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SDES9210 Assignment 3 Emergency Response: Design Solution

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Michelle Pitton

In assignment 2, I attempted to find a solution to deal with the increasing demand of fresh water in Kintore, so I paid more attention on rainwater resource reuse. However, annual rainfall volume is quite small, which makes that great tower design turn to be exaggerated and less rational when it faces such a rarely-occurred raining weather. I needed to change my mind to seek what local people really care about, and finally I decided to focus on the unstable power supply.

During the process, I inherited the idea of how tower collects solar energy and developed and iterated it. My design in assignment 3 is a solar collector, whose main function is to provide urgent power support when Kintore faces emergency power cut. The theorical base is that Kintore features its abundant solar resources. By using these facilities, Kintore is expected to realize self-sufficiency and deal with energy issues.

The solar collector is mainly comprised by three parts: main column architecture, kite-shaped solar panels and supporting poles. Rigid PVC is chosen as the material of main architecture to make collector as light as possible. The solar panels are inflatable and detachable. The local people can deflate panels and store them by layers, which just occupy a small space. The rest part of poles, which is made of stainless steels, can be used as a clothes hoist.

The port architecture connecting the panels can move upon and down, controlled by the handle, to adjust the height of solar panels. The shape of panels change and fold together when the port goes down while they unfold and stretch out when the ports goes up. So that means the area of solar collecting is adjustable. Take consideration that sometimes the height of panels are too high to be difficult to replace them, so the positions for feet to step on are also design along the column.

The size of the design is appropriate, whose height is roughly from the ground to the eaves of the local house. The engine part is installed inside the trumpet structure, keeping a safe distance away from where children can reach. The materials of my prototype are quite common and cheap, affordable to own this equipment in each family. When the electricity is supplied as usual, the equipment’s frame structure is a good choice for clothing drying. When some emergency situations occur, panels are put out, inflated, and fixed on the frame to generate power for basic demands temporarily.

In this assignment, I had a deep reflection that not all the designs are suitable in anywhere, what one professional designer requires is an ability of discover the most unique features your targets have, and begin your idea from this. Peer interview and feedback are needed to correct my

thinking direction and push me to a good change. It is really a special experience to learn design approaches and I believe what I gained in this course will do great help and inspiration to my further study.

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