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CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer Standard First Aid with CPR/AED for Adults Standard First Aid for Adults CPR/AED for Adults Standard First Aid with CPR/AED for Adults and Children Plus CPR for Children & Infants CPR/AED for Adult plus CPR for Children & Infants Babysitterʼs Training

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Noyes Memorial Hospital 111 Clara Barton Street Dansville, NY 14437 (585) 335-6001 or toll free 1-888-70NOYES

24-hour Emergency Department (585) 335-4200

Excellence in Health Care

COOK’S TIRE & AUTO CENTER RV Parts & Accessories Self Storage Rt. 417 E. Andover Rd., Wellsville

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Brown & Brown Insurance

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434 Monroe Ave. Hornell, NY 14843 Full 24 Hour Skilled Nursing Care “A perfect alternative for those who want respectful quality care close to home.”

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HORNELL MOOSE LODGE #210 The Family Fraternity

66 Seneca St., Hornell (607) 324-9704

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• Personal & Commercial Insurance 182 Main Street, Dansville, NY (585) 335-3175


8383 Canaseraga Road, Arkport (607) 295-9674

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month and the American Red Cross offers tips to the millions of pet owners as a way to keep their animals safe and healthy, especially as warm weather approaches. Be Red Cross Ready with Pet First aid Many Red Cross chapters across the country offer Pet First Aid courses. The Red Cross has also developed Dog First Aid and Cat First Aid Guides with DVDs to help you care for your pet. From basic responsibilities like spaying/neutering and giving medications, to performing CPR and preparing for disasters, these guides provide the information pet owners need to keep their pets healthy and safe. The statistics compiled by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association points out that 39 percent of households in the United States own at least one dog and 33 percent own at least one cat. “Warmer weather can bring certain dangers for pets,î says Dr. Deborah Mandell, Pet Safety Advisor for the Red Cross. Mandell reminds pet owners to “Know what is normal for your pet ñ gum color, heart and pulse rate, body temperature, breathing rate - so you can recognize when something is wrong.” One of the most common problems pets face in the warmer weather is heat stroke. This is because they are not yet acclimated to the warm temperatures. Some signs of heat stroke include heavy panting and being unable to calm down, even when lying down. The pet’s gum color may be brick red, their pulse rate may be fast, or they may not be able to get up. If someone suspects their pet has heat stroke, take the pet’s temperature rectally. If the temperature is above 105 degrees Fahrenheit, cool the animal down. The easiest way to do this is by using the water hose. Stop cooling the animal when the temperature reaches 103 degrees. Bring the pet to the veterinarian immediately as heat stroke can lead to severe organ dysfunction and damage. Mandell says that the inside of a car can quickly reach 120 degrees during the warm weather months. Pet owners should not leave their furry friends in the car, even for short trips. This can quickly lead to heatstroke. At this time of year, windows and doors in the home are more likely to be open. Pet owners should know that animals may try to get outside which increases the risk of trauma from jumping or falling from windows or being hit by vehicles. Some plants and flowers can be hazardous. For instance, many lilies are very poisonous to cats. Visit the ASPCA website ( web site to find out which plants and flowers are poisonous to animals. If someone thinks their animal is ill or may have ingested a poisonous substance, they should contact their veterinarian. Don’t forget to include pets in emergency plans as well. Plan to take pets along if ordered to evacuate. Most Red Cross shelters cannot accept pets because of health and safety concerns and other considerations. Know which friends, relatives, hotels, and boarding facilities accept pets in an emergency

Main Plumbing & Heating Inc. 299 Main Street, Hornell (607) 324-6681 Emergency (607) 695-9749

Dr. Joseph McCormick 20 Elm Street, Hornell Serving Hornell Since 1965

Prattsburgh Central School American Legion Post 1248 St. James Hospital Tyrone Fire Department Victory Highway Wesleyan Church Hornell VFW Post 2250 Arkport High School American Red Cross Greater Steuben County Chapter Corning VFW Post 524 Corning Natural Gas Bath American Legion Post 173 Campbell United Methodist Church Jasper Troupsburg School Emanuel Lutheran Church, Corning Cohocton Assembly Of God Caton United Methodist Church Canisteo American Legion Post 846 Addison Central School Painted Post United Methodist Church Hammondsport Fire Department Centenary United Methodist Church Hornell United Methodist Church Corning Painted Post Board Of Education Hornell Gardens Davenport & Taylor, Bath Arkport American Legion Post 1248

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1000 State Rte. 36, Hornell, NY

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The Red Cross hopes pets and their owners have a great spring and summer and points out that Pet First Aid Awareness Month is a perfect time to learn how to protect the family pet from hazards. Additional tips on how to keep pets in good health are located on the Red Cross Pets and Disaster Safety.

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