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The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

What’s Happening ... The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

By Sydney Stone

You picked a beautiful time to come to Branson … and a great time for Ride the Ducks! What a fun way to “tour” Branson. Originally built in 1942 by General Motors, today’s “Ducks” are built from the ground up. Traveling on land and water, able to transport men and materials ship to shore, “DUKW’s” were first used in March 1943, when the U.S. landed Army troops on Noumea, New Caledonia. More than 1000 DUKW’s were used in Sicilian landings in 1943 alone; and 2000 DUKW’s delivered 40 percent of all supplies landed between June 6 and

September 1, 1944. A side note: it was the late Gary Snadon, owner of The Shepherd of the Hills, and Doctor Gillespie, who first

brought the “Ducks” to Branson, in 1972. I was just going to give “Ducks” a mention but got carried away — so

interesting! Stay tuned, next issue I’ll tell you more. In the meantime, Ride the Ducks — down Hwy. 76 to the splashdown in Table Rock Lake. Or at Branson Landing, to cruise Lake Taneycomo and tour College of the Ozarks. Fun! Summer’s coming, it will be ice cream time (Well, when isn’t it time for ice cream?) and some of the best to be found in this part of the country is Nettie Marie’s Homemade Ice Cream at The Keeter Center. The ice cream process begins before sunup, when students milk 60 Holstein, Guernsey, and Jersey cows at the campus dairy. They pasteurize, bottle, and deliver it to Keeter Center,where another group of students turn the fresh cream into scrumptious ice cream. Speaking of Holsteins, College of the Ozarks has been a member of the Holstein Associ-

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ation USA for 50 years. It’s the largest breed organization in the world. C of O is considered one of the top college Holstein herds in the United States. Last summer I took my grandchildren to lunch at Dobyns Dining Room at The Keeter Center and then we did a tour, including “milking the cows.” They loved it! I took the photo of the beautiful Holstein when we were there.


May/June 2014

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The Haygoods … The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

Hey! Good show!

By Linda Burlingame

Make that The Haygoods — great show! One of these times at the end of a Haygoods’ show, my notebook will be blank. I have so much fun watching, I forget to take notes. Really. The excitement is palpable. The audience is energized and enthusiastic, and I don’t know who has more fun, the entertainers or those being entertained! They were dancing on stage and the audience dancing in their seats. (At the end of the show a friend who was with me said, “I’m exhausted!”) The moves on stage are very good; the show is well choreographed and staged. High energy doesn’t begin to describe it; the Haygoods rarely stand still. Pyrotechnics and great videos complement the music. Crickets around the campfire, a jet pack entrance, a helicopter entrance from the roof, glowing and lighted instruments, black light dancers … Michael’s LED Iron Man suit is astounding! He says he is a “huge Iron Man fan” and thought it would be cool to design and make it to wear at the premiere. It wasn’t finished in time but he’s gotten some good press on it. It’s a highlight of the show; young people especially love it. The show is all Haygoods except for talented drummer Dino Phillips, who has been with Haygoods for several years. And lights and sound — those teams are outstanding as well; the show is a feast for the senses. “Banjo Boy” becomes a running theme for the show (be prepared to take sides). Tim garners audience support for more banjo

music in the show, frustrating Patrick to no end. The show overflows with family fun and love! (Really.) They all play fiddle and several other instruments i.e. piano, saxophone, guitar, banjo, drums … Catherine is amazing on the harp. And dancing — the “crowd goes wild” when the boys do their “mountain dancing.”It’s a stomping, sophisticated version of tap, with boots flying. They learned tap when they were young. Seems their mom, in an See HAYGOODS, Page 12

Dublin’s Irish Tenors & The Celtic Ladies ...

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The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

By Linda Burlingame

Newest show at King’s Castle Theatre

The four talented, beautiful ladies who are The Celtic Ladies open the show with an excellent Danny Boy … a centuries-old English ballad, Scarborough Fair. That’s right, the song we know from Simon and Garfunkel. Telling the audiences that “Celtic” references not only Ireland but also Wales and Scotland, they continue the musical journey to the “bonnie bonnie banks of” Loch Lomond. T h e Celtic Ladies excel with all genres of music, including opera. Soprano Maggie Moore sings a won-

derful rendition of Puccini’s O Mio Babbino. Kelly Osborne, Sarah Tochtrop, and Ruth Robinson are accomplished vocalists. (My friend Heather Peterson wasn’t in the show the day I saw it … but she’s in the

photo I took a couple of days later, the redhead on the left!) The Celtic Ladies sing and harmonize well with Dublin’s Irish Tenors. Alex Webster, Rob Quibell, Jay McManus, Tony Turner, and Chism Ruden are the five lads who are Dublin’s Irish Tenors. From Irish classics like When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Rose O’Grady and McNamara’s Band to Sinatra melodies, and more current favorites like Josh Grobin’s You Lift Me Up. Dublin’s Irish Tenors are consummate entertainers who

See KING’S CASTLE, Page 15

Quilts & Quilts Fabric Shoppe Page 6 • May/June 2014

By Linda Burlingame

The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

Long family tradition in the Heart of Branson

It was 1982 when Quilts & Quilts opened in Branson. It was 1990 when I met Marlys and she started advertising with me in The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette. Now she’s retired, spends most of her time in Florida. I work on advertising with her daughter Cindy and with Cindy’s daughter Lacey. (Hmm. I wonder if I’ll still be working when Lacey’s daughter Evelyn is running the store!) It’s a beautiful family; they’ve become friends. And it’s a beautiful store. They have gorgeous quilts, handmade and machine made. They are extremely selective when buying handmade quilts to sell in the shop.

Many quilt makers would love to have their creations in Quilts & Quilts. But, “Few are chosen!” Quilters come in and say it’s “like a quilt show every day.”

The store has more than 13,000 bolts of fabric (13,000!) as well as a great selection of book titles patterns, notions, yarns and “notions.” They have many

patterns made up so you can see the finished product. The store is 8000 square feet. There’s a large variety of everything and materials for just about anything you want to sew. The ladies who work there are talented and extremely helpful. Quilts & Quilts Fabric Shoppe has all the new trends, like that self-ruffling yarn (scarf yarn). And those of you who sew know about “jelly rolls” and “layer cakes!” If you need a gift or souvenir (Who’s taking care of the cat while you’re here in Branson?!), there’s a good selection of all kinds of things — puzzles, charms, mugs, cards, key chains … Quilts become treasures. If you are searching for a unique baby gift, wed-

ding, birthday or graduation gift, a quilt can be the perfect choice. Quilts wrap us with love and memories, are cherished for decades. Quilts are part of the fabric of our lives. The quilts we snuggled under as children. The quilts we wrapped around our children. Quilts made by family and special friends. I have quilts that are decades old. I smile when I arrange one at the foot of my bed, feel loved when I wrap up in one. There are special memories associated with each one. I even love the musty smell some have! You’ll find all sorts of treasures at Quilts & Quilts Fabric Shoppe!

The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

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Magnificent Seven! Page 8 • May/June 2014

By Linda Burlingame

I have always loved this show — extraordinarily talented singers and dancers, good song selection, good staging … what’s not to love? Tamra and Joe Tinoco and their nineyear-old daughter Talya produce and star in this high-energy production that showcases the music of seven decades, from the 40’s to today. Seven decades, seven entertainers. Another husband and wife team, Bethany and Cameron Hansen, Cassie

The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

... at Hamner Variety Theatre

Sears, and Dusty Wooldridge make up the rest of the cast. Everyone sings. Everyone dances. It’s fun from begin-

ning to end! There are probably seven genres of

music as well. Let’s see, rock ‘n’ roll, country, pop, Broadway, gospel … I’ll have to count them the next time I see the show, as they sing and dance their way through the decades. The gifted entertainers perform more than 80 tunes and zip through about 200 costume changes. (200?!) Audiences recognize every song — classic titles, unforgettable melodies. I like Tamra’s song from Rent … oh, and love the Aretha Franklin number from Blues Brothers! When Joe and Talya take on Annie Get Your Gun, it’s a real crowd pleaser. Everyone gets a chuckle with “Kenny and Dolly’s” Islands in the Stream.

There isn’t a dry eye in the house when Tamra sings the Martina McBride song In My Daughter’s Eyes and Talya dances. Tamra says it’s hard even for her not to tear up. “Focus!” Joe does some Garth Brook music from the 90’s … and I love the dueling pianos with “Elton John” and “Billy Joel!” It’s a show the whole family will enjoy. Magnificent Seven is at Hamner Variety Theatre. (Shepherd of the Hills Expressway) Showtime is 7:00 P.M. Sunday, Monday and Friday evenings. Enjoy!

Jay & Maples Survival Camp

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The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

... extraordinary surplus and memorabilia

By Linda Burlingame

Jay & Maples Survival Camp at the Branson Craft Mill Village is truly unique. The variety and number of items is outstanding. The display of the merchandise is very appealing — antiques and military memorabilia are expertly arranged. Reclaimed barn wood is used for some of the shelving. There is a wide variety of clothing, gear, ammo, medical kits, field marker lights, large and small trunks, MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat), mess kits and can-

teens … some of the gear and items are new. I’ve known Jay McManus for all the eight and a half years he has been performing at King’s Castle Theatre here (formerly Branson Variety Theater). A really talented singer and dancer, Jay endears himself to audiences with his charming ways and clever antics … of course, sometimes to the frustration of the other “lads!” Born in Ireland, Jay later moved to England. He is in all three shows at

Caravelle Theatre CCaravelle Th atr Thea atr t e 4 7-339- 9 96 3446 W Hwy. 76, Branson, Branson n, MO M

1HitsOff m

Kings’ Castle Theatre: Dublin’s Irish Tenors & The Celtic Ladies, New Jersey Nights and Dancing Queen. Michael Maples is a personal trainer … and a Dragon Boat racer. I know, I had not heard of Dragon Boat racing either. It’s amazing — “Google it!” Michael actually holds the record for nonstop racing: 38-hours, 340 miles from Kansas City to St. Louis on the Missouri River. That’s impressive. He has also worked with Major League Baseball live broadcasting. (Equally impressive!) When I asked where most of their stock comes from, Jay told me his wife’s grandfather owns a shop in Texas See SURVIVAL CAMP, Page 14

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The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

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Haygoods...............................Continued from Page 4 The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

effort to give them another outlet for their energy (besides harassing the neighbors!), put them in tap lessons. There’s more to the story, but they ended up using smashed tin cans attached to their old cowboy boots, dancing up and down the street. (The neighbors didn’t return my calls for comments.) Timothy, Patrick, Matthew, Michael, Dominic, and Catherine Haygood have been performing together all their lives, many of those years here in Branson. The Haygoods moved from Texas to Branson in 1993, to perform at Silver Dollar City. For eight seasons it was five shows a day, five days a week. They remember hard work, but also

getting to ride the roller coaster whenever they wanted! “And funnel cakes for lunch, how great is that,” Matthew grinned. I was visiting with them recently after their show. I asked their mother, Marie, if she ever had trouble rounding them up. She smiled and said, “You know, they were really good. In all those years no one ever missed a show.” And today their show is innovative and incredibly entertaining. One of my favorite songs they do is Jimmy Buffett and Zac Brown Band’s Knee Deep. “Gonna put the world away for a minute.” You can ‘put the world away’ for a couple of hours and get lost in the excitement of The Haygoods!

The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

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NEINW 2014!








5586 West Hwy. 76, Branson, MO 65616

800-653-6288 • 417-334-4191

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Survival Camp ...............Continued from Page 9

The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

and has a huge inventory. Jay & Maples Survival Camp has an extensive display of knives, many vintage and collectible, some handmade. And Samurai swords. And sleeping bags, ammo clips, grenades, large and small storage boxes, gas masks, medals, camel-back packs, boots, many varieties of jackets and other clothing items, British and American flags — Jay and Maples are, after all, British and American! Michael grew up in this area of the Ozarks. One of the perks of their business is visiting with Veterans who come by.

Items they see bring back memories and they share some fascinating stories. Jay and Michael enjoy working together and

I admire their entrepreneurial spirit and know-how. They have a really nice “product” in their Jay & Maples Survival Camp. They smiled and told me they are proving that friends can do business together. Branson Mill Craft Village is located on Gretna Road. You’ll enjoy many other shops as well as working crafters!

Michael Maples and Jay McManus

King’s Castle ...Continued from Page 5 Happenings .....................................Continued from Page 3

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The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

charm and delight their audiences. Tony sings an outstanding rendition of Mario Lanza’s O Sole Mio. The Celtic Ladies croon Moon River, dedicating it to the late great, “Branson’s own,” Andy Williams. Smile (“though your heart is breaking”); did you know it was written by Charlie Chaplin? The lads and ladies gather at O’Doul’s Pub — “If you’re Irish, this is the place for you!” It’s all grand fun. Staging is good and the show moves at a good pace. The lads romance a lady from the audience with Volare! It’s sweet and funny at the same time. Keeping romance alive, the lads and ladies have a good interpretation of Tom Jones’s My Delilah. The ladies are in ruffled, red sequined dresses and the lads sport red satin vests for this one. I especially like the swing

music the ladies do. Sing along to tunes like Sisters and Mr. Sandman. I love the lads’ That’s Life. “That’s life, that’s what all the people say, you’re riding high in April, shot down in May. But I know I’m gonna change that tune, when I’m back on top, back on top in June!” Great Sinatra tune! And Kelly Osborne ‘knocks it out of the park’ when she sings Find Somebody to Love! Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah (yes the one the Irish priest sings on YouTube!) Dancing Queen by ABBA … a first-rate variety of music. Of course, if you want more ABBA music, you’ll enjoy the show Dancing Queen at King’s Castle Theatre. New Jersey Nights is the other highly entertaining show at King’s Castle Theatre. Don’t miss any one of them!

Have you seen Clay Cooper yet this year? His show is better than ever, always one of my favorites. I saw the Mickey Gilley show, wonderful songs — classics. His voice is strong and so good; and he shares extraordinary stories about his career. Exciting news for golf fans is The Champions Tour’s newly named Big Cedar Lodge Legends of Golf presented by Bass Pro Shops. The tournament is June 2-8, 2014, on two courses here, Big Cedar’s Par-3 Top of the Rock course, designed by Jack Nicklaus, and the 18-hole Buffalo Ridge course (formerly Branson Creek GC), recently redesigned by Tom Fazio. Top of the Rock course also features an Arnold Palmer-designed practice facility, with 18 target greens and the remarkable 70,000 square-foot "Himalayan" putting course designed by Tom Watson. Another exciting announcement comes from the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre. The Price Is Right Live

will be on stage there May 23 through August 3. And — I love this part — Jerry Springer will be the host May 23 through June 29 and July 23 through August. I met Jerry last year when he was hosting the show here. He is a delightful man and absolutely a great host, funny and quick-witted. He kept joking to the audience, “I’m so glad you’re here … and not on MY show!” So much to see and do in Branson … have fun!

Branson Show & Attraction Guide

Page 16 • May/June 2014

SHOW/ATTRACTION #1 Hits of the 60’s 3 Redneck Tenors 70’s Music Celebration! Acrobats of China Adventures of Marco Polo Amazing Pets Andy Williams Christmas Show Ayo starring Voices of Glory Baldknobbers Barbara Fairchild Show Billy Dean Live! Branson Country USA Branson Scenic Railway Branson Zipline Canopy Tours Brett Family Buckets ‘n’ Boards Buck Trent Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Cat’s Pajamas Chris Perondi’s Stunt Dog Experience Christmas Wonderland Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express Comedy Jamboree Dancing Queen ABBA’s Greatest Hits Dinner with Yakov Dixie Stampede Dinner Attraction Doug Gabriel’s #1 Hits Tribute Show Down Home Country Dublin’s Irish Tenors & Celtic Ladies Dutton Family Show Fair Family 5 George Dyer Show Grand Jubilee Hamner Unbelievable Variety Show Haygoods Hollywood Wax Museum Hot Hits of Motown IMAX Entertainment Complex Inspiration Tower it ... small word, big show Jonah Joseph Hall Elvis Rock N Remember Kenny Presley - For the Love of Elvis Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers Larry’s Country Diner Legends in Concert

The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

LOCATION Caravelle Theatre Moon River Theatre Hughes Brothers Theatre New Shanghai Circus White House Theatre Grand County Music Hall Moon River Theatre Hughes Brothers Theatre Baldknobbers Family Theatre Golden Corral Starlite Theatre Grand Country Music Hall Old Downtown Branson Wolfe Creek Station Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Clay Cooper Theatre Baldknobbers Family Theatre Butterfly Palace Music City Centre Clay Cooper Theatre King’s Castle Theatre Clay Cooper Theatre Grand Country Music Hall King’s Castle Theatre Yakov Smirnoff Theatre Dixie Stampede Doug Gabriel Theatre Grand Country Music Hall King’s Castle Theatre Dutton Family Theatre Hamner Variety Theatre Dutton Family Theatre Grand Country Music Hall Hamner Variety Theatre Clay Cooper Theatre Hollywood Ent. Complex Hot Hits Theatre IMAX Ent. Complex The Shepherd of the Hills Hughes Brothers Theatre Sight & Sound Theatre Clay Cooper Theatre Music City Centre Starlite Theatre Starlite Theatre Dick Clark’s American Bandstand

PHONE 417-339-1960 417-334-4500 417-334-0076 417-336-8888 417-335-2396 417-335-2484 417-334-4500 417-334-0076 417-334-4528 417-336-6297 417-337-9333 417-335-2484 417-334-6110 417-561-2500 417-336-4222 417-337-7123 417-334-4528 417-332-2231 417-544-9075 417-337-7123 417-334-2500 417-337-7123 417-335-2484 417-334-2500 800-728-4546 417-336-3000 800-954-8554 417-335-2484 417-334-2500 417-332-2772 417-334-4363 417-332-2772 417-335-2484 417-334-4363 417-337-7123 417-337-8277 417-337-7426 417-335-3533 417-334-4191 417-334-0076 800-377-1277 417-337-7123 417-544-9075 417-337-9333 417-337-9333 417-339-3003

SHOW/ATTRACTION Little Opry Theatre Liverpool Legends Magnificent Seven Mickey Gilley New Jersey Nights New South Gospel Oak Ridge Boys Osmonds American Jukebox Ozark Mountain Jubilee Paul Harris & The Cleverlys Pierce Arrow Presleys’ Country Jubilee Price is Right Ralph Foster Museum Rankin Brothers Red Hot & Blue RED - Skelton Tribute The Revolutionists Ride the Ducks Ripley’s Believe It or Not Roundup on the Trail Dinner Show The Shepherd of the Hills Historic Homestead Tour The Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama Shoji Tabuchi Show Showboat Branson Belle Silver Dollar City SIX Sons of the Pioneers Sunday Gospel Jubilee Texas Tenors Titanic Museum Attraction Veterans Memorial Museum Vigilante Extreme ZipRider White Water World Famous Platters World’s Largest Toy Museum

LOCATION IMAX Ent. Complex Caravelle Theatre Hamner Variety Theatre Mickey Gilley Theatre King’s Castle Theatre Grand Country Music Hall Oak Ridge Boys Theatre Moon River Theatre Grand Country Music Hall Starlite Theatre Pierce Arrow Theatre Presleys’ Theatre Moon River Theatre College of the Ozarks Yakov Smirnoff Theatre Clay Cooper Theatre Hamner Variety Theatre Music City Centre Ride the Ducks Ripley’s Museum The Shepherd of the Hills

PHONE 417-335-3533 417-334-5100 417-334-4363 417-334-3210 417-334-2500 417-335-2484 417-335-2000 417-334-4500 417-335-2484 417-337-9333 417-336-8742 417-334-4874 417-334-4500 417-690-3407 800-728-4546 417-337-7123 417-334-4363 417-544-9075 417-334-3825 417-337-5300 417-334-4191

Old Mill Theatre Shoji Tabuchi Theatre White River Landing Silver Dollar City Mickey Gilley Theatre Baldknobbers Family Theatre Grand Country Music Hall Starlite Theatre Titanic Museum Veterans Memorial Museum The Shepherd of the Hills White Water Tribute Theatre World’s Largest Toy Museum

417-334-4191 417-334-7469 417-338-8174 417-336-7180 417-334-3210 417-334-4528 417-335-2484 417-337-9333 417-334-9500 417-336-2300 417-334-4191 417-339-6806 417-239-1000 417-332-1499

The Shepherd of the Hills


Call 1-800-523-7589 to reserve your shows today!

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The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

The Greatt Passion Play ay in Eureka Springs, Arkansas Don’t miss the Christ of the Ozarks, the Holy Tour, Moses’ T Taab bernacle in the Wilderness, is America’s #1 Attended Outdoor Drama. Dozens Land To Wall, of live animals and over 170 Biblically costumed the Marketplace, the section of the Berlin Wa the Bible and Arts Museum, and so much more! actors bring the thrilling epic drama to liffee. Listen to Gospel Music Live at

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The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

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The Shepherd of the Hills Gazette

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The Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama is Back!

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