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What we face: Red Bull is currently losing market share in an over saturated market. Competitors are releasing neverending line extensions (flavors and juices), and everyone is saying the same thing; Energy drinks give you energy. Who we focus on: Members of our core audience juggle many different roles and activities in their daily lives. Life as we know it is getting busier and more complicated. Yet, most of these people do not lead the “extreme” lives portrayed in Red Bull’s (and competitors’) advertising. Rather, they lead lives formed by their personal views, interests and motivations. As such, we need to communicate the message that all busy people are in need of the benefits of additional energy. Who are they?: They live exhausting lives, regardless of the direction. A lot of the work they do is not even for themselves. By the time they are ready to do things they enjoy, they feel burnt out. Whether in an afterschool practice, playing in the street, autonomous recreation, or even watching movies all night, all the “non-extremes” could benefit from a pick me up as well. What we tell them: We need to address the benefit of the benefit. Typically, category advertising has focused on creating a sense of admiration (Guys flying 50 feet on a dirt bike is amazing, but also an unlikely personal activity for most.) In showing the ‘extreme’, there is very little emphasis on how an individual can use energy drinks to help pave their own unique path in life. Opposed to a message that provokes feelings of admiration and awe, we need to communicate in a way that can better relate to the lifestyles of the core market segment. Positioning: Energy for the everyday. Why Red Bull can take this stand: Red Bull was the original energy drink. It has talked about “giving people energy” for years. People KNOW what it is and what its benefits are. Red Bull, as an established brand, can afford to go one step further and talk about what the energy helps people do/achieve. Brand values: Red Bull is a helping hand, the boost that’s there when you need it. They are the part of your conscious that tells you to make your own path.

Red Bull Creative Brief