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Holly Gerrald Smith

Heather Gerrald Morris We had a very wonderful upbringing. My favorite memories are of the

My fond memories of childhood are many, as I had a great childhood.

times we spent at the beach and our trips to Disney World and Universal

Some of my fondest, I would have to say, are the holidays and our family

Studios. These memories are the ones I still think of today, and I can’t help

vacations. Momma always made sure they were special.

but smile. Mom always made sure we had the best experiences, and tons of memories were made.

My mom has also taught many important things, such as how to be a mother first and friend second, how to love and be patient. She always was

Momma is a very sweet, caring, and loving person, who often puts

and still is, patient. Yet she was stern. If she said something, she meant it.

others before herself. She is such a strong and independent woman. She is

That taught me the importance of manners and treating others with respect.

my role model and best friend. Whenever we got out of line or into trouble at school, a look was all she needed to give us, and we knew it was over.

I admire my mom’s advice and who she is as a person. Any time I have a problem, I know I can always go to her as she is always just a call away.

She taught us to always keep God and our family close because that

After giving her advice she adds, “You can do what you want with it.” I love

is really all you need in this crazy world. She has always wanted the best

having her input and since her advice is always good, I take it! Her love for

for me! I was a stubborn one growing up and liked to do things my way,

the Lord always shines through in her love for others and desire to help

knowing there were always consequences; however, all of those things


made me into who I am today, thanks to her.

Now that I am a mom, I love living life again with my children, and

As a mother, I enjoy the love my children give me, and I also enjoy

being there as they experience life. I enjoy watching them grow up with

watching them grow into individuals. Thomas (3) and Hadley (9 months) are

their cousins and seeing my mom light up every time she sees them. Having

my world and my greatest blessings. Seeing mom with my children (they

my mom and my sister with me every day and having the opportunity to

call her “Gigi”) makes my heart swell. They don’t know yet how blessed

raise our children together is a blessing. They are my very best friends, and

they are to have such a sweet jewel as a grandparent.

I would not want it any other way.

Thank you, Momma, for being such a wonderful mother and for being

I pray that I can be even half the mother to my children that my mom has

the glue for our family. You have taught me so many things that I plan to

been to my sister and me. I can easily say you and Heather are my very best

pass on to my children. You always made mothering look easy and made

friends, and I would not want it any other way. Thank you, Mom, for always

sure we always had more than we ever needed.

being there for our family. You are the glue that has always kept us close, and now that I am older, I appreciate that even more.


MAY 2018

PROVERBS 31:25-30

May 2018  

the Motherhood Issue

May 2018  

the Motherhood Issue