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“Where Shines the Big Virginia Sun, and old Dominion’s streamlets run...”

Shenandoah Valley


Annual Report • 2014-2015


Shenandoah Valley Academy, established in 1908, exists to provide a distinctly Seventh-day Adventist college preparatory program through experiences to produce disciples of Jesus who are compassionate citizens prepared for college and careers.


Graduating Adventist Christians who will...

Serve Christ Value Knowledge Accept a Life of Service

“God’s works in nature multiplied, extol His name on ev’ry side.” Notes from our Principal Shenandoah Valley Academy has been challenged during the past few school years. Enrollment declined from 230 in 2011-12 to 175 by December of 2014. Operating losses for fiscal years 2012 to 2014 averaged approximately $700,000 and there have been four principals in the past four years. These pressures resulted in SVA accumulating long-term debt of $1.4 million, including $1.2 million owed to the Potomac Conference. In December 2014, the Potomac Conference agreed to accept $600,000 in full settlement of their $1.2 million loan. SVA’s portion of this 50/50 settlement was possible because six generous SVA alumni/ friends committed to donating $525,000. Since then, nine other alumni/friends have joined them in eliminating the $1.4 million debt. By early 2016, the two remaining pledges of $100,000 each will be paid and the indebtedness of SVA will be eliminated! Praise the Lord!! As you will read in this report, donations for debt retirement, operations and other projects resulted in an operating increase of $595,000 for FY 2015. The cafeteria dining room and bathrooms have been completely remodeled, including new tables and chairs. A new steam cooker in the kitchen (30 years old…) has been installed and the dean’s apartment in Phanstiel Hall was remodeled this summer. Enrollment increased by 15 percent as the largest freshmen class in 15 years (54) registered in August 2015. Our FY 2016 operating budget is based on 180 students and projects an operating increase of $184,000. Eighty-three new students enrolled this year and with a relatively small senior class (34), a bump in enrollment next year is anticipated. With the elimination of SVA’s debt, Shenandoah now has a solid base for sustainable operations. The current FTE of teachers and staff can accommodate approximately 200 students. With an increase in enrollment and continued support from SVA’s alumni/friends -- this school will thrive! We are blessed to have Donald Short as our Principal-in-transition this year. Mr. Short has 13 years of experience as vice principal at Georgia Cumberland Academy and is taking the lead in many of SVA’s operations. Plans are in place for Mr. Short to become SVA’s principal at the end of this school year. I trust you will be inspired by the stories and testimonies in this report from SVA’s students and faculty. I hope you will be encouraged to trace how God has worked His Plan to bring Shenandoah back from the brink of disaster. Nevertheless, SVA is not “out of the woods.” While amazing progress has taken place, Shenandoah’s recovery is still fragile. I hope and pray that each of SVA’s alums and friends will continue to hold this school up in prayer. In my opinion, the opportunities and potential of SVA are unlike any other Adventist boarding academy. With your continued prayers and support, this legendary school will continue to be a positive witness for our God and His Kingdom as we focus on our Mission -- producing Disciples of Jesus. Sincerely, Dale E. Twomley, MBA, PhD • Principal and Business Manager


Alumni Giving Total: $571,890.00 • July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015 1933 Nora (Machlan) Woolley 1934 Gus Viehman 1938 Frances (Baumgartner) Clarke 1941 Doris (Smith) Suddarth 1942 Hilton Suddarth 1943 Bernice (Parish) Davidson Richard Lesher 1946 Howard Gustafson Louise (Wilkens) Pires 1947 Jean (Quimby) Bakland Marian (Steely) Bernet

1948 Howard Bankes Virginia (Bowen) Byrne Robert Byrne Esther (Jackson) Johnson Estelle Johnson Peggy (Harding) Thompson 1949 David Bauer 1950 Patricia (Mulraney) Kovalski John Wilkens 1951 Carl H. Miller Gaylord Teele Betty (Coleman) Wood 1952 Peggy (Strine) Bange Clarence Leister Elaine (Lord) Ellis Neil Palmer

1953 Earl Baumgartner 1954 Gerald Lillya 1955 Jeanie (Rauch) Broeckel Don Eckenroth Myrna Lou (Hawkins) Gibson Betty (Mace) Hevener Alice (Sanborn) Reinoehl Catherine Wilson 1956 Gloria Howes Eckenroth Paul Imbraguglio John Stant Sam Wine 1957 Lenis (Dean) Barney Norma (Ivins) Canova Joan (Crandall) Hedrick Jeanne (Woodruff) Leister Alice (Mace) Thomas

Objective #1 – SPIRITUALITY: Shenandoah students will progress in developing a loving friendship with Jesus Christ. Opportunities to learn about God and choose life in Him, give me encouragement and the background to live a daily relationship with Jesus. Its a wake-up call to place my focus back on God. When we reach out through music or missions, it seems God says, “Bring what you have learned from this Christian setting and serve. You can do everything through me.” – Brenda Ngetich ‘17

John Wagner Neil Wagner Charles Webster Charles Wilkens 1958 Carl Blackburn Gayle (Lockwood) Fell Carolyn (McGrady) Goss Bonnie (Kelchner) Hannah William Hold Doug Lord Ellie (Stant) Scheresky Owen Van Kirk Bonny (Boyts) Wilkens 1959 Claire (Eckenroth) Blackburn Donald Clark Milton Crandall Constance (Davis) Dalton Ardebella (Dean) Fox Sandra (Moore) Juarez Gary Langston Janet (Sorensen) Langston Martha (Pickens) Sanderson

“In nature’s dooryard neatly planned, a gift is placed by God’s own hand…”

1960 Dale Adams Carolyn (Devaughn) Adams Bill Barney Carlene (Jones) Baugher Maryanne (Lord) Clark Donald Cornforth Joel Dortch Joyce (Hicks) Ellington Peter Esveld James Sanderson Gerald White Reg Woodruff 1961 Jerry Evans Don Wilkens 1962 Joyce (Pennington) Faehner Eddie Haas Rusty Litten Mary (McPherson) Purdie Carol (Lewis) Woods 1963 Carol (Kelchner) Barney Eddie (Cash) Benedict Jim Brodersen Sandra (Eller) Clatterbuck Arthur Collins Marshall Conner John Donaghue Tom Evans John Hanson Karen (Mathiesen) Mace Beverley (Jackson) Nash Sharon (Engen) Overton Patricia (Clothier) Shapert David Stewart Silas Still Caroline (Purdie) White 3

1964 Jim Callan W. Carol Good Barbara Sue Graves Betty (Davis) Haas Blainette (Ullom) Hanson

Objective #2 – RELATIONSHIPS: Shenandoah students will develop strong Christian relationships that will guide their behavior and service to others. We encourage each other in a personal friendship with Jesus, so the genuine love of Christ is expressed in our interactions with everyone. Our graduates leave SVA having experienced and applied these spiritual and relationship “life skills.” They extend Christian friendship to others, sharing Christ’s love with the world. – Kelly Menhardt ’79 Girls’ Dean

1965 Joyce (Anderson) Bartley Marilyn (Kay) (Lantz) Bauer Linda Gay (Capman) Booth Timothy Bryant Betty (Anderson) Bullion Rick Bullion Cheerie Lou Capman Ronald Carter James Davis Robert Davis Robert Deery* E. Susan Finlaw Gerald Mace W. Jay Nixon Daphne (Eller) Poblete Larry Pugh Carl Showers* Ellen (Witt) Tucker* Priscilla (Philips) Walters Kathryn (Brandau) Wennerberg David Wilkens Helen Witt Carl Zentz 1966 Sherry (Soles) Hayes L. Faye (Holland) Horner Sonja (Royalty) Johnson Reginald Sherrill Carol (Johnson) Tol Bruce Wardley Richard Wright 1967 S. Charles Jones Gail (Hevener) Melkersen Richard Rose


1968 Michael Carpenter Gerald Cross Nancy (Welton) Eaton Gregory Isaacs Lynn (Blevins) Liers William Liers John Lombard Sarah (Myers) Smith 1969 Deborah McMillen Michelle (Truax) Wuerstlin 1970 William Dodge Anita (Bestpitch) Richards David Richards 1971 Patty (Hevener) Lemon Nancy (Thompson) Gent Deborah (Donachy) White 1972 Don Correia Delsie (McMahan) Knicely Thomas McNeilus Marilyn (Miles) Perez 1973 Rick Perez 1974 Darlene (Lively) Burton John Burton Jan Ekelof 1975 Marvin Brauer John Livesay J. Mark Midkiff Judy (Davis) Miller Mark Mitchell

1976 Timothy Burton Shellie (Shanko) Campbell A. Rebecca (Cabrera) Feltman Richard Hevener II Selena (Cramer) Lantry Louise (Hart) Phanstiel 1977 Jacque (Hume) Mitchell Cheryl (Thompson) Adams James Gainer Melanie Harris Carol (Hare) Pack Richard Thompson Charlene (Koliadko) Wiedemann 1978 Jeffrey Lingerfelt Laurie (Reinhardt) Salmons 1979 Steven Blackburn Roland Caton Elizabeth (Chapman) Hanson Daryl Hevener Timothy Meadows Kelly (Stebbins) Menhardt Duane Swanson Stuart Ware 1980 Mark Battle* Douglas Dunbebin Mark Harris* Keli (Sheer) Mace James Nestler Michael Price Sandra (Johnson) Rice 1981 Debbie (Hevener) Battle Joanne (Thompson) Gentry Michael Gentry Bonita (Joyner) Shields

From Our Director of Development & Alumni Relations My dear Alumni and Friends, you are generous and loyal! Thank you so very much for all you have given and done this year to support our young people, and for resoundingly affirming Christ-centered boarding school education at Shenandoah Valley Academy (SVA). SVA will soon be DEBT FREE! We are now presented with a tremendous opportunity to build and determine a secure financial future for our school by combining our gifts to significantly increase the amount given and the number of individuals committed to giving unrestricted and worthy student dollars to SVA. Will you join us by committing to increase your giving, or perhaps by committing to give back to your school for the very first time? I promise you there is no greater value than investing in the life and Christian education of a young person. Over the past year, it has been an honor to witness individuals take often heroic actions—many sacrificially—to secure the future of our beloved Shenandoah. Principals Dr. Dale Twomley and Dr. John Wagner ’57, Alumni and Friends, board members, faculty and staff, your gifts and efforts are acts of love and deeds of faith which demonstrate the high priority you place on the young people who learn and thrive today, and in the future, on our campus. From the bottom of my heart, thank you each one. Janel Haas Ware ’86 • Director of Development & Alumni Relations

Thank you Loyal Alumni and Friends for giving back to your school. Because of you Shenandoah begins 2016 DEBT FREE, young people continue to learn and thrive at SVA, and as of August 2015 the alumni Open a Door student financial assistance campaign has raised over $200,000--incredible gifts! The Big Virginia Sun has been shining on our beloved school in the Valley for 108 years. Today, SVA shines because of you! Thank you!!! 1982 Mark Griffin Janet (Sanderson) Hesler Perry Mace V. Colt Peyton Tony Williams 1983 Eldy Chavez Cameron Cole Sheila (Bilyard) Grissom Louise (Ballweg) Jedamski Kurt Moon Geoff Patterson Paul Ware 1984 William Dawson Anita (Miles) Doss Stacie Marstaller

1985 Kimberly (Hudson) Bennett Janet Conley 1986 Aimee Ellington Donald Spady Janel (Haas) Ware Duane White Laura (Putnam) Wilkens Susan (Stout) Ware 1988 Dan Belleza Robert Fleckenstein Jared Thompson 1990 Amy (Shyab) Broadhurst Duncan Oddie Dalanya (Dabney) Smith

1991 Todd Hollis Ruth (Halter) Straley Richard Vinglas 1992 Kristin (Shelton) Fulton Jane (Duncan) Nesbit Kimberly (Wilson) Wilbur 1993 Jason Liu Kebrina (Martell) Vinglas Roy Wu Jeremy White Grant Wolters 1995 Sylvia Mack

1996 Paul Pelley

2006 Meghan (Battle) Williams

1999 Stephen Jetter Kristina Zanotti

2007 Heather (Blackburn) Richardson Kara Turpen

2000 Eric Garman Mark Mendizabal

2009 Richard Hevener III Kathleen Wilson

2001 Katie (Whitman) Jetter

2011 Hyden Bruce

2002 Kimberly (Schneider) Westfall

2012 Anthony Daniels

2003 Kelly Wiedemann

2014 Kenneth Laughlin Anonymous (2) *Attended


Corporate and Community Giving Total: $1,495,400.00 • July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015 Churches (Matching and Gifts), and Religious Organizations: $166,150.00 Alexandria SDA Church Annandale Spanish SDA Church Arlington SDA Church Beltsville SDA Church Bridgeport SDA Spanish Church Burnt Mills SDA Church Capital Brazilian SDA Temple Capital Memorial SDA Church Central Manhattan SDA Church Cherry Hill SDA Church Church of the Advent Hope Clinton Spanish SDA Church El Paso Central SDA Church Elkton SDA Church Elkton SDA Church Fairfax Spanish SDA Church Falls Church Spanish SDA Fayetteville Hispanic SDA Church Fayetteville SDA Church Franconia Spanish SDA Church Fredericksburg SDA Church Gaithersburg Brazilian SDA Church Greater NY Conference of SDA Hillsboro SDA Church Hyattsville Spanish SDA Church


Iglesia Adventista Hispana Norwalk Iglesia Del 7 Dia Lorton Jellico SDA Church Johnston (North Scituate) RI SDA Leominster SDA Church Luray SDA Church Manassas SDA Church Meadowbridge SDA Church Mountain Villa at Porter Mt. Jackson United Methodist’s Men New England Portuguese SDA Church New Hope SDA Church New Market SDA Church North American Division of SDA Queens Spanish SDA Church Roanoke SDA Church SDA Church of Rockville Centre SDA of Wilmington South Atlantic Conference South Bend SDA Hispanic Church Southern Asian SDA Church Sp. Highbridge Church SDA Spanish Soundview SDA Church Spanish Weeks SDA Church Stamford SDA Spanish Church Staunton SDA Church Texico Conference Three Angels SDA Church University SDA Church VA Beach SDA Church Vienna Adventist Academy Warrenton SDA Church Washington Adventist University Washington Brazilian SDA Church Waynesboro SDA Church Winchester SDA Church Winchester Spanish SDA Church Worthington SDA Church Yale SDA Church

“The S.V.A. of sacred birth, our own dear school of sterling worth…” Objective #3 – ACADEMICS: Shenandoah students will be recognized for their academic excellence by preparing all of our students for college, work, and careers. In today’s classroom, teaching and instruction is much less about knowledge recall; but rather about the appropriate application of available knowledge to make the world a better place. I challenge students with reflective questions and discussion, guiding them in critical thinking and analysis. In a society which celebrates “self” and blind ambition, I encourage students to think outside themselves and shine the love of Christ to the world around them. – Gabrielle Griffin ’86, Government & World History, Columbia Union Educator of the Year 2014

Corporate and Small Business Support: $73,840.00 Alpha Physical Therapy Ardilas Brothers Construction Assured Care Inc. Blue Ridge Architects, PC Blue Ridge Dermatology PC Boeing Hevener’s Cars & Trucks Holtzman Management, LLC JE Building & Renovation, INC Laurel Auto Mart Live Well Christian Foundation

Main Frame Builders McKee Foods Corporation Mile Auto Insurance Miss Cindy’s Neighborhood Nursery School Paul Davis Restoration Rockydale Quaries Corporation Sheffer’s Electrical Service T&T Services Tile Visions T. Burton Construction United Way of Greater Augusta Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Davis Dental Centers LLC Dell - YourCause, LLC Fairview Health Associates Gentle Shepherd Hospice Inc Foundations: $256,170.00 Amazon Smile Foundation ASSIST, Southern Adventist University Commonweal Foundation Community Foundation for the National Capital Region GHRoW Foundation Potomac Conference Education Foundation Potomac Conference of SDA Subsidy and Special Appropriations: $999,250.00

Objective #5 – WORK ETHICS: Shenandoah students will learn the skills, values, rewards, and dignity of work. I had the best job in maintenance working on and driving the lawn mowers and school vehicles, including my favorites the buses! Mr. Little taught us to be reliable, to work hard and take pride in making a genuine contribution on campus. Now in college, I have real work experience and references to put on my resume. The work attitudes and skills I learned working for Mr. Little apply to the airplane maintenance aspect of my aviation major, and to future work opportunities. – Chris Wilson ‘15

“Whose beacon lit by gospel truth, sheds holy light on paths of youth.”


Individual Giving

Total: $472,550.00 • July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015 Genevieve Adams Veena Alfred Charles Allen Fonda Amerin Carol Anderson Dennis Anderson Adelbert Andrews Charles & Catherine Angier Barry Armstrong Shirley Atkins Joseph Badgley Mitzi Bame Inez Banton Doug & Beth Barrow Marie Beck Caroline Bell Patricia Bierbrunner Lella Blevins Donald & Sharla Bogar John & Debora Bowles Rita Bozeman Paul Bracy L. B. Branner Merrilyn Breingan Dorothy Brennwald Lisa Bruce Barbara Bryant Jim Budzius Rhoda Burrill Russell Burrill Delicia Calla Jeannie Callan Sandra Cameron Dennis Campbell Ham Canosa Patti Carlson Vivien Carlson David & Kimberly Cassford Jennifer Cayabyab Cully Chapman Carmen Chinchay Edna Cornforth 8

Bruce Coston Richard Coston Nancy Lou Cross Stephen Crowe Aster Dalu Anthony & Joan Daniels Amarilia Davidovas April J. Davis Randy Davis Howard Davis Ron Davis Nelly de Garcia Wendy Dean Morris DeShazor Jean Desmarais Tania Desouza Mike & Betsy Dickerhoff Dorenda Dodge Tim Douldiken Robert Driscoll M. H. Dunn Daniel & Karen Duval Lillian Elliott Maxin Epley Rebecca Erdelyi Elizabeth Ester Elice Esveld Beth Evans Nancy Fleischman David & Ann Fogg Nancy Fourney Rebecca Garver Cameron Gillett Gilson Girotto Joshua Goines Richard Goldin Cynthia Gonzalez Denny Grady Margaret Gray Marvin & Nell Griffin M. Leroy & Janet Haas Dan Hall

Objective #5 – CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Shenandoah students will progress in developing their Christian character. Shenandoah Valley Academy is committed to providing expectations and opportunities for all students to understand, demonstrate, and practice the Christian life-skills and character that will help them to become responsible citizens for successful living in this world and in the world to come. This striving for excellence in Christian character sets before each student the goal of being all that he or she can be – “attaining the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.” (Ephesians 4:13)

Character Traits: Brothers’ Keeper: Courage: Honesty: Initiative: Perseverance: Purity: Respect: Responsibility:

Demonstrating understanding and concern for others Standing for what is right even if you stand alone Revealing truth through thoughts,words, and behavior Moving from thought to action Completing what you start, no excuses Lovely; free from blemish or guilt Honoring oneself, others, and the environment Doing what’s right and being accountable for your choices

William Hall Keith Hallam James & Karen Hamlin Janet Handysides Tim Harley Justin Harpine Richard Harris William Harris David Harrison Ronald Harman Marisol Hedding Joyce Hermann Ruben Herrera Lacy Hevener Randal Holcombe Ketty Holt Consuelo Jackson Mary Jaroche Norbert & Kedrin Jedamski Berthold Jedamski Christopher Jensen Dan Jensen Roland John Mary Johns Calvin Johnson June Jordan William & Marion Jorden June Kentlein Robert Kilgore Samuel Kim J. Brian King Sylvia Klinger Barbara Knickerbocker Elizabeth Knickerbocker Lynn Krall Marelda Kranz Donovan Kurtz Jeanne Lance Kathleen Lathan Joseph Laughlin Kenneth Lester Sarah Jane Liers Young & Injoo Lim James Little Janene Loga

Frederick Lorenz Linda Lowe Dorothy Lyon Juanita Martin Perry McCart Angus McDonald Roger McFarland Russell McKee Gail McKinley Cheryl McKy Lee & Patty McLennan Linda McQuilken Nancy Melashenko E. Lonnie Melashenko Joedy Melashenko Gloria Melendez Tommie Melendez Buz Menhardt Margaret Merritt William Miller Rita Miller Leonore Mills James Minty Christopher Mitchell Shirley Mitchell Imgart Mitchell Robert Moon Bruce & Jacquelyn Moore Merri Mulkey Sariah Najam William Nase Laura Navarro Claude Ndahayo Janice Nevin Benny Nix Maureen Norris Bob Ockenga Michael & Jeanne Odell Gregory Parkhurst Jorey Parkhurst Rebecca Patrick Gary Patterson Howard Phanstiel Ray Pichette George Piel

Linda Plank John Purcell Jorge Ramirez John Read Walter & Melissa Reinoehl Gary Reynolds Mike Rhodes Linda Rice Kathleen Riley Gary Rodman Margaret Rotenbury Margaret Rouse Sandra Ruiz Welma Santos Heidi Schandler Marv Schuen Wendy Schuen Karen Schultz Mitchell Scoggins

Kenny Scrugs Noel & Patricia Shanko Karen Shea Larry Sheffer Lewis Shelton James & Rhonda Shreve Justin Shurtz Joe & Luci Sloan Judy Wilson Sloan Mike Slowinski Brenda Smith Roland Smith Donald Smith Rusty Smith Vivian Snedden Jeanette Snipes Jen Song Omar Soto Vasha Soto

“O Shenandoah, dear Shenandoah, In thee do we delight to rest…” Objective #6 – HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Shenandoah students will improve their awareness and life-style for health and wellness. Cross Country training was strenuous, but we grew stronger and faster. One day, an exhausting push up orchard hill, the next a mile of sprints, then distance day 6 miles. Our efforts were rewarded by the closeness and camaraderie of our team. When one person excels or struggles, everyone encourages and cheers them on. In competition, Shenandoah always has the most school spirit. – Madeleine Ware ‘17

Tanya Spady Bill & Shirley Stebbins Richard Stern Kay Stine Eleanor Supple Sidney Supple Michelle Swanson Mary Tate Warren Thomas Bradley Thorp Ayaana Toure Eddie Towles Jeff & Ginger (Turner) Bromme Jeff & Kimberly Twomley Dale & Connie Twomley Richard Tydings Robert VanOrnam Evelyn VandeVere David VandeVere Velyo & Martha Vinglas Luz Washington Christina Wells Karen Wenzel Nathan & Antonia Wetzel Randall White Ron White Deborah Boyer White Pete Wiedemann John Wilbur Daryl Wilkens Daveen Williams Jon Williams Dorothy Williams Clarence Williams Frances Wilson Ted & Sharon Wilson Eudora Wine Rebecca Wiseman John Wolter Georgeanna Wright Clifford Yarnell Krista Yoon Robert Young Anonymous (2)


Endowment Scholarship Recipients 2014-15 School Year Total: $40,214


Samuel Aitchison Worthy Student: Cindy Balcarcel, $542

Class of 1977 Friendship Worthy Student: Aaron Amaya, $459

Don and Becky Feltman Baseball: Barry Armstrong, $1,672

Thoma Suzanne Alderman Worthy Student: Amber Vance, $387

Class of 2013 Worthy Student: Samuel Renderos, $683

Don and Becky Feltman Baseball: Jared Gil-Gomez, $1,672

Jean Hicks Alexander Worthy Student: James Matthews, $741

Herbert Copenhaver Science: Matthew Harter, $605

Kent Sterling Grimm Memorial: Chris Wilson, $762

Frank and Emily Banzhaf Worthy Student: Dan Garcia, $750

Pearl Dieter Worthy Student: Meshach Perez, $209

W. C. Hannah Worthy Student: Karen Cruz, $464

Frank and Emily Banzhaf Worthy Student: Carla Navarro, $1,723

Excellentia Worthy Studentt: Jennifer Pena, $7,000

Dr. In Ju Kim Math: Valerie Pichot, $201

Allan Blackburn DiAnn Copenhaver Sportsmanship: Daniel Mundy, $823

Excellentia Worthy Studentt: Daniel Reyes, $3,035

Chuck and Sarah Jane Liers Worthy Student: Elizabeth Reedy, $353

Julia Kay Blair Mission: Karen Leb-Hernandez, $728

Kathleen Wu Facemire Basketball: Karina Ruiz, $350

John and Vilas Mansfield Worthy Student: Christian Sanchez, $523

Ellen Quackenbush Carey Music (Voice): Reiss Ramirez, $380

Claoma Suhrie Fearing Worthy Student: Julia Jedamski, $669

Class of 1974 Worthy Student: Chloe Petit, $229

Don and Becky Feltman Baseball: Luke Fogg, $1,672

“What blighting frost can chill our zeal, Or evil’s fury ever deal, A blow in madness fit to shake, Our faith in thee, O S.V.A!”

John Minesinger Worthy Student: Judson Watson, $1,500

Walter B. Sheer, MD and Doris A. Sheer: Leiali’I Edwards, $587

John Minesinger Worthy Student: Rebecca Renderos, $2,000

Wallace and Myrtle Smith Worthy Student: Raisy Sanchez, $259

John Minesinger Worthy Student: Salima Omwenga, $1,500

Edward O. Spencer Worthy Student: Sarai Del Cid, $747

John Minesinger Worthy Student: James Matthews, $550

Josef Spencer Music: Amaia Belgrave, $180

Carolyn Madden Nash Music: Daniel Chirvasuta, $423

Edna Stoneburner Basketball: Cindy Balcarcel, $113

Lester Patton Worthy Student: Iara Nobre Ayala, $1,135

Jean Quackenbush Strickland Worthy Student: Jared Gil-Gomez, $713

Clarence and Elsie Jenkins Pohle Worthy Student: Jose Von Vogler, $971

Earnest and Louise Thompson Worthy Student: Amber Lawhorn, $1,580

We welcome our alumni family...

Come Home to Shenandoah!

Alumni Weekend Shenandoah Valley Academy April 15-17, 2015

Honor Classes: 1926, 1936, 1946, 1956, 1966, 1976, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2006, 2016 Three things will last forever: faith, hope and love—and the greatest of these is love. I Corinthians 13:13

Paul and Doris Riley Worthy Student: Bethany Edwards, $528

Objective #7 – FUN: Shenandoah students will have fun and be noticeably happy, emotionally stable, and confident.

Frank E. Shaw Worthy Worthy Student: Kathryn Savegnago, $1,405

When Dr. Twomley came, he made us start singing the school song. Most people thought it was weird, but now its so much fun. We all know the words and sing and stomp and clap. Sometimes on the bus, or where ever, we just burst into song. We love it, and we feel good about our school. - Valerie Pichot ‘18 11

“And daily strive to do our best, For Shenandoah, Shenandoah!”

Shenandoah Valley Academy, established in 1908, exists to provide a distinctly Seventh-day Adventist college preparatory program through experiences to produce disciples of Jesus who are compassionate citizens prepared for college and careers.

Shenandoah Valley

Academy 234 W. Lee Hwy. • New Market, VA 22844 540-740-3161

Photos: Tim Harley, Jaclyn Knight, Laura Short, Ryan and Ashley Swartz, Janel Ware

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SVA Annual Giving Report 2014-15  

SVA Annual Giving Report 2014-15  


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