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It’s an Online Conversation …

Every Saturday morning, we’ll post a “conversation starter” article about a topic that’s on our minds or in our lives. It’ll be up all week so you can add your thoughts and send it to friends so they can add theirs. If you can Comment ● Follow ● Share ● Like, you can be a member of the SheMatters conversation!

And “Home Improvement Project” for the Soul

Like you, we’re busy women with jobs, kids, husbands, bills and piles of laundry. So, we’re always on the lookout for creative, real-life-sized activities that stretch our lives and souls in healthier, happier, more effective directions. We’ll share them as we find them and invite you to join us in giving them a try. In the end, we’ll celebrate together … or crab together … but it’ll be fun either way!

Livin' the Faith

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