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Davines And The Philosophy Of Maintainable Beauty True beauty demands a lot of dedication. A good deal of thought goes into looking nice. In fact, nothing is better for beauty than a well-developed philosophy that takes into consideration one’s goals for a resplendent appearance along with a dignified spirit. The secrets of allure are unveiled to anyone who understands this as there is a correspondence between loveliness and attractiveness. Quality beauty merchandise exist because cosmetic suppliers make it their mission to help others feel better about themselves while maintaining healthy skin. Davines strives to demonstrate this philosophy through its contribution to the world of cosmetics and recognize the link between inner and outer beauty where they strive to produce quality products using only the best quality ingredients. The idea of beauty as growing out of a correspondence between form and substance is part of the Italian Renaissance custom. When a person feels good on the inside, their outer appearance radiates as there is a beautiful harmony going on. Good taste triggers good looks, as the harmony inside promotes the basic yet elegant decoration of the interface between the substance and the rest of the world -the interface being, certainly, an individual’s body and face or a company’s products and services. Everyone is unique, so it is important for everybody to develop a personalized conception of beauty. Davines values the freedom individuals have to express themselves and have respect for individuality where it shows in their merchandise which are simple to use. Cosmetics are not masks that turn our features into a copy of a face we’ve seen in a newspaper; they are tools for bringing out the beauty of an individual’s natural characteristics. Each person’s face is a combination of subtle curves and rich colors that can’t be found someplace else. Using helpful tools in a beauty program, each combination can be appreciated and emphasized. Just as a person cannot reach the full blossom of beauty without achieving a small degree of inner harmony, a business or company cannot be truly successful unless it operates in accordance with a world view that promotes harmony and the health of the ecosystem. The term "sustainable" in the beauty industry has a few meanings. It usually means the relationship between inner and outside beauty. In accordance with this overarching concept, sustainability also refers to the minimization of production’s impact on our environment, the use of natural ingredients, the creation of a congenial and inspiring work place, the freedom to intuit and develop new options, and the effort to be moral and promote trusting relationships both within a company and with the rest of the world. Sustainability and beauty tend to be inseparable concepts, for beauty is an expression of health and the possibility of longevity. When individuals feel attractive, they just feel better and it shows all over them, in their face and other areas of the body. With sustainability in mind, Davines has a full collection of natural beauty products developed on their concept. Davines is so diligent, their plants and other locations are solar and wind powered since 2006, where they have an eco friendly approach to operating their business which extend to their product lines which are renown for their all natural approach to beauty. The green minded company encourages people to nurture their own individual beauty and to promote the health of the earth by maintaining a strong beauty regimen using this sound philosophy which only uses the best and most natural substances.


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Davines And The Philosophy Of Maintainable Beauty