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full house at revolution nightclub women’s night during gay days in orlando, fl.

riptide at disney’s typhoon lagoon water park & retro t dance at epcot events,part of one magical weekend during gay days in orlando, FL.

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director’s chair

I was in a bit of a rut. No matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t seem to get my mojo going and get anything really accomplished. Sure, I had my hands in about 15 different things, but nothing was really garnering my full attention. As a result, nothing was really getting done to my or anyone else’s tastes. Once that happens, the pressure of knowing what others were thinking, coupled with my own disappointment, just took things to a new level of ridiculous. I suddenly realized that a big part of the problem was that I was having a bit of separation anxiety. My 70-something year-old BFF was headed off to the winter home. My invaluable assistant and friend, who I jokingly call, “Jenny,” was taking a multi-week vacation. A business associate had just told me that she wanted to take some time off and one of our close friends decided to move out of state. It’s not like I can’t get anything done without these people around. But there is this moment when you look around and realize that all your backup singers have left the stage and you are all alone with an audience of people who expect you to be fabulous. While I can perform solo with the best of them, it’s still a little unnerving when you don’t expect it. I found myself thinking, “Who will I go have my afternoon coffee, smoke and b*tch session with? How will I get all this work done if my assistant isn’t here for me to accuse of spending all her time making personal calls and texts? Who is going to monitor the lawn crew? Who are we gonna have incredible dinner parties with? It’s too much, I tell ya, too much!” Well, it’s been two weeks now. I can’t say for sure what happened, but I think somewhere around day four, my inner-Adele jumped in, knocked the Lindsey Lohan out of me and began belting it out to the masses. All of a sudden I became as focused as a heat seeking missile and multitasked my way through a month’s worth of work. Then I set a series of events in motion to cover the next two months over the next two weeks. I’m not sure there is any kind of moral to the story here, unless you count my inner five year-old who keeps saying, “I don’t need any of those doody-heads. I can do all by myself!” Of course, she’s not even sure she spelled “doody” right, so I wouldn’t lend her much credence. I guess it’s just one of those things that remind you that the world keeps spinning, life keeps happening, deadlines still creep up, you still gotta eat and sooner or later the lawn crew will have to deal with their own chicken bones getting caught in their mowers. Sometimes, the tide rolls in and brings people you need and sometimes it rolls out and takes them with it, but no matter what, you just gotta keep swimming. See you next month.

Tina Sordellini Managing Executive Editor

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july 2012 / VOLUME 14 / ISSUE 6



20 features

16 CHEF ROBYN ALMODOVAR Interview with Hell’s Kitchen South Florida’s contestant


Interview with Chantal Carrere “I tell the thruth and I’ve become very unapologetic, which I think is important.”


Meet Rachel Sage “I chose to be indie so I could really discover who I was and because I was afraid of...”

departments 06 10 14 24


Meet Lissa from Orlando, FL



she espaÑol 30 ESPECIAL Momentos y fotos en la historia LGBT que merecen ser vistos una y otra vez.

32 NOTICIAS Entérate lo que sucede en nuestros paises.


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with tina sordellini

AMY WINEHOUSE, was known for her powerful, deep contralto vocals, with an amazing ability to fuse modern R&B with classic soul and jazz influences. The documentary, Winehouse, Amy-Let’s Be Frank: 1983-2011, takes you on a journey through Amy’s life and her music career. It also features exclusive, never before heard music, only available on this DVD. Additional features include interviews with her father, fellow musicians and industry insiders, making it a must for all Amy fans.

Farewell, My Queen brilliantly captures the passions, debauchery, occasional glimpses of nobility and ultimately the chaos that engulfed the court of Marie Antoinette in the final days before the full-scale outbreak of the Revolution. The film stars LEA SEYDOUX as one of Marie’s ladies-in-waiting, seemingly an innocent but quietly working her way into her mistress’s special favors, until history tosses her fate onto a decidedly different path. Also stars DIANE KRUGER. Limited release July 13.

Special Edition CD/DVD, The Best of Kylie Minogue, features 21 of the best known KYLIE MINOGUE songs from her incredible 25year career, on one disc. The DVD includes videos of all the songs on the CD. The tracks were chosen by the fans through extensive market research in late 2011. Eighteen of the tracks were top five in the UK, including five number ones! Her first single, “Loco-Motion” was released on 28th July 1987—25 years ago this month!

The comedy, The Perfect Family, releases on DVD this month. Suburban supermom Eileen is the ultimate Catholic, and when she’s nominated for the coveted Catholic Woman of the Year Award at her local parish, it looks like she’s about to get the plaque. Only one test remains: introducing her family—her engaged gay daughter, adulterer son and recovering alcoholic husband—to the church board for the seal of approval. Stars KATHLEEN TURNER, ANNE RENTON and EMILY DESCHANEL.

Genre defying vocalist, CASSANDRA WILSON, has never rested on her laurels, and her new album, Another Country, is no exception to the rule. Nine of the ten songs are composed by Ms. Wilson and/or her collaborating partner. Recorded in Florence, Italy, the entire sound of the album is intimate, guitar-driven, and lushly romantic. Launched by the lead single, Red Guitar, Another Country is poised to invigorate Cassandra’s intensely loyal fan base as well as greet new audiences.

Political Animals is USA Network’s Limited Series Event that pulls back the curtain on the polished facade of a former first-family as they navigate the complex world of political and personal ambition. SIGOURNEY WEAVER stars as the former first lady and current Secretary of State attempting to keep her family together while dealing with State Department crises and fending off a hungry DC journalist (CARLA GUGINO)  bent on destroying her career. Premieres July 15 at 10pm.

not to be missed: Thriller flick, Red Lights, starring SIGOURNEY WEAVER. A psychologist and her assistant study paranormal activity, which leads them to investigate a world-renowned psychic who has resurfaced years after his toughest critic mysteriously passed away. Opens July 13.

SHE - 10 - 07/12

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girls in wonderland’s pool parties during gay days weekend in orlando, fl at the women’s host hotel, benefiting the national center for lesbian rights. photos by angie sowers / view more photos at

SHE - 12 - 07/12

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in the news cynDi laupeR’s tRue coloRs FunD launcHeD national oRGaniZation FoR Gay & tRansGenDeR youtH Homelessness Grammy and Emmy award-winning artist and advocate Cyndi Lauper launched the Forty to None Project, a national project of the True Colors Fund aimed at empowering and advocating on behalf of homeless gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth, and raising awareness around the issues they

face. The Project will primarily focus in its first year on 3 key areas: Education and Awareness, Advocacy & Empowerment. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, each year between 500,000 and 1.6 million youth in the U.S. are homeless or runaways. And while LGBT youth make up an estimated 3% to 5% of the general U.S. population, they account for as much as 40% of the homeless youth population. The Project launched a website to educate and engage the public, as well as provide resources and information for homeless LGBT youth and the organizations that serve them. “For far too long gay and transgender youth who are experiencing homelessness have not received the attention, resources and support that they desperately require,” said Lauper. Fortytonone.orG

WHAT HE SAID ABOUT... “Once states set up these health insurance marketplaces, known as exchanges, insurance companies will no longer be able to discriminate against any American with a preexisting health condition. They won’t be able to charge you more just because you’re a woman. They won’t be able to bill you into bankruptcy. If you’re sick, you’ll finally have the same chance to get quality, affordable health care as everyone else. And if you can’t afford the premiums, you’ll receive a credit that helps pay for it... I’m as confident as ever that when we look back...we’ll be better off because we had the courage to pass this law and keep moving forward.” —President Obama Re: Supreme Court Ruling on the Affordable Care Act.

Wilton manoRs’ pRiDe centeR Receives $10,000 GRant FoR Women WitH pRiDe FRom ouR FunD At a recent reception for Our Fund supporters, CEO/President Anthony Timiraos announced a major collaborative effort between the organization’s Donor Advised Funds and other donors that resulted in eight $10,000 grants to organizations serving the LGBT community in the tri-county region. The grants support specific projects that improve and enhance the organizations’ ability to achieve their missions and sustain themselves over time. “A major philanthropic impact is achieved when our Fundholders and a group of our donors named the First 100 Funders work together to make positive change happen in our community. This is a perfect example of what can be achieved with a coordinated

effort.” explained Timiraos. This recent grant distribution brings Our Fund’s total dollars to non-profits serving the LGBT community to just over $270,000 during the past twelve months. The wide variety of projects that are being supported include: •resources for the Women with Pride project at the Pride Center which will increase the empowerment, comfort, connection and safety of LBT women locally, •funding for an electronic health record system at Care Resource giving patients the ability to access and send secure information to providers through the internet, •sponsorship of an educational US Holocaust Memorial Museum traveling exhibit “Nazi Per-

secution of Homosexuals 1933-1945” to be displayed at Lake Worth’s LGBT Community Center, Compass, •funding for the “Equality Means Business” project by Equality Florida that will increase major corporation support in South Florida towards LGBT equality, •support for the establishment of a central office facility and fundraising capacity for the Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida, •awareness and counseling to be provided by Gilda’s Club of South Florida on cancer issues within the LBT community with a stronger focus on the transgender community, •support for an upcoming symposium with school districts across the US to develop a framework for the first-of-its-kind K-12 LGBTQ curriculum organized by the Stonewall National Museum and Archives, •SunServe will expand services to gender variant individuals by mental health professionals and give transgender clients a safe place for them and their families. For more information about Our Fund and donor advised Funds go to &

SHE - 14 - 07/12

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Help Lesbian Women Researchers Stay Abreast Dr. Love’s Breast Cancer Study It’s common knowledge that a breast cancer diagnosis can have far reaching effects, both socially and emotionally. But what is less understood are the ways in which a breast cancer diagnosis impacts the well being and quality of life of women who have been historically underserved by the medical community. Lesbian and bisexual women are one of these underserved populations, and little research has been done to assess their overall health as women with breast cancer. Until now. The Army of Women, a groundbreaking program of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, in partnership with Dr. Ulrike Boehmer at Boston University School of Public Health, is now recruiting lesbian and bisexual women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to participate in a research study. Susan Love, MD, president of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and an openly lesbian doctor, said that while studying breast cancer on the general population is important, identifying the unifying risk factors and exposures among lesbian and bisexual women will help refine our greater knowledge of breast cancer. “Women who have never been pregnant tend to have a higher risk of getting breast cancer,” said Love. As far as identifying specific groups for research, she said, “coming to it as a lesbian myself, you think about things a little differently than when you’re coming from a societal normative angle of what we need to know about.” For this study, Boehmer and her team are looking to interview 600 women throughout the country who have had breast cancer or are currently dealing with the disease, in order to better understand the well-being and quality of life of lesbian and bisexual women with breast cancer. Participants will be asked to engage in a 45-minute phone interview, which covers questions specific to health, medical history, demographics, and sexual orientation. The in-

main website






formation gained from this study will be used to develop programs and services that can specifically address these women’s quality of life and reduce health disparities. The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is dedicated to eradicating breast cancer and improving the quality of women’s health. For this reason, Love encourages all women, regardless of whether they have had breast cancer or not, to join her Army of Women initiative. Dr. Love designed the Army of Women as a unique opportunity for women to be a part of breast cancer research studies aimed at determining the causes of breast cancer— and how to prevent it. As in the case with Boehmer and her research team at Boston

University, the program connects breast cancer researchers with real women who are willing to participate in a wide variety of research studies. The goal of the Army of Women is to recruit one million women of all ages, ethnicities, health backgrounds, and sexual orientations. In a little over three years since its inception, Love’s initiative has been met with great success, as more than 360,000 women have joined the Army of Women, with close to 59,000 participating in 57 breast cancer studies. For more information and to sign up for the Variations in Health Needs of Breast Cancer Survivors study, please e-mail the Army of Women at or visit






Every Monday Women’s Group The Pride Center, 7:30 - 9PM 2040 N. Dixie Highway • Wilton Manors Every Wed, Thur & Saturdays Women’s Non-Competitive Basketball Wed & Thur 5:30 - 6:30PM Sat 3 - 4PM • The Pride Center Every Wednesday Women’s Night Q Lounge Bar | Bite 841 Washington Avenue • Miami Beach 305.397.8056 Every Saturday Women’s Night Revolution Nightclub 375 S. Bumby Avenue • Orlando, FL Gay & Lesbian Lawyer’s Association Luncheon July 11 • Noon - 1:30PM Morton’s Steakhouse RSVP at 305.673.4440 baby girl Jul 13 - Aug 5 Fri - Sat • 8pm | Sun • 5PM | $25 Empire Stage 1140 North Flagler Dr. • Ft. Lauderdale 954.678.1496 • She T-Dance July 15 • 2 - 6PM The Depot Cabana 2935 N. Federal Hwy. • Ft. Lauderdale 954.537.7076 • Women’s Empowerment Luncheon July 18 • Noon - 1:30PM Soyka Restaurant RSVP at 305.673.4440 The NEW Lavender Speaks July 19 • 8 - 9:45PM The Pride Center • Wilton Manors WIN General Membership Meeting Aug 1 • 7 9PM The Pride Center 2040 N. Dixie Hwy Wilton Manors

SHE - 15 - 07/12

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by tina sordellini / photos fox


Once upon a time, network television brought us Survivor, a reality show where ordinary people had to endure the hell of being stranded on an island and compete for the ultimate prize. These days, you can find these kinds of ‘last one standing’ competition shows on almost every channel. But none can compare with the special kind of hell brought forth by Chef Gordon Ramsey in the foodie favorite Hell’s Kitchen. Each season, chefs from across the country descend into the fiery pit of doom, hoping to climb their way to culinary heaven through a grueling series of challenges and five-star restaurant services. To succeed, they must be able to work as a team, but stand out as individuals. No matter how great they may think they are going in, chefs quickly learn this is no easy task. As the show’s tenth season began, we met 18 new competitors, all vying for this year’s life changing prize of becoming Head Chef of the infamous Gordon Ramsey Steak House in the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Among them, we found South Florida’s own Robyn Almodovar, who spent years working in several respectable restaurants in South Florida including The Forge, Danny Devito’s and the Royal Palm Hotel, before venturing out on her own in the food truck industry as “Palate Party.” After just three months “Palate Party” was ranked South Florida’s #3 Food Truck. So, what’s it like in the famous Hell’s Kitchen? I asked Robyn all about it and here’s what she had to say. What was your culinary experience before auditioning for Hell’s Kitchen?

I have over 15 years in the hospitality industry that included seven years in the back of the house. I have held titles of Chef de Partie, Executive Sous Chef, and Executive Chef, as well as a Yacht Chef. That was really fun.

SHE - 16 - 07/12

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7/1/2012 5:42:58 PM

What made you want to be on the show?

I wanted to be challenged. I wanted to feel challenged. I wanted to feel the heat, literally! Had you seen any previous seasons before signing on?

I remember when the first season aired back in 2005 and I thought to myself this show is flipping crazy. Wow! At that time I was not in culinary school, so I had no ideas about auditioning. I did have a Hell’s Kitchen marathon before I left (laughs). What was the audition process like?

My audition process was very natural. It was like all my stars had aligned. I rushed to the first open call after I was notified by a friend and missed the casting. I went the next day to the other open casting call and all I did was say “What’s Up” and I was told to come back the next night for a on camera interview. My on camera interview time was at 10 pm and I did not have my interview until almost 3:30 am. How did your fellow contestants feel about you being an openly gay woman on the show?

There was no problem with my other fellow contestants at all about being gay, although some of them treated me like I was one of the guys and didn’t understand why I was emotional at times. Hello, I do have a vagina! The process can be very grueling. How do you cope with the bipolar nature of Chef Ramsey being so supportive, fun and kind on reward trips and then so abusive in the kitchen?

There is only one way I can say it. A total mind f%$k. Is Kim really as thick-headed, detached from reality and unreasonable as she seems?

We are all put into situations that none of us have ever experienced before, totally detached from the outside world! We are all unreasonable at times. What was the most fun part of the actual competition for you (besides the challenge reward experiences)?

The most fun was actually the adrenaline of the competition itself. What was the most difficult part (besides the challenge loser experiences)?

The most difficult part about the competition was being cut off from the world. Not being able to speak to my loved ones was really hard to deal with. Not being able to escape! What was the best thing you took away from the experience?

The best thing I took from this experience is everything! I cannot just pin point one thing. I met some great people, some not so great. I had the opportunity to work with Chef Ramsay, Chef Scott and Chef Andie, who is a very talented chef. Looking back on the experience now and seeing the show as it airs, do you think you have been portrayed accurately? If not, what do you feel is missing?

I feel like the truth is in the eye of the beholder. I am a very intense, passionate individual. My wife calls me a crusty marshmallow. Do you know of any bullies that are nursing five kittens right now? What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about auditioning for the show in the future?

Always stay true to yourself and expect to look like a donkey!

hell’s kitchen airs on mondays at 8pm, FOX. SHE - 17 - 07/12

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7/1/2012 5:43:00 PM

approximately 2,000 women packed the house at girls in wonderland’s signature event during gay days weekend at house of blues in downtown orlando. photos by angie sowers / view more photos at

SHE - 18 - 07/12

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7/1/2012 5:43:28 PM

SHE - 19 - 07/12

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7/1/2012 5:44:00 PM

You spent your childhood where? Boston? East coast?

No, I was born & raised in San Francisco—the Bay area. I didn’t move Boston until 2005. Did you actually get into comedy in San Fran or after you moved east?

I started in San Francisco, but I feel like I paid my dues in NY and Boston because it was hard! [It’s] hard to get paid unless you’re Louis CK or someone established and already successful, with a name, you know? I mean, sh*t, I was driving all over from Connecticut to New York [or] New Jersey – four hours in snow & rain to do 10 or 15 minutes, so it was tough. Very different from San Francisco, then?

Yeah, I think, well, I guess in San Fran, I had a lot of sh*t handed to me, opportunities and stuff. I knew a lot of people and had a lot of friends. People who saw me instantly liked me so I was getting bookings regularly. I had no ego, I wasn’t a prima donna. I was working a lot, hosting & doing gigs. I did really well because I was confident. I started in a gay bar called Just Rewards and I got noticed. From that, I got an opportunity to do 15 minutes at Tommy T’s and I asked how I could get paid. They told me, “Do three shows and don’t bomb.” So I did. I got $25 for 15 minutes! Was that the moment when you realized, “Hey, I’m funny enough to do this for a living!”?

That was exactly the moment, when I did three shows and didn’t bomb and really did get paid. I thought, I can’t believe they paid me to do what I would be doing in the back of the bar anyway with my friends! This was great! In my hometown! It really gave me such confidence.

There are some people that you can see and instantly know they have the “it” factor. Chantal Carrere is one of those people and that is confirmed when you see her on stage, talking about life and making you laugh, probably because you can tell she genuinely loves what she’s doing. We were so excited when we heard she will be headlining in Key West at Womenfest 2012, as part of the Curiously Strong Comedy tour, with Sandra Valls and Erin Foley, that we simply had to sit down for a chat with her! SHE - 20 - 07/12

shep20_22_chantal.indd 1

7/1/2012 5:44:27 PM

What was your family’s reaction when you decided on standup comedy as a career?

My Dad actually helped finance my album on iTunes. He always says, “You’re totally funny like your Mom.” But, my Mom, um, not too thrilled about it. When I was 19 or 20, I said “Hey, Mom, I think I wanna be a standup comedian,” and instead of saying, “Oh that’s great!” she said, “I could have been a comedian.” And the truth is, she could have! She’s very funny! But it was interesting and almost a little competitive at first. It smoothed itself out over time, though. Just recently, she actually told me, “I know you’re funny. You’re very blessed and you’re very talented and I want you to know, I do think you’re funny.” And right there, that was enough for me. It meant a lot. My Mom just wanted me to go down a different path. The Christian path. Like any mother, she’s all “Can’t you just clean it up a bit? Why does it always have to be ‘p*ssy, sh*t, f*ck’?” (laughs) “Well, Mom because ‘p*ssy, sh*t, f*ck’ is more marketable.” (Laughing) Christian! What could you say in a Christian comedy club?

me afterwards and said “You’re very powerful and you’re very funny and likeable.” Then she was like, “Hey, you wanna do this show? Or that show?” and I was like “F*ck yeah! I wanna do it all!” How would you describe one of your shows?

I would definitely say I’m high energy. I’m a bit of Sam Kinson, Titus and me. I’m unique, I’m memorable and I’ll make an impact. …I talk about my family, and myself and I’m a storyteller. I tell the truth and I’ve become very unapologetic, which I think is important. What’s your biggest thought just before you go on stage?

“Let my light shine.” That’s my biggest thought just before I go on. “Let my light shine. God bless me, God bless my audience, let my words be powerful and my impact effortless.” I pray to have a connection and for it to go effortlessly. Whether I go into the ladies’ room to do it, or just do it in my head, I do pray before I go on. Is there any subject that’s off limits when you’re on stage?

Well, anything degrading or hurtful to a child. Not to be negative, but there’s just no reason for jokes pertaining to that, you know? I talk about what I know and what’s funny. I speak the truth and I find the fun in making jokes about the absurdities of life, really, so I don’t need to make jokes about things that are so dark. What are some of the vital things you’ve learned over the years doing comedy?

“Let me tell you about a burning bush!” You’ve recently moved to L.A. and hit the ground running. What was that like for you?

I have hit the ground running hard, it’s true! Look, I knew I couldn’t f*ck around out here. I had to be serious because it’s a saturated market over here. I mean, you can have talent, but there are a million people who think they have talent, too—so you better 1.) know your voice; 2.) stand out; and 3.) hustle. I knew immediately, I had to put my ego aside. It didn’t matter if I had headlined in certain places. I had to prove myself here. I mean, I did sh*t I never did in my life! I was playing rooms I had never heard of or would think to play to. I was hosting all sorts of stuff, all because I wanted these bookers and audiences to see me, and see my talent and they did, so I started working more & more. I even auditioned and made it into The Groundlings. That was a proud moment because there are a lot of improv groups out there that are like franchises or chains, so I don’t feel like the quality or instruction is really there—but The Groundlings—it’s an elite group. You have to audition, they only accept a few people, and to be chosen and recognized, was like “Wow!” I was so elated when I found out that I got in. It was an amazing feeling. Then (producer) Andrea Myerson saw me, and booked me—and that’s opened a lot of doors. I did her show in Santa Monica and afterwards she came up to me, and said “I knew you were good, I just thought I had seen all the greats,” which was very flattering to me. I mean, she worked with just about all the lesbian comics out there, you know? We had been talking a lot back & forth and just never connected on meeting, but after she actually saw me perform, she came up to

cover story by denise warner

SHE - 21 - 07/12

shep20_22_chantal.indd 2

7/1/2012 5:44:29 PM

You can’t rely on the same act, you have to evolve and change things up a bit. You have to find your voice, be thought provoking to some extent and you have to be comfortable in your own skin. If you’re not, the audience will feel it instantly and it creates uneasiness. Your energy is so completely important. I also realize that it’s not just about talent. I mean, you can be talented, but you better know your business, too. You have to have a business head. Without the “ying and the yang” that is “talent and business,” you’re f*cked. You have to know your brand, how you can best market yourself, know what you want and go after it. Do you find that “what you want” changes? Or that your plan changes after a while?

Of course, yeah, as you grow and evolve, your focus shifts and your vision changes. Just like in life. You grow up, your palate changes. When you’re little, all you like is macaroni & cheese, you know? As you grow up, in your twenties, you may not like wine. Later, you find you like it. Change is a part of growing up, growing in general. I mean, I love stand up, but I still want to do a one-woman show, I’d love to do a movie and those things are still art. [You’re still] speaking to the public and wanting to be heard, just in a different format. I want to be a motivational speaker, too. Listen, if the desire is in your heart to create something, then you should just go with it, create it. Do it.

Listen, you cannot be in this business and be with someone who’s weak-minded, you have to be with someone who’s stable and secure. You can’t be out there on the road worrying about if you’re partner is cheating. What’s really important is that I can be away and still stay grounded. [I don’t] have to worry about what’s happening at home because I know my partner and trust my partner and she trusts me. We have a really great relationship. Every relationship takes work and it’s always evolving, but I’m so grateful and thankful for her. I think the reason I am able to balance it is because of her faith in me. I mean, she’s leaves me notes in my suitcase, I leave notes on the mirror if I’m up and out early. This is a very narcissistic career. I know I can be narcissistic, so I try really hard to make sure she knows how important she is to me. I know I wouldn’t be able to have what I have without someone as strong as her by my side. Are there ever moments on stage when you still mentally crap your pants?

Of course! I mean, not many. I’ve been blessed. But it’s funny, I love connecting with the audience and every once in a while, something unplanned and funny will happen, and from that another joke comes out that I didn’t write or plan, and then I’m all like, “Oh my God, where was I? How do I get back?” and

What’s been your greatest accomplishment so far in the world of comedy?

Oooh, that’s tough. Doing ABC’s “Fat March” was a big deal to me. It was a reality show that aired in 2007. I won $40,000 and I had to walk 545 miles. I was one of six people who won. That’s a huge accomplishment. 545 miles and I did it, I finished! Oh, and The Groundlings. I’m so proud to be in The Groundlings. Also, I did “My Fabulous Vegas Weekend with Lady Gaga” at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. Oh, wow, there’s a few things, huh? 118 degrees in Vegas, co-hosting with Lady Gaga. There’s a lot I’m proud of right now, but I feel like my best is yet to come, you know?

I end up riffing my way somehow. But yeah, every once in a while, it happens, I mean, of course, I’m human. Who makes you laugh?

A lot of people come to mind, but I have to say Wanda Sykes. She makes me piss myself, she’s so funny. Is it easier as an out comedian to work for a gay audience than when you’re working in a mainstream comedy club?

Easier? No, I don’t think so. It’s all the same. Funny is funny, regardless. I’m just me, I don’t really think about it. I don’t think it really matters that I’m gay. I don’t really market myself as a “lesbian” comedian. I’m a comedian. I mean, I like that I’ve been mentioned in She, Curve, and The Advocate and I’m proud to be out, and I love all my fans, but listen, the bottom line, I knew I was funny before I knew I was gay. You’ve worked all over the map, West coast to East coast—where are you most comfortable?

Oh, honestly, I’m fine anywhere—well obviously, the weather is better here in California, but I don’t really have a preference as long as I’m out there and I’m working, making people laugh. What’s the best part of this career?

The fans. The audiences, making them laugh, I just love it. I really do. There is nothing better than absolutely killing it on stage and having someone come up to me after the show and say, “Oh my God, you were so funny!” It’s an incredible feeling, making people laugh. I love that the fans just want to know you, and be around you, and oh my God, it’s the best. It’s just better than money. The adoration. I love making people laugh. That’s really the thing, the connection. It’s like I’m on stage, saying these thoughts and the audience—they get me and I get them and it’s like, “okay, let’s laugh at this f*cking crazy sh*t!” Your first WomenFest is coming up this September! How ya feelin’ about that? What can we expect?

Expect me to be 20 lbs thinner! Let’s hope! (laughs) I’m excited about WomenFest! I’ve always heard so many good things about it and I’m finally doing it, so like anything I do, I’m going to bring it and we’re going to have a blast! I think it’s going to be a great time with great people and I’m really looking forward to it.

You’re a comedian, a partner – how do you find the balance? Is it the on-stage therapy of stand up?

Oh, of course, the on stage therapy, yes. But it’s funny—when you asked what my greatest accomplishment was a second ago, the first thing that jumped into my mind wasn’t anything career wise, it was Lisa, my partner, my relationship. She’s been one of the best things in my life. We’ve been together nine years.

>> Don’t miss seeing Chantal shine at Womenfest 2012. You’ll be laughing all the way to the pool! For more info, visit SHE - 22 - 07/12

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SHE - 23 - 07/12

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See all photos online at / by diana price-boi for life

relationship status: Single My occupation: Student Dream Job: Professional Producer Dream girl: Great-spirited, honest and open-minded woman. My pet: Red Betta Fish My mother thinks I: Will be famous one day. Turn-ons: Pretty smile, open mind, great sense of humor, ambi-

tious, and honest. Turn-offs: Self-centered individuals, bad hygiene, not being goal

oriented. Sensitive Body Part: Neck and inner thigh Best quality: My compassion and selflessness towards others. have a weakness for: Children I like to wear: Suspenders If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?: My super power would be to fly around to every part of the world, help the poverty stricken, and change the minds of those who have hate in their hearts! Your house is on fire, besides a loved one, what is the inanimate object you’d grab?: My important assets,

such as important documents. All the materialistic belongings can always be replaced. If you could change your name, what would you pick?: I wouldn’t change it. My name is what makes me who I am. The last book I read was: Principles of Electronics If my life were made into a movie, my part will be played by: Jada Pinkett Smith favorite flower: Orange Rose My greatest accomplishment: Being accepted to my dream

college. The cartoon character I am most like: Daffy Duck The weirdest thing I ever ate was: Octopus My favorite quote: “God will never put you through anything

that you can not handle, but only you can put yourself through something that you cannot handle.” I just won a million dollars. The first thing I am going to buy is: I would not buy anything at first. I would start a

college account for my little brother and sister. My favorite TV show: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta If I could have one wish granted, I would wish: To not have any financial problems. My coming out was: [during] my senior year in high school and my grandmother was the first person I came out to. The first thing she said was “So, I’m not having any great-grand kids from you.” If you were to become an activist in the LGBT community, which organization would you choose: “The

Center” in Chicago, IL, simply because I was part of it before I moved to Florida and it’s a great place where they help anyone and never turn anyone away. Very safe and open. I enjoyed performing there and not only was this a great place to be, but it was a place where donations provided resources for the community.

Lissa A.K.A. 101, Orlando SHE - 24 - 07/12

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7/1/2012 5:44:59 PM

SHE - 25 - 07/12

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Send your pet photos for consideration to

pets of the month


4 Fun! PETS Bored Birdie?

The Sing-A-Long Jukebox provide great mental exercise, and once birds learns to activate the easy-press button, they’ll love to whistle and sing along to the melodies. Encased tough plastic design is tough enough for even repeated pecking from Amazons and African Greys. Includes one song selected by manufacturer. Replacement Mod ules available in a pack of six song titles (“Twinkle Twinkle”, “California Girls”, “Singing in the Rain”, “Over the Rainbow”, “A Whole New World”, and “God Bless America”). Songs may vary. $10-$12 >>

DEE DEE AGE: 2 months Breed: Rat Terrier Turn ons: Anything will turn my switch on right now! Turn offs: Punishment I am Special because: I was born with a small hernia but my mom-

mies brought me home anyway. My favorite place to go is: On the living room floor. (hee-hee-hee) My Mom doesn’t know I: Chew on my big sister so she will get that I

want to hang out with her. I think my Vet is: Nice to me. He says my hernia will go away. In My Next Life, I want to be: As happy as I am now.

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PORSCHE PANAMERA AGE: 9 months Breed: Miniature Chihuahua Turn ons: Anything that sparkles, darlin’ Turn offs: Being expected to actually WALK! I am Special Because: My Mom tells me so everyday. I think my vet is: The Anti-Christ, he told my mom not to fed me Mc-

Donald’s fries anymore...she hasn’t listened. My favorite place to go to is: Anywhere the Louis Vuitton will carry me. My Mom doesn’t know I: Wear her shoes In My Next Life, I want to Be: America’s Next Top Model

give a lick! New Lickety Stik lickable pet treat from PetSafe. Give your dogs all the excitement and flavor of a moist treat without the sticky mess. A tidy no-mess rollerball dispenses all-natural liquid goodness --dogs just lap it up! All-natural flavors, naturally preserved. Only 1 calorie in every 10 licks. Over 500 licks per bottle. Great for training and conveniently fits in your pocket. Available in 3 flavors, each bottle contains 1.69 fluid ounces. P.S. All of our dogs love it! $7 or grab a 3-pack for $17. >>

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indie chicks Discography: Haunted By You (2012), Delancey Street (2010), Chandelier (2008), The Blistering Sun (2006), Ballads & Burlesque (2004), Public Record (2003), Illusion’s Carnival (2002), Painting Of A Painting (2001), Smashing The Serene (1998), Morbid Romantic (1996). When & how did you start in the music business? I feel like I’ve been in the music business in one way or another since I was in junior high school. I just always knew I wanted to be in the music business and I was obsessed with Top 40 Radio. My first big break in the music business, aside from winning contests as a kid, was writing and singing some commercial jingles in my early 20’s that actually ended up airing on TV. It wasn’t exactly what I expected to be doing creatively, but it helped supplement my first few albums.

If not music, what do you think you’d be doing as a career? I’d be acting and/or creating visual art, which I also do! There are just not enough hours in the day to pursue everything I enjoy doing with equal fervor - at least so far. Album you are most embarrassed to admit you own but secretly enjoy: Air Supply’s Greatest Hits. Except I’m not really embarrassed about that! This is a tough question for me because a good portion of the albums I own are “guilty pleasures.” Why did you choose to work under an independent label (your own label) rather than mainstream record labels: I chose this path because it was the one that seemed most likely to afford me artistic freedom. I chose to be indie so I could really discover who I was, and because I was afraid of becoming generic

Musical influences: Classical music, Carole King, The Beatles, Buddy Holly, King Crimson, James Taylor, Billy Joel, Elvis Costello, Laura Nyro, Marc Cohn, Rufus Wainwright, The Swell Season, Sinead O’Connor, Indigo Girls, Bruce Hornsby, Suzanne Vega, The Doors, Hall & Oates, Prince, Van Morrison...etc! Favorite cover to perform: “Fame” - from the original motion picture. I recorded it for my last album, Delancy Street, but I really tried to give it my own spin. I don’t do a lot of covers honestly because they don’t come naturally to me, really. But I know a handful - mostly from the ‘70s and ‘80s. What do you like most about your music? I like that it allows me to lead an adventurous life and tour all over the world! I like that I’ve found a way to express myself through my music for many years now, but to also weave in the stories of other people I meet along the way. I’ve learned to make relative peace with the fact that I’m never satisfied with my work, but hopefully that’s a positive.

under the pressures of a Major Label. I wanted to fulfull my potential in the purest sense - and push myself more than anyone else might. What would you say to anyone who might want to start music in the business as an independent artist? 1. Make music you want to listen to over and over, and other people will too. 2. Play lots of gigs and don’t be precious about it. 3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but when you do receive it, remember that gratitude is as much an art form as writing great songs. 4. No matter what level you’re at career-wise, you’re always in a position to change someone’s life with one song. 5. When a door opens, even if it’s a different door than the one you were looking for, try to walk through it. Upcoming projects: I’ll be on tour for most of 2012 including shows in Europe and the UK. This summer, I’ll also be writing for my 11th album, and beginning production on our next MPress charity compilation, New Arrivals: Volume 5.

SHE - 28 - 07/12

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por veronica espinal

PUERTO RICO LGBT “Es una comunidad resiliente que, ante muy pocos recursos, ha sido muy creativa y productiva en hacerse visible, contar y lograr avances importantes en favor de la equidad para las personas LGBTT”. Como parte de nuestra serie de entrevistas con organizaciones LGBT sin fines de lucro que existen en nuestros paises de latinoamérica, esta vez visitamos a la conocida como La Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico. Según el censo del 2010, la isla cuenta con 6,614 parejas del mismo sexo. El 70% (4,623) son mujeres y el 30% (1,991) hombres. Las ciudades donde se concentra la comunidad son: San Juan, Cataño, Guaynabo, Carolina y Vega Baja, Debemos recordar que existe márgen de error por aquellos que no viven en pareja y aquellos que simplemente no desearon responder dicha pregunta. Puerto Rico y su comunidad LGBT es más que los crímenes de odio que hemos escuchado durante los últimos dos años. Puerto Rico LGBT es también una comunidad que busca activamente sus derechos. Recientemente conversamos con el activista Pedro Julio Serrano quien se ha destacado por su lucha para conseguir igualdad de derechos para nuestra comunidad en Puerto Rico.

¿Qué te llevó a ser una parte activa de la comunidad LGBT en Puerto Rico y cómo lo logras ahora que resides en NY?

Comencé hace casi 15 años cuando me con-

vertí en el primer aspirante político en la historia de Puerto Rico en anunciar públicamente que soy gay. Al ver la homofobia que aún permea en la sociedad, desistí de mi candidatura y me convertí en activista de derechos humanos, con un énfasis en la comunidad LGBTT. Desde hace casi 7 años, vivo en la ciudad de Nueva York, trabajando como gerente de comunicaciones del National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, pero me mantengo muy activo y en contacto directo con la comunidad LGBTT y con mi patria. Me comunico públicamente por todas las formas posibles, incluyendo las redes sociales y siendo muy activo en los medios de noticias tradicionales. ¿Cuán grande, activa y visible es la comunidad en Puerto Rico?

La comunidad LGBTT es muy activa y visible. Hay más de una veitena de organizaciones que hacen trabajo voluntario y con mucho tesón. Hay un colectivo literario, organizaciones culturales, activistas y comités LGBTT en las organizaciones de las diversas profesiones. Se celebran dos paradas multitudinarias cada año, hay jornadas educativas y coloquios contra la homofobia, lesbofobia, bifobia y transfobia. Es una comunidad resiliente que, ante muy pocos recursos, ha sido muy creativa y productiva en hacerse visible, contar y lograr SHE - 30 - 07/12

shep30_31_especial.indd 1

7/1/2012 5:56:58 PM

avances importantes en favor de la equidad para las personas LGBTT. En el 2003 fundaste la organización sin fines de lucro, PRparatod@s. ¿Tuviste algunas trabas en ese entonces y qué cambios has logrado establecer en PR para la comunidad?

Puerto Rico Para Tod@s es una organización que no tan sólo lucha por la igualdad de derechos y la inclusión de las personas LGBTT, sino que lucha por la justicia social para todos los seres humanos. Hemos logrado crear una red de más de 50,000 personas a través de la Internet y movilizamos a la comunidad a luchar por sus derechos. Hemos hecho varias jornadas contra la homofobia con decenas de paneles y conferencias para acabar con el discrimen por orientación sexual e identidad de género. Hemos logrado alianzas con otros movimientos sociales, como las mujeres, los negros, las comunidades de menos recursos económicos, las comunidades inmigrantes, en especial la Dominicana, entre muchos otros sectores. También, hemos servido de referente en los medios de comunicación para darle forma a la opinión pública en torno a la comunidad LGBTT. Desde hace años has formado parte de diferentes organizaciones que trabajan especificamanete con la comunidad Hispana LGBT. ¿Qué cambios notorios puedes destacar ya sea en derechos alcazandos, apertura en aceptación, etc?

Desde el trabajo que se ha hecho en las organizaciones latinas, hemos podido avanzar una agenda que incluya los reclamos y necesidades de las personas latinas LGBTT en la agenda del movimiento nacional estadounidense, como luchar contra el racismo, la xenofobia, lograr una reforma inmigratoria justa e inclusiva, entre otros. Según las más recientes encuestas, más del 54% de los latinos apoyan la igualdad en el matrimonio para las parejas del mismo sexo y hay aún mayor aceptación en la lucha contra el discrimen en el empleo y otras áreas. Esto demuestra que la aceptación y la inclusión de las personas LGBTT es mayor de lo que se piensa y rompe con el mito de que nuestra comunidad latina es más homofóbica que otras. Y es que cuando nos hacemos visibles se rompen las barreras del prejuicio.

tos crimenes y q quienes los cometen?

Lamenta y dolorosamente en Puerto Rico, hemos tenido más de 25 asesinatos de personas LGBTT en los pasados dos años. Aún no se ha catalogado ninguno de estos asesinatos, ni las decenas de ataques en que las víctimas han sobrevivido, como crímenes de odio. La ley aún no se ha implementado correctamente, aunque ya se empezó a adiestrar a la Policía y a la Fiscalía en cómo manejar estos casos. Hay que continuar luchando para erradicar la homofobia institucionalizada que aún no permite que se atiendan estos casos como deben atenderse. Recientemente fuiste reconocido como uno de los activistas/blogeros más influyentes, aunque no ha sido la primera vez. ¿Qué logro te ha dado la mayor satisfacción como miembro de la comunidad LGBT?

El logro que más satisfacción me da es el amor de mi gente. He sido agraciado en contar con mucho amor y muchas historias de cómo la lucha que llevo—que se hace de todo corazón —ha tocado e impactado a otros seres humanos. Esas historias, esas vidas son el mayor reconocimiento que uno pueda tener. ¿Cómo sientes que ha ido cambiando en tu país la aceptación de los ciudadanos en general hacia nosotros?

En los años que llevo como activista he visto una mayor aceptación e inclusión de las personas LGBTT. Hemos apelado a los valores humanos—muy boricuas también—de amor, aceptación, solidaridad, respeto e inclusión. ¿dónde posesionarias el activismo en Puerto Rico dentro de los demás paises de América Latina?

El activismo en Puerto Rico se ha hecho y se hace—contra viento y marea—con muy pocos recursos, pero con mucha pasión y tesón. Cada país es diferente y cada movimiento es diferente. No sería justo comparar unos con otros, pero puedo asegurar que en América

Latina se han dado unos avances maravillosos y vanguardistas que nos tienen que hacernos sentirnos muy orgullosos de ser pioneros en el mundo en avances, tanto legales como sociales, a favor de la equidad para las personas LGBTT. hace poco serviste de traductor durante la reciente visita de Mariela Castro en San Francisco. ¿Cómo fuiste escojido?

El National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, la organización para la cual trabajo, fue invitada a la actividad que fue moderada por nuestra directora ejecutiva. Durante el evento, la traductora oficial de la Misión de Cuba en la ONU confrontó problemas pues no conocía algunos términos y me pidieron que ayudara en la traducción. La actividad fue muy corta y se quedaron muchas interrogantes por contestar, pero expresó cómo se ha adelantado la lucha por la comunidad LGBTT en ese hermano país y lo que falta por lograr. Fue el inicio de una conversación que continuará sobre como adelantar esos derechos dentro de Cuba. ¿cuáles dirias son los logros más importantes que se han logrado para la comunidad LGBT en Puerto Rico?

Logramos derogar la ley de sodomía justo antes de que el Tribunal Supremo de EEUU declarara inconstitucionales todas las leyes de sodomía. Hemos logrado una visibilidad impresionante en los medios de comunicación, tener dos paradas anuales multitudinarias que son motivo de orgullo, las organizaciones y los eventos que se dan que adelantan la lucha por la igualdad LGBTT, varias leyes que protegen a la comunidad LGBTT, derrotar intentos de enmendar la Constitución de Puerto Rico para prohibir el reconocimiento del derecho al matrimonio para parejas del mismo sexo, aún cuando 30 estados han pasado medidas similares. >>

Desafortunadamente escuchamos noticias sobre los crimenes de odio en Puerto Rico a gay y transexuales. Estos asesinatos, ¿se castigan como tal? ¿Qué nuevas leyes se han o están prontas a implementarse para castigar esSHE - 31 - 07/12

shep30_31_especial.indd 2

7/1/2012 5:56:59 PM

noticias >> La CHA presentó su Informe Anual de Crímenes de Odio en argentina La Comunidad Homosexual Argentina (CHA) afirmó que si bien se amplían los derechos, a la vez, hay grupos fundamentalistas muy violentos. El 15 de diciembre de 2011, Mario Vega apareció degollado en su Fiat Uno, cerca del Río San Juan, en el departamento de Chimbas. Su cuerpo desnudo había recibido seis puñaladas y tenía quemaduras en los brazos. Vega trabajaba en la Comisaría 24ª del departamento de Rawson. Los sábados por la noche, elegía ser Perla Mora, una drag queen que cada tanto actuaba en un boliche gay. A sus 52 años, se convirtió en la víctima número 12 de los crímenes por odio cometidos en la Argentina durante el año pasado, según el relevamiento de la Comunidad Homosexual Argentina (CHA), que presentó el 28 de junio, Día Internacional del Orgullo LGBTTI. Siguiendo el informe, 14 personas fueron asesinadas, por homofobia y transfobia. Aunque la mayoría se llevaron a cabo en la provincia de Buenos Aires, también hubo casos en La Rioja, Salta, Santiago del Estero. “En el año 2011 hubo más asesinatos, siete travestis y siete gays. Estamos en una realidad diferente, con un país con más derechos y, también con grupos fundamentalistas más violentos”, subrayó al respecto César Cigliutti, presidente de la CHA. La presentación se realizó en el Salón Emilio Mignone de la Secretaría de Derechos Humanos de la Nación y contó con la presencia de Gabriel Gersbach, la pareja del suboficial de prefectura, Octavio Romero, asesinado el 11 de junio de 2011. También participó como orador Pedro Paradiso Sottile, secretario y coordinador del Área Jurídica de la CHA, quien propuso convertir al 16 de abril, fecha de nacimiento de la CHA, en el “Día de la memoria Colectiva de los crímenes de odio” para todo el país. Esa comisión recibe, en promedio, 1500 denuncias anuales por casos de discriminación por orientación sexual e identidad de género. Por esa razón, la CHA impulsa desde hace años la reforma a la ley antidiscriminación, que tiene media sanción en Diputados, pero que vencerá en 2012 si el Senado no logra llevar al recinto.

>> La Real Academia incorporó la definición de matrimonio igualitario La Real Academia incluye, por primera vez, una nueva acepción a la palabra matrimonio, que reconoce las uniones entre parejas homosexuales. “En determinadas legislaciones, unión de dos personas del mismo sexo, concertada mediante ciertos ritos o formalidades legales, para establecer y mantener una comunidad de vida e intereses”, dice la nueva definición de matrimonio, que se suma a la acepción habitual que de unión entre un hombre y una mujer. Algunos países de habla hispana como España y Argentina recogen el matrimonio homosexual en su ordenamiento jurídico.

Como afirma el secretario de la Real Academia Española, Darío Villanueva, en una entrevista con la cadena de noticias EFE, la aparente tardanza en incorporar esta acepción se debe a la forma de trabajar que tienen las Academias de la Lengua Española, que se dan un plazo de “cinco años” como mínimo para “rastrear cada palabra y ver que está suficientemente arraigada en el idioma”.

>> Oreo y su galletita gay que hizo furor en Facebook La marca Oreo publicó en su fan page de Facebook la imagen de una galleta Oreo con un relleno muy particular. El habitual relleno de crema blanca fue reemplazado por varias capas de crema de los colores del arco iris, uno de los íconos de las comunidades gay. Además, la imagen estaba acompañada del lema: “Proudly support love!” (¡Apoyamos con orgullo el amor!). El post se publicó luego que miles de personas asistieron durante el fin de semana a numerosos actos para celebrar el Or-

gullo Gay en ciudades estadounidenses como Nueva York y San Francisco. Algunos comentarios publicados en Face-book evidenciaron que no todos los consumidores de Oreo recibieron de buena manera la estrategia de marketing. En la red social, el comentario de Desean Washington decia: “Es absolutamente asqueroso. Su intento de normalizar el comportamiento de los homosexuales les ha costado un cliente. A su vez, Steven Osoria, aseguró que nunca volverá a comer una galleta Oreo.

Sin embargo, el resultado de la acción publicitaria fue positivo. El post de la galleta “gay” registra más de 223.000 clicks al botón “me gusta”, casi 37.000 comentarios y fue compartido más de 68.000 veces.

SHE - 32 - 07/12

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7/2/2012 9:21:35 AM

with marissa cohen

on the shelves

Out of Time Paula Martinac’s Lambda Literary award winner Out of Time is being reissued as an e-book later this year, and that’s great news for book lovers. This elegant ghost story combines romance and fantasy, reminiscent of a Somewhere in Time for lesbians. When perpetual history student Susan Van Dine comes across a scrapbook of women’s photographs in a New York antique store, the women’s histories begin to consume her. This is a fantastic and well-plotted book about love affairs, the eternal mystery of passion, and the experiences that forever connect us.

Womenfest Key West •Sept. ‘08

The Girls Club Sally Bellerose’s debut novel about three sisters—one of them a repressed lesbian with a bowel disorder—is (at press time) up for the Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Debut Fiction. The youngest sister of the trio, Cora Rose gets an early clue that she might be a lesbian, then drifts along in life, eventually marring the first man she sleeps with. Her late-in-life realizations are inspiring and honest, as she finds unlikely support in her sister Renee and in gorgeous, confident Darlene, a bartender at The Girls Club. The Girls Club also won the Bywater Prize for Fiction.

The Letter Q In The Letter Q: Queer Writers’ Notes to their Younger Selves, editor Sarah Moon has complied an inspiring and varied collection. These authors include Malinda Lo (Ash; Huntress) and the legendary Armistead Maupin (Tales of the City). “Remember when there was no turning back?” begins Maupin to his teenage self who runs from the news stand rather than dare to purchase a beefcake magazine. Jasika Nicole’s letter – in the form of a comic strip – is nostalgic and haunting. Best of all, half of the proceeds from The Letter Q go to supporting The Trevor Project. Give this to a teen or read it for yourself and celebrate how far you’ve come.

Visit us online at SHE - 34 - 07/12

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by material girl

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DID YOU Oh, the things I get in the mail to review, and I love them all. This time, watch out, your iBottle Opener is ringing! Not simply a bottle opener welded onto an iPhone 4/4S case, the INTOXICASE is the product of hundreds of design and experiment hours that resulted in the patent pending ‘tight-clamping’ bottle opener. So, if you own an iPhone and love beer, this case might just be your next best friend when going out to a club or bbq. Made out of Stainless Steel, the case comes in two different styles, the Intoxicase and INTOXICASE PLUS which you can fold back into the case. The Bottle Opener Height for the Plus model is 0.09 inches (2.5 mm) above case surface vs the standard case’s height: 0.2 inches. One of the great things for this case is its application. With the app you’ll be able to count how many bottles you popped, find your car if you parked far from the bar, call a cab if you’ve had one too many. Now that’s an app! >> $35 - $45 •



She Mag & She Magazine: “Mary and Heather have been in a committed relationship for many years, and we are delighted that they were able to take advantage of the opportunity to have that relationship recognized,” said a Dick Cheney in a family statement on his daughter’s wedding. LOUISE P: And those would be such great words, if he only meant them from the bottom of his heart, c’mon. SHERI K: OKAYYYYYY. Good 4 them but he’s a big-ass homophobe and everyone knows it! She Mag & She Magazine: A teen-aged lesbian couple were found shot in a public park, in a small Texas resort community, just northeast of Corpus Christi. Nineteen-year-old Mollie Judith Olgin was found dead on the scene and 18-year-old Mary Christine Chapa was rushed to the hospital and remains in serious but stable condition. Police are not saying whether or not the pair’s sexual orientation was reason for the shooting. STEFFI W: OMG..that’s so sad..I have tears in my eyes :’( JENNIFER P: This is so horrible SUSAN D: Sad... JENNIFER M: That’s really horrible :( My heart goes out to their families. No parent should ever have to bury their child!! People seem to think the the LGBT community is safe now that its more accepted, then a tragedy like this happens. I don’t ever think that we will truly be accepted with all the hate in this world we live in :( KELLY A: Sickening, isn’t it.. TESSA B: Praying that she makes it and is able to identify the person who did this to them and that he/ she is punished to the fullest extent of the law! MARISSA C: Yet another reason why “It Gets Better” is great but NOT ENOUGH. What about “It Gets Better When You Don’t Shoot Gay Teens for Being Gay?” MARIA L: I cannot believe this is happening in 2012. My heart goes out to the parents. Unfortunately we have to be cautious about showing affection when it comes to states such as Texas. I am grateful for living in Florida and being able to hold hands and celebrate my gay pride. Hope they find those responsible for this horrible crime and get lifetime in jail. Thank God President Obama signed a law back in 2009 that makes it a federal crime to assault an individual because of his or her sexual orientation, the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

SHE - 35 - 07/12

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Key West’s Distinctive Resort

Pearl’s is an all-welcome historic inn offering guesthouse ambiance and resort amenities. With Key West’s One Human Family atmosphere, Pearl’s offers full breakfast, 2 clothingoptional (but bottoms up) pools, 2 hot tubs, gym, and poolside bar and grill. 800-749-6696.


Legal gay weddings. We have more brides from FL than any other state! 19 charming rooms, 100 private acres in New Hampshire’s vacation destination, the White Mountains. Pink Choice Award since 2007. 1-877 LES-B-INN (537-2466)Hotels. 1-877-LES-B-INN •

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she searches IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO BE IN SHE!

She Girls: Send us a color photo with contact information. Email us at:

Advertising in She: A Lot More Affordable Than You Think. Call Today 954-354-9751 SHE - 36 - 07/12

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Beautiful, Sensual, & Romantic Novels & Erotic Novellas from American Author K'Anne Meinel. Lesbian Stories & Thrillers available on Smashwords. com and


wanted... SELL SOMETHING YOU LOVE Sales representatives (FT or PT) iwanted. Unlimited earning potential and some of the highest commissions in the industry! Sales experience, professionalism and a love for She a MUST! Send resumes to SHE - 37 - 07/12

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with the village sage

scopes AQUARIUS JAN 21 - FEB 19

leo July 23 - aug 22

Your focus and energy are all on your health and wellbeing, including your sense of financial security. Be open to new ideas and strategies to help improve the quality of your life and be open to suggestions on how to improve your skills. Enjoy sharing your hopes and dreams with friends and family. Never doubt yourself or your abilities, even if others doubt them. Just do it, but watch the budget.

This promises to be a fun-filled month, even as you take care of business. Enjoy spending quality time with loved ones and don’t be surprised when casual conversations provide important insights into your current situation. Stay optimistic when the Retrogrades try to throw you off your game. If your plans stall, do something else rather than try to push the river. Instead, float on it, with a tasty beverage in hand.

pisces feb 20 - mar 20 You feel energized with ideas on how to improve your current situation. Whether it be home-improvement or self-improvement, don’t just think it, do it. Get your friends and family involved, make it a party and have some fun with it. Allow your creative juices to flow and share even your wildest ideas with loved ones. Don’t get crazy with the credit card or the checkbook, as cash-flow will fluctuate. Be realistic.

virgo aug 23 - sept 23

aries mar 21 - apr 20

libra sept 24 - oct 23

You’re finally able to enjoy the calm after the storm, although you’re still feeling a little rattled. Whistle as you work to clear the debris the winds uncovered and then throw yourself a big party to celebrate. You have permission to go out and play. Network with everyone you can and call it work. You also have permission to relax and just play. Imagine a better future and then make it happen.

You’ve got plenty of energy and enthusiasm for making changes in your life, from what you eat, to how you exercise, to what you think about. The planets are empowering making positive steps towards becoming a happier, healthier, wealthier you. No matter what chaos the Retrogrades stir up, keep a smile on your face, stay calm, and all will be well in the long run. You create your reality with your reactions.

taurus apr 21 - may 21

scorpio oct 24 - nov 22

You have lots of invitations to get out and socialize with friends and family, so stop worrying, be happy and accept them. You don’t have to travel very far to get out of your rut, you just have to be open to exploring the different in your own neck of the woods. That includes cultivating new interests, discussing new ideas and venturing out of your comfort zone, even if it’s trying a new cuisine.

You’ll have to make a real effort to think before you speak in anger or act on impulse, because the planets are conspiring to stir up trouble. Remember, forewarned is forearmed, so don’t destroy everything or everyone in the way of your march to success. Be patient and optimistic, even with all the snafus and miscommunications. Use your charm to cajole, rather than bully your way towards your goals.

gemini may 22 - june 21

sagittarius nov 23 - dec 21

You’ll have to be careful about money matters and you’ll have to be patient while waiting for your strategies to pay off. You need to let your head rule your financial decisions. However, your heart has permission to speak freely, and express your innermost feelings to those you love. The Retrogrades will stall your forward progress mid-month, so get the most out of the first part, relax and enjoy being patient for the rest.

You have the opportunity to re-invent yourself now, and in so doing, create a whole new life for yourself. Most of the changes will be made within yourself as you embrace the changes with energy, optimism, and, most importantly, a plan. Important too, is an attitude of gratitude that change is finally here. No more lolly-gagging. Just do it. Remember that life is a work in progress.

cancer June 22 - july 22

capricorn dec 22 - jan 20

Your focus is on home and family. However, finances play a big part in your feelings, reactions and interactions. The planets are encouraging you to take inventory of what you already have in your life and then decide what you really need and want to have in the future. It’s a good time to re-connect with your network and to expand your sphere of influence. Remember, first impressions are the only ones.

Your focus, as always, is on yourself and your own personal wants and needs, especially around your career. The planets conspire, however, to force you to play well with others, as relationships and all of your issues around them are taking center stage now. If you want to break free of old patterns and liberate yourself from the past, then you have to be open to possibilities and opportunities. Look before you leap.

You’re like the energizer-bunny, you keep going and going, but eventually you have to stop and recharge. Use the slower pace to connect with your innermost feelings, thoughts and desires. Enjoy socializing with friends and family without neglecting what you have to do. Give yourself permission to do nothing at all. Try to accomplish what you can before the Retrogrades and be patient when situations get crazy.

SHE - 38 - 07/12

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