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The Sherford Consortium is working with everyone from local residents, businesses and experts, to ensure that the vision of a sustainable and vibrant Devon community is brought to life. We are proud to be a part of such a prestigious development and making history in Devon.

INTRODUCING SHERFORD: DEVON’S NEW COMMUNITY Sherford is more than just a new housing development, it is a new community right in the heart of the Devon countryside. Transforming the region, Sherford is a new town that combines the best of traditional and country living, with modern design and facilities. This is set to become one of the region’s most vibrant places to live, work and socialise.

Bringing the Sherford vision to life has taken more than 20 years of careful planning by the developers and local authorities. The Sherford Consortium, a partnership of three award-winning homebuilders – Bovis Homes, Linden Homes and Taylor Wimpey – is responsible for delivering this vision and ensuring Sherford has a unique identity and atmosphere. Located on the edge of the bustling city of Plymouth, Sherford also sits within the picturesque South Hams. It will eventually be home to 5,500 homes, as well as boasting over 83,000 square metres of employment and retail space, four schools, and a whole host of community facilities including a leisure centre, town hall, library and an extensive community park. One of a handful of Government backed major housing developments, Sherford will be a town open to everyone and one of the West Country’s most sought-

after locations. It will provide affordable housing, many different property types, local jobs and a vast range of amenities. Added to which, Sherford will also be one of the greenest and sustainable new developments in the UK. The scale of this town is unlike anything Devon has seen before; the creation of Sherford is about building futures and creating a new community from scratch, full of promise and opportunities. Just some of Sherford’s features include:

• 5,500 new homes • South West’s largest natural habitat creation • 83,000m2 retail space • 5,000 new jobs • 4 schools • 500 acres of parkland



High Street

Future Homes

Primary School

Main Road

Community Park

Major Roads

Outdoor Sports Facilities

Health Centre & Children’s Centre Sports Centre

In order to make day-to-day life hassle-free for residents, Sherford will have all the facilities a modern town could need. This includes a health and children’s centre to ensure care is available for all.

Youth Centre Existing Farm Houses & Buildings Key Feature Building


Homes: Phase 1



Lan ery Vin

Run by the residents, for the residents, Sherford will cater for all ages, with a youth centre providing excitement and activities for young people.


Working in consultation with local Councils, the secondary school will be innovatively designed to create the best possible learning environment.

Large classrooms, plenty of outdoor space, ICT for all; the three primary schools will be purpose-built to give young people the best possible start in life.

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Haye Road









Sherford will host a mix of indoor and outdoor facilities, a swimming pool, and pitches and courts for a large variety of sports.




Wildlife and Green Corridors

Sherford Quarry (disused)

Existing Woodlands

Park and Ride Interchange

King George V Playing Fields

Community Wind Turbines

The high street will be a thriving area for people to socialise. Residents will be able to complete all their shopping and daily tasks without needing to leave Sherford.


Deep Lane


As the gateway to the South Hams, Sherford has been designed with classic architecture in mind, including important community facilities such as a town hall.

Sherford’s own outdoor areas will be plentiful, including a 500-acre community parkland, gardens, allotments, wildlife corridors and potentially even an organic farm.





Sherford will eventually occupy 1200 acres of farmland - the existing farmsteads and dwellings will be preserved.

ES Map is for representation purposes only. Information is correct as of November 2016


By working with some of the UK’s finest architects, designers and craftsmen, Sherford residents can look forward to high quality homes. Properties combine the latest in modern design and traditional living, in one of Devon’s most scenic areas. From apartments and town houses, to mews and detached properties, as Sherford grows there will be a wide selection of homes available to suit a range of needs, tastes and budgets. Classic architectural styles will give Sherford the look and feel of a tasteful, traditional British town, supported by contemporary modcons for an easier and comfortable way of life. High ceilings and large sash windows will mean homes feel spacious and light. Each developer

will have a range of fittings and interior designs that allow buyers to make their home their own. Sherford will be a community open to everyone and in response to the need for additional housing in the South Hams area, a range of affordable homes will be available and evenly distributed throughout the town. The town layout has been carefully designed so that residents can easily access the main road, shops, businesses, schools and parks within a short distance of their homes. Everything you could need will be on your doorstep. Footpaths and cycle routes will intertwine the town and parkland, ensuring it is easy to move around Sherford.

Every detail has been carefully considered and each developer will have a range of finishes and fittings available to enable buyers to have a hand in building their own Sherford home.


By combining the region’s traditional values with the best in contemporary design, Sherford will be unrivalled, with businesses playing a major role within the community. With 83,000 square metres of employment and retail space, Sherford has been designed so that organisations can work together to create economic sustainability. The layout of the town is such that all areas will be active throughout the day, leaving no section of Sherford dormant. You arrive into its main road; a tree-lined street, leading to shops and businesses, and a bustling area for people to visit and socialise. There will be easy access to shops, cafÊs, restaurants, schools and nurseries, all within a short travelling distance from Sherford homes. Retailers and businesses will be located within the neighbourhood centres, meaning that local

businesses will be right at the heart of the community. Sherford Consortium research found that people in the South West are passionate backers of local businesses and actively seek out independent traders. For businesses looking to base themselves at Sherford, this unique and stunning setting, with 12,000 potential customers living in the town, offers a huge opportunity and an abundance of job prospects. Part of the foundation for Sherford is to create a unique package where people can live and work in the same place. Interconnected streets will form a walkable town, which will enable businesses and community facilities to prosper. With safe routes for walking and cycling, it will be specifically designed to encourage healthy lifestyles and help support a positive work-life balance.


Sherford is set to be one of the greenest new developments in the UK, and many of the sustainable and environmental improvements are well under way. Everything from outdoor spaces to home energy supply has been carefully planned and considered. A huge commitment has been made to improve the ecology of the area. This includes the creation of ‘wildlife corridors’; a planned network of green spaces, woodland and hedgerows, connected across the site, enabling wildlife to move and thrive. Additionally, a ‘bat bridge’ has been installed across Sherford’s main street, designed to conserve the local bat population. As you enter the town, you pass by an impressive 400m vertical wall embedded with over 30,000 plants. This is just one small part of the extensive landscaping that is taking place at Sherford, which saw more than £1 million invested and 200,000 trees planted ahead of the first brick being laid. This work forms part of the largest habitat creation scheme in the South West. The eco-friendly measures even extend under the ground, with

cutting-edge sustainable drainage systems that ensures rainwater is absorbed by local streams, to protect against flooding. Sherford residents will also benefit from sustainable ways of living, including significantly reduced energy supply requirements and energy efficient homes.

Our investment into the landscape is one of the most important parts of the development. The vision is that Sherford will be one of the most sustainable and green new communities in the UK.


Sherford is located in an area renowned for its stunning county landscapes and coastlines, where people enjoy the very best that outdoor living has to offer. Residents will also be only a short trip away from Plymouth, a vibrant city, full of amenities, and boarded by the sea and moorland. Sherford’s own outdoor areas will be plentiful and teeming with activity. They will include a 500 acre community parkland, gardens, allotments and potentially even an organic farm. Planting is already well underway, so that by the time the first residents move in, they will be greeted by established and expansive outdoor spaces.

The combination of a sports and leisure complex, play areas and a youth centre will give the Sherford community access to a whole host of recreational and social activities. Runners, walkers and cyclists will be able to benefit from the footpaths and cycle routes that will take them through Sherford’s parks and woodland. With a broad range of indoor and outdoor facilities, a swimming pool, skate park and multi-use pitches and courts catering for nearly every sport, no matter how residents prefer to spend their free time, there will always be something for them to do.

COMMUNITY Archaeological studies on the site have shown that Sherford has been a community setting since the Early Bronze Age. In developing what had recently been private farmland, Sherford will return to its roots as a community open to everyone. In building a new community from the ground up, Sherford is doing what many have done before, but on an unprecedented scale within the region. The Sherford Consortium and local authorities are bringing together all the very best elements and amenities a modern town should have, transforming the vision of a thriving community into reality. With a host of facilities and meeting

places, combined with good transport links and open space; Sherford will be a modern market town for those seeking a mix of tranquillity and community. Valued facilities will be close at hand, including a library, leisure centre, youth centre, health centre, police station, sports pitches, places of worship, and much more. It will be a place bursting with excitement, culture and activity – everything a modern community needs to flourish. For the community, run by the community is an ethos that stretches across Sherford, from the communal gardens and allotments, to the town hall and social activities. Also

in the pipeline is the formation of a Community Trust, which will become the foundation for uniting and representing the local residents’ interests. As a gateway to the South Hams, Sherford will have its own special identity but also needs to feel part of the established wider community. Whether you choose to live in Sherford, work there, send children to its schools, or just visit to use the sports facilities or enjoy a country walk; Sherford will be a vibrant and welcoming community.

BUILDING FUTURES The strapline of Sherford, ‘building futures’ sums up what this new community aims to create. In addition to thousands of family homes, workplaces and meeting places, Sherford will give its youngest residents a strong start in life. It will have four state-of-theart schools; three primary and one secondary.

the town is being constructed, but far beyond that. In addition to the estimated £1 billion investment into its construction, a further £2 billion is being injected into the local area, enabled by commercial relationships and employment opportunities, to help strengthen the regional economy that Sherford will be part of.

The first Sherford primary school is set in the heart of the community, 420 primary places will be available to children between the ages of 2-11. The school will become a hub within the new town, equipping children with the skills and knowledge to succeed for the future.

Creating Sherford is about more than just building a community – it’s also about involving the local community in the build. Sherford has its own Skills Training Scheme. This is a long term, £250,000 commitment to improving manual skills, boosting the local construction industry and helping young people into employment. Today, there are apprentices on site at Sherford gaining hands-on experience, providing a lasting legacy for local people.

It has always been the intention that Sherford will contribute to the future of the wider local labour market and economy, not just while

Revision A: Information correct at time of printing - November 2016

The Sherford Consortium is a partnership of awardwinning homebuilders:

Sheford brochure 2016  

Sherford is more than just a new housing development, it is a new community right in the heart of the Devon countryside. Transforming the re...

Sheford brochure 2016  

Sherford is more than just a new housing development, it is a new community right in the heart of the Devon countryside. Transforming the re...