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director’s chair

My girl and I are notorious road trippers. We’ve driven our way to and through multiple states like Texas, the Carolinas, Louisiana, Missouri and Georgia. One time, we got super-suburban and took the kids on a two-week drive to various wacky points of interest in Florida, on each of the four corners and just about everywhere in between, to the tune of 3500 miles. For example, did you know that there is a small town in the Florida boonies that is populated almost entirely by psychics? What struck me as odd about the place was the sign on the side of a shop facing the main road which said, “BINGO! Wednesday nights at 8pm.” It stuck out to me because I immediately realized that in a town full of good psychics, Bingo would be kind of boring. Every Wednesday around 7pm it would sound a little something like this: House #1, Mr. Psychic: You know, honey, I’m sensing you won’t be going to Bingo tonight. Mrs. Psychic: That’s right, dear. I had a premonition that Madam Josie will be winning tonight. House #2, Sr. Psychic: Amor, you should stay home tonight. Sra. Psychic: Si, mi amor, my tea leaves turned for Madam Josie. House #3, Ms. Psychic: Babe! Ms. Psychic: I know. Madam Josie. House #4, Madam Josie: Woo-hoo! Like I said before, wacky points of interest. Don’t even ask me about the Possum Monument. I’m still shaking my head over that one. Besides the fun of our driving adventures, we’ve also been to exotic locations like Cozumel and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, Roatan in Honduras, a spot or two in Belize, oh and of course, Las Vegas. The beauty of this incredible planet is that it is filled with new places to see, new people to meet, so much history to explore and all of it can be reached in one way or another. It might take a plane, a boat, a train, a car—or even all of them and a mule— but if you want to get there, it could happen. The summer is a great time to travel, especially if it takes you away from the humidity and heat of the South Florida rainy season. So, do a little research. You might even find a spectacular idea or two as you read through this issue. Get to planning, pack your bag and hit the road. Oh, and don’t forget my postcard! See you next month.

Tina Sordellini Managing Executive Editor

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june 2013 / VOLUME 15 / ISSUE 5



20 features

she espaÑol



Join us for this women-only camp in the Georgia mountains. Plan early and reserve today!

Entérate lo que sucede en nuestros países.

All you need to know for Sweet’s trip in Sept.



“Never in the history of the show has an artist been eliminated by his or her coach because the are, and I quote, ‘so good already’.”


Summer Sun & LGBT Fun in Montréal, from the gayest neighborhood, to music, art and great cuisine to Montréal Pride, June & Aug.






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Meet Jae from Jacksonville, FL

33 DID YOU FACEBOOK ABOUT... 34 ON THE SHELVES 34 ARCHIVES Sunday T-Dance at Boom, March 2002


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with tina sordellini

Golden Sisters is a real life comedy following the hilarious adventures of Mary, Josie and Teresa, three sisters who shot to fame after a web video of the ladies watching a celebrity sex tape went viral. With Mary in her eighties and her twin sisters not far behind, these three raucous women are not your average seniors. These spirited, lovable ladies share their outrageous opinions on everything from sex and dating to celebrities, pop culture and an endless supply of laughs. Airs Saturdays at 10pm on OWN.

Pistol Annies, comprised of Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, are back with Annie Up, the followup to 2011’s Hell On Heels, which debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart. The Annies’ refreshing sound was met with widespread acclaim. “The goal of our music is to have people feel like they’re having a conversation with us,” said Lambert. With the trio writing all 12 of the tracks on Annie Up, this sophomore collection promises to up the ante on one of the most compelling debuts in recent years.

The Hero will bring nine people together tackling extraordinary feats in an unexpected and dramatic setting. Each week, the contestants will be tested physically, mentally, and morally, as they try to prove that they truly deserve the title of “The Hero” and the chance of winning up to a million dollars. With temptations around every corner, America will watch to see what the contestants are willing to overcome, undergo, and sacrifice on behalf of themselves and others. In the end, it’s America’s call. Premieres June 10 at 8pm on TNT.

The meticulously restored the 243-minute original theatrical version of  Cleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor,  has made its  Bluray debut in a 2-Disc 50th Anniversary Edition packaged with a full-color book featuring rare images that provides a fascinating  behindthe-scenes look at the making of this legendary film. The Blu-ray is  packed with dazzling bonus materials featuring never-before-seen exclusive  content including Cleopatra’s lost footage, featurettes and more.

No longer just helping correct the naughty toddler phase, the new series will find America’s favorite nanny, Jo Frost sharing her respected advice as she helps families of all sizes and structures. From rebellious teenagers causing conflict to bullying at school to battling parents on the edge of divorce, Family S.O.S. will tackle the hot-button issues that every family faces today. Look for it on Tuesdays at 9pm on TLC.

Talk a Good Game is the upcoming fourth studio album by American recording artist Kelly Rowland. Formerly titled Year of the Woman, Rowland’s fourth album is due for release on June 18. The album will see Rowland returning to her R&B roots. Amongst the confirmed collaborators on the album are  Pharrell Williams,  The-Dream,  The Runners,  Wiz Khalifa, T-Minus and Boi-1da. As well as featuring guest vocals from former bandmates Beyoncé Knowles and Michelle Williams.

NOT TO BE MISSED: Season premieres of Major Crimes on June 10 at 9pm, Rizzoli & Isles on June 25 at 9pm and the series premiere of the new crime drama about two disgraced secret service agents turned P.I., King & Maxwell on June 10 at 10pm all on TNT. . SHE - 10 - 06/13

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aqualicious, the sold-out pool party during aqua girl at their new home, the national hotel, on collins avenue in miami beach. get ready for 2014! photos by angie sowers / view more photos at

SHE - 12 - 06/13

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in the news Lesbian romance ‘The Life of Adele’ wins Cannes’ top honor

Puerto Rico governor signs two gay rights bills into law On May 29th Puerto Rico’s governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, has signed a bill that prohibits employment discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation. Padilla said that he met his obligations as a Christian by signing the bill and congratulated legislators on approving the proposal. The original measure would have also banned discrimination in commercial transactions, property rentals, public transportation and other circumstances. Those clauses were removed after heavy opposition by religious groups. “Today is a thrilling day in Puerto Rican history. A decade ago, LGBT Puerto Ricans were criminals under the sodomy law, today we’re second-class citizens and when this bill is signed into law, we will be closer to achieving the first-class citizenship that we deserve. Equality is inevitable. Puerto Rico will be for all,” Pedro Julio Serrano, Puerto Rico Para Tod@s’ Founder and Communications Manager at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Most government agencies in the U.S. territory already have anti-discriminatory policies, but human rights activists say they are often not enforced. Garcia also signed a separate bill that extends a domestic violence law to gay couples.

The tender, sensual lesbian romance Blue Is the Warmest Color: The Life of Adele has won the hearts of the 66th Cannes Film Festival, taking its top honor, the Palme d’Or. The jury, headed by Steven Spielberg, took the unusual move of awarding the Palme not just to Tunisian-born director Abdellatif Kechiche, but also to the film’s two stars: Adele Exarchopoulos and Lea Seydoux. The three clutched each other as they accepted the award, one of cinema’s greatest honors.

‘Former lesbian’ Anne Paulk: Majority of lesbians were sexually abused Last month, ex-gay poster boy John Paulk announced that he was renouncing the ex-gay movement and ending his twenty-year marriage to his ex-gay wife, Anne. While John has now finally acknowledged that ex-gay conversion therapy doesn’t work and is in fact extremely harmful, his now ex-wife Anne is still a supporter of the dangerous pseudo-science. In fact, she recently appeared on Daystar’s “Joni Table Talk” where she told host Joni Lamb that according to her “study,” homosexuality is caused by sexual abuse and “sixty-six percent of [lesbian] women had incurred sexual abuse early on in their lives and astoundingly ninety percent of the girls who were leaving homosexuality had expressed that they had been a witness to sexual abuse or physical abuse or serious emotional abuse or any number of serious verbal abuse.” Lamb told Paulk that “the Enemy”—Satan—“came in and shut a door and opened a door to deception,” and Paulk added that “wounding leaves you hurting; it leaves you with a craving to feel a need and a hole that’s left in one’s life.” Towards the end of the program, Lamb and her cohosts cheered Paulk after she said she had been an ex-gay for “twenty-seven years” and called on gays and lesbians to move the “out of darkness.” Lamb concluded the show by asking viewers to pray for John and their marriage, without ever once mentioning that John has denounced his ex-gay past and conversion therapy or discussing the “personal struggle” with Anne.

Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty Images

Exarchopoulos stars in the French film as a 15-year-old girl whose life is changed when she falls in love with an older woman, played by Seydoux. The three-hour film caught headlines for its lengthy, graphic sex scenes, but bewitched festival goers with its heartbreaking coming of age story. Life of Adele, which premiered at Cannes just days after France legalized same-sex marriage (this past on May 18th), was hailed as a landmark film for its intimate portrait of a same-sex relationship.

what he said about... “Some great news: On Tuesday, Delaware became the 11th state to allow marriage equality. And just a few days ago, Rhode Island adopted a similar measure, which followed victories last fall in Maine, Maryland and Washington. I most certainly support marriage equality in Florida and look forward to the day it happens here.” — Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist posted on his Facebook page, May 8th. *This is a change from Crist’s position in 2006 when as Governor he signed a petition to help place an anti-gay marriage amendment on the ballot. The measure passed with nearly 62% of the vote in 2008. Today, polls show a dramatic shift in public opinion with a clear majority favoring equal access to marriage for gay couples. *Equality Florida

SHE - 14 - 06/13

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“YOU CAN PLAY NIGHT” PROMOTES WHAT EQUALITY IN SPORTS, BENEFITS LOWHERE CAL LGBTQ YOUTH GROUPS South Florida Gay News and the Miami Marlins have teamed up to host an evening of baseball to promote equality in sports and to benefit South Florida area LGBT youth organizations. “You Can Play Night” will take place Friday, June 14 at Marlins Park beginning with a social mixer at 5 p.m. followed by the baseball game versus the St. Louis Cardinals at 7:10pm. “With the recent announcement of Jason Collins coming out as a pro athlete, the timing for ‘You Can Play Night’ is perfect,” said Mike Trottier, Director of Sales & Marketing for SFGN. “The message the You Can Play Project makes to LGBT youth and their allies who are involved in sports is that locker rooms should be safe and sports venues should be free from homophobia. Athletes should be judged on talent, heart and work ethic and not sexual orientation. We are delighted to partner with the Marlins to bring this message to our local youth.” Tickets to “You Can Play Night” start at $20. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to South Florida LGBT youth programs, including Pridelines Youth Services, Safe Schools South Florida, The Pride Center, NVEEE, Sunserve, Youth Pride Band and The Alliance for LGBTQ Youth. “You Can Play Night” is sponsored by Storks Bakery, Dugout Sponsor; 93.9 MIA, Mark’s List, Hotspots, Wire Magazine, She Magazine, and The Murry Agency Public Relations, Media Sponsors. Special thanks go to the Gay and Lesbian Business Exchange (GLBX), the Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (MDGLCC), Greater Ft. Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (GFLGLCC) and Rainbow Business Coalition (RBC). > Join she at the park! Order tickets before June 10th at

stonewall summer pride announced grand marshal and entertainment line-up. get the rainbow out! Stonewall Summer Pride has announced that WSVN Channel 7 News Anchor Craig Stevens will be this year’s Stonewall Summer Pride Twilight Parade Grand Marshal. Stevens, originally from Falmouth, MA originally moved to South Florida in 1992. In addition to his Anchor duties at Channel 7, he is also an Adjunct Professor at Barry University teaching an introductory course in news writing.

Stevens will serve as this year’s Grand Marshal to the Stonewall Summer Pride Twilight Parade at 7:30PM on Saturday, June 22nd. The parade will run along Wilton Drive, beginning on the south end of the drive at 20th Street and running north ending at 5 Points. Stonewall Summer Pride 2013, “Journey to Equality” comes to Fort Lauderdale on June 22nd and 23rd in Wilton Manors. The event begins on Saturday evening with the Twilight Parade and entertainment on the main stage and continues on Sunday June 23rd with the annual Street Festival, Vendor Marketplace, a full schedule of Live Entertainment, Kid’s Zone and a whole host of other activities. There will be a special concert featuring Amber, CeCe Peniston, and Kristine W at 7:30PM. As you celebrate pride that weekend, make sure you stop by She Magazine’s booth to say hello during street festival.

Riverwalk Sunday Arts Every 4th Sunday of the month • Free On Going • 11AM - 2PM Esplanade Park along the New River Fort Lauderdale • 954.468.1541 Key West Pride June 5 - 9 Various locations • Key West, FL 954 glow/movie night June 12 • 8PM Behind the Candelabra Gateway Theatre 1820 E. Sunrise Blvd. • Fort Lauderdale Tickets at Quality Health Care and LBT Women June 12 • 6PM Broward County Main Library - 6th floor 100 S. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale • 954.357.7443 Out in the Tropics June 13-16 Colony Theater 1040 Lincoln Rd • Miami Beach Stonewall Summer Pride June 22 - 23 Wilton Manors, FL the yellow gala June 22 • 6PM 1601 Biscayne Blvd. • Miami 305.673.4440 • St. Pete Pride June 26 - 30 various locations • paint orlando red marriage equality rally June 27 • 7PM-10PM The Lake Eola Bandshell compass 25th anniversary celebration June 29 • 9PM The Harriet Himmel Theater 700 S. Rosemary Avenue #200 Lake Worth, FL

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It's Time to Go Back to Camp.

a women-only

camp, that is! Aug. 15 - Aug 19 • Georgia Do you miss the days of summer sleepaway camp? Well, here is your chance to experience those days once again at our exclusive gay and lesbian summer camp in the Georgia mountains! Let the ladies of GLAC Carla and Wendy Tabb (Gay and Lesbian Adults Camp) take you back to nature and rekindle the innocence of youth and play. What better way than with a women’s long weekend event from Thursday, Aug. 15 to Monday, Aug 19, 2013? GLAC is a throwback to an organized childhood sleepaway camp. This is not a camping site but a full service sleepaway camp with plenty of space and organized activities to keep everyone entertained. Located two hours northeast of Atlanta in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains, elevation 2,800, there are multitude of indoor and outdoor activities such as athletics, aquatics, and outdoor adventure like hiking trails and cultural arts as well as scenic outdoor facilities that will bring out the kid in everyone. The 250 acres, private-gated facility includes multi indoor and outdoor activity areas, a heated pool, two lakes and updated cabins. The facilities include an indoor auditorium (300-seat capacity with staging, sound and lighting), outdoor amphitheater with campfire circle, complete dining facility, indoor gymnasium, tennis courts, swimming pool, outdoor athletic facilities, low ropes facility, climbing tower, go-kart track, Lake Blob, kayaks and canoes, waterskiing and hiking trails.

One of the most attractive parts of GLAC is the all-inclusive introductory rate of $385 per person for five days and four nights. Make sure to mention She Magazine (promo code: shemag13) to receive this rate. The price includes accommodations (bunkrooms), three meals a day, organized activities, live music and entertainment, river tubing, transportation to and from the Atlanta airport and a day trip to Alpine Village in Helen, GA. Cafeteria dining includes a fruit and salad bar, hot and cold entrees, beverages and fresh baked goods daily. The bunkrooms or quarters are constructed with bunk beds, individual cubbies, indoor showers and toilet facilities. Only the bottom part of the bunk beds will be used to ensure everyone’s comfort. If you prefer to come solo, join the “singles” bunk room, or if you have a significant other and want more privacy, GLAC has allocated a few bunkrooms just for couples. Bed linens and bath towels will be provided. We should mention that the facility is smoke free and is not a clothing optional event (bummer). So, talk it over, and bring your friends or meet new ones. Take some time away in the mountains with your partner, or maybe meet the love of your life under the stars of the cool Mountain City, GA nights. Can you just imagine yourself on a mountain, no city noise and no cell phones, next to a campfire with s’mores, the stars, games, fun and women? For schedule and specific questions, visit, or call 305-209-GLAC (4522). Discount code: Shemag13. Have fun!

SHE - 16 - 05/13

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totally packed day and night events during sweet heat miami, foam party in miami beach and queendom night event at mekka nightclub in downtown miami. photos by foreva images / view more photos at

SHE - 17 - 06/13

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by candy parker


September Sizzles with

sweet in playacar, mx

Summer is just heating up but Sweet is already looking forward to fall, when the lesbian travel company will be bringing its unique brand of debauchery and do-goodery to sun-soaked Playa del Carmen, Mexico this Sept. 21-28. “Hundreds of Sweeties will be taking over the Playacar Palace Resort,” said Sweet founder and CEO Shannon Wentworth. “We are featur-

ing an amazing group of comedic and musical performers, theme parties and, of course, our trendsetting community service projects.” For those looking for a relaxing late summer/early fall getaway, Sweet’s Playacar resort vacation is the perfect combination of leisure and indulgence. Located on the spectacular Riviera Maya on the beach in the town of Playa del Carmen, the five-star Playacar Palace Resort is just steps away from Mexico’s legendary Fifth Avenue shops. The all-inclusive resort features rooms that overlook the crystalline waters of the Caribbean, a swim-up bar, Jacuzzi tubs in every room, 24-hour room service and a host of other amenities guaranteed to leave even the most finicky guest feeling pampered. Beyond the daily Sweet-sponsored excursions, guests can tour the gateway to Mayan civilization, visiting the ruins at Tulum, Coba and the legendary Chichen Itza, or spend an afternoon frolicking with dolphins, windsurfing or playing beach volleyball. There is also plenty of activity by the pool, for those who just want to kick back at the resort. Sweet’s entertainment lineup for Playacar includes Jackie Monahan, a bi-coastal comedian and actress featured on Showtime’s “Pride Comedy Jam;” Rakefet Abergel, an accomplished actress and outspoken stand-up comedian; Cathy DeBuono, out and proud lesbian actress, LA Talk Radio host, therapist and empath; seasoned actress and comedian Erin Foley; singer/songwriter Hannah Thomas; television and film star Traci Dinwiddie, perhaps best known for her role as Peyton Lombard in “Elena Undone;” and comedian Jennie McNulty, a veteran Sweet performer. “Sweet trips are such an incredible experience,” said McNulty. “I know for some of the women it’s a chance for them to truly be themselves, perhaps for the only time all year. But that’s only part of what makes the atmosphere so special.” “We visit beautiful places, stay in gorgeous locations and experience all the debauchery that goes along with these types of trips, but with Sweet, there’s another level of consciousness that permeates the atmosphere, too,” she said. “There’s the feeling that you’re part of something special—giving back, helping people.” McNulty is talking about the variety of community service projects no Sweet vacation would be complete without. Guests are invited to participate in projects such as spending the afternoon at an animal shelter bathing, walking and cuddling with the residents, or creating a library with donated books for local children. If that’s not your style, join in the giving spirit by raising funds for the local community via a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament hosted by Cathy DeBuono. “Poker in paradise has become more than a fun idea that raises money for charity,” DeBuono said. “It’s an interactive event that I’ve actually seen connect women from all over the globe when they sit at these tables together. I’ve seen people make business networking connections, expand their friendships circles in real and lasting ways and I’m excited to be a part of that. Not to mention it is always a good time.” DeBuono’s previous “Shuffle Up and Deal” efforts have raised

SHE - 18 - 06/13

shep18_19_PlayacarSweet.indd 1

5/30/2013 6:44:41 PM

thousands of dollars used to support women’s, children’s and animal support organizations in the communities fortunate enough to host the Sweet group. Actress and animal rights enthusiast Natalie Garcia organizes Sweet’s projects focused on the four-legged community. For this trip, Sweeties will have an opportunity to work with Coco’s cat rescue, and take a day trip to Cozumel. “We’ll rent dune buggies, explore the island and visit the local animal shelter,” Garcia said. “I am so grateful to be able to travel with such inspiring women while saving animals and raising awareness about animal rights.” Participating in these kinds of community projects and charitable endeavors is just part of what makes Sweet travelers so special. Recent first-time Sweetie Erin Lee described her vacation with Sweet in Puerto Vallarta as life- changing. “I experienced instant connections with an exceptional group of women,” said Lee, who ventured out as a solo. “I felt it was a time where we could be our most true selves and left with new lifelong friendships. And I loved the excursions and the entertainment. It was definitely more than a vacation.” Another Sweet newbie and solo traveler, Heather Price, couldn’t agree more. “As a shy, somewhat introverted person, new people in a new environment can be a little intimidating, but that only lasted about an hour into my time with Sweet,” she said “There just aren’t words for the friendliness and kindness I was shown. I danced until my feet ached and laughed until tears were streaming down my face. ‘Solo’ is a misnomer; you’re actually traveling with friends you just hadn’t met yet.” For more information on Sweet’s Playacar resort vacation and interest/fee-free payment plans, visit or call 877-793-3830. Be sure to ask about the $1,500 per room resort credit.

Chichen Itza

Playacar Resort

SHE - 19 - 06/13

shep18_19_PlayacarSweet.indd 2

5/30/2013 6:44:45 PM

by maria espinal / photos by nbc universal, inc

from the cover

I first came across Karina Iglesias’ performance at The Manor, located in the heart of Wilton Manors, FL. I knew of her career at other clubs in the Miami-Dade and Broward areas but had never seen her live. When I did, I was actually captivated by her stage presence, strong vocals and variety of genres she includes in her shows. So, of course I was not surprised she made NBC’s The Voice in its fourth season, and I was even more proud to see a Florida-out-Latina-lesbian light up the show’s stage, which gave her the spotlight she deserves. Born and raised in Miami, Florida to Honduran parents, Karina Iglesias’ sound mirrors the diverse musical and cultural influences that have shaped her character and forged her individuality as an artist. With a style equally informed by rhythm and blues, boleros, gospel and hip-hop, Karina delivers her performances with the intimacy of a deep soul crooner

and the conviction and drive of a dauntless female singer-songwriter. In 2009, Karina was chosen to be one out of an eight-person choir ensemble hired by the Miami Dolphins (Dolphins Voices) through Emilio Estefan to sing the anthem at all home games. In 2011, Karina sang a duet with Sony Latin recording artist Franco de Vita who has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. She was featured on his live DVD album Primera Fila, which won two Latin Grammy Awards. She performed with Wyclef Jean at the Zumba Instructor’s Convention in Orlando in July of 2011, and she has also been featured on Univision’s Mira Quien Baila, just to name a few accomplishments prior to The Voice. We recently spoke to Karina after her second coach Shakira did not save her, which came as a surprise to pretty much everyone who saw that episode, including Karina herself.

SHE - 20 - 06/13

shep20_22_KarinaIglesias.indd 1

5/30/2013 6:45:05 PM

Take us through the process from the minute you found out about auditions to the first blind audition. It’s a very interesting story because all open call auditions had already taken place in various cities by the time I contacted their casting company via e-mail asking them to check out my YouTube videos, and if they were still looking for talent, for them to let me know. Within a few hours, we had a Skype interview, and within a week I was flown to Los Angeles to audition. And the funny part is I thought that email was going to go unanswered. As any good Latina, your grandmother has had a major influence in your life and career. It must have been great to have her share that moment with you, as well as other family members, including your wife. How did they feel seeing you on the show? You can imagine they’re beyond proud of me. They’ve been so supportive, I thank them for all the viewing parties they did for me and for their insanity with getting everyone to vote! I feel so loved by them, and to have my abuela still be on this earth to witness this moment in my life and career was beyond amazing! To those readers who don’t know, you do have a beautiful wife. Can you expand on where you got married and what it means to you to have her by your side to share these moments with you on a personal and professional level? I had a commitment ceremony here on 11/11/11. Although we cannot get married under the law here in Florida, we still professed our love to each other in front of our closest friends and family, and it was a magical night. Jacquie has been incredibly supportive, and she’s willing on supporting me on

my journey 150 percent. We spent a lot of time apart during this process, so I really am floored by her belief in my career and me. It makes me stronger. I love her to pieces and beyond words. looking back, has there been a moment in your career when you wanted to just give up? If so, why did you feel that way, and how did you obviously overcome that moment? There have been many times I’ve wanted to throw in the towel. This business can be cruel and fickle. You get told “no” many times, but when you’re in alignment with your purpose in life, you cannot see yourself doing anything else than what you were meant to do. I love to sing too much to just give up, not after the time and effort I’ve put in. You just can’t give up, ever! What comes to you as you see your blind audition and the judges’ comments on your performance? I had a feeling that chairs wouldn’t turn until the

During your coaching sessions with Shakira, what didn’t make it on air that perhaps you can share now with us? Off the top of my head, there isn’t much that she said off camera that differed from what she said in front of cameras. I will say she was very down to earth and very sweet. You forgot the cameras were rolling when you were in the room with her. You were also a coach yourself to kids in Miami. Are you still doing that, and are there any new vocal techniques you will bring to them? At the moment since I’ve returned from the show, I’ve spent my energy and focus on furthering my career as an artist more than the teaching, but I know my students are proud of me. I definitely have some more challenging vocal warm up exercises in store for them once I return to teaching in the near future. What is something new that the show brought out of you as a performer?

end of my performance, so I was able to keep my cool until it got down to that last second! It was such an unforgettable feeling standing up there. Knowing I was on the show, it was the recognition I’ve wanted my whole life in my career. To hear Adam and Blake’s comments was completely surreal. I had done it and made my abuela proud! How different were your two coaches you worked with, and what did you take from each one? Adam’s approach was leaning more toward the vocal performance side of the music, while Shakira was more hands-on (no pun intended–tee hee!). She was involved in every facet of our performances, from wardrobe to hair, etc. To be able to receive advice from two mega superstars was pretty incredible.

I would say the ability to be even more comfortable in my skin. I’ve been performing in front of large crowds for a long time now, and the fact that I never felt nervous or anxious about my performances just made me believe that it was definitely my time to be on that show. What did you learn about yourself while on the show? I learned that in this business you can’t take yourself too seriously. You have to have a sense of humor about all things. You have to roll with the punches, and, most importantly, I learned to smile more! What contestant did you enjoy performing with the most and why? My obvious answer is Judith Hill. The fact that she shared the stage with my musical idol Michael

Follow Karina • •

SHE - 21 - 06/13

shep20_22_KarinaIglesias.indd 2

5/30/2013 6:45:07 PM

Never in the history of the show has an artist been eliminated by his or her coach because they’re, and I quote, ‘so good already.’”

Jackson and the fact that I was paired up in the battles with her just made me one degree closer to my idol. It was an epic battle, and it will go down as one of the best on the show ever. It was great to see you shine every week. You have such strong stage presence. You were on fire each time! What do you consider to be your best moments on the show? Well, thanks so much! I’d have to say that my battle with Judith Hill really put me “on the map” with the viewers/fans. I also think my last performance of “Let’s Stay Together” was another one of my faves. I honestly loved every single performance I was blessed to be a part of. I love the “#karinthians” term. How did that come about? One of my new Twitter followers Craig (@itsalleternal) coined the phrase after I tweeted asking my new fans what they wanted to be called. He came up with the clever term #karinthians, and I really loved it and ran with it! I think your face said a lot at the elimination moment, but I am dying to know your reaction about Shakira’s comments as to why she wasn’t saving you, which didn’t make any sense. Every post I read disagreed with her decision.

That night was a complete blur; all I could think of was “Smile Karina. Smile. Just stand there and smile.” Never in the history of the show has an artist been eliminated by his or her coach because they’re, and I quote, “so good already.” However, the reality of the show is that people will go home eventually. Do I think my departure was a bit too early? I do. Many others do also. But that’s how the cookie crumbled, and I respect Shakira’s decision. Did she say anything else to you after the show or you to her? No, nothing. To change the subject a bit and as we celebrate Gay Pride Month, what achievements would you be celebrating as an individual and as part of the LGBT community? This year in November I’ll be celebrating my second year of marriage to my lovely wife Jacquie, and I want the LGBTQ community to know that I was representing them fully on the show–loud and proud! If you were to choose to be the spokesperson for an LGBT organization, which one would you choose and why? I’d love to represent the HRC campaign. It is a huge and powerful advocate for gay rights, and

now that I’m “married,” marriage equality is a big issue for me. So, I would LOVE to be a part of this program. Is there a before/after The Voice for you, and how do you plan to capitalize on it? I most definitely plan on riding the wave of publicity The Voicehas created for me, and I plan on capitalizing on it to the best of my abilities. I’m currently looking for the pieces to complete #TeamKarina to help me continue on this journey! The obvious question: what is next for your career? On what level has being on the show helped your career? Being on the show has allowed me to reach an unimaginable audience; you cannot put a price tag on the exposure from this show. I am forever in gratitude for getting on, and now the journey REALLY begins! Another album is definitely in order, so stay tuned for more music from Karina Iglesias. Any upcoming performances where we can enjoy you? Sure. Tuesday, June 4th at Blue Jean Blues in Fort Lauderdale and Sunday, June 29th at Blue Jean Blues as well, 9pm showtime. Catch The Voice Season Finale on June 18th on NBC.

SHE - 22 - 06/13

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5/30/2013 6:45:10 PM

SHE - 23 - 06/13

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5/30/2013 6:45:38 PM


see more photos at / by

i live in: Jacksonville, FL My occupation: I’m a full time student, with an AOS in Crimi-

nal Justice and working on a BA in Culinary Management. Dream Girl: A woman who is grounded, motivated, intelligent, and funny. Looks aren’t top of my list, personality is. Dream Job: Owning my own restaurant or in forensics. My mother thinks I: am my own person. Turn-ons: Someone who is spontaneous, silly and can make me laugh. Intelligent conversation, creativity, and open-mindedness. Turn-offs: Selfishness, arrogance, lack of intelligence, lack of motivation/dedication, or no sense of humor. My Best Quality: My mind. secret fetish: I like to be dominated from time to time… I have a weakness for: Confidence, a nice smile and nice legs. I like to wear: Skinny Jeans, Graphic Tees or Tanks, and Chucks or Jays. If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?: I’d like to be able to override a person’s willpow-

er. I know it sounds crazy but I would be able to stop murders, bank robbers, suicide, or even war. my favorite flower: Bleeding Hearts or Lilies. Your house is on fire, besides a loved one, what is the inanimate object you’d grab?: My stuffed Spider-

man, wallet and cell phone. If my life were made into a movie, my part will be played by: Queen Latifah, her personality is bold like mine,

although we look nothing alike. my greatest accomplishment: Graduating basic training

for the United States Army as a Military Police Officer. my favorite quote: “The only person I am trying to be better

than is the person I was the day before.” The weirdest thing I ever ate was: Kagogi (dog meat)

when I was stationed in South Korea. Celebrity’s butt I would most like to squeeze:

Gabrielle Union The cartoon character I am most like: A lot of people

say I look like Cailou, eat like Garfield, and think like Pinky. The strangest place I’ve ever been naked: I’ve been

naked just about everywhere, clothes are overrated! My coming out was: Rough to say the least. It was summer

of 8th grade and my mom came home and caught me reading an article in Butches and Femmes. She was livid, we argued and somewhere in there I yelled out I was lesbian and liked girls. If you were to become an activist in the LGBT community, which organization would you choose and why: It would be HRC only because I feel like they are

more known nationally and I could be able to reach out to the masses. I think the LGBT community needs: More outspoken voices. People can’t expect to get what they want by doing nothing. We need everybody to be an activist in some shape or form, stand up for what we deserve and never sit down.

SHE - 24 - 06/13

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5/30/2013 6:46:14 PM

SHE - 25 - 06/13

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great times, adventure and new friends during the sweet trip to the newly-remodeled 5-star-all-inclusive hard rock vallarta resort in puerto vallarta, mexico. photos by angie christmas, judy price, mindy yu / view more photos at

SHE - 26 - 06/13

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photos by tourisme montréal

` Montreal


Summer Sun

& LGBT Fun in

Looking for some excitement but want to stay at a low budget? Montréal, the most bilingual metropolis in North America and the second largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris, might just be the best destination this summer because it is all about the Q across the north border. Q is the big letter on the edge of downtown, all lit up at night and shining over at Catherine Street at The Village, the center of Montréal’s gay scene that has everything to offer from dance parties, great restaurants and museum to drag shows. Montréal Pride hits its stride with the Parade next August and lots, lots more! The biggest perk is that Canada has recognized same-sex marriages nationwide since July 20, 2005 when it became the fourth country in the world to do so. So, get planning. Here is a list of LGBT events you can use to plan your trip around.

Aires Libres: A Breath of Fresh Air in the Village

Back for another season under the big pink from May 16 to September 13, the Village takes back the street, turning it into a fabulous 15-block pedestrian walkway during Aires Libres. Check out everything from public art to sun-soaked patios and street-side performances as one strolls and enjoys the pretty pink-ball canopy and Pride-every-day feel! St-Ambroise Montréal Fringe Festival

June 3 to 23 The Fringe Festival is Montréal’s summer block party of theatre, dance, music, comedy and more. With over 700 shows, local and international performing artists take over the Plateau Mont-Royal to celebrate 21 years of boundless creativity. Find Art at FIMA

The Festival International Montréal en Arts (FIMA), the Village’s first major LGBT happening, kicks off this summer with a bang from June 12 to 16. An open-air exhibition showcases works from over 120 artists from across North America. It also features short film screenings, multimedia performances and immersive installations. From Dance to Drag and DJs, Divers/Cité Dazzles

For a second consecutive year, Divers/Cité is back. It’s big, bold and more fun than anyone ever imagined. From July 30 to August 4, pull out the party frocks because Divers/Cité has outdoor dances, world-class DJs, spectacular performances, film screenings and more. Don’t miss Mascara, the world’s biggest open-air drag show, plus tons of performances outdoors. Osheaga, Music and Arts Festival

August 2 to 4 A festival of music and arts divided in three parts: Osheaga Arts, Osheaga in the City and Osheaga on the Island is the biggest of its kind in Canada with performances by the Cure, Phoenix, New Order, Hot Chip, Tegan and Sara, Azealia Banks and many more. Be a Part of Montréal Pride

LGBTs will be pouring into the streets for the Pride Parade on August 18, but Montréal Pride is more than the high-flying, festive march. It’s seven days, August 12 to 18, of back-toback fun, including Family Day, Community Day, T-Dances for the masses and then some!

SHE - 28 - 06/13

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SHE - 29 - 06/13

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noticias ILGA actualiza mapas de derechos LGBTI en america latina y el caribe Como todos los años, este mes de Mayo la Asociación Internacional de Gays, Lesbianas, Bisexuales, Trans e Intersexuales (ILGA) ha actualizado su serie de mapas de los derechos de las personas LGBTI en todo el mundo. Entre ellos, están el mapamundi y el mapa de derechos de América Latina y Caribe, dando a conocer datos sobre persecución y tipo de castigos, asi como los paises que ofrecen algún tipo de reconocimiento a las uniones del

mismo sexo y adopción adjunta. Igualmente el mapa ofrece información sobre paises donde existen leyes anti-discriminatorias. Entre los paises de Suramérica que ofrecen reconocimiento al matrimonio gay se destacan Argentina (donde adopción en conjunto también es permitido), Uruguay y el area del D.F. en México. Igualmente existen paises donde la homosexualidad aún se castiga con cadena perpetua o varios años de prisión.

ILGA es una red mundial de organizaciones locales y nacionales dedicadas a alcanzariguales derechos para personas Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales, Trans e Intersexuales (LGBTI) en todas partes. Fundada en 1978, ILGA disfruta de estatus consultivo en las Naciones Unidas donde habla y hace incidencia política en nombre de 1005 organizaciones miembros.

Lanzan campaña antibullying en Argentina La Comunidad Homosexual Argentina (CHA) puso en marcha, desde el 17 de Mayo, una campaña contra el acoso escolar inaugurando una campaña nacional: “Más inclusión sin Bullying”, en la que participaron actores y actrices que, mediante varias fotografías, han querido representar la diversidad sexual en el ámbito escolar. En la presentación, realizada en el salón azul del Congreso de la Nación, se hizo hincapié en la necesidad de terminar con la discriminación motivada en la identidad de género y diversidad sexual de las personas, a fin de generar una escuela sin bullying. “Que te digan en la cara maricón, que te lo digan como insulto tus compañeros de colegio, tus maestras o tus directoras, es algo que a esta altura de la historia no puede suceder más. Repudiamos todo este tipo de actos discriminatorios. Pero desde nuestra organización y con esta campaña lo que siempre nos propusimos es corrernos del lugar de la víctima. Estas fotos, estas historias y estos textos tienen ese objetivo”, explicó Cigliutti en el lanzamiento de la campaña. A su vez, recordó que en un 16 de Mayo en 1990, la Organización Mundial de la Salud retiró a la homosexualidad de la lista de enfermedades mentales.

Sigue la campaña en • #sinbullying Visitanos en linea,

SHE - 30 - 06/13

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por veronica espinal

El Activismo de

Tamara Adrián Hernández “El reto es justamente comenzar logrando la igualdad en la ley, y con esa igualdad luchar por la igualdad en los hechos.” A medida que ciertos logros se van logrando para quienes formamos parte de la comunidad LGBT, van saliendo a flote los nombres de aquellos que luchan a diario por conseguir esos derechos. Este es el caso de Tamara Adrián Hernández. De origen venezolano, Tamara Adrián Hernández es abogada, profesora de derecho y autora. Nacida como Tomás Adrián, obtuvo su reasignación de género en 2002 en Tailandia. Tamara es una reconocida activista por los derechos de las mujeres y las minorías sexuales. Entre otras cosas, sirve como la co-presidenta de la conferencia sobre derechos humanos del International worldOutgames que esta pronto a comenzar en Bélgica este año. ¡Te invito a conocerla! Ante todo, debo preguntarte sobre la situación actual en Venezuela en cuanto a nuestra comunidad.

La situación de la comunidad LGBTI en Venezuela es, desde el punto de vista legal, sumamente preocupante. A diferencia de lo que ha venido ocurriendo en el resto de los países de América Latina, en los cuales ha habido avances muy importantes en igualdad de derechos, en Venezuela no se ha logrado ningún avance significativo ni ninguna discusión seria sobre el tema...lo que ubica al país como el más atrasado de la región. Peor aún, ni siquiera hay un intento serio de discusión parlamentaria del tema, lo cual ocurre en países inclusive altamente homofóbicos, como Costa Rica. Por otra parte, la jurisprudencia constitucional venezolana (Tribunal Supremo de Justicia, Sala

Constitucional) ha sido la única de la región y una de las únicas del mundo que ha fallado en contra de la igualdad de derechos de parejas, contrastando con las decisiones mexicanas, colombianas o brasileras sobre el tema. Lo más lastimoso es que Venezuela fue el primer país de América Latina en reconocer la identidad de las personas trans (1977), y hasta 1998 hubo más de 150 cambios de nombre y sexo por vía jurisprudencial. Desde entonces, ninguno. ¿Es más difícil ser transgénero, en todo sentido, en Latinoamérica?

Puede serlo, aunque el problema es básicamente la visibilidad en período de transición. Y dependiendo de la invisibilidad en el género de identificación, la vida es más o menos difícil. Debido justamente a la transfobia, que es el odio a la diversidad más fuerte y violento. ¿Cuál fue el factor decisivo para tu transicion?

El problema es siempre la intolerancia y la ignorancia: es un imperativo de vida, asumir la coherencia con quien eres. Y la homofobia, la transfobia, al igual que el racismo, o el sexismo, se enseña en las casas, en las escuelas, en las iglesias y en la calle. Y es necesaria una labor de desaprender los prejuicios. Una persona decide asumirse cuando se siente que no hay otra forma de vivir. ¿En algún momento recibiste rechazo dentro del medio a nivel laboral?

En líneas generales una mujer tiene que ser al menos dos veces mejor que un hombre para obtener el mismo reconocimiento. En el caso de una mujer trans, pienso que es al menos

tres veces mayor el esfuerzo. Si se logra, se vence el rechazo, pero de la misma manera que lo vence la mujer: con eficiencia, conocimiento, dedicación y superación. Cada día vemos más y más atletas hablar abiertamente sobre su orientación sexual. ¿A qué lo acreditas?

En la medida en que hay ejemplos positivos de personas que salen del closet en todas las áreas, también en los deportes vemos el mismo fenómeno: la gente ya no quiere tener vergüenza. La gente quiere poder compartir su vida, y ha llegado el momento en el que el closet enferma. Siempre lo digo, al igual que las cajetillas de cigarrillos, debería haber una leyenda: advertencia, se ha determinado que el closet es dañino para la salud. Es el tiempo de la igualdad, como cuando la mujer salió de sus casas, para estudiar, trabajar, desarrollarse profesionalmente. ¿Hay algún proyecto que deseas lograr para nuestra comunidad que aún tienes pendiente, ya sea a nivel profesional o personal?

La lucha por derechos iguales en la ley y en los hechos enfrenta un programa de largo plazo. Aún hoy las mujeres no gozamos de iguales derechos en los hechos que los hombres, quienes siguen ganando más a trabajo igual, y teniendo otras oportunidades. El reto es justamente comenzar logrando la igualdad en la ley, y con esa igualdad luchar por la igualdad en los hechos. Porque mientras no haya igualdad en la ley, es imposible lograr la segunda. Es la lección de la igualdad racial, religiosa o de género.

SHE - 31 - 06/13

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temptation, the friday night party during aqua girl at grand central in miami, featuring grammy-nominated & the voice’s finalist, frenchie davis. photos by angie sowers / view more photos at

SHE - 32 - 06/13

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5/30/2013 6:52:51 PM

with material girl

just 4 fun

DID YOU ABOUT... SHE MAGAZINE & SHE MAG: 2013 commemorates the 15th year of “The Vagina Monologues.” If your vagina could talk, what would she say?

Just Plain H.O.T. Just in time for the summer, VOGUE EYEWEAR just released their 2013 sunglasses collection and nothing is more of an attention grabber than sexy and stunning Eva Mendes as their face for the season! With a new collection of sunglasses and everyday eyewear, they sure will get a lot of attention with Eva. >> / $95-$130

If you are like me and need to have many devices connected to your laptop or desktop at the same time, and hate all those cables, just released is the SATECHI 7-PORT USB 3.0 ALUMINUM HUB, ideal Mac and MacBook accessory. It features a sleek, compact design and additional connectivity for multiple USB-based devices including flash drives, printers, digital cameras, external hard drives and more. The slim, strip shape design takes up little room on any desk and also allows users to easily plug in and remove devices. The Satechi 7-Port USB 3.0 Aluminum Hub is available with a white or black trim. >> / $54.99 introductory rate


Cathy K—Have you met my sister, Clitoris? Marie H—Eat me. Massages Inspace—It would say... I’m very private and it better stay this way. Naomi P—...the stories I could tell! Tracy G—Yoohoo! Down here! Remember me? Elisa R—::Yawn:: Charlie A—”I’m lonely. Bring some friends over!” Darlene K—Oh,wow--- a few novels there for sure. Lara M—Ready whenever you are. Yes, we come in heels—The vagina in me honors the vagina in you! Julia S—I am a bit lonely! Charlene P—Do other lesbians have fantasies with a man, just like straight women have sexual fantasies with women but are afraid to talk about it? I am talking a sexual fantasy, not about falling in love with. I sometimes do and leave it my head. Stephanie A—Sometimes I wish I had met other vaginas before settling for one, but I am grateful for having her to myself. Julia S—Oh my...I am so loving the Brazilian wax! It’s like finding my innerself. Why didn’t I do this before?! Briana H—Remember that time you thought fruit was a good idea? It wasn’t. Paula B—Thank you, thank you! Melanie Z—It’s time for a haircut already. STAY CONNECTED! - Search She Mag & She Magazine - -

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on the shelves

with marissa cohen

Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles by Sienna Sinclaire This sassy, sexy manual to the L.A.’s hottest restaurants, clubs, and stores is sinfully perfect for anyone planning a Cali trip this summer. Femmes, tantalize your girlfriend with lingerie from Frederick’s of Hollywood or other clothing stores. Want to learn how to pole dance? Sienna Sinclaire can tell you where to go. Remember Tim of Finland, that buff gay icon from the 60s and 70s? Visit the Time of Finland Foundation for the Erotic Art Fair Weekend or Harvilles, specializing in burlesque since the Jazz Age. While Naughty Girl’s Guide is light on les or bi friendly L.A., this guide is bursting at the seams with L.A.’s steamiest and most interesting places and it’s worth a read.

Sunday TDance at Boom • Fort Lauderdale • 2002

The Dyke Diagnostic Manual by Mickey Eliason Drama is to the lesbian community what Sarah McLachlan’s music is to lesbian breakups: totally entwined. This mock guide to les culture is organized like a psychological textbook, so “students” of dyke drama can diagnose themselves and friends through a series of wry and hilarious case studies and types, ranging from “The Lesbian Mother Superior”, a “self appointed” leader of the lesbian community, to “Desperately Seeking Susans,” ladies who crave a soul mate with frightening ferocity, or “Late Onset Lesbians (LOLs),” women who come out later in life. Cute, sharp, and witty, The Dyke Diagnostic Manual is for anyone who’s ever watched high les drama and shuddered to themselves.

Straight People by Jeffery Self Long live Jeffery Self, the author of 50 Shades of Gay and tv star of 30 Rock, Jeffery and Cole Casserole, and Desperate Housewives! I was in stitches from the first chapter of this guide to heterosexual culture. Hilarious and warm, Self covers the migration patterns, culture, lifestyle, and habitats of the mysterious heterosexual. With rave reviews from Beekman Boy Josh Kilmer Purcell and comedienne Amy Schumer, this manual to the sexual majority is a must-have if you want to laugh so hard that the neighbors bang on the door. Please buy this book now. Tell them Marissa from She Magazine sent you. SHE - 34 - 06/13

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she classifieds accommodations

community groups/organizations

Key West’s Distinctive Resort

Pearl’s is an all-welcome historic inn offering guesthouse ambiance and resort amenities. With Key West’s One Human Family atmosphere, Pearl’s offers full breakfast, 2 clothingoptional (but bottoms up) pools, 2 hot tubs, gym, and poolside bar and grill. 800-749-6696.


Legal gay weddings. We have more brides from FL than any other state! 19 charming rooms, 100 private acres in New Hampshire’s vacation destination, the White Mountains. Pink Choice Award since 2007. 1-877 LES-B-INN (537-2466)Hotels. 1-877-LES-B-INN •

key west

cleaning services

Reach The Women of the LGBT Community! Advertising in She: A Lot More Affordable Than You Think. Call Today 954-354-9751 SHE - 36 - 06/13

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she classifieds miscellaneous

she sisters

she searches ITâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S TIME FOR YOU TO BE IN SHE!

She Girls: Send us a color photo with contact information. Email us at:

SELL SOMETHING YOU LOVE Sales representatives wanted. Unlimited earning potential and some of the highest commissions in the industry! Sales experience, professionalism and a love for She a MUST! Dade, Broward, ORLANDO, TAMPA, JACKSONVILLE areas availiable. Send resumes to SHE - 37 - 06/13

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with the village sage

scopes AQUARIUS JAN 21 - FEB 19

leo July 23 - aug 22

You’ll have to come out of your comfort zone to create an action plan to deal with your current situation. You’ll even enjoy doing instead of just thinking. Your enthusiasm will compel cooperation from all involved. Conserve your resources, keep your emotional balance, and find enjoyment in the little things you can cross off your ‘to-do’ list.

You’re more ‘out and about’ these days; socializing, networking, enjoying, yet very introspective. That won’t stop you from making new friends, influencing important people, and having fun. You’ll benefit from enjoying other people’s resources for a change. Use them to build a secure foundation for your future. Financial and emotional security as your long-term goal, increased cash-flow as your short-term goal.

pisces feb 20 - mar 20 Turn your dreams into reality. Know the difference between wish-full thinking and fulfilling your wish list. Use your imagination to create a realistic plan to achieve them. Blend inspiration and intuition with practical know-how. Separate fact from fantasy. Strike a balance between the spiritual and the practical. Do all you can to preserve harmony in your life. All will be well.

virgo aug 23 - sept 23

aries mar 21 - apr 20

libra sept 24 - oct 23

You will need all of your will-power to identify and implement much needed changes regarding how you handle your everyday life and day to day challenges. It’s important to express yourself, however be very careful what you say and how you say it. Be flexible, open-minded, and patient as you work toward achieving your goals.

You’ll have many opportunities to move forward with your long-range goals, even as your strategies for achieving them are ever changing. Use your charm combined with your power of persuasion to cajole. Don’t get caught up in verbal power-struggles. Stay calm through sudden turbulence and upsets. How you react will determine the outcome. Just go with the flow to your vision of emotional and financial stability.

taurus apr 21 - may 21

scorpio oct 24 - nov 22

You’re determined to make necessary changes in how you deal with your finances. Take stock of what you already have and make a realistic projection of your current cash flow. Budget accordingly. Don’t buy what you don’t really need. Sell stuff instead. Be open to adjustments to the plan even if your goals remain the same. Enhance your skills and actively seek new revenue sources.

You have the ability to transform your ideas into action and your hopes and dreams into reality. Stay positive, stay focused, and stay on task. You’ll have plenty of distractions to keep you from doing the boring stuff. Be resourceful and get it done fast so you can go out and enjoy all the Universe is offering. That will revitalize you and you’ll be more productive for it.

gemini may 22 - june 21

sagittarius nov 23 - dec 21

You’ll have plenty of energy to move forward with your plan to self-improve everything in your life. To ensure success include patience in your toolbox. Concentrate on the changes that you and your twin need to make and not on critiquing what everyone else needs to do. Remember, the only thing in life that you have any control over is yourself.

You’re very focused on strengthening all of your relationships. You would be well served to drop old expectations and experiences. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Share your deepest hopes and dreams, fears, and worries. Emotional security requires financial security so work together to create the new and improved circumstances that you desire. Avoid argumentative encounters. Use your edit button.

cancer June 22 - july 22

capricorn dec 22 - jan 20

You’ll need to stay cool, calm, and collected as you delve into doing a very thorough self-check with the goal of self-improvement, self-appreciation, and selfactualization. Share your feelings with the significant others in your life. Dare to be vulnerable even if your emotional maturity is tested, Be open to making needed changes. Don’t act impulsively. Be patient. You have huge opportunities coming up.

There have already been some major shake-ups in your life forcing emergency restructuring and immediate damage control. Be careful not to let fear and frustration cause over-reactions and outbursts with loved ones. Be patient with yourself and others as complications require time and effort to resolve. Resolve the conflict within yourself between what you want and what you actually need.

Whether you like it or not the Universe is forcing you to make some much needed changes in your life. What you do, how you do it, what you want, and why you want it. Your career is uppermost in your mind. Take an honest look at your long-term prospects. Try new tactics to old projects. Actively seek to cultivate new friends, just don’t ignore the old ones.

SHE - 38 - 06/13

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5/30/2013 6:54:07 PM

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2/29/2012 8:10:08 PM

shep40_sweet.indd 1

5/2/2013 4:27:50 AM

She Magazine—June13  
She Magazine—June13  

On Cover: Karina Iglesias • Plus: Summer in LGBT Montréal, Gay & Lesbian Adult Camp in Georgia & Sweet vacation in Mexico • Sweet Heat Miami...