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Black History… How Much Do You Know?

Conquering The Storms Of Life With Unshakable Faith And Perseverance

The best way to be healed is by forgiving and loving all. God has favor on our lives as long as we follow his word. So be an encouragement to others no matter what you are going through. Smileď Š By Darlene Thompson

February, 2016

Welcome Greetings Friends And Family; I would like to thank you for once again being a part of Sarah magazine. From the viewers, to the subscriber , those who write articles every month and to those who placed an ad, I just want to say Thank You. You are very important to me. Our last magazine came out in December. We have made it through the holidays, we had fun, bought gifts, spent money we should not have spent, gained some pounds and we are swearing that next year we won’t do this again.  Needless to say, in spite of all of that, we made it another year. That’s enough to say THANK YOU JESUS…you did it again! In December we featured some beautiful women in our magazine called Camouflaged Sisters. They shared their stories about what they faced as African American women in the military. They even have a book telling it all. I hope you purchased a copy of Sarah and a copy of their book. It was an honor for me to feature someone who served in the military and went through some very hard struggles fighting for our country. This month we have a young woman with many talents. She is truly a Woman of God that wants the world to know that you must be careful of the words you speak. Jennifer Workman is spreading God’s word through books, radio shows, Prisons and where ever God is opening the doors for her to go. I know that you will be inspired by her story. This month’s issue of Sarah is not as thick as normal, but yet it is filled with everything you need. This is the month of February and a lot is going on

this month. This is Black History month; people educate your children on Black History! It doesn’t matter what race they are, they need to know. I put some information in this month’s issue about Famous African American people. February is also Aids Awareness month. We all think that it’s a disease that only gay men get. Educate yourself! Nowadays anybody can contract this disease if they are not careful. I have a beautiful woman of God that has Aids and will be sharing as well as educating us about the HIV/AIDS in Sarah every month. Read her first story in the December issue of Sarah on how she contracted this Disease. Lastly, February 14, is Valentine’s Day! The month of Love. People buy Candy, Teddy Bears, and all kinds of things to say I LOVE YOU! Some people fall into a state of depression, because they think it’s a holiday only for lovers. We must remember that Love is for everyone. You might not have a significant other in your life, but you have family, friends, and children. So don’t focus on Valentines Day being only for lovers, share love with someone who has no family. Learn how to love yourself! In closing ; Don’t wait for February 14, to say I LOVE YOU! do it every day, take time out of your busy day to tell someone how much you love them. Enjoy this month’s edition; it’s few in pages but full of a lot of great stuff! God Bless

Minister Sheree Carradine Creator/Chief Editor


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In May 2014, Sarah magazine featured Dr. Calvinia Williams. She shared her story with the world about living with lupus. Through the struggles and pain of living with lupus, Dr. Williams is determined to live a quality life! She is an overcomer and attributes her joy, strength and determination to God. She wants to educate and bring about awareness through her book. To those who have or don’t know about the disease called Lupus, Dr. Williams’s book will give you insight and understanding. The month of May represents Individuals living with Lupus all around the globe. To pre-order your copies contact her. Get Your Copies Before They Are Sold Out!

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The Month Of February Is HIV/Aids Awareness For People Of Color. Please Go Get Tested!

First I give all honor to God, my pastor, my editor and all of God's people who have been keeping me in prayer. It hurts me when I write, because I have been having physical problems, but God is working it out. To all of our Sarah Fans, February 7th is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Please try to remember those who have the virus and those who are trying to live with it and advocate for themselves and others. I am so proud to say I am a member of Progressive Church of God in Christ and I have great people who love the Lord praying for me all over the country. I feel very much at home there. My editor is so understanding because when I'm ill she always allows me extra time to get my few words of wisdom out to everyone that happens to have a mate. Stay faithful those of you who are still waiting on your mate, keep waiting on God it only takes one time of unprotected sex and your

life is very complicated for the rest of your life! I know God is a miracle worker and I am thankful to Him for allowing me to be living 31 years with the virus. It is the grace of God! I cannot leave out the prayers of the saints as well. So our work is still going on as the scripture says through love and kindness have I drawn thee. The CDC says we the people of color are losing the light not the fight against it, but as sisters we know we can pray and God does answer prayers. Until next time pray for me as I pray for you. Remember get tested on February 7th Know Your Status!!! KEEPING IT REAL ALWAYS‌ Thank God For Everything, Mrs. Veronica Holmes 31 years May 2016 Love Always Sarah Mag.

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Conquering The Storms Of Life With Unshakable Faith And Perseverance

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well (Matthew 6:33, NIV).” In the world we live in today it has the appearance that people are drawing further away from God seeking after the cares of life and although this may be very disheartening at times it is always refreshing to meet people that no matter what stages they may find themselves in life or what challenges they may encounter, their overall focus is on fulfilling the purpose and plan that God has orchestrated for their lives. Recently, I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to sit down and talk with Jennifer Workman, Founder of “Simply Victorious Ministries.” She is undeniably a dauntless, bold, tenacious and faithful servant of the Lord, who has dedicated many years of her life outspokenly sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. Although she is fulfilling God’s purpose for her life, I wanted to talk candidly with her regarding some challenges that she’s faced along the way and what kept her trusting God despite what could have made her want to give up and what she is accomplishing as it relates to her

ministry and the impact that it is having on the lives of others. Sarah Magazine: Well thank you Jennifer so much for taking the time to speak with me today I greatly appreciate it. First and foremost, I wanted to ask you your purpose in speaking with Sarah Magazine today? Jennifer Workman- Before I answer I just want to say thank you for this great opportunity, I am so humbled and thankful to God. To answer your question, my purpose for this interview is to be an instrument and “mouthpiece” for the Lord and to remind people that God is sovereign, He is powerful and no matter what they encounter in life and what the enemy does to fight against them, God is there with them every step of the way (Hebrews 13:5, NKJV) as He has been with me through all that I have encountered in life. (Note: from here and throughout this story the names will be abbreviated)

S. M. - You mentioned that “God has been with you through different encounters in your life,” can you share if possible with our readers some of your struggles and how that has matured you spiritually and drew you closer to God?

J.W. - Yes, I say this without reservation i.e. when I found myself homeless and living in my car many years ago. I felt like I tried to make the right decisions in my life and I felt like that if you did the right things, then it would produce the right results and when that didn’t happen it crushed me. I was always taught that “Faith Without Works Is Dead” and I internalized that, that meant trusting and believing in God wholeheartedly to spearhead the course of your life and then making sure you do your part and is very proactive in the process. Regardless, I found myself sleeping in my car and I found myself living on the campus of a local school in the area, in the campus parking lot, but regardless of that difficult transition, I saw God manifest Himself in some wonderful ways. He protected me, had people in place that knew of my situation to bring food and otherwise until He provided a way through a lady that I knew in which I call my “Good Samaritan” to open up her place of residence to help me. It was an overwhelming situation but God was there with me all the time and I wouldn’t change it for anything! Many other challenges were divorce, family issues and financial struggles, some of which were my own fault and how I didn’t make all of the right decisions at different

times but regardless, God was faithful and with me through it all. I wouldn’t change any of these experiences because they helped me with my walk with God, they helped me to be more empathetic and understanding of others plight in life and consequently they enabled me to be more effective in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to hurting people because I know what it is to suffer, feel pain and feel like giving up but God was always there for me and if he was there for me, I can say unequivocally, He will be there for others in their struggles in life! S. M. - Thank you for being so transparent and sharing some of your struggles with our readers. To add to what you aforementioned, what advice would you give to people as yourself that have or is suffering adversity in their life and feel like giving up? J. W.- Don’t give up. Know that God loves you indescribably and that God has a purpose in everything that you are suffering. Don’t listen to the chatter of others, don’t listen to the enemy and don’t even entertain negative thoughts that try to permeate your thought process. Meditate on the word, affirm it, speak life to your situation and always remember that as the bible states emphatically that

“there is a season and a time for everything.” I would tell anyone that I too, even at this venture, is dealing with some trials and tribulations in my life but have resolved within myself that no matter what, I am moving forward because I am not alone and God has proven himself to me “time and time again.” I won’t make excuses in the transition but, surrender to God and allow for him to be glorified even through my pain because “It Isn’t About Me, It Is All About Him!” Sometimes in the difficult seasons of life God is trying to get our attention and draw us closer to Himself. If you fight against the pain, you wouldn’t receive the manifestation that is on the otherwise. So, if you have been through a season of difficulty and hardship, remember that God cares for you and that although He never said that you wouldn’t go through trials and tribulations in life, He did promise that He would “Never Leave You Nor Forsake You” (Hebrews 13:5, NKJV). Trust God, Don’t “Lean To Your Own Understanding And In All Your Ways Acknowledge Him And He Will Direct Your Paths (Proverbs 3:5, NIV).” And, Never Say Never! When you tell yourself that you will never get

out of your situation, you have already spoken defeat. When you tell yourself it will never get any better, it won’t because life and death is in the power of your tongue! So stop saying never and start to say “Never Say Never.” Meaning, that never will I be in this situation ever again, never will I give the enemy space in my life or thought process to discourage me or hinder me and Never again will I tell myself I am a victim but a victor in Jesus and have faith in God and maintain that unshakeable faith no matter what! For the bible states that all things are possible to them that believe. You must believe and have faith beyond what you feel and see because faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. It takes great faith to believe and speak life even when all is crumbling around you but it is just that type of faith that manifests miracles in your life. I chose to believe and my prayer is that others will as well! S. M. -Yes, I love this, Amen! Thank you so much for that. Well now, can you tell me a little about your ministry and its purpose? J. W. - Simply Victorious Ministries was founded in 2010. My sole purpose in establishing Simply Victorious Ministries was to utilize

every spiritual gift endowed by the power of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the "Great Commission" (Matthew 28:1620, NIV). The ministry has been established on the infallible word of God and to humbly and passionately serve the needs of hurting and lost people all around the world. Simply Victorious Ministries aims to be a globally recognizable "Voice" that ministers to people from different walks of life and to empower, to inspire and to motivate people towards a fuller and richer life that is found in relationship with God. S. M. - What do you do or what are you involved with other than the ministry? J. W. - I have a writing service, “Writing for Life” in which I offer Editing, Proofreading and Writing expertise to clients relating to Brochures, Resumes, Articles, Book Reports, Theses, Press Releases, Web Content Writing, Newsletters, Business Plans and Media Kits and, I have also have contributed articles on various subjects i.e. Marriage, Singles, Family, Health and otherwise that have blessed and encouraged many people through numerous digital Publications, Newspapers, Magazines and social media outlets i.e. Empower Magazine, Ruby for Women Magazine, Today’s Christian Woman Magazine, Inspired Women

Magazine, The Praying Woman Blog page, The State Newspaper, Inspirational Blog, BeliefNet, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and others. Additionally, I am an accomplished Editor of the book “My Thoughts on God and the Men who went Astray, Why? Where are they?” published through Xulon Press Publishing and I am the Author of the soon to be released book entitled Never Say Never: Conquering the Storms of Life with Unshakeable Faith and Perseverance. I am actively pursuing a career as a screenwriter and have written a few different scripts i.e. “Be Careful What You Ask For,” “Egyptian Silk,” “Power Over Darkness” and others, some of which are being considered for production. When I am not working, I love to travel, spend time with family, read and volunteer in the community whether it is working with the Highways Byways Prison Ministry evangelizing and witnessing to female inmates, feeding the homeless and ministering to them or just meeting people on a daily basis and encouraging and ministering to them, these are things I do in my spare time. I am also the Producer and Host of an Inspirational Webcast via my professional website, various social media outlets and that formerly aired

on Faith Filled Family and Faith Filled Youth Magazine Websites entitled “Simply Victorious for Life.” In each segment, listeners are given “Solid Food” from the word of God on various relatable topics of life and are empowered through the word of God to live victorious lives in Jesus! S. M. - What is next for Jennifer? J. W. - I am opened and receptive to the guidance and direction of the Lord. I just want to continue to be faithful to him and utilize every gift, talent, skill and ability that he has equipped me with for his glory, to bless others and draw people closer to him, for that is my purpose in life and what I am passionate about doing for as long as God gives me life, health and strength to do so because it “Isn’t About Jennifer, It Is All About Him.” To reemphasize, that was my reason for talking with you today is to bless others and my hope and prayer in this above all else that the people know that no matter where they are in life, God cares about them and don’t want them to remain in the state that they are in. Even now as someone is reading this, my prayer is that they would surrender their lives to God. Nothing on this earth can replace having a relationship with God for he is the reason why we are here on the earth. For there is no life outside of Christ. For the Bible states

emphatically that “I Come That They Might Have Life And That More Abundantly (John 10:10, NIV).” So, as a result of reading this someone ultimately gives their lives to the Lord, then I am blessed because that is my purpose as a servant of the Lord is to be used by him and draw others to him!

Jennifer Workman

This Book Is A Must Read! Here’s Just A Few Titles In This Book… Lesson One: Patience Lesson Two: Hold My Peace Lesson Three: Time Isn’t a Factor with God Lesson Four: Love My Enemies Lesson Five: I am Blessed in a Mess Lesson Six: Forgiveness


Contact Information:

Thank You Jennifer For Sharing Your Story.

Answers to these questions can be found on one of the last pages in this magazine. Do your research see how much you know before you look at the answers. DON’T CHEAT!!


D. Sanders

Hailing from Central Florida, Stephanie D. Sanders is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to her blend of R&B, Soul, Inspirational, Dance and Pop. Stephanie is a soulful singer/songwriter that has a stylish voice that will sooth and uplift the spirit of any listener. She released her first contemporary gospel project on January 2, 2016. Her first contemporary gospel CD is here for your listening pleasure. “ONE MORE DAY� is a refreshing new project that will take you on a musical journey and touch your soul!

Stephanie says “it’s not about the genre of music I sing in, it’s about the message I leave people with to help them along the way. None of us are perfect but I’m here to do my part.” She recently won the NFIA (North Florida Independent Artist) Female Gospel Artist Of The Year and has been nominated for The All Florida Awards Show 2016 (so please vote by clicking like next to my name in the categories of Song Of The Year, Female Artist of The Year and Female R&B Artist of The Year as my song “ I AM WHO I AM” has crossed over in the Gospel and R&B realm The All Florida Awards Show on Facebook. Stephanie D. Sanders is certainly not one to hide her gifts. She is a talented artist who represents the Lord is all she does. Her new CD is Awesome! With a passion for the Lord and a drive like no other and the desire to use her gifts to the fullest, she is certainly on her way to the top of the “A” list! Stephanie leaves you with these words… “I AM A CHRISTIAN WHO’S AN ENTERTAINER”. This CD is a must have!! Contact her and purchase yours now!

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Ladies do you know what it means when a man refers to you as just a friend? How far should that friendship go? Chapter 2

SOUL MATE…OR SATAN! How many of us have met a guy that we’ve felt is the cat’s meow, the cream in your coffee, finisher of your sentences, your boo, your rib, he completes you or even better, your soul mate. Read about Angela…… Chapter 6


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SARAH is a Christian based magazine that has something for everyone. We remind you that IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!


SARAH is a Christian based magazine that has something for everyone. We remind you that IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!