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When 4 of your starting 5 players leave due to age restrictions it is tough for any team. So a rebuild is needed and the Sherbrooke Suns Youth Champ Men side this year are confident they have put together a side that can do just that. With the re signing this year of new joint captains Kirk Smith and Elias Kafrouni, (inset) the suns are expecting a positive year. With new coach Rob Roberts and assistant coach Ash Mason the team is confident that they can put a competitive side on the floor. “We are definitely small, but what we lack in height, we more than make up for in effort” says Coach Roberts. “We are lucky that we have held onto young bigs E Kaf (Elias Kafrouni) and Shaggy (Johno Truman) both are only 19 and have great potential”. We have a couple of guys like Pops (Kirk Smith) and Monsta (Cam Greenwood) who played minutes in Champ Men last year to take control as leaders in the 1 spot”. But you can’t make inroads without adding a few good heads to a side. Although untried at this level, Dan Mareels and Naughty (Matt Norton) will bring a bit of flair according to Roberts. “These guys have worked really hard in the pre season and have proven they have what it takes to play with the big boys”. With the Signings of Chelsea Youth Player, Brad Hauer, Pakenham Div 2 Men Player Tim Bydder and Dandenong Rangers Youth Player Joshil Wallis Roberts added that this is a “great time to be involved with the Suns.” Losing players is an issue for any team but the Suns are looking forward to May when Daniel Steen and Michael Dow return from College, Dow especially who is currently

leading scoring and leading steals for his Division 1 team. “We were lucky to have Steen for the pre season training and when he and Dow return in 2014 we are expecting them to be productive additions to the roster.” With a big pre-season under their belts which included training with ex Collingwood Star Brodie Holland the boys are looking forward to the break over Christmas and returning in January fit and fresh and ready for 2014.



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In future Newsletters we will cover Information, updates, results, player profiles and photos for

our Junior Teams, Youth League Teams and Big V Teams. 2014 is going to be a new and exciting year for Sherbrooke Suns!

"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others

Eltham/Dandenong Tournament News

make it happen." Michael Jordan

Our Club had a very successful Tournament over the Long Weekend with 15 teams competing. All Teams had the opportunity to play together after the summer break and 3 of our teams made it to the Grand Final on Monday. The 20:1 boys beat Hampton Park by 15 points with Michael Audsley winning the MVP. Under 20.2 boys lost by 30 points to a very accurate shooting Skyplay Team and Under 16.1 boys were gallant in defeat to Westernport. It was great to see so many players, coaches, senior players and board members out supporting our Junior program., thank you!




2 X Junior Player Profiles

More VJBL News




Making it to College is the first big step for any young basketballers in the pursuit of greatness. For one young local boy that dream has now become a reality. After only one season of Representative Basketball for the Sherbrooke Suns Victorian Youth Championship side, Josh Dow will be heading over to the “University of the Cumberland’s” in the great American State of Kentucky where he will now become a Patriot for the Division 1 NAIA Team. At 19 Josh says this is the best thing to happen to him so far in his career “the experience of a whole different game, Just to get the opportunity to play in a different country is great and what makes it even better is that I will be playing on the same roster as Mike (his brother). He is currently over there playing his first season with the Patriots. “Playing with Mike is going to be great and the fact that he is older will mean we won’t have to share a room. “ He jokes. Having made a name for himself as a junior footballer Dow only took up competitive basketball in 2011. In high school the best he could do was the 2nd team until year 12, last year, when he made the first team. “That was a big surprise because I had always played in the 2’s, so I thought I would put myself up for the Sherbrooke Youth Team as well and I got onto that roster too.” In late 2013 Dow was now feeling fairly confident about his ball skills and tried out for the Victorian State team. “I figured I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a go.” He says. “I made it to the top 20, but got cut, the coaches said my skills were not polished enough and I was not experienced enough, which is understandable." So from there Dow decided to go even harder. “I train as often as I can, most days, I want to get better.” He said “I have a great support network of family and my friends who also play and train with me, they push me to be better.” Having his brother Mike already over playing with the Patriots, Josh decided that this was going to be his goal as well. “Having Mike there definitely helped get a foot in the door, but I had other College offers as well that I turned down so that I could be a Patriot. It might be our own little family tradition” he says “dad’s already wearing the shirts and hat’s around the house so that helps.” He also joked.

“The coaches over there were impressed with my highlights tape and the interviews went well. They said one thing they really liked was my quick release shot and that that would be an asset to their roster.” Dow will still spend this year playing in the Big V, Victorian Youth Championship Men’s, competition for the mighty Sherbrooke Suns before he leaves for the states in August, with the first practice match this Saturday against Knox. “This season I am really looking at putting my stamp on the club and the team. We have a fairly inexperienced team at this level, but the team work side of it is already one of the best I have been involved in.” he adds. “We will be a strong side this year and I want to be a part of it.” Josh’s Sherbrooke Suns VYCM coach, Rob Roberts, said “Josh is a valuable member of the team, his leadership qualities for a young guy are exceptional, his ability to get the other players excited with his big dunks are going to be a great show piece this year and we are looking forward to seeing all he has to offer." To see Josh and the Sherbrooke Youth Men in action click on the link to the Facebook page for all the Pre Season games and times.



Junior Rep BBQ On Sunday 9th February, 930am to 3pm we will be having a BBQ for all players and family members at the Monbulk Stadium.. Please come and join in the fun and take the opportunity to meet new players, new family members and new coaches. SENIOR PLAYERS WANT TO MEET YOU TOO!!!!!!

Unfortunately Shaq can’t make it, but we hope you can On Sunday 9th February, 930am to 3pm we will be having a BBQ for all players and family members at the Monbulk Stadium.. Please come and join in the fun and take the opportunity to meet new players, new family members and new coaches. Senior players will be in attendance.

If you have

Here we will have an interview with a Coach from Juniors or Seniors

Here we will have an interview with a Coach from Juniors or Seniors COURT