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Natural Herb Bilberry’s Function for Eyes Bilberries are a dark blue fruit, similar in appearance to blueberries but are smaller, softer and darker; they are distinct from blueberries but closely related to them, and they are perennial plant that comes from Europe, Western Asia. Bilberries are found in very acidic, nutrient-poor soils throughout the temperate and subarctic regions of the world. At the same time, the bilberry extract are very popular in these days.

The bilberries have some features as follows: 1 Bilberries are softer and juicier than blueberries, making them difficult to transport. 2 they are relative of the cranberry, huckleberry, and American blueberry. 3 Bilberry improves peripheral circulation and eye health at the same time and may improve night vision as well. 4 Bilberry fruits have been traditionally used as an astringent, and a remedy for diarrhoea, discharges, dysentery, scurvy and so on. 5 Bilberry possesses of various potential health benefits. 6 Bilberry extract can be obtained in the form of liquid, dried herbs, or capsules.

Bilberry has been used in many food products, such as jams, pies, cobblers, and cakes. Bilberry tea is also available. With no known side effects and proven research dating back to the world war two to support its claims; so extract is fast becoming a widely used herb in the treatment of visual disorders and eyesight problems in recent years. The bilberry fruit is less potent than the supplement; but it still provides the benefits of an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. Red grape skin extract and citrus bioflavonoids work synergistically to enhance the proven benefits of bilberry. Even fewer studies have been done in humans; recommendations about bilberry come from research on similar antioxidants, or from test tube and animal studies. Moderate consumption of extract may have the benefits of lowering the risk of cardiovascular. A decoction of bilberry leaves or bark of its root is traditionally used for ulcers in the mouth and throat. Because of some factors, the bilberry is only available fresh on markets and in gourmet stores, where in the latter they can cost up to 11 Euros per kilogram. If you choose to take a bilberry supplement, there are various measures available to treat different ailments. Bilberry is high in a substance called flavonoids, chemically known as polyphenols.

Bilberry Extract also referred to as blueberry, is a potent extract yielding key

bioflavonoids and antioxidants, and it is available in a number of concentrations and extract potencies. Add extract to your diet where it may improve vascular circulation, night vision and relieve eye pressure and swelling. Ask your doctor before taking bilberry if you take blood-thinning medication. Bilberry leaf and extract should not be taken in large quantities over an extended period of time; the reason is tannins they contain may cause severe weight loss, muscle spasms, and even death. Bilberries can be dried and used to make herbal tea. Dried whole berries or crushed berries can be used to make tea. The extract of bilberry is used to improve vascular health, and has properties that support eye health. I will share with you a story about eyes as follows: When I told him that I would like to break up with him by telephone, my boyfriend was so calm. Few minutes later, he said: ‘it is OK. But I have the last demand; I would like to be your boyfriend for the last day.’ I agreed. For three years, we lived in two cities thought we were lovers. In the past time, I used to connect each other by telephone or computer. I felt it was no happy. Two days later, he came to my school and accompanied me for the last day. I said: ‘let us have a meal at first.’ But he said: ‘No, it is so cold.’ One hour later, it was less cold, we came to the street, and suddenly he told me that I need to use some plant extract for keeping my health, especially my eyes. Just that moment, I was touched. For three years, he used to look after me even though we lived in the different cities. In fact, I knew that he love me. And then, he said to me: ‘the love has to look with heart, not only the eyes.’ Certainly, he still loves me, even if he used to accompany me only several times.

Natural herb bilberry’s function for eyes  

There are plenty natural herbs in our daily life. They exist in fruits or vegetables. Bilberry is one of the natural herbal remedies for eye...

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