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Shenkel United Church of Christ


SHENKEL UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST 1580 Shenkel Road Pottstown PA 19465


Shenkel United Church of Christ’s “The NEWSLETTER” is a monthly publication prepared, edited, and mailed by the leadership and staff to all members and friends of the church. It communicates news about our life, purpose, and mission as a Church of Jesus Christ. Information related to our partnership as a member of the United Church of Christ and wider church/community outreach is included on a regular basis. The Church is located at Unionville & Shenkel Roads in North Coventry Township.

2011 Sun






Book Study 7 PM

Agape 7 PM











Community Lunch Bunch 11:30 AM No choir tonight



Communion Girl Scouts 1-3 PM




Spiritual Council 7 PM

Confirmation Class 7-8:30 PM

Choir 7 PM




Book Study 7 PM


Healing Prayers 9:15 AM

Consistory 7:30 PM Book Study 7 PM



Healing Prayers Inquirer’s Class after worship

Confirmation Class Field Trip to Lancaster Seminary

Prayer Team Meeting 6:30 PM

Family Tubing Night 4-10 PM

Choir 7 PM



Girl Scouts 1-3 PM Inquirer’s Class after worship

28 Community Meal at Noon

Peace Service 7 PM



Book Study 7 PM

Confirmation Class 7-8:30 PM

Township Zoning Hearing 7 PM Choir 7 PM

Youth Group 6-7:30 PM






1580 Shenkel Road, Pottstown PA 19465 610.326.3535 Email: Pastor Bonnie L. Moore 484.524.8280

The Pastor’s Pen CONSISTORY OFFICERS President

Office Hours: Tues., Wed., Thurs

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

Kimberly Yocom

- Proverbs 3:5-6

Vice President Glen Hoff Secretary Sandy Rowe Treasurer Ken Bevan Financial Secretary Barry Miller Assistant Financial Secretaries Doug Allen and Lori Scharneck Director of Music Ministry

Last week when I was having a problem with my computer, my son Josh, who lives in Huntsville, Alabama, offered to straighten things out for me. “It‟s easy,” he said. “You change your computer‟s settings to allow remote assistance, and your computer will give me access. I‟ll be able to see where the trouble is.” Within a few moments, a window popped up: “Josh Moore is requesting remote access to your computer.” Hmmmm. Now I was being requested not only to give Josh viewing access to all my files, but to allow him to add, delete, or move them around as he saw fit! But I didn‟t really have a choice. I knew I couldn‟t resolve the problem myself, and I knew that he could, so I said OK, and one more window popped up: “Josh Moore has taken control of your computer.” It was odd to sit back and watch my curser moving all over the screen. Initially, I wasn‟t so sure I liked seeing windows on my computer screen opening and closing when I was touching neither the keyboard nor the mouse. But as I watched Josh work on my computer, what he was doing started to make sense. Within about 15 minutes, he had corrected the problem, and turned control of my computer back to me. I not only had a computer that worked perfectly again, I had learned something about how to keep my computer in better working condition in the future.

Joan Valentine Johnson Elders Glen Hoff Carol Lykens Connie Armbruster Sandy Rowe Wayne Klein Deacons

I think this whole episode probably made God smile. How many times does God have to remind us, “All you have to do is to allow „remote assistance‟ from me – I promise I can help.” The writer of Proverbs encourages us not to wait until things are too far out of control to give up thinking we can fix everything on our own. “Trust the LORD with all your heart,” he assures us, “and he will make straight your paths.” May we all have the wisdom and courage to do so! Be God‟s, Pastor Bonnie

Barbara Burhans Barry Miller Vera Hoff Mark Dushanko Kim Yocom

Secretary: Judy Embriani

Newsletter Editor: Kim Metzger

Assistant Editor: Bill Baseley




* Communion Usher Leader: Barry Miller

* Communion Usher Leader: Glen Hoff

Early: Carol Pearson Late: Faye Pedrick







Bill & Carolyn Baseley

Lori & Morgan Scharneck

Early: Carol Pearson Late: Barry Yocom



Gary & Susan Stultz

The Sweinhart Family

The Dushanko Family

Early: Carol Pearson Late: Connie Armbruster




Tim & Christine Durham

Tracy Dice & Maryln Rohrbach

Early: Carol Pearson Late: Tootie Hine

* A Communion Usher Leader is a member of Consistory who will choose someone at the service to serve communion with them.


“Flours” is a collection of pantry items or a monetary do-

nations to the pantry. If a cash donation to the pantry is made, a wheat arrangement will be placed on the altar. Altar flowers are $30.00 and bulletin dedications are $6.50. Food Sculptures are also gladly accepted.

The are many dates open for sponsorship and dedication during this and the upcoming months. Please complete one of the special flower/bulletin envelopes below the sign-up chart, enclose your payment, and either put it in the collection plate or in the Secretary’s box by the office door. You should then sign your name on the chart in the narthex by the appropriate date. Thank you.

Shenkel UCC celebrates the sacrament of Holy Communion at both services on the first Sunday of each month. Each time communion is served, some of the bread and non-alcoholic wine that has been consecrated at the altar will be saved in a traveling communion kit, ready to go to the homes or hospital rooms of members who were unable to be present, and would like to receive the sacrament. Please let Pastor Bonnie know if you, or someone you know, would appreciate “distance-communing” with their Shenkel Church family!

PEACE SERVICE Join us on the fourth Sunday of each month at 7 PM for our Peace Service. This service is celebrated in a meditative atmosphere, created by candles, readings, repetitive singing, prayer, and scripture. Communion will also be served. Come and bring a friend to share this wonderful experience.



Winter Inquirer’s Class 9:30 a.m. In the Social Room Everyone is welcome February 6 - GERMANY EXPERIENCES ------- Cameron Dushanko February 13 - BIBLE QUOTATIONS (Old Testament) -------- Betty Kreiger February 20 - BIBLE QUOTATIONS (Historical Books) --------- Betty Kreiger February 27 - BIBLE QUOTATIONS (Poetry/Wisdom Books) --------- Betty Kreiger

SHENKEL QUILTERS Shenkel Quilters met only twice since the beginning of December because of the busy holiday season. We have developed a basic plan for our next quilt and selected some of the fabrics. At the January 11th meeting, we each began working on individual blocks. This is a quilt with no set pattern, kind-of see what it looks like at each step before we decide on the next. It will be an original work of art, plus a great learning activity. It's great to follow a pattern that someone else designed, but truly challenging to design one for yourself! We are all creative ladies, so I know the quilt will be beautiful! We will be meeting in February on the 8th and the 22nd at 9:30 in the Church Social Hall. Hope to see everybody! Margie Allen

Would you like to learn more about the theology, mission, and ministry of the United Church of Christ and of Shenkel UCC? Join us for a two session Inquirer’s Class on Sundays, February 13 and 20, following the 10:45 service of worship. You are welcome at these sessions whether you are a long-time member of Shenkel UCC, or are considering becoming a member. Membership is an option, but not a requirement, for those who complete both sessions. Please contact the church office at 610-326-353 or to register. Childcare may be available upon request.

E-SHENKEL NEWSLETTER Forgot about a special offering? Missed a potluck supper? Would you like to be kept up-to-date on Shenkel news and events? Starting in February, e-Shenkel is a new email newsletter that will be sent out each week. This is a great way to keep informed of the many events going on at the church. Please either sign up on the sheet in the narthex or send an email to

We have six choir pews available to the congregation for a free will offering. You must submit your request to the church office by February 6th. If the requests exceed the number of pews, we will have a drawing on February 8th. Those who are picked from the drawing will be notified promptly. Within 4-7 days you need to pick up your pew at Barry Miller's business property where he has generously stored them for several months.

BE AN ANGEL, PASS THE WORD….Sunday worship is never cancelled due to snow or inclement weather. If possible, though, please plan to attend the 10:45 service to give the snow removal crew time to clear the parking lot and sidewalks. The choir directors and Sunday School teachers will contact you if there is a cancellation of any programs. Of course, you should always use your judgment as to whether it is safe enough to drive.

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December and January Consistory Highlights Received thank-yous from Church World Service, Bethany and the North Coventry Food Pantry for donations received Approved Stephanie Viti’s request to have a Girl Scout Troop meet at Shenkel Approved a revised budget for 2011 Added a “Cemetery Burial Fee” to our funeral fee schedule (so the funeral directors will collect it, since Pottstown Burial Vault no longer does) Heard an update about the Zoning Hearing held on 12/09 Discussed conflicting information in the Constitution and By-laws and proposed an amendment to be considered at the next congregational meeting Approved a resolution authorizing the Treasurer to conduct financial business on behalf of the church Heard about a report from Willet Hauser about the condition of our stained glass windows, and decided to get some additional repair estimates Elected 2011 Officers: Kim Yocom, President; Glen Hoff, Vice President; Sandy Rowe, Secretary Appointed for 2011: Ken Bevan, Treasurer; Barry Miller, Financial Secretary; Doug Allen and Lori Scharneck, Assistant Financial Secretaries; Lisa Yocom (chair), Bob Brown and Betsy Bevan, Nominating Committee; Barry Yocom, Carol Pearson, Barb Sweinhart, Safe Church Response Team; Linda Foss, Board of Christian Education vacancy Learned that we ended 2010 approximately $1000 in the black (Thanks, everyone, for supporting BOB! :) Approved a contract for snow removal Heard about some minor items that need to be taken care of per the Township’s Code and Fire inspection earlier this month Approved an expenditure from the Memorial Fund for the Labyrinth construction Received a thank-you from Bethany Children’s Home for the many gifts and the cash donation received at Christmas Heard a concern about the reliability of the church’s internet connection Voted to offer the pews that were removed from the choir loft to members of the congregation (contact the church office by 2/6 if you’re interested!) Complete copies of Consistory Minutes are available from the church office upon request.

In case you missed the December Congregational Meeting… A change to the Constitution and By-laws was approved to resolve a conflict that was discovered regarding who may serve communion. The By-laws now read that Elders and Deacons “shall ensure that the elements of the Lord‟s Supper are provided and distributed when invited by the pastor.” What this means is that each time communion is served, there will be an Elder or a Deacon (this can be a current or a former member of Consistory) who will be responsible for recruiting people to serve communion and ensuring that the elements are distributed to all in the congregation who wish to receive them. The servers themselves do not need to be ordained, but an ordained Deacon or an Elder will always be present and responsible for seeing that the distribution of the bread and cup is done appropriately. In addition, the 2011 budget was passed (copies are available in the church office by request) and the following persons were elected to office: Elder – Glen Hoff (second term) and Connie Armbruster (first term); Deacons – Barry Miller (second term) and Mark Dushanko (first term); and Board of Christian Education – Jenn Hauze and Sherri Mocarski (second term) and Julie Zachesky (first term).

The exact/final financial figures for 2010 will be published in the annual report at the Annual Congregational Meeting on January 30th. DON’T FORGET…. To bring all your Redner’s cash register receipts (complete tapes) to church each week. Deposit them in the box in the narthex and help us earn “free” cash for our church. Thanks!


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FYI….The Pottstown Cluster Outreach Center is now open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM -12:00 pm for client services and to accept donations at 137 Walnut Street in Pottstown. The Cluster has sent the following message to members of Shenkel. Church: "Thank you so much for the generosity you have shown to the people of Pottstown. We were grateful to be able to provide 180 households with a Christmas dinner. Many of the clients expressed how thankful they were for the food provided. Also, the Volunteer Coordinator wants to thank everyone for their generous donation of funds, time and toys during the holiday program. It was a great success and made a lot of families happy in the Pottstown area." The Cluster has a growing list of Pottstown residents who need the monthly groceries that the Outreach Center provides, but are unable to come to the Center because of age or illness. The Cluster is looking for some volunteers to make a pick-up and deliver food to these folks. Please call the Cluster at 610-970-5995 if you are able to help. Food Pantry needs: canned vegetables, oatmeal, canned fruit, jelly, stew, paper towels, cleaning products, toilet paper and baby wipes. Clothes Closet needs: diapers sizes 4,5 and 6, Pull-Ups, baby clothing newborn to 4T, adult coats, gloves and hats. With the cold weather upon us, any blankets or small electric heaters would be greatly appreciated. Again, thank you for all your generous donations over the Holiday Season!

AND DON’T FORGET…. The Pottstown Cluster Food Bank collection at Shenkel is the 1st Sunday of each month. Please place your items in the large plastic bins in the narthex. AND...Please bring in your used cell phones and empty ink cartridges and place them in the box across from the nursery, or in the box located on the coat rack shelf across from the office. These cartridges are re-cycled to Staples, and the church receives credits toward the purchase of office supplies. The used cell phones are given to the police department to be distributed to abused women.

Did you know that BOB (Remember him?) uses EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and LOVES it? No more worrying about forgetting offering envelopes… An EFT form is available at, or from the church office.

During the month of February, we will be accepting offerings for Mensch Mill Camperships. This offering provides scholarships for children and youth from Shenkel who are attending camp at Mensch Mill this summer. Please give as generously as you can. Thank you.

Shenkel Wish List From time to time, individuals and/or families want to make a non-cash donation to the church as a memorial, in honor of an occasion, or to meet a specific, nonbudgeted need that Shenkel has. For this reason, Consistory will be compiling a list of items that people might want to consider giving as gifts to the church. If you have any suggestions, please contact the Pastor or any member of Consistory. Please contact Pastor Bonnie if you would like to discuss giving options. Thanks!



COMMUNITY LUNCH BUNCH COME ONE, COME ALL…. FOR: Lunch, fun, fellowship and a special program. WHEN: Thursday, February 3 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM WHERE: Shenkel UCC’s Fellowship Hall 1580 Shenkel Rd Pottstown, PA 19465 At our next event, we will welcome Dan and Deb Heckler, who will speak about CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farming and growing. You don’t want to miss his talk on this interesting and important subject. All participants are asked to contribute $6.00 to cover the cost of the lunch. Please sign up on the sheet in the narthex or call the Shenkel UCC church office at 610-326-3535 by the Monday prior to the program to reserve your spot..

For more information, call Ruth Klein at 610-326-4520

SAVE THE DATES! Owen J. Roberts Presents Entertainment for All Ages! The Owen J. Roberts High School will present the musical, Beauty and the Beast, on Friday, March 25, 7PM, Saturday, March 26, 2PM and 7PM, and Sunday, March 27, 2PM. The show features Shenkel Youth, Jordan Caplan (enchanted spoon and townsperson), Taylor Helmers (The Enchantress), and Collin Gray (The Beast). Stay tuned to the weekly bulletin for ticket information and details about a character breakfast to be held Saturday, March 19. Contact Chris Gray,, if you are interested in supporting the musical as a business or personal patron. The Owen J. Roberts Music Parent Organization is sponsoring the 2nd Annual Pasta Dinner at Cedarville United Methodist Church on Friday, April 1st from 5—8 PM, with live entertainment featuring instrumental and vocal ensembles from the High School and Middle School. Stay tuned to the weekly bulletin for ticket information.

Coming soon... a CD of original piano music recorded by Collin Gray. You can place your advance order (pre-ordered CDs will be sold for $15 each) by contacting the church office or placing a check, payable to Shenkel UCC, in the offering plate clearly marked CD order. Watch for details in upcoming worship bulletins! DO YOU HAVE NEWS FOR THE BULLETIN OR THE NEWSLETTER? Just a reminder that all bulletin announcements should be at the church office by each Tuesday at noon to be included in that week’s bulletin. Newsletter articles must be submitted by the 15th of each month to be included in the next issue.

Recycling News…..

Because of the additional work of separately the aluminum cans from the plastic bottles, we will only accept aluminum cans at the church for recycling from now on. Please continue to recycle your plastic bottles at home.

SHENKEL FAMILY TUBING NIGHT Blue Mountain Ski Area, Palmerton PA Saturday, February 19th 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM

$23/person Family tubes available, 21 runs! Children must be accompanied by a parent. Contact Jody Sweinhart 610.326.3721 if you would like to attend. Money is due no later than 2/13. Tubing Rules: • Must be 36” tall • No ski boots while tubing • Smile and have a blast!


STEWARD’S CORNER I haven’t been in touch with all of you since last year. …but didn’t we have a wonderful Advent and Christmas Season! Thank you to all who made it happen so beautifully. I recently was on vacation and visited another church and enjoyed the service. I especially appreciated a song presented by a young lady. She had the voice of an angel and was so poised, in a very reverent, prayerful way. I was glad that the words to her song were printed in the bulletin so I could bring it back to Shenkel. I will only give you highlights, which will convey the message of the song, entitled “PEACE”. ***** This is the place where I find peace… This is the place where I find strength… This is the place where I find you… I will give this song to our “Dynamic Duo” (Joan & Doug Johnson), and I bet they can find the music to it! Anyway, I just want you to know that as your church mouse…wherever I may travel, THIS is the place – SHENKEL UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST – where I find PEACE, STRENGTH, and YOU! Gratefully, STEWARD

The New Year has kicked off with the return of The Joyful Noise Choir under the direction of Amy Shenk. All kids 3 years old through the second grade are welcome to attend the practice that occurs during the 10:45 worship service. The kids have already contributed to our music ministry in January and will continue to share their talents at special times throughout the spring. We have also launched a new choral group for kids 3rd grade through 7th grades called The Celebration Choir. These kids practice right after the 10:45 service for about 20 minutes each Sunday. AND…the Youth Singers, (our teen kids) will be asked to join the Chancel Choir and Celebration Choir to expand the variety of music you’ll hear during worship. We want more of our kids to give to Shenkel through their musical talents. It’s a great way to get them involved and express their devotion to church and family. Please encourage your kids to participate. On January 23, Shenkel dedicated our new keyboard. If you attended that Sunday, you heard how marvelous the sounds and expanded capabilities are with this instrument. It has already become part of our regular Sunday worship services and will surely be a welcome addition to our summer outdoor services. Easter plans are underway with preparation for a short Cantata that will be included in the Holy Week and Easter Sunday services. If you would like to join the Chancel Choir during this special time of year, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help get you prepared…it’s lots of fun. On May 22, Shenkel will feature Music Sunday with a lot of music contributions from all our church musicians. If you like music…this is the Sunday to mark on your calendar! Finally…don’t forget to order your copy of Collin Gray’s original music CD. You’ll be sorry you missed it when Collin is famous…so don’t miss out, get your order in today to support Shenkel UCC. Thank you, Collin, for your musical contributions throughout the church year.

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MORE INFORMATION…. Sunday Scripture Readers Needed!

Do you have a gift for public speaking? Would you like to share in worship leadership by reading Scripture on Sunday mornings? A training session for all interested persons will be held sometime this month – watch the bulletins, or speak with Carol Lykens if you are interested. Thanks!

Charlotte White would like all of her Shenkel family to know that she has moved. Her new address is: Hanover Garden Apartments 228 E. Schuylkill Road, Apt. 141 Pottstown, PA 19465 Thank you.

Zoning Hearing Update The hearing by the North Coventry Zoning Hearing Board in response to our application for a Special Exception and variances that would enable us to resume our ministry to people in need of a temporary shelter has been continued until February 24 at 7:00 pm. We expect a decision from the ZHB that evening .

Dr. Lawrence C. Foard WESTFIELD, MA – Dr. Lawrence C. Foard, 75, passed away after a long battle with Parkinson’s Disease on Friday, January 7, 2011. He was born to Lawrence and Margaret (Fillingame) Foard on October 26, 1935 in Dover, Del. After graduating from Dover High School in 1953, he received degrees from Ursinus College, Yale Divinity School, the University of Pennsylvania, and Temple University. From 1960 – 1963, he was a pastor at the Shenkel United Church of Christ in Pottstown, PA before entering full-time study at Temple University for a Doctor of Philosophy degree. In September, 1966, he began his career in teaching philosophy at Westfield State college. He taught full-time for 30 years obtaining the rank of full professor. After his retirement in 1996, he continued to teach part-time until 2008. Many of you may remember him and his wife, Judy from their service here at Shenkel. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Judy and the Foard family. Condolences can be sent to: Judy Foard 34 Tekpa Terrace Westfield, MA 01085 Phone: 413-562-2642

Watch your mailboxes…. You should receive your 2010 annual giving statement by February 15. If you have any questions, please contact Barry Miller at 610-327-2682.

Healing Prayers We have healing prayers during both services on the second Sunday of each month. It is our hope that you will use this opportunity to participate. During the collection of the offering, anyone who desires prayer for themselves or on behalf of another is invited to go to the back of the church, where a prayer team will join you for prayer. A prayer team will also be available in the front of the church at the conclusion of the service. Healing prayers are also offered the third Thursday of every month at 9:15 a.m. in the sanctuary. Anyone in need of prayers for themselves or on behalf of another is welcome !



Shenkel UCC will be praying For these randomly selected members and friends of our congregation during the month of February….. 2/6

02/04 02/04 02/04 02/08 02/08 02/08 02/10 02/11 02/12 02/15 02/15 02/16 02/17 02/18 02/18 02/22 02/25 02/26 02/26 02/26 02/27

Jesse Painter Barry Miller AUSTIN ATKINS-DWINCHICK RONALD CHRISTMAN CHRISTINA M. FAUST-HERD-BEALER Anna Shenk Nicole Miller Doug Allen Georgina Heimbach LORI SKULSKI RACHEL LLOYD Eden Richard Sherri Dushanko George Ellis SETH DAWICKI JACOB DWINCHICK EMILY LLOYD Gary McDermit AMERIC MCCULLAGH Isheunesu Chidawu Kathy Iezzi

Christine, Tim, Jason, Skyler and J.T. Durham Lori and Morgan Scharneck Kyle Hudick Rachel Lloyd Kim Yocom and Barry Peterman


Heather, Duff and Sara Helmers Carol and Ron Pearson Rodney Wagner Sandy and Ray Rowe Sue and Michael Kulp


Derek Painter Kortne Hudick Mary Sue Moyer Dillon Gaul Nicholas Iezzi


Karen, Dave, Emily and Olivia Sakal and Sierra and Kyle Miller Drew Sweinhart Ann Baccari Angela and Caleb Haslett Joan and Joe Palubinsky


is happening at Shenkel …..


AMAZING SHENKEL AUCTION Saturday, April 2, 2011– 2 to 5 p.m. IT WAS SUCH GREAT FUN…WE ARE DOING IT AGAIN! AND IT IS SO EASY! Everyone has a “service and/or talent” they can offer – at the auction to be held in Shenkel Social Hall on Saturday, April 2, 2011. An auctioneer will announce the item for auction, and the highest bidder will be awarded the item or a certificate to redeem the purchase at a later date. We are asking ALL MEMBERS of the congregation and Sunday School to donate a “service and/or talent” for auction. This could involve individuals and/or small groups, which could include Sunday School classes, friends or families. Some suggestions: Perhaps you like to cook or bake. Offer to bake a dessert for a onetime occasion OR bake a different dessert a month over a period of time. OR offer to cook a meal, baby-sit, tutor, wash a car or car detailing, car transportation for appointments, etc., rake leaves, pull weeds, shovel snow, wash windows, paint a room or do handyman chores. How about knitting or crocheting an afghan (offer choice of colors, size, etc.), tax preparation, grocery shopping or cleaning service? If you have a pool, you could offer the facilities for a pool party or a vacation home could be bid on for a holiday week or weekend. Maybe you are artistic and could stencil a room. Perhaps a shut-in would bid on a “companion day” visitation (one visit or one afternoon each week for a month – you designate the time involved). BE CREATIVE! The possibilities are endless! LET’S MAKE THIS ANOTHER WONDERFUL SHENKEL EVENT DAY! Just fill out the form below and place it in the box marked “Amazing Shenkel Auction” in the Narthex . Please submit on or before Sunday, March 27, 2011. Thank you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name_______________________________________Phone_______________________ Auction Item____________________________________________________________ Specifics (how often, length of time, etc.______________________________________ (If requesting a minimum bid, please specify amount)__________________________ Have a question? Call Yvonne Strom 610-323-2118

Feb 2011 Newsletter  

Feb 2011 Shenkel Newsletter