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Preface Shen Chao was born in Xing Hua, China. He graduated from Xing Hua High scho ol in 2012. He came to San Francisco t o s t u d y Int e rio r A r chit e c t ur e an d D e sig n in Ac ad e my o f Ar t Universit y for his bachelor degree. He learned a lot of theoretical knowledge and gained many practical skills. He prefer to flexibilit y use theor y and practical skill to express a combination of ae s t he tics and f unc tion. Shen Chao ha s in t e r e s t e d in any ar t , h e is g o o d at C hin e s e C allig r a p hy, Guitar and drawing. That ’s why he choose Interior Design as his major.


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1 SOCIAL DESIGN Senior Living Center

1099 Admiral Ct, San Bruno, CA 94066

Dec. 2017


Social Design

CLIENT INFO Non - Profit Group Providing Service benefitting the public, social and environment. Using less resources to create more joy and health

Social Design

PROGRAMMING Non - Profit Group 8 ADA Apartment Kitchen & Dinning Room Community Room Exercise Room Activity Room Nurse's Office Library Backyard Roof Garden



Social Design


1099 Admiral Ct, San Bruno, CA 94066


020013210 R-3




175,526 SQFT

Social Design

SITE ANALYSIS Transportation The place is a 13 minute walk from the Pittsburg/Bay Point - SFIA/Millbrae San Francisco International Airport and the Richmond - Daly City/Millbrae Millbrae at the San Bruno stop.

Parking This place is in the The Crossings neighborhood in San Bruno. Nearby parks include Forest Lane Park, Commodore Park and Commodore Park.

Walking Archstone San Bruno Apartments has a Walk Score of 92 out of 100. This location is Very Walkable so most errands can be accomplished on foot.



Social Design

Social Design

IDEA Special Design for Seniors The senior living center with Alzheimer’s care located in Avalon, San Bruno. Our clients are senior who have memory problem and behavior problem. So we need to consider these special conditions during my design process. Focusing on sustainability and LEED certified is one requirement of this project. So we design and remodel this project based on existing structures. Reducing cost during remodeling and minimizing negative impacts to environment. The concept-parallel world play an important role as my advising direction. The concept meaning two different world, one is perfect utopia world and another is opposite and cruel world. Both have same point but they have something different. Also they both influence each other. So I want to use this metaphor to my project. I will emphasize “difference” through color, pattern, geometry and shape in order to help senior to live here easily. I put a community room in the center of level1 and without wall, which could emphasize space interactivity. Same structure in the level2, a living area in the center, senior can see what happening in the center area when they open door from their own unit. A space of encouraging communication could prevent some memory disease to some extent. I design a “fish pool with sky light” in the center of roof. So natural light could come inside which is another way to community with exterior space. Fish pool is a kind of dynamic landscape could pleasant their mind. I design a strong way finding for senior who have memory problem to help them find their destination easily. Including installing liner recessed light above all of circulation.


Fantasy has long borrowed an idea of "another world" from myth, legend and religion. Plato reflected deeply on the parallel realities, resulting in Platonism, in which the upper reality is perfect while the lower earthly reality is an imperfect shadow of the heavenly. The lower reality is similar but with flaws.Be simple, I am Neo and I live in earth in this world, but based on the theory of Parallel World, In countless another worlds,there is a world or universe, there is another me whose name is Neo and he living the earth, too. But he cannot be 100% same with me. For this senior peoject, I want to give a kind of postive and possionate atomosphere for senior clinets by fusioning a part of negative emotional factor including color, tone, rhythm and volume with positive emotional factor, so that could create a kind of contrast to emphasize postive and possionate factor to benefit client's psychological health.



Social Design

Social Design



Social Design

Social Design



Social Design

Social Design



Social Design






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Social Design

1. QuartzStone

2. Reset-vinyl flooring



94 % of QuartzStone content comes from crushed

Constructed from post-consumer recycled rubber tires,

waste stone left over in quarries or from natural stone

Reset contains up to 91% post-consumer recycled content.

beds. Low-VOC certificed

Low-VOC certificed

3. Circult-Carpet

4. Solid Stand Bamboo Flooring



Contains Pre-Consumer Recycled Content

Floorscore-certified for superior indoor air quality

IEQ 4.3 Low Emitting Materials: Flooring Systems

Certified USDA BioPreferred – 94% biobased product MR 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials IEQ 4.3 Low Emitting Materials: Flooring Systems

5. Rubber Tile-ColorFields Manufacturer:MANNINGTON

6. Royal GrayComposite Decking

Homogeneous Thermoset Rubber with smooth

Manufacturer: Cali Bamboo

profile design containing rapidly renewable resource

100% recycled materials,

content,SCS Certified

MRc4 | EQc4.4 | MRc6

7. Aura Interior Paint-Matte

8. Online Carpet

Manufacturer: benjaminmoore


Zero VOC*, low odor,

Infinity Modular Reinforced Composite Closed Cell Polymer

*Zero VOC according to EPA Method 24

Contains Pre-Consumer Recycled Content*. Low-VOC certificed

9. Mosaic Tile

10. Aura Interior Paint- Eggshell


Manufacturer: benjaminmoore

20% Rapidly Renewable resource content by total

Zero VOC*, low odor,

product weight, SCS Certified

*Zero VOC according to EPA Method 24


Social Design




Social Design


Social Design



2 RESIDENTIAL DESIGN Mariotto's Residence

13 Wood St, San Francisco, CA 94118

Dec. 2016

30 Residential Design

CLIENT INFO Maria Mariotto Maria Mariotto is a 45-years old single woman who lives with her daughter and her father. Maria operates a home business. She serves as the landlord for the other two units

Residential Design

SITE INFO 13 Wood Street is a three-story residential condominum building. Each story contains a separate condominum unit. The house is located in the Laurel Heights Village area of San Francisco,CA. The house has been owned by the Mariotto family since its construction in 1955. The Mariotto is a three generation family. The family occupies the 3rd floor condominum.


32 Residential Design

Residential Design


CONCEPT STATEMENT ASIAN PORCELAIN Porcelain was first developed in China around 2,000 years ago, then slowly spread to other East Asian countries, and finally Europe and the rest of the world.Though its manufacturing process is more demanding than that for earthenware and stoneware , the two other main types of pottery, it has always been regarded as the most prestigious type of pottery for its delicacy, strength and beauty, and its white colour. I choose Asian porcelain led by China as my concept by applying their shape, pattern, color, value and rhythm into the project in order to continue to emphasize its delicacy, strength and aesthetics. I divided the Asian porcelain into three categories based on its manufacturing and aesthetics for matching three different unites of the project.

34 Residential Design

Residential Design


1st Floor Unit (Rental Unit for Low Income Tenant(s)) Bedroom - Sleeping space must have a full sized or queen sized bed Bathroom - Tub and shower combination sink and storage. ADA compliant Laundry - Stackable washer and dryer Kitchen - Economy Dinning Area - Seat 4 - 6 Living Room - Seat 4 - 6. Accommodate 1-2 overnight guests. Office / Work Space - Small space for computer and drawer storage Storage - Linens, clothes closet and supplies Circulation - ADA compliant and Universal design in mind. Clearances must accommodate varied abilities future tenants.

CONCEPT STATEMENT Blue-and-White porcelain

I choose Blue-and-White porcelain for low income tenant, this kind of porcelain from Ancient Chian originally. Its biggest feature are color with Blue and White, I belive the two tone could offer client a positive belief and good mood every day. I applied its pattern and shape to wall, floor and celling decoration.


Afforable House Design Strategy First floor is afforable house, which renting is only available for low-income clients, so cost-effective is more important in this case. Including cheap and durable materials, lighting fixture, furniture etc. Due to limited and small space in the first floor, so the space should be fixable and multi-functional. Reducing partition as possible as I can, as you see, the kitchen, dinning room and living room are all in one space which can use the space fully. In this case, I put small working space into the bedroom that making bedroom looks like spacious a little bit. Meanwhite utilization of sunshine could be considered fully because of its limilted and less window and glass door. Which is another reason to reduce partition.


36 Residential Design

Level 1 Floor Plan

Level 1 Floor Plan - Rendering

Residential Design

Fabric Orien SUNLIM6 Sundeck 100% Polyester Fabric, Lime, 54"x6" Manufacturer: UnbeatableSale Inc. Price: $66.30 Description: The fabric is stain and water resistant, It is fade resistant up to 500 hours of direct sun exposure.Also resistance to damage by moths and chemical substances and easy to wash and good dimensional stability.

Furniture Romeo Button-Tufted Bed, Gray, Full Manufacturer: Baxton Studio Price: $ 288.98 Description: Bed frame designs with quality solid-wood with polyurethane foam padding and solid wood legs, covered by the upholstered fabric.

Accessories Blue Crab Large Tray Manufacturer: Golden Rabbit Price: $ 67.85 Description: This enamelware is made of carbon steel coated with a procelain enamel and trimmed in stainless steel.There will be variations in the shading of colors and pattern formations which are the results of the handdipped process.

Finishes Carrara Marble Subway Brick Mosaic, White, 12"x12" Manufacturer: Stone Center Online Price: $ 8.99 Description: Carrara White Marble 2"x4" brick pieces mounted on 12"x12" sturdy mesh tile sheet, it has structural reliability, strong and durable.


38 Residential Design


Residential Design

Perspective Rendering - Level 1 -Kitchen


40 Residential Design

Residential Design

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS 2nd Floor Unit (Jason, Chloe, and Aimee)

Bedroom (2) - Jason's room: Queen sized bed. This space should serve as a retreat from daily activities. Must have a small desk and reading area. Must be wheelchair accessible. Chloe and Aimee’s room: Wheelchair accessible. Flexible space for varied abilities. 2 Full bathrooms: The master bathroom must be accessed directly from Jason's bedroom. The bathroom serving Chloe and Aimee's room must be wheelchair accessible. It will also serve guests. Laundry: Washer, dryer, and storage. Kitchen: Kitchen with all amenities and multiple work zones. Twins and family members may help with meal preparations. Breakfast nook area to seat family members for homework and crafts Dinning Room: To seat 6. Living Room: Accommodate family members and guests. Offilce/work space: Incorporated into public spaces and bedrooms Circulation: ADA compliant and Universal design in mind. Clearances must accommodate varied abilities of the immediate and extended family that live there and those that visit often.

CONCEPT STATEMENT Japanese Porcelain

I choose Japanese Porcelain as inspiration for Second floor, the main color are brown in different degrees. I believe that the brown give people a stable and practical feeling. Especially for clients with disabilities and olders, the state of their spirit is unstable. So the color is one way to offer them a positive effect. My inspiration - Japanese Porcelain are decorated with plant, so I add a plum painting with lighting decorated on the wall of living room. Which can emphasize my concept meanwhile benifiting for client's mood.


Universal Design and ADA Compliance The second floor was designed for older and poeple with disabilities, ADA standard are critical element in design, including ADA bathroom, minimum width of circulation, so Aimee's wheelchair can access any place in the home. And I put the door of ADA bathroom face to her bedroom, so it's easier for her to get into the bathroom from bedroom. I applied some wallpaper of pattern with plant to both bedroom, which good for client's spirit.


42 Residential Design

Level 2 Floor Plan

Level 2 Floor Plan - Rendering

Residential Design

Fabric Wool Brown Heather Terry Fleece Knitting Fabric,8'x11' Manufacturer: Audited Supplier Price: $501.97 Description: The fibre can be bent 20,000 times without breaking and still have the power to recover and return to its natural shape. Quality wool garments look good for longer. And it has naturally high UV protection.

Furniture Capri Linen Sofa With Wide Arm Rest, Dark Gray Manufacturer: Divano Roma Furniture Price: $ 579.99 Description: With wide track and deep seats this sofa offers a sink-in comfort while spacious proportions encourage long-term occupancy.Easy to assemble.

Accessories Grounded Artwork Manufacturer: Paragon Decor Price: $1,109 Description: Exclusive Hand Pulled Foil Embossment,Frame included.

Finishes SomerTile Deco Calatrava Ariana Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile Manufacturer: SomerTile Price: $ 78.85 Description: This tile is a versatile frostproof decorating choice that coordinates well with a range of decorative tastes.COF greater than 0.60 to 0.79 is required for commercial applications to meet ADA Guidelines.Skid Resistant


44 Residential Design


Residential Design



46 Residential Design

Residential Design

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS 3rd Floor Unit (Maria, Simona, and Frank)

3 bedrooms - Maria's master bedroom: Queen bed, direct access to bathroom, needs dresser in addition to closet space. Reads at night, and watches little or no television. Frank's room: Double bed and lounge chair with foot rest and table for crossword puzzles. Simona's room: Full or queen size bed. Work area and dressing tables 2 full bathroom - 1 accessed through Maria's master bedroom. 1mst be ADA accessible. Laundry - Full size washer and dryer with storage for cleaning products and extra linens and dry storage items Kitchen - Full size refrigerator, and pantry for dry goods. Gathering space for family living. As many as 20 total family members may gather at Marias for dinner and family celebrations. Other family members range in age from 3 years to 75 years of age. Dinning Room - To seat 6 people on a regular basis. Must accommodate a wheelchair and extend for family gatherings and events Living Room - Seat up to six people. May accommodate guests overnight. Wheelchair accessible Storage - Bedroom closets, hall closet, and storage space in laundry room. Maria's work space - Space for herself and up to 2 other employees with laptops. 3 letter-sized file drawers. Telephone landline. Multi-function printer/ copier/ fax machine. Wires and cables hidden from view. Circulation - ADA compliant and Universal design in mind. Clearances must accommodate varied abilities of the immediate and extended family that live there and those that visit often. General Notes - All public spaces and other spaces as determined should be ADA accessible. Up to 20 family members and friends may visit for family gatherings and special events.

CONCEPT STATEMENT Ancient Korea Porcelain

Korea Porcelain was original from China, it fusioned chinese feature and Korea local characteristic. I was inspored by Korea Porcelain for third floor because of its unique feature. The tone of concept close to yellow that could offer a atmosphere of lively and vivid, which fitting for demands of landlord's working and entertainment.

DESIGN STORY Commercial Design Strategy

The third floor was designed for landlord and her family. According to her needs, entertainment and working are two critical things to consider in design, so living room and kitchen should be design in large size, also her offie cannot be designed too small. Office was designed close to her bedroom that she can quickly access between office and bedroom and improving her work effcicncy.


48 Residential Design

Level 3 Floor Plan

Level 3 Floor Plan - Rendering

Residential Design

Fabric Rikka 5105 Beige Upholstery Fabric 100 % Polypropylene 5'x8' Manufacturer: NovaFabrics Price: $13.99 Description: Recyclable, ecologically friendly. Incinerates to trace ash with no hazardous volatiles.It has low water absorption, and its Strength, colour fastness and degradation can be effectively protected by means of stabilizers.

Furniture Homelegance Tanager 6-Piece Dining Room Set in Dark Espresso Manufacturer: HomeleganceLA, Inc Price: $ 1,996.82 Description: Neutral tone fabric chairs feature Espresso finished wood framing and generously appointed seating.

Accessories Large Caramel Pottery Carafe Vase with Handle Manufacturer: Crestview Collection Price: $ 119.90 Description: This large Crestview Collection vase features a beautiful caramel color. Its shape is a classic rounded body which extends out into a wide lip.

Finishes 12x24 Limestone Coastal Grey Honed Field Tile Manufacturer: Architectural Ceramics Inc Price: $ 16.73 Description: In modern home design, there are a number of custom features you can add to your home using limestone as the foundation material.long lasting durability for years to come, with little need for maintenance.


50 Residential Design


Residential Design




1101 4th, San Francisco, CA94158

May, 2017

54 Commercial Design

SITE INFO There are two bus stations and two light rail train stations across the 3rd St and Mission Rock St, People get off the station and walking across two blocks to get there. It is a Helipad and a parking lot in 1970. Helipad and parking lot had been used for commercial purpose since 1982. In 1992, constructed 2 - storage driving structure, club house, golf shop and cafe. Also allowing public property used for private purpose. In 1996, the property of MB,R-3 was reclassified to am MB,C1 and used for biotechnology research and education. In 2000, some place was authoried for an office building.

Commercial Design

CLIENT INFO Tony Rivera Chairman, CEO of Primo Hospitality Group Client want to have a space to be "light,bright,natual, casual and simple.


56 Commercial Design

Commercial Design


CEILING CASE STUDY Name: Hub Address:Shanghai theatre and exhibition centre, China.

Materials and Finishes Used Using wood-covered sticks and sandstone slabs to create a cavernous interior.

Design Aesthetics Its design based on natural landscape scenes, namely forest tree canopies and rock formations.These striped surfaces resemble the striated surfaces of carved rock, but are much more geometric in shape. The only filing of colour come from the dense canopy of walnut and oak covered aluminium sticks, intended to look like tree branches and the walnut balustrades that front the various balconies. Other spaces are slotted into the sandstone volume.

Design Strategy As my sketch show, I apply wood with dark tone to replace original golden mesh screens in VIP area. Which could emphasize consistency of concept, different tone of wood including original light wood and dark wood frame I added further strengthen the concept of natural landscape scenes.

58 Commercial Design

CONCEPT STATEMENT Dynamic Landscape Dymanic Landscape means the landscape are keeping change and moving, it could offer us a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere in psychology. In commercial perspective, it have a positive impacts in terms of gathering popularity. As the name show, I will highlight its dynamic and apply it into design through developing shape, pattern and color. In my sketching, I design shape of ceiling, column and window as well as pattern of floor tp emphasize my concept.

Commercial Design


DESIGN NARRATIVE Commercial Design Thinking From the beginning of this class, the instructor took us to visit the location of project that we were going to remodel and another market in market street. I tried to visit this place as a designer’s point and I found many basic design knowledge, such as the minimum value of distance between two product shelves. The ways of they arrange this lights, I noticed brighter lights were set on circulation where are high human traffic in order to highlight the primary route of market. ADA accessibility is necessary for any commercial space here, including ADA Bathroom, restaurant. Disabled person could access these commercial area easily. Through a serious of case studies and I mastered many design aesthetics. Especially is lighting applying, different luminous and color temperature of lighting could create a different tone when night coming. Also designing of public sign of interior space is important, a good designing of public sign could correctly guide the customer who come here first time and won’t cause them confuse. Client who open any commercial space want to earn more money rather than just want to make it beautiful. So our basic design logic should be maximize commercial value of each square foot through designing. Which helping client earn more money and bring good business.

60 Commercial Design


Floor Plan - The Market Hall - Rendering 1/16" = 1' - 0"

Commercial Design


Floor Plan - The Market Hall 1/16" = 1'- 0"


62 Commercial Design


Reflected Ceiling Plan - The Market Hall 1/8" = 1'- 0"

Commercial Design


64 Commercial Design


Commercial Design


Elecation - Restaurant - South 1/8" = 1'- 0"


66 Commercial Design



Commercial Design


68 Commercial Design


Commercial Design



I deeply appreciate everything I have learned in this program. I would like to dedicate this book to my parents, families and friends who have always with my side. Thank for your kindness, love, support and encouragement. To my instructors, thanks for teaching and pushing me harder. Influencing and helping me to get better.

MY FAMILY / Shen Dianshou / Xuan Guihua / Xuan Guixiang / Xian Xicheng/ Qiu Hongying / Shen Xiuqin / Xuan Yan / Xuan Zhe FACULTY / Leonarda Tamayo / Sherise Lee / Molly Ness / Mark Miller / Kathleen Valkuchak / Olga Zhovreboff / Stephan Hoffpauir / Grover Dear / Tom Collom / Pamela Tang / Michael Sammet / Ricardo Marmolejo / Susan Sutton ALL MY FRIENDS / In every Corner of World


Interior Architecture Portfolio (Shen Chao)  
Interior Architecture Portfolio (Shen Chao)