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Improve your communities connection! ! ! ! Alessandra Furetta, Sheng-Hui Hsu, Riah Naief, Xiaotian Sun!


Research and Findings • We organised three workshops with questionnaires, games, travel mapping with groups of 8-10 community members • We performed at least 10 street interviews of residents of the Borough • We went for two walks in the Borough with the Community and Smarter Travel Team contacts • We organised two meetings to share our findings and present our proposal to the community members

Research and Findings: transport • Community members have difficulty crossing certain roads • Traffic lights change too quickly for them • walk in certain road and street where the sidewalk is too narrow (because of the trees or tables out side the restaurant) • walk on sidewalk where the surface is not flat • cross in areas with cycle line because bicycle goes very fast or too fast for them

Research and Findings: communication • The main positive thing for the members of the community centre is that • • •

they enjoy telling stories and would like to share their free time with young people They also indicated that they prefer to communicate face to face compared to letter, email and telephone The majority do not have or do not use internet Most of them have a mobile but find it difficult to use

Research and Findings: kindness • Street interviews showed that young people would like to help and share with elderly when they have time • Becoming a volunteer must be their choice

Travel can be a challenge

• •

Community members have difficulty crossing certain roads! !

Traffic lights change too quickly for them

Telling stories and share !

• •

Community members enjoy telling stories about Camden! They would like to spend time with young people

Young people want to have the choice !

• •

Young people would like to spend some time with the elderly! Be a volunteer is a choice

Overview! Transpor

A place ! to store Communication! between

How it works?

Goodwill Journeys: a scenario AWARENESS CAMPAIGN





Elderly peoples’ Goodwill kit!

Digital badge senses ! Goodwill traffic lights ! and delays crossing time.!

Bluetooth LE (Low Energy)

Bluetooth transmitter! inside the badge! • range 10m! • button to activate Bluetooth! • vibrate when paired! • timer to stop Bluetooth

The traffic light receive the signal and stays green longer!

Proposal 2: RFID

Passive RFID in badge! • range 20m (UHF)! • button to activate RFID

The traffic light receive the signal and stays green longer! • light to indicate longer time to cross

Volunteers’ Goodwill kit is available once you subscribe!

Maintains and grows the community connection!

A platform to store histories! !

• •

People can listen at local stories! Volunteers can downloaded stories

NFC (Near Field Communication) Elderly’s badge

Passive NFC Chip! inside the badge! • works without power

Volunteers’ badge

Active NFC Chip! inside the badge! • reading range about 10cm! • vibrate when connected! • USB connector to connect to computer

NFC Smartphone Elderly’s badge

Passive NFC Chip! no power needed

NFC Smartphone! reading range about 10cm

Goodwill campaign!

Goodwill Journeys: users feedback Maggie & community members “Wow, that’s fantastic! It is easy to use. All I need is wearing it. Brilliant.”

Shaun, a volunteer from GoodGym “That is pretty cool. I will send this idea to our members and we can get more feedback to you.”

Safer Travel Team from the Borough of Camden “It is interesting! For the traffic lights system we can discuss with TFL. We think that the badge and the story platform can be a potential opportunity.”

Goodwill Journeys: next steps • Design the Goodwill website in collaboration with the Borough of Camden and test it with potential users within the badge system.


• Develop a prototype for the badge and test it with members of the community and volunteers.


• Recruit volunteers. The Smarter Travel team helping us to do that and we

are in contact with the Volunteer Centre Camden, and a few schools in the Borough.


• Develop the concept and think about other application as for example the traffic lights system.

Goodwill Journeys: extend to other borough Connection




communication/! sharing

information! support



Elderly policy support Promotion

London Borough ! of Camden


Benefits Actions




Volunteer Elderly

London Borough ! of Camden


Thank you ! from Alessandra, Gina, Riah and Hui!