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Instant Tips on How to Prevent Teacher Burnout

Are you asking yourself how to prevent teacher burnout? Are you currently experiencing emotional exhaustion in your current profession? Perhaps now is the time to rethink on some areasof your life and how you can turn your current draining state into something more positive. The teaching profession is perhaps one of the most stressful jobs today. No wonder that many eventually drop this noble work even before retirement age. It is stated that approximately half of new teachers leave during their first five years. In addition, teachers are expected to deliver more, for in their hands lies the possible future of any child who is under their care and supervision. If school stress and pressure have been piling up above your head, you had better do some immediate prevention as early as possible. Here are instant things that can help you prevent teacher burnout. Tip #1: Exercise breathing. Breathing has been a proven methodology to relieve tension and stress. And in fact it is even the easiest. If in a given scenario you caught yourself struggling in an unfortunate circumstance, it would be suggested to stop and slowly breathe. The duration might last for a few seconds or until you can feel your muscles relaxed. It would also be better if in your breathing process that you think of happy thoughts. This in turn can eventually tilt your current mood in a positive way. With only a few inhale and exhale steps you would surely feel renewed. Tip #2: Accept that problems occur. Every human regardless of profession always has a burden to carry. Teachers on the other hand are not spared for this is a vicious cycle that can’t be stopped. The only thing you need to do is to accept that these really occur. The weight may be different and so is the impact but nonethelessthey are still problems. Thus, acknowledge them for you are not alone. Eventually, these issueswere given to you becauseyou had the power to solve it at your own given pace. Tip #3: Positive thinking. This can always make a drastic difference to anyone. After accepting that problems do occur, learn to embrace it in a positive manner. Add the thought that you can be able to solve and resolve it. Make a positive mantra and repeat this over and over again at the back of your head. If you are embracing positive thoughts, these in turn can help you clear your mind and a probable solution may even pop from somewhere. Tip #4: Don’t forget to smile. A smile can make someone’s day brighter. And a smile can make gloomy days warmer. Thus, if you are faced with a probable burnout symptom, battle it with a smile on your face. You might hate a student of yours becauseof his or her ill mannered attitude, but always flash that smile. Your smile can eventually uplift your spirit and in turn can boost up your disposition. What easy way to avoid teacher burnout by simply smiling. The steps stated may be simple and easy to follow. But doing it by heart given a worst scenario is difficult. Exercise these practical ways at your own given pace. You can even have a stick on note to

post it on your table or daily lesson planner. With these quick guides, you can effectively prevent teacher burnout for good.

Prevent Teacher Burnout