blue FR001B White FR001C


60cm(H) x 15(Ø) Blue FR002B White FR002C

62cm(H) x 21(Ø) Blue FR011 White FR011A

46cm(H) x 5(Ø) Solid Rubber


62cm(H) x 5(Ø) Inflated


31cm(H) x 9(Ø) Natural coir fibre


01491 652085

Ball & Corner Fenders

28cm(H) x 18(Ø) Blue FR015 White FR015A

36cm(H) x 26(W) x 20(D) Blue FR420 White FR420A

30cm(H) x 23(Ø) Blue FR008 White FR008A

Most Anchor Marine fenders are also available to order in various other colours too.

38cm(H) x 33(Ø) White/Blue


52cm(H) x 40(Ø) Blue FR431 White FR431A

Black FR431B Navy Blue FR431C

67cm(H) x 56(Ø) White FR432 Black FR432B

Fender Rope & Accessories

40cm(H) x 36(Ø) Blue FR009 White FR009A Black FR009B Navy Blue FR009C

145cm(H) x 90(D) Can be installed on to stern corners Blue FR004 White FR004A Black FR004B Navy Blue FR004C

Economic or handmade three strand fender ropes come with spliced eyes so fenders are easier to fit.

1.65m White Fender Ropes (pair) 6mm FR025A 8mm FR025B

85m x 8mm 1.5m x 8mm Fender Ropes Fender Ropes White FR029A White FR030A Black FR029B Black FR030B Navy FR029C Navy FR030C Natural FR029D Natural FR030D

2m x 8mm Compact ‘Quicker Fender Ropes Pump’ Hand Air White FR028A Pump Inflator Boat sized pump Black FR028B with adapters Navy FR028C FR905

Anchor Fender Inflator Kit Complete with various inflation nozzles


Mooring Fenders

Quayside Fender

Inflated bulbous dock fender with 6 fixing holes 43cm(L) x 16(H) x 9(D)


Quayside Fender

Inflated bulbous dock fender with 8 fixing holes 48cm(L) x 12(H) x 7(D)


Quayside Corner Fender Stern, Bow or Quayside Fender Inflated bulbous dock fender with 8 fixing holes 48cm(L) x 12(H) x 7(D)


01491 652 085

Unique inflated bulbous dock fender with 4 fixing holes 53cm(L) x 23(W) x 20(D)



Fenders Fixings &Ropes Fastenings Mooring & Accessories Mooring Ropes Whilst there is no set standards as to the lengths of ropes required on a cruiser, as a practical rule of thumb for inland cruising it is common practice to have a pair of 8m ropes at the stern (back) and one or two 10m ropes at the bow (front). Regarding the diameter, if the rope is too thick it does not allow space on the cleats to double tie, therefore, 10mm is convenient for smaller Freemans. Advice should be sought locally for your particular waterways requirements. You can either have pre-spliced & pre-cut mooring lines in a packet or rope cut by the metre from a reel.

Pulpit Bracket Rope Holder SY005

Pre-spliced Mooring Lines 3 Strand

White 3 Strand

Navy Blue 3 Strand

Black 3 Strand

10mm x 8m FR050 10mm x 8m FR050A 10mm x 10m FR051B 10mm x 10m FR051 10mm x 10m FR051A 14mm x 10m FR071B

White 10mm 8m FR085 10m FR086

Navy 10mm 8m FR085A 10m FR086A

Black 14mm 10m FR082B

White Braided Navy Blue Braided Black Braided Navy Blue Braided Natural 3 Strand 12mm x 8m FR031 12mm x 8m FR031B 10mm x 10m FR044B 10mm x 10m FR044A 12mm x 10m FR080C 12mm x 10m FR032 12mm x 10m FR032B 12mm x 10m FR046B 12mm x 10m FR046A 14mm x 10m FR082C

Ropes from the Reel

White Braided White 3 Strand 6mm RP003 6mm RP026 8mm RP020 8mm RP002 10mm RP021 10mm RP018 12mm RP022 14mm RP017 14mm RP024

Navy Blue 3 Strand 8mm RP012 10mm RP025

White White 3 Yellow Multiplait Marston Strand Pre12mm RP023A Stretched Floating Rope 8mm RP001 8mm RP027

Heat Shrink Rope Ends

No.4 Whipping White 8 Plait Cord White Starter 1.5mm RP006 Cord Twine 3mm RP005 5mm RP004 0.8mm x 41m RP397


4mm RP352 8mm RP353 10mm RP354 14mm RP355

Rubber Snubber

up to 3 ton


Nylon Rope Thimbles 6mm RP500A 8mm RP500B 10mm RP500C 12mm RP500D 14mm RP500E

01491 652085

Mooring Equipment

16mm Mooring Stakes 19mm Mooring Stakes 600mm FE025C 600mm FE025 750mm FE025A

Mooring Stake Cover

Bright orange


Zinc Plated Mooring Ring & Base

100mm(L) x 75(W) x 31(H) 56034

Stainless Mooring Ring & Base

Heavy Duty Mooring Stakes 775mm FE025D

50mm(L) x 39(W) x 35(H) 56037

Stainless Mooring Ring & Round Base

50mm(L) x 35(H)

Wooden Lump Hammer FE024

Composite Lump Hammer FE024A

Stainless Mooring Ring & Narrow Base

Galvanised Mooring Ring & Base

80mm(L) x 26(W) x 35(H) 56039


Stainless Steel Stainless Steel M10 x 110mm M12 x 115mm Zinc Mooring Rings Eye Bolt Screws 50mm(I.Ø) 56030 Ring Bolts Ring Bolt Ring Bolt M8x100 FX508C M8x100mm Chrome DF1050 Chrome DF550 70mm(I.Ø) 56031Z M10x100 FX508D FX505B Brass DF1052 Brass DF550A 78mm(I.Ø) 56031

Anchors and Accessories

8lbs 13lbs 18lbs 22lbs

FE001B FE001C FE001D FE001E

Stainless Steel Mooring Rings 80mm(I.Ø)


Lock Key Windlass

Anchor kits are made to order and include an anchor of your choice, anchor chain to fit and multiplait anchor rope. A ‘U’ bolt may be needed as an anchoring point on board for the anchor rope too. Sentinel Anchors

50mm(L) x 50(W) x 37(H) 56036

Folding Anchors

1.5kg 2.5kg 3.2kg 4kg 6kg 8kg

FE661 FE662 FE663 FE664 FE665 FE666

Two Head Three Head Rotating Handle

Two Head Four Head 1/4” (6mm) Chain per metre FE004 5/16” (8mm) Chain per metre FE005 RP023A Anchor Rope per metre

01491 652 085

FE303 FE304

FE301A FE301C Lock AntiVandal Key FE325


Clocks, Barometers & BellsClub Marine Freeman Gauges Cruisers & Owners Furniture Clocks, Barometers & Thermohygrometers

Altitude Barometers

Altitude Clocks

60mm Dial x 95(Ø) x 35(D) Chrome FE028 Brass FE029

60mm Dial x 95(Ø) x 35(D) Chrome FE028A Brass FE029A

Royal Mariner Chrome Channel Clock

Altitude Thermohygrometer

Royal Mariner Chrome Channel Barometer

60mm Dial x 95(Ø) x 35(D) Chrome FE028B Brass FE029B

Royal Mariner Brass Channel Clock

Mahogany Clock Plinth

258mm(L) x 142(W) x 20(H)


Royal Mariner Brass Channel Barometer

84mm Dial x 117(Ø) x 55(D)

84mm Dial x 117(Ø) x 55(D)

84mm Dial x 117(Ø) x 55(D)

84mm Dial x 117(Ø) x 55(D)

Plastimo Mat Chrome Port Hole Clock

Plastimo Mat Chrome Port Hole Barometer

Plastimo Brass Port Hole Clock

Plastimo Brass Port Hole Barometer


84mm Dial x 117(Ø) x 58(D)


Barigo Clocks


84mm Dial x 117(Ø) x 58(D)


Barigo Barometers

85mm Dial x 110(Ø) x 32(D) 85mm Dial x 110(Ø) x 32(D) Stainless Steel FE840 Stainless Steel FE840A Brass FE850 Brass FE850A

Royal Mariner Clock Glass 84mm(Ø) FE892A


Royal Mariner Barometer Glass 84mm(Ø) FE892B


84mm Dial x 117(Ø) x 58(D)



84mm Dial x 117(Ø) x 58(D)


Barigo Thermohygrometers 85mm Dial x 110(Ø) x 32(D) Stainless Steel FE840B Brass FE850B

Royal Mariner Clock Mechanism 84mm(Ø) FE894A

Barigo Satin Stainless Steel Barometer

85mm Dial x 110(Ø) x 32(D)


Plastimo Clock Glass Plastimo Barometer Glass 84mm(Ø) FE890A 84mm(Ø) FE890B 110mm(Ø) FE897 110mm(Ø) FE897A 146mm(Ø) FE898 146mm(Ø) FE898A

01491 652085

Boating Accessories & Furniture Clinometers measure the vessels angle of tilt

Captain Hat Small CL120B Medium CL120C Brass Clinometer 110mm(Ø) x 18(D)






90mm(W) x 42(H) x 12(D) 102mm(W) x 83(H) x 11(D)

Pirate Cap GW102


GW100 Crew


Canvas Shoes Fingerless Sailing Gloves Sailing Gloves Small CL101A Small CL102A Medium CL101B Medium CL102B Large CL101C Large CL102C Extra Large CL101D Extra Large CL102D Chrome Bells 75mm(Ø) FE031A 86mm(Ø) FE031 105mm(Ø) FE032A Brass Bells 53mm(Ø) FE030 105mm(Ø) FE032

Ancient Mariner

Sizes 4-11



First Mate


Knackered Sailor

GW100H Skipper

Deck Shoes Size 7 CL271A Size 8 CL272A Size 9 CL273A Size 10 CL274A Size 11 CL275A

GW100F Wreck


Grumpy Old Man

Nautical Socks


Port/Starboard/Captain 3 Pairs CL140A

Teak Folding Directors Chair Luxury solid teak folding chair 850mm(H) x 590(W) x 450(D) Sand Cloth UP110 Blue Cloth UP110A

Teak Shoe Basket

with rope knot detailing 730mm(L) x 440(W) Honey Rope


Blue Rope

Stainless Steel Deluxe Folding Directors Chair

Teak Storage Trunks

Luxury solid teak with opening lid and nautical rope detailing 750mm(L) x 350(W) x 420(H) Honey Rope


Folds to just 150mm wide 800mm(H) x 550(W) x 450(D) Grey Cloth UP118


Blue Rope

Stainless Steel & Teak Sun Lounger


01491 652 085

Luxury, fully adjustable & stackable lounger 205cm(L) x 70(W)



Clocks,&Barometers & BellsClub Books Maps Freeman Cruisers Owners Books, Maps & Magazine Racks

The Ups & Downs of a Lockkeeper

A comical look into a lock keepers job!


Imray Map of The River Thames

1:50000 scale, colour map of the Thames


Knots & Splices

Pocket size & full colour


The 12 Volt Bible for Boats Book

Navigation Chrome Log Book Magazine Rack An introduction to BK5305 345mm(L) x 220(H) 12v electrical systems Refill BK5305A FF902 BK5501

Heron Maps Collins Nicholson Imray River Heron Maps River Thames River Thames Thames Book Kennet & Best selling River Avon Canal & & Thames Path & Southern Thames Guide Map Waterways River Map BK525 1:55000 scale Includes Ordnance 1:50000 scale colour map


Survey maps


colour map


Magazine Rack

300mm(L) x 200(H)


400mm(L) x 260(H)


Bookchair Tablet & Book Stand

Decorative wooden deck chair with a sewn, brightly coloured, canvas seat for holding books & tablets


Useful Information Every care has been taken in the preparation of this parts/projects book. However, the publisher accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, damage, injury or inconvenience sustained or caused as a result of using this book. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior written consent of the publishers and copyright owners. All information, including images, dimensions, colours etc., are believed to be correct at time of print & may vary. Brand names, logos and trademarks are copyright of their respective owners and have been used with permission. Products are subject to change without notification and are subject to availability. Products cut to length may be cut to +/-2%. Photographs are for illustration purposes only, products may vary and change without notification. All images and diagrams are not necessarily to scale and may not be representative of your particular cruiser and all sizes and specifications are approximate. Full terms & conditions are accessible online ( & in store. We reserve the right to refuse to supply any individual or company. You must be over 18 years of age to order. Although we endeavour to dispatch orders as quickly as possible this is based on stock availability. We cannot legislate for factors beyond our control within our supply chain network. This book should not be deemed as manufacturers instructions. It is for guidance only. It is based on experience of common projects, problems and questions that have arisen over the many years we have been dealing with Freeman Cruisers. It must be understood that each boat was individually made and that there are numerous models and variations. Therefore the information contained should not be used without consideration as to its practicality on your particular cruiser. Professional advice should be sought before undertaking any works or projects. We are assuming standard workshop practices are to be used and that safety requirements are undertaken, including the use of personal protection equipment where required. Risk assessments should be carried out before any project commences. The engine immobilised and fuel / electrical / water / gas supplies safely turned off and made safe as necessary before any relevant work is undertaken. Only undertake works if you are competent to do so. Upon recommencement of use, a proper inspection of the finished work, especially joints, supply lines and connections, paying close attention to fuel systems for seepage or leaks should be undertaken and re-inspected after initial use. Please remember that all gas work should be undertaken by a gas competent person. Care should be taken that information contained in this book is not taken out of context. This book is written for the Freeman Club members who are free to use the Club Helpline which normally runs at 4pm for further discussion of their individual projects or problems. E&OE.


A Accumulator Tanks 87 Anchors 119 Anodes 105 Antifoul Paint 111 Antifreeze 102 B Barometers 120 Barrel Bolts 70 Bathing Platforms 41 Batteries 78 Battery Boxes 78 Battery Chargers 81 Battery Switches 79 Bells 121 Bilge Blowers 93 Bilge Cleaners 102 Bilge Paint 102 Bilge Pumps 103 Binoculars 109 Boarding Ladders 40 Boat Bottom Cleaners 110 Boat Hooks 109 Boat Safety Scheme 106–107 Boat Washes 6–10 Bolts 114 Books 122 British Seagull Outboards 52 Buoyancy Aids 108

Epoxy & Fillers 113 Exhaust Hose & Mufflers 99 F Fenders & Fender Ropes 116–117 Fire Extinguishers 107 Fish Finders 109 Flags, Flagstaffs & Ensigns 38–39 Flagstaff Sockets 15 Flooring 65 Freeman Aluminium Fittings 14 Freeman Chrome Fittings 12 Freeman Club 4 Fridges & Fridge Boxes 58–59 Fuel Additives 102 Fuel Pumps & Filters 97 Fuel & Vent Hose 106 Fuses 115 G Gas Alarms 106 Gas Fittings 57 Gelcoat 113 Gland Packing 101 Gloss Paint 112 Gloves 121 Grease & Greasers 101



Canopy Fittings 24–26 Carbine Hooks 114 Carburettors 97 Catches & Fasteners 68 Chain 119 Cleaners 6–10 Cleats 14 Clinometers 121 Clips & Shackles 114 Clocks 120 Cockpit Cushions 66 Cooking Equipment 56–57 Cork Ball Keyrings 109 Covers 29 Cutlass Bearings 104

Hardtops 27 Hatches 17 Heating 82–83 Hinges 70 Hooks 70 Horns 23 Hose & Fittings 88 Hot Water Calorifiers 84 Hydraulic Steering Oil 98

D Davits 42 Deck Fillers 18–19 Deck Mop & Brushes 11 Deck Paint 112–113 Deck Plugs & Sockets 21 Dehumidifiers 67 Depth Finders 109 Dinghy Accessories 48–49 Directors Chairs 121 Door Handles 69 Door Retaining Catches 68 Ducting 93 E Electric Outboards 47 Engine Foot Mounts 101 Engine Gauges 100 Engine Oil & Filters 95 Engine Spares 96–97 Engine Water Pumps 99

I Impellers 99 Inflatable Dinghies 44–45 Inverters 81 J J-Type Gearbox 101 K Kettles 55 L Labels 107 Lifebuoy Rings 109 Life Jackets 108 Lifting Rings & Handles 71 Light Bulbs 76 Lighting 74–77 Lock Key Windlass 119 Lump Hammers 119 M Magazine Racks 122 Magnet 109 Maps 122 Masking Tape 110


Mastic Tape Sealant 13 Masts 38 Mooring Ropes 118 Mooring Stakes & Rings 119 N Navigation Lights 77 Nuts 114 O Oars 50 Oil Absorbers 93 Oil Change 95 Outboard Accessories 49 Outboard Brackets 43 Outboard Motors 46–47 Ovens, Hobs & Grills 56 P Paddles 50 Paint 110–113 Paint Brushes 115 Paint Rollers 110, 115 P Brackets 104 Pet Buoyancy Aids 108 Polish 6 Propellers & Propeller Shafts 104

Shoes 121 Shore Power 80 Sinks & Plugs 89 Solar Power 80 Sound Proofing 103 Split Charge Diodes 78 Steering Systems 98 Step Boxes 72 Stop Cables 98 Switches 79 T

Tables & Table Pedestals 54 Taps 85 Televisions 67 Temperature Senders 100 Thermohygrometers 120 Thinners 73 Throttle Controls 98 Toilet Systems 90–92 U Underwater Primer 110 Upholstery 64–66 V


Varnish 73 Ventilators 20 VHF Radios 109 Vinyl Boat Names 5

Quayside Fenders 117



Washers 114 WaterMota Engine Service 94 Waterproofing 7 Water Pumps 85–86 Water Purification 89 Whipping Twine 118 Window Refurbishment 30–35 Window Rubbers 34–35 Windscreens 32 Wiper Motors, Arms & Blades 22 Wireless Internet 67 Woodwork 72–73

Rope & Rope Holder 118 Rowlocks 50–51 Rubbing Strakes 36–37 Rudders 104 S Safety Equipment 108 Scrapers & Sand Paper 115 Screws 114 Sea Cocks 105 Sealants 115 Search Lights 75 Seats & Pedestals 60–63

Abbreviation Glossary H = Height L = Length W = Width D = Depth Ø = Diameter I.Ø = Internal Diameter E.Ø = External Diameter FHC = Fixing Hole Centres

M = Metre L = Litre ML = Millilitres V = Voltage Amp = Amperage LPM = Litres per Minute GPH = Gallons per Hour MM = Millimetres

Copyright © John Freeman (Sales) Ltd - E&OE - 2016

SHERIDAN MARINE By River. By Road. By Mail...

Established 1972 SH




Come and visit us... Have a day out along the banks of Old Father Thames We are a traditional classic style chandlery and working boatyard on the waterfront of the River Thames in a country setting next to the village church and manor house. Come and browse around the chandlery, discuss your Freeman projects and enjoy a coffee or ice cream; even bring a picnic. Grab a bar snack in one of the local country pubs and stroll along the Thames path - make a day of it!


Contact Us... 01491 652 085

Freeman Cruisers Owners Handbook BK008 OWNERS HANDBOOK


General Opening Times Cholsey R


How to Find Us



Moulsford lies on the A329 between Goring and Wallingford. Look for the sign to the BOATYARD or CHURCH, the boathouse lies to the left of the village church.

By River:- Sheridan Marine lies up stream of the Beetle & Wedge Restaurant and down stream of Brunel’s railway bridge; between Benson and Cleeve/Goring Locks. If you are making a special journey it maybe worth telephoning to ensure the chandlery and technical assistance will be available.

SHERIDAN MARINE Moulsford Village A329

Within easy reach of M40 and M4 between Oxford and Reading. Sat Nav postcode: OX10 9HU. Opposite Willow Court Lane. The nearest train station is Cholsey on the London (Paddington) - Oxford and West Country lines.

To: Wallingford Oxford M40

To: Goring Reading

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River Thames

Open daily but closed Friday - in Summer months Open Monday to Friday - in Winter months Shopping Hours: 9:30 - 5:30


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Freeman Cruisers Projects Solutions  

The Freeman Projects & Solutions Book aims to help you solve your boating problems and be creative, it contains some inspiring ideas to mode...

Freeman Cruisers Projects Solutions  

The Freeman Projects & Solutions Book aims to help you solve your boating problems and be creative, it contains some inspiring ideas to mode...