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anna p. fox

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full bloom A

couple of weeks ago, we put some bulbs in the

times. Planting a row of tiny seeds, watching those seeds grow and

ground. Emma helped by “frinkeling” (3-year-old talk

eventually pop up out of the ground, catching a glimpse of new growth

for “sprinkling”) the seeds and the fertilizer. It was

from a plant you thought was gone for good—all of these seemingly

warm and sunny as she stomped around in her rubber

small victories give you a feeling of hope and offer you a reminder that

boots with the flashing lights on the heels, but I knew it wouldn’t stay that way; we are in South Carolina, after all.


God makes all things new. It’s been awhile since I’ve written an article (or anything else, really.)

Gardening has become an important outlet for me and a sweet

Out of curiosity, I looked back to my last article and saw that the same

activity to share with my little family. Abby, our yellow lab, supervises

things on my mind then are the same things on my mind now—thereby

from a spot nearby with her front legs crossed, like the perfect lady she

formulating my thoughts for this month’s submission. Perhaps this year,

is. Emma helps with small jobs we give her, as long as most of them

these thoughts have an even deeper meaning, since I’m not only see-

involve the watering can or the water hose. Brandon takes my endless

ing things I’ve just recently planted, but I’m also seeing shoots popping

building projects and ideas and makes them come to life, while I dig,

up here and there from perennials that were planted last year. It’s a

plant, and rearrange. We are becoming a nice little team. I’m incredibly

different level of excitement to see new life reappearing in the middle

thankful for the times we spend together out in the yard, and I want to

of a seemingly dead plant and to see how some plants have multiplied,

cry almost as often as Emma when the daylight begins to fade and we

promising more than the few beautiful blooms from last year. Better

have to go inside for dinner after a long afternoon of living carefree.

still is seeing growth in a barren place—a place where you thought

I’ve never disliked gardening. Several years in my childhood were

that anything you had previously planted was now completely lost. Our

spent waking up early to help Grandma pick rows and rows of beans,

winter this year was a bit harsher than years past, and I was worried that

and I can still recall being scared of the worms I’d find when shucking

I wouldn’t see some of these plants again this year.

corn. Now that I am in my thirties, I’ve found increasing satisfaction in

The symbolism continues to be so real for me. I feel places in my

acquiring plants, gathering bulbs and cuttings from various friends and

own life that once seemed barren but that are beginning to sprout new

family, and working to create beautiful spaces in our own yard. The

ideas and desires. Areas that were dormant for a season of “winter” are

exercise has provided me with a type of therapy I didn’t realize would

now awakening and are feeling alive and hopeful once again. I had not

be so beneficial and rewarding. Let’s face it—life gets really hard some-

intended for my writer’s voice to be one of those areas, but . . . LIFE.

MAY 2018

PROVERBS 31:25-30

May 2018  

the Motherhood Issue

May 2018  

the Motherhood Issue