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Location Just how important is it for you to be able to visit your agent’s office? When something goes wrong on an insurance policy, your best friend and advocate for correcting the problem will more than likely be your agent. So is it important for you be able to visit your agent’s office? Sometimes. How close to your home or place of work is their office? What are their office hours? If the need arises will you be able to make it to your agents office, conduct business and make it back to work over your lunch time? Just a few things for you to think about. Credentials A good insurance agent will help you establish adequate liability limits, properly evaluate replacement cost of your home and contents, advise you on deductible options, life insurance limits, retirement planning and many more specific insurable situations with the sole purpose of providing you with adequate asset protection. So the continuing education of your agent is extremely important. Look for an agent with continuing education credentials. Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Certified Risk Manager (CRM), Life Underwriters Training Council Fellowship (LUTCF), and the Accredited Advisor in Insurance (AAI) are just a few professional level credentials that you should look for when seeking an insurance agent. Knowledge About Their Products An absolute must! The insurance agent you select must have broad knowledge about the products

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and services they have to offer. You’ll find there is a broad spectrum of agents hawking their goods ranging from those who are great salespeople with little product knowledge, to those who know their product like the back of their hand! Remember, you’re choosing someone who’s main job is to provide protection to your family. Protection from loss of family assets with liability coverage, protection from the loss of family income with various life insurance products, protection from the loss of home and property with various property insurance products. So it is very important that the family insurance agent you choose knows his or her products inside and out! Customer Service Look for an agent who will service your account. So many times you’ll secure an insurance policy from an agent, only to have all the service work done by someone else in the agency. When it seems like every time you call to have your policy modified and you find you’re being passed off to someone else, someone who you’ve never met, then it’s time to start looking for another agent. It’s true in some agencies after the original sale, you may never talk with your agent again, unless you need to purchase another policy! Enough! Find an agent who will service your account. It’s okay to talk with others in the agency at times, but you should always have access to your agent. Make sure you do. A Good Product at A Fair Price You can always find it CHEAPER! No matter what you’re looking for. Milk, bread, shoes; but when it comes to protecting your family and your hard earned assets, is “cheaper” really better? For some, purchasing auto insurance from “the cheapest insurance in town” agency may be fine. But for many, buying the “cheapest” may not be in their best interest. Be wary. There really are significant differences in insurance products and a good insurance agent will help you make a sound purchasing decision for your family.

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Summary When shopping for a family insurance agent remember to look for an individual who takes what they do seriously. Check referrals, credentials and verify who will perform your policy service work. Ask about products and pricing. Don’t forget that the “cheapest” insurance may not be in your best interest when it comes time for the product to protect your assets. Information from The Insurance Guy @

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