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As Told To She Magazine Photographed by Brandon Williams

Cadie Snead



have never been a super-skinny girl, however, I never considered myself to have weight issues. In fact, I had actually lost over 30 pounds within a month’s time during my first year of college. Shortly after, I received a type 1 diabetes diagnosis. After starting on insulin, I steadily gained weight and the dreaded “freshman 15” became for me, “the freshman 30.” I was upset and fearful, yet, after being so sick, I was relieved to have a diagnosis so that I could feel better and go on with my life. Years of health issues and weight gain later, when I saw pictures of myself at my nephew’s birthday party, I was shocked that it was even me, and I felt hate for myself. I was angry that I had allowed myself to get to that point, and I was embarrassed to be the size I was and to look the way I did. I saw a girl who was unhealthy and miserable.




MAY 2018


PROVERBS 31:25-30

May 2018  

the Motherhood Issue

May 2018  

the Motherhood Issue